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Fast Labor

My frist labor was very fast and very painful. I am expecting a new little blessing this novemeber. No one I know had a labor that went as fast as my frist one a whole 8 hours from start to finish. I really don't know what to expect and my own mother went very fast after she delivered her fris. Has anyone else had very shoert frist deliveies and how did your second one go?

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Hi J., I have two kids and with my first one I had to be induced. They started around 7am and by 10:30am I already had delivered. With my second one I started getting contractions around 7am and by 12 noon I had already delivered. So I'm just glad that mine were really quick. Don''t worry so much hopefully this one will be as fast as the first one.

My first labor was very fast and my second was even faster, so much faster that the doc came 'running' in just in time to catch. Good luck, my 3rd is due Dec. 4th.

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My first labor was 4 hours and I was induced, I think it was painful because the epidural didn't work. I had my 2nd child 10 months ago and my labor was 3 hours total and the epidural worked wonderfully and I felt no pain whatsoever. It was the best labor I could ever have hoped for.

Hope this helps.

My first labor was really short too, about 6-7 hours. I thought my second would go faster but it actually took twice as long. My third baby went very fast however, only a couple of hours. This probably isn't sounding very helpful! As a nurse I have found that deliveries typically go faster after the first baby. So when your contractions start feeling regular, every 10 min or less, it may be best to go right to the hospital. Better safe than sorry!

i have two kids and am pregnant with my third. My first labor was 3 hours start to finish and with my second it was 6 hours start to finish. Both were very similar in pain , etc. I hope the 3rd will be just as quick, because im getting induced this time. Good luck. Im sure it will be fine

My 1st was 5 hrs from start to finish. I was worried when I was pregnant with my 2nd- I heard each labor gets quicker. Well my 2nd took 7hrs. Not long by any means but definately wasn't quicker which is probably good.
Everybody/pregnancy/baby is different. Just be prepared, so you will be ready for anything.

By the way my kids were 25 months apart (if that matters).

Best wishes

Everyone knows that you can have a dozen children and they will all be different. So are pregnancies. As long as your doctor says all is well, relax and enjoy the day. We never know what will happen next. I had a short labor with my first child but the second pregnancy was totally different. Good luck.

Hi J.. My first birth was 2hrs.36mins start to finish so I just knew the second one would be faster boy was I wrong! Second one was 26 hrs of hard labor. I think that's why I stopped at two lol. Everyone is diffrent and you never know until the times comes. Good luck to you and your family!!!!

Hi J., I have two kids and with my first one I had to be induced. They started around 7am and by 10:30am I already had delivered. With my second one I started getting contractions around 7am and by 12 noon I had already delivered. So I'm just glad that mine were really quick. Don''t worry so much hopefully this one will be as fast as the first one.

My first labor (girl) was 15 hours but my second labor (boy)was 45min. from start feeling a little pain to baby is here , but he was only 4lb. he was born at 34weeks. Then my last and final labor (boy) was 16 hour's I don't think you can predict labor. My mom's labors were cut in half all four times from 4 hours to 21 min. so you really never know. I recommend an epidural I didn't have time with my first boy and it was painful.. Congratulations and Good Luck....

my first labor was just like yours- 8 hours total and what i considered considerable pain. my second child came pre-mature with almost no pain and no labor.....then my third child that i almost thought would jump out, wouldnt arrive and my labor had to be induced...so go figure. be ready for anything. its all beautiful

My first labor was 6 hours and 15 minutes. My second was 10 hours and my third was 2 1/2 hours. In theory each delivery and labor is supposed to be shorter. My middle child simply didn't want to come out! It's important that you have a Dr that understands that you have quick labors and doesn't just disappear. Personally I am for pain killers. I had my last child without and honestly I was so exhausted from it all I wasn't mentally there for my baby. Watching my friends who had more normal and longer labors it's just much harder when they are fast. Sure, I prefer it that way, but with the contractions so strong and close together you don't get a chance to even breathe without meds.

The important thing is to know what you want, have everything set and established with the hospital before the day comes. Do what you want. Not what they tell you. Neither the nurse nor the Dr actually knows what's going on with you. Everyone is different. Don't let them run the show, you run it! I let them run the show more with my second child and look what happened, much longer than my other two.

My first labor from start to finish was 7 hours, my second had complications and was just over 7 1/2, and my third was 5 hours. The labor I got used to and it wasn't as bad as the first. I hope that will give you some hope. Don't worry about it, all will be alright and you will be happy that you deliver early. The longer that you go the more you wear out! Keep that in mind..would you rather to go 12-16 hours in labor and not be able to push or go 6-8 hours and still have the energy to hold your baby.
I hope this helps.


My advice to you would be to hire a Doula. A Doula provides physical and emotional support through labor and delivery. Will your husband be with you when your baby is due? You can find out more about Doulas at DONA.org azdoulas.com. and supportedbirthaz.com. There are also monthly meetings that you can attend in Mesa and you can meet other pregnant moms, meet doulas and midwives, the next meeting is on the 24th. You can email me for more information.

My first was 14 hours, he was stuck and having complcations. My second was about an hour and a half. My third was literally NO LIE! 10 minutes!!!!I did not even push and she was out! The doctors pulled the sheets back to check me and she was on the bed! Then number 4 was about an hour. crazy, I know!!

My first labor was 5 hours and that was with having an epidural which is known to slow labor. My second labor was 3 1/2 hours. Im going to be having my third here shortley and wonder how fast this one is going to be.

Hey J.
My first labor was LABOR.... 16 hours... But not too much pain...(all natural)...16 hours of walking, showering, and my husband rubbing my back.. also I had just turned 20. I'd grown up with horrible menstral cramps every month, so this was just like that, only turned up a notch or two...or three.

So When I got preggo with my second I thought the delivery would be similar, maybe quicker as I had always heard. Unfortunetly with this one my Midwive insisted I would need to get induced...(I had preclamsia toward the end of my pregnancy and I'd actually been having real contractions for two weeks....irregular ones, not the braxton-hicks kind either!!) I thought it (induction) would totally screw with the labor but thankfully my midwive and nurse decided I would only need a little pitocin and that's all she wrote baby.... I had my little baby boy #2 within 6 hours. I layed there for 5 1/2 hours; no pain, nothing, just watching the baby monitor and my blood pressure, and boom! my water broke and then double boom!! 5 to 10 centimeters in less thsn 20 minutes. Fast and furious. I was screaming like a woman being tortured, they had to shut the door and I woke my sleepy head husband... I wanted medication...but they wouldn't let me...Cuz as soon as I asked they said PUSH!!

This was soo much different than my first.... my first was like a book...very steady and slow, thought out, at ease, gradual. Totally the turtle. My second was fast and determined, in comand, striking me off guard with the intense pain... but fast enough that the pain didn't even have time to control me, It came and went. Definitely the rabbit. It's funny, too, as I see my boys grow up, their personalities are just like the labors....lol

Well that's that. Thinking about this and it being mother's day is making me kinda want another one.... however I need to drop about 30 pounds first...so I can gain it back (of-course)... God bless you and I really hope your second labor is a piece of cake....

All of my labors went pretty fast. With my first I had my dr. appt. that day I went into labor. At my check -up around 3pm I was 1cm. I was alittle uncomfortable the rest of the day so about 6pm I called my dr again just because the uncomfort would come and go. I went to the hospital to to get checked out and make sure I everything was ok. To me I was being just safe, but I had my dd 45 minutes later, no epideral. I was fully dialated when I got there but no pain what so ever until they told me I was a 10, then of course the pain started. then we just had to wait for the Dr. to get there. My next one was about 4 hour with an epideral and my 3rd was about the same with an epideral. The epideral didnt work at all with the last 2. I think it just slowed things down. So I think my labors got longer each time, by only alittle though.
good Luck!

My first labor was very fast and my second was even faster, so much faster that the doc came 'running' in just in time to catch. Good luck, my 3rd is due Dec. 4th.

I had fast labor as well. 6 1/2 hours with my first, 6 with my 2nd. I was induced with both, and it was quite a surprise and a little scary with the first because everyone told me it would be at least 12-18 hours when you are induced. I ended up with no epidural and had a pretty bad tear because he came so fast. I switched doctors for my 2nd and told her I didn't want to go through that again. She brought me in a week early, broke my water, and I had my daughter 6 hours later. It was a great delivery and I am so thankful the doctor was willing to do that. It was my last child and I wanted a good memory of her birth!

God bless! I hope for a healthy and safe delivery for you!

Ok so my first labor was induced and even with an epideral only took 13.5 hours from induction to finish, my second labor lasted 3.5 hours from start to finish and was the most excrutiating experience of my life.
All I can tell you is if you don't live close to a hospital then stay at a hotel near the hospital the week of your delivery just in case. I lived an hour outside of town and let me tell you I thought I was having a baby in the car, this caused an even bigger panic.
Try to relax when you feel the cotractions start definately try as hard as you can to resist the need to push.
Hope this helps,

My first labor was also 8 hours with epidural so no pain. With my second I woke up from my water breaking at 5:30am and just made it to the hospital in time, my daughter was born at 7:30am. Needless to say I didnt have time for the epidural (or my doctor). But because she came so fast the pain was short.

P.S. She came out fast and 4 years later, still hasn't slowed down

Hi J.-
I had a similiar experience with my daughter when she was born last year. She's my first. An extremely intense, but very fast labor. Nine hours, but I was really only in hard labor for about four hours. I had a waterbirth and did it without drugs... and I survived to tell about it! I haven't had a second one yet, but my midwife said that your first labor is usually your longest, although that's not a rule. My mother also had a fast labor with me and even faster ones with my siblings. I'm sort of wondering if I'll make it to the birthing center in time for the next one, considering I was pushing an hour after I arrived with my first one! Although the hard, fast labor is rough, it's also quite a blessing. I had back labor because my daughter was turned funky, but I'd rather go through it all over again than live through a 48 hour labor like some of my friends did!
Best of luck, you're welcome to email me if you want to hear more about my experience.

My first and second both went fast, they both were about 5-6 hours. They both went smoothly (aside from the fact that my son, who was my first, was 3 1/2 months early). Both were delivered rather quickly also. My husband is also former Army, we were stationed at Fort Hood, TX. The worst part for me was the year he spent in Iraq, then 2 weeks after he came home is when our son Kayden was born. We have been married almost 5 years now. If you want to know anything else or have anymore questions just ask. Talk to you soon, KC

Hi J. my names S., fir stable congratulation on your pregnancy, good luck to you .With my first baby i was in labor for 9 hours and second baby only 4 hours .firs one was little painful but with my daughter everything happened so quick that i didn't feel anything and now I'm pregnant with my third baby and i don't know what to expect . So don't worry to much you'll be fine ,just be prepared .

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