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Good Child Birth DVD?

I am looking for a DVD to buy or rent on prepared childbirth. I am due in three weeks and none of the classes are fitting our schedule right now. Does anyone know of a DVD we could watch with good up to date information.... I plan on having an epidural but would still like to have as much information as possible about labor and delivery... especially on relaxation and breathing before the epidural.. and anything else I need to know. Thanks for your help!

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I don't have any video advice, as the ones I watched were part of the class my midwife put together and I don't recall the titles, but the books 'The Birth Book' and 'The Thinking Woman's Guide To Childbirth' are great.

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I don't have any video advice, as the ones I watched were part of the class my midwife put together and I don't recall the titles, but the books 'The Birth Book' and 'The Thinking Woman's Guide To Childbirth' are great.

Check your local library. Or ask your OB if they have the title of a specific DVD that would be good for you to watch. Congratulations! Hope your delivery goes smoothly!

Hi A.,
I highly recommend the book "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" it is great in describing, illustrating, and coaching you through labor, epidural or not. This book stuck in my mind as I labored with my first. It is amazing how on target it was with my experience. I got mine at Half Price and I was so interested that it did not take me long to read it. It by far helped more than the classes at the hospital.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

I know that the nesting place advertises that they do "custom classes". We took them there and loved it! I think she'll come to your house or hold private classes. Here is the website http://www.thenestingplace.net/
Good luck & congratulations!

I have a class starting Friday (the 5th of October) and done by Sunday (the 7th)- the whole series in one weekend.

Because my class is generally geared towards having a baby without an epidural, coping techniques which don't require an epidural are covered very thoroughly. My information is up-to-date and the class is small to allow for lots of questions.

I would love to have you, if you wanted to join us. The classes are held in Garland near 635 and Centerville. Contact me for more information.

I don't really know a good up-to-date class series available on DVD.

Hi A.,

I won't even waste your time trying to go to childbirth class or renting any DVD's. As long as you have the epidural you will be fine and the doctor will walk you through everything. Everything will come naturally. I found these DVD's and classes mostly focus on Natural childbirth.

Best of luck to you and your family!
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I like Injoy's videos...See if your library has any. Stages and Phases of Labor would be good. Understanding Labor would be good. Celebrate Birth is excellent! Plus there are many good books...too many to list...but here's a few...Thinking Woman's Guide by Henci Goer. Pregnancy Birth and the Newborn,
and for outside the box Birthing From Within by Pam England.
Which hospital will you be giving birth at? Some hospitals may even have a loaner video...
But remember this... your body knows what to do!
Stay connected to your rhythm and instincts as long as possible. Get the epidural when you are no longer satisfied with your ability to cope with your contractions. Do not allow someone to diminish your ability to cope by routine interventions. Go to Lamaze International's website and get familiar with the 6 care practises that promote normal birth. You'll do fantastic! Birth is a time of great strength and also of great vulnerability. You can do this!


I would like to say be careful of the epidural and other pain meds. They are VERY harmful to the baby. Make sure you research and know the risks!

I saw many when I was due with my first child back in 2004 and if you only want to see one, I would definitely recommend "Having Your Baby". You can rent it in Plano library. In 2004 it was only available on VHS, but they may have it on DVD now. It has all the information you need even if you decide you don't want epidural. Good luck!!!

Delilah would be a great class. If you would like to have just a few classes whenever your husband is available, I do private classes. I have one of the Injoy videos that I show called "The Stages Of Labor". I also teach The Happiest Baby, which is a baby calming method that really works.The video is well worth viewing because it can help you visualize what is happening during labor. One piece of advise......try to get to at least a 5cm dilation before getting the epidural, if that is what you are planning. It will increase your chances of having a vaginal birth rather than the very popular c-section. If you take Delilah's class she can also tell you things to do to avoid c-section.
The only good DVDs are too expensive to buy for personal use. ($150 +)
A doula is well worth the money. She can help you get much further before the epidural and she knows how to help you when you have the epidural.

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