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Girl Scout Brownie Christmas Party Ideas

I am in charge of the month of December for my daughter's Brownie troop. We are earning the badge for Making Music and plan on making some cute homemade instruments. Since it is in December I am also hosting the Christmas party for them but tying in the Making Music theme so we can earn our badge. We only meet 2 times in December so the first meeting we will make our instruments and the 2nd meeting we will "play" the music. I plan on allowing them to decorate cookies for the party so I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas on cookie decorating. Usually when the kids and I decorate cookies , the icing is so wet you can't take them with you without making a mess in mom's car. Any suggestions?

Also any other idea for the Christmas Party and what to do during the 1 and 1/2 hour time period would be great.

Thanks as always!

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Well I bake for a living and the best frosting for cookies is: 1/2 cup of crisco shortening
1 stick of butter
4 cups of powder sugar
1 tsp of vanilla
3-4 tbls of milk
mix the crisco and the butter together until smooth add sugar slowly a cup at a time, add vanilla and milk as needed, if the frosting is to tick add more milk, a little at a time. Hope this helps, C.

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My mom just came in town and bought my niece this COOL cookie kit. It has recipes and cookie cutters shaped like clothing.
The same principle as paper dolls but with cookies. Tres cool!
I have left a message for her to find out where she got it and will update this msg when I find out.

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Hi M., I run a traveling party business www.myhuggableparty.com. The girls can hand stuff the cuddly collectible of their choice, or I have special holiday friends- a Gingerbread friend or a Snowman that they can stuff and we have PATCHES!! I have many other animals to choose from that are not holiday themed as well as brownie and girl scout outfits for the animals. These workshops are perfect for any time as well.

And if you are looking for a way to make some money for home, or if you want to get a discount on all the animals you purchase you can become a crew member and run your own party business and let your troops benefit from your discount, as well as get some extra pocket change for you! There are never any minimums to order so even if you just joined so you can enjoy the exclusive member discount it is SO worth it!

Check out my website and call or email me today and we can chat.

I am a stay at home mom of a 7 month old little girl and I truly love what I do! I choose my own hours and only book parties when I want to. This business is what helps me stay home with my daughter so I never miss a thing.

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Hi I sell Avon,
And i do Fundraisers. But think of this. What lil girl wouldnt like to have in their goodie bag a lip balm with a cartoon character. Flavored in cherry, bubblegum grape, rasberry, etc. they are just 69cents. I can possible donate a few but the rest would have to be ordred for a large amount.

Let me know and i can either drop off some brochures.
J. S.
AVON Ind Sales

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Go to Pilsbury.com, they have some wonderful cookie ideas and other recipes also.
Maybe ask each of the girls to bring in a flat box (water or canned goods boxes), or maybe your neighbors could help save them for you. That way the cookies are a little flatter (to help them dry) to make the trip home.

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you can go to the store and buy regular white frosting. When it comes time to decorate the cookies, add about 1/2 cup of powder sugar to one tub of frosting and that will thicken it up plus you can use that time to add food coloring. Then you can add sprinkle and stuff like that to cookie right after you frost it. Hope this helps.

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Hi M., I have had the opportunity to be homeroom mom for my sons 1st & 3rd grade class at school. At our Christmas parties we have decorated gingerbread men and the kids have loved it and had so much fun with this project. My kids even decorated some this past Thanksgiving weekend and had a great time. You can either make your own homemade icing beforehand and it will be smooth enough to decorate with and yet stiff enough after there finally done decorating with the candies that the icing will get hard enough to transport. Have fun with your cookie project....good luck

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It's nice to meet a fellow girl scout leader. I am the service unit manager in my town. Last year, one of the games that the girls really enjoyed was a relay race where they divided up into two teams. Each team had a fairly large bowl of wrapped peppermints. They had regular sized spoons. On the other side of the room, each team had a big stocking. They had to take turns scooping up some peppermints on the spoon, and carrying the mints on the spoon to pour into the stocking. The team that finishes filling their stocking wins.

Another game that we played was the candy cane game. Divide into two teams. The first person on each team places candy canes between her four fingers, and has to pass them to the next player so that they are end up in between the other player's fingers, and so on down the line. No helping with the other hand. The team that gets their candy canes to the end wins.

Divide into two teams, each player gets a straw and the team gets a small piece of paper. The first player on each team sucks the paper to the end of the straw, and has to keep it on the end in order to pass it to the next player. The next player holds the paper to the end of her straw, and passes it down the line. The team that gets the paper to the end of the straw first, wins.

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For the cookies that have wet icing, put them in a christmas ziplock baggie as each girl leaves.

For entertainment to go along with the music theme you could play musical chairs.

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I love Christmas parties!! :D WalMart and Michaels have great craft sets for good prices. I bought some of those foam Christmas trees and some glitter paint for the kids in our playgroup to decorate this year. Also, for the cookies you can get the gel icing (cake isle at WalMart) or the spray icing. Both work really well. Maybe get some of the bigger size sprinkles they can press into the cookies instead of something the icing will have to "glue" down.
Good luck!! Hope you all have lots of fun!! :D

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