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To Lamaze or Not to Lamaze, That Is My Question. :)

I had planned on going to a birthing class, i.e. lamaze class, althoug a few of my friends with kids say to save our time and money. I am not a big proponent of Lamaze, although I just thought it was a class that all pregnant women took to prepare for childbirth. I know you can never know exactly what is going to happen when the time comes, but would it be worth it to take the class? We will be doing a parenting class, but I need suggestions from other mom's about the importance or lack thereof of Lamaze.


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Thanks to all the mom's that responded to my request! It was great to get feedback from all different angles and then come to a decision with my husband. We are taking a parenting class offered at the hospital and b/c it won't hurt we are going to a lamaze class. I think, like many women, you can never know too much and I want the knowledge for my husband. Thanks for your concern and answer's.

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I think the class is a mixed bag. You can just take what you want from it. Like you said, you can't prepare for everything but there are little things that I liked. I learned that if you change positions every 15 min. it helps move the baby down the birth canal. Little things like that. I would suggest taking it but if they have a condensed class, take that. We took a one day class and it was worth it.

Good Luck!
- a mom of 2 July babies

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I would definitely take some sort of childbirth education class. They teach you much more than just lamaze. That way you have some idea what is going to happen. They should also teach you the different pain relief medications that are available. Hope that helps...

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i cannot IMAGINE getting ready for childbirth without taking a childbirth class. A parenting class is very different from a childbirth class. On top of a "childbirth" class that teaches both parents about all the stages of childbirth, you may even end up deciding to take a more specialized class which would coach you through how to give birth without an epidural (which i believe is what 'lamaze' is all about). If you're wanting to do it without an epidural - i say spend the few bucks to learn what you're getting into and how to deal with it - for you and your husband's sake!!

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Hi K.! I was 20 when I had my first daughter. And we went to one lamaze class b/c we thought we had to. It was almost a joke. I was like "duh". Maybe it was just how our hospital chose to conduct the class. I don't know. I'm sure some classes help. But, when I went to have her. It went perfect. The nurses will help you and tell you exactly what to do. And as far as your huband goes, make him watch one of those shows on TLC or Discovery Health to know what to expect. LOL! Hope this helps! Good luck and God Bless! Happy Easter!

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I think it is a personal opinion unless your doctor or the hospital you will giving birth at require it. My husband and I attended a child birth class before our daughter was born and I feel it taught him more then me. One thing I really liked about it though is they taught him ways to help me relax. I will be making him use those techniques again this time around. Good luck.

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Educate yourself somehow. As a doula, I work with women in childbirth and the ones that have educated themselves seem to do better than those who don't. I believe it is better to go into childbirth aware of what you want and with confidence in your body and your ability to give birth. There are many unknowns and everything happens in the moment, but if you understand the process and can work with what your body is doing it is easier on you and your baby. Knowledge is an empowering thing that can make birth a more rewarding experience for both you and your partner. There are many things done in hospitals and by ob/gyns that are not necessary and even harmful so do your own research and become actively involved in this most important event in your lives.The best way to be empowered is to make informed choices so inform yourself. Birth isn't something that happens to you, it happens through you. You are not a bystander, learn all you can and help yourself. Don't expect the careproviders to make all the decisions for you and believe in your own power to birth your baby. As mentioned by others, Lamaze isn't your only option. Bradley classes are great, the hospital classes are sometimes lacking in adequate information depending on where you are taking them. There are independent childbirth education classes available that cater to your particular birth plan. If you want more info, email me and I'll help you find a good fit. N.

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Lamaze breathing can actually make you tire out faster, and it can make you hyperventilate. Slow deep breaths are the best way to relax, and they deliver more oxygen to your baby. I would recommend Bradley Method classes if you want to go natural. These classes focus only on natural ways to prepare your body for natural childbirth. I completed Bradley classes, and ended up getting an epidural at six centimeters, but I'm glad I was able to make it that far. Good luck. I've only heard negative things about Lamaze.

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I did not do Lamaze and found natural childbirth without an epideral just fine. I do not think it would of been any easier with Lamaze.

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Even if the classes are not helpful to you,they are really helpful for the dad to be. The classes help him to better understand what you have been going through the past 9 months and how he can be helpful to you during your labor. The classes we went to showed dad's how to massage, help you with breathing, etc.

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I went to the Lamaaze class the hospital offered with my first son and it was ok, but like the other responder said, I think it taught my husband more than it taught me. He did learn some strategies to help me relax and we both learned a lot about what actually happens to your body when you're in labor. However, I was set on having a natural labor and I didn't feel like this class taught me much about dealing with the pain of labor. I did get through my labor drug-free, but of my own devices rather than with Lamaaze breathing! If you can find one near you and you can afford it, I'd highly recommend taking a Bradley Birth class. They offer a lot of positions and strategies for getting through childbirth. I used the Bradley method with my second delivery and felt much better prepared. Good luck!

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