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Gassy One-Year-Old

My one-year-old son seems to be able to have normal bowel movements and pass gas fine during the daytime hours, but at night, he wakes up screaming, arching his back and throwing himself violently around his crib. Finally, he'll pass gas, but that doesn't seem to relieve his pain. I'm wondering if I can do anything other than Mylicon drops. Those never seem to work. I don't know if something I'm feeding him could be causing the gas. Help!

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You all gave a lot of good advice. We have already been to a GI specialist because my son has already been diagnosed with Acid Reflux. The doctor has tried several different meds and will likely scope my son's esophogas to determine how badly the lining has been damaged. He's been battling with this from day one. The gas has only recently shown up though and I didn't realize they could be related. I'll mention it next time we're at the GI doc. Thanks again to all of you for your constant support and advice!

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My son had similar issues. He was given Levsin- a prescription colic medicine- that was like a miracle drug. We also kept the head of his bed propped at an angle to help with reflux problems. He did not sleep through the night until 3 when these issues finally improved.

If he is sever pain I would take him to the doctor. I would not give hime anything without consulting a physician.

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If he is sever pain I would take him to the doctor. I would not give hime anything without consulting a physician.

Try your local health food store, my friend uses all natural drops for colic(which is gas also) and they work miracles. Also, check the time of day you are feeding your little one. Maybe that needs to be adjusted.

Good luck,


My daughter(starting at around age 1) had gas, cramps, screaming at night. We found out she had a reaction to milk and other dairy products. Your son might be having a reaction to a certain food. The easiest way, without first going to the doctor, is to eliminate suspect foods one at a time for two weeks and see what happens. It takes a while but it might help. It took a full six weeks for the milk to get out of my daughters' system. Go online and search for common food allergies/intolerances in kids to get a list of the most common ones and other ways to determine whether it might be a food problem. Also, calling the doctor or nurse can help you figure out where you might want to begin. Good luck.

Maybe try to give fiber in his diet to flush him out?

Is there a possibility that he's allergic to milk? That could make him very gassy, which come out cuz he's running around during the day but stays in his stomach when he lays to sleep with a bedtime bottle?

Great advice so far! This is a wonderful group.

As a newborn and Mom/Baby Home Health nurse, all I can add to this is to bicycle his legs (to help pass the gas) and to put a warm wet washcloth in the front of his diaper (to give his tummy some pain relief). Keep a food journal on him to see if you can figure out any food triggers he might have. A relaxed and consistent bedtime routine will sometimes help too.

I would try cutting out some dairy and see if that helps.


This could certainly be a medical issue. Your child could indeed have reactions to certain foods (allergies) or digestive problems, especially if the Mylicon drops don't work.
Good luck!

I have a 2 month old, and she has gas. I took her to the doctor and he told me about Gripe Water and little white pills that I forget what they're called, but I tried them for a few weeks and the gas didn't get any better. So he gave a prescription for Zantac, and since then, my little girl hasn't had gas that bad. She experienced the same problems that your little boy did too, but the Zantac seems to be helping. I know that your son is older than mine, but maybe your doctor can prescribe Zantac for him. Give it a shot, and good luck!

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