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Non-Medicated Delivery with Induction

I am currently a week and one day past my estimated due date with my first baby and have already been told by the doctor that the baby will be a healthy size (he was estimating around 8.5lbs at due date). I really am hoping for a childbirth with no epidural or pain medication. I have an appointment with my doctor today and I am afraid that he is going to want to set an induction date. Part of me wants to go ahead with an induction so he doesn't get any bigger but I have heard that it is almost unheard of to have an unmedicated delivery when induced due to the intensity of the contractions when given pitocin.

Has anyone experienced a induction unmedicated and is it really as impossible as I am hearing?


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First of all I want to thank all of you for your stories and advice. It is always great to hear from all perspectives! After speaking with the doctor last Tuesday, he agreed to let me go until this Tuesday, the 28th, to see if the little guy will come on his own. I have an appointment Tuesday morning and if I am still pregnant he will schedule an induction at that time. I am doing everything possible at home to encourage labor to start and your suggestions have helped. He has definitely dropped and I have started having some sporadic contractions. I am going to continue with my plan to have a non-medicated birth and am hoping with the help of my doula and a very supportive husband, that even if induction is required I will be able to use my breathing techniques to achieve the labor and delivery I have planned for. However, I know things don't always happen the way we plan and as long as I have a healthy baby in the end, I will be more than satisfied :-) !

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My daughter has done it with the last 2 deliveries and if you want to talk to her, call me at ###-###-#### and I will give you her number with her permission.

ask him about prosteglandin gel or cervidil - don't think I spelled them correctly - cervidil is vaginal. I THINK there a little less intense than pitocin. .....I had both and chose epidual after all - 2nd baby I was not medicated and no intervention.......good luck!!!

Hi C., Try not to worry...you may just have to wait and see how it goes. I worried too just not knowing what to expect. It was not bad at all. It wasn't like on TV with all the drama. I do have a high tolerence for pain and I am over 40.
Just do what's right for you.

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Do not get induced. The medication to induce is just a fraction of the interventions they will perform if you do.

Do not jugde by size--you never really know until they are there. My friend went two weeks past her "due" date last year, then they gave her a c-section only to find the baby was not done! He had nervous system and weight problems the first few months of his life. They said he was over 10 lbs, but he was less than six.

I have had inductions and natural births, even "late"--you do not want an induction, but if you choose it, you will want the drugs! Childbirth is hard enough without magnifying it! :)

Good luck, hang in there--they never stay in there forever! Just work on preparing for delivery--relaxation and focus is key! Enjoy massages from your husband now and during labor--it will help immensely!

I'm sure everything will be fine!


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All three of my I was induced , the first and third it was just the Doctor breaking my water no pitocin because I started labor with just the breaking of the water. The second I had pitocin. I did all three unmediated except for the pitocin. Breathing and staying calm were the key points for me to keep going with out medication. It was a wonderful experience. It also helps to have a good support system if your husband may not do well in that environment you could find a friend or a Dola to help you out. I moved around as much as possible, used music and I brought movies to watch so that I could be distracted stay calm. Also if your hospital will let you labor in the shower or tub the water helps relax you. Check that out with your OB and hospital before hand. Also ask if he could just break your water and let you do some natural things to help you go into labor and see how it goes before giving pitocin.http://www.maternityacupressure.com/natural-ways-to-induc... the only one that I would recommended would be Nipple Stimulation we use that in the hospital that I work at.

Congratulations on the soon to be new addition! I was induced with all 3 of my children. However the last one I could have done without medication, but didn't want to take a chance of the doctor being in surgery when I decided I needed it. I think that was only because I knew what to expect. My first time I had no idea what to expect. Induction is not a natural labor where you phase into it. It is like BAM!!! My contractions were coming so fast and hard my husband and nurses knew I needed rest and I was only at a 3. I would say not to stress out about it and if you need the drugs there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. They are there for a reason. The first time was the hardest for me but then the next 2 induction I knew what to expect even though I really didn't want to have them I wanted to experience normal labor, but when you are late and they are big you have to. Just remember the goal is to have a happy and healthy baby!

Each one is different. I say more power to you if you can do it, but just remember the epidural is helpful and can speed things up too. Good Luck!

I think the doctor shouild go my your wishes.

C., I wish you all the best. I just had my first baby 4 months ago. I was like you wanting no medication. I was one week past my due date and the doctor wanted to induce. They thought the baby was smaller that she actually was. She was 8 lbs. 6 oz. at birth with a big head like her daddy. I was induced and the pain became so intense I was begging for the anethesiologist for an epidural. He was busy in surgery so they gave me medication I thought I would never take. It only made me drunk. Finally the anethesiologist came in when I was at an 8. He gave it to me anyways since I had been begging for it for a good while. It was the best thing ever. I pushed for 3 hours. Can't imagine doing it without the epidural.
From what I've seen on TV, I don't think it is safe to go past 2 weeks after.
You will know during the delivery what you can handle and what you can't.
(I was a size 4 before the pregnancy and had only gained weight in my belly)
Wish you the best. There is nothing like holding your new baby and cherishing the memories of your delivery day with your husband and baby.

Yes, I was induced with my third child, a 9.5 lb. boy who was 10 days early, and received no pain medicine.

However...I was not induced with pitocin. I'm a big believer in "the baby will come when it's ready", and I REALLY did not want to be induced, but for me it was either be induced or have a c-section with a 10+ pound baby. So, my doctor offered to induce me by putting me on a breast pump, which causes the uterus to contract, which put me into labor. Once I was having contractions, the doctor broke my water, and the contractions continued normally.

You might ask your doctor about this option. But whatever you decide, remember that the goal here is a healthy baby. Whether he's born naturally or via c-section, with drugs or without, it's all irrelevant in the end. Go into labor with an open mind. If going natural works for you, then great. If it doesn't, then that's fine, too. It's not a competition about how much pain you can endure. Labor is hard work. EVERY labor is different, and every person reacts diffeently to the experience.

If you want more details, you can e-mail me back privately. Let me know how it works out.

Good luck.

It is absolutely possible to go unmedicated and induced. I had my 2nd one just that way. Only pitocin was given, and my labor lasted about 11 hours,(which for me is a LONG labor, considering the other 5 were less than four hours each). It is possible though, if you can tough it out. My labor with pit was not too bad, as long as you are contracting, the level of the pit should be increased gradually, and it should be as natural a process as possible. I guess I had a really good doc and nurses when I was induced, because, if you ask me, the labor with the induction wasn't as bad as the labor without. I had all six of my kids without any pain meds, absolutely nothing, the last two being nearly six pound twins, the largest was 9 pounds 5 ounces, and I am 5'4" and weigh 110 pounds. It is possible, you can do it if you really set your mind to it. Good Luck!!!!!

Yes and no. I was induced 2 weeks early, keep in mind, due to high blood pressure so my body wasn't as ready as yours likely is, and I lasted for 21 hours unmedicated before I couldn't do it any more because I was so exhausted and not progressing past 4 cm. I started out with cytotec, used that for 6 hours with very minimal progress, and then used pitocin drip for the remaining 21 hours of my labor (they broke my water about 7 hours in). Once I got the epidural, I went to 10 cm within 5 hours though. Pain and fear due to the extreme amount of pain can without a doubt hold your body back, even though I never would have believed this before giving birth. I had a doula helping with my labor and regardless of what you do to get through the pain, pain is pain and you can never expect just how much labor will hurt--more for some than for others. I will say, as others have probably told you, it is a mindset--to a certain extent. Just go in there with realistic expectations. My son was born extremely healthy, had NO problem breastfeeding, and the epidural I finally received allowed my body to get through the end of the labor (and for me to finally get a nap).

On a side note, the friends that I have spoken with of mine that have had unmedicated births with an induction that would do it again have all had rrelatively short labors (less than 12 hours, not the 27-hour marathon labor I had) which makes alllllllll the difference in the world.

Hi C.,

My third child was induced the day after her due date, and it was a natural birth, no meds.
We chose the induction because all of my kids (I have 4) were over 9 pounds, and I was pretty nervous of her getting too big for me to deliver. The pitocin was really intense, almost too the point that I wanted an epideral, but once I got to that point it was too late. She came out pretty quick. I will be honest, having a natural birth is mentally exhausting as it is physically, but if you are prepared and stay focused it will be a great experience. Good luck and congratulations to you.

First of all, ask him to strip your membranes. If your baby is ready to go, this should help get things moving.

I had an induction with my first. I didn't get the epidural until 8 cm and then delivered 30 minutes later. I wish I hadn't bothered! My second was a natural delivery until I was at 7 cm, then they gave me pitocin. I asked for an epidural out of fear, which then didn't work and I delivered naturally.

If your doctor insists on an induction, ask about the foley catheter. It is a drug free method of getting labor going.

Pitocin is what really sucks, and don't let them give you cytotec. (Just google cytotec for inductions and you will see why.)

I was overdue last time as well... don't worry, they can't stay in forever!

I will tell you the truth its not easy having baby with out epidural my first baby I had a very bad experience with epidural so i decided not to have an epidural with my second one. So there I went had my second child with no epidural and it was induction too.At the last minute I was asking for epidural but It ws too late. After having the baby everything went smooth. Now I had a third one and it was the same thing induction and no epidural but this time it was alot of suffer waiting to have my baby normal and at the last minute I had a emergency c-section and I will tell you this do the best that you can because c-section is not the same as having it vaginal for me its better having pain in a couple of hours and not having pain in days. Good luck.

Unless you have a REALLY high tolerance for extreme pain, go for the medication!!!!

I started having contraction (less than 5 min. apart) on my own, so I was "induced" like that. However, I wasn't dilating and I had been in labor for a long time that with my first two births that both my doctors (different doctor for each child) asked if I wanted pitocin to help me dilate and have the baby quicker... I did, the contractions got harder and worked a little, but still wasn't dilating that good then they asked if I wanted to stop the pitocin or have the baby by breaking my water, if I broke my water there was not turning back... they continued with the pitocin and broke my water, withing 5 hours I gave birth after my water was broken. YES, pitocin made the contraction very HARD but I didn't want "null" the pain, I didn't want to do that to my babies... I dealt with the pain and gave birth without any epidurals... It's will power in it's strongest form. You can do it without an epidural, you just have to make up your mind!
God Bless, you remember that you forget the pain once you see that beautiful face...

I know you've already had your appointment by this point, but did your doctor suggest "stripping your membranes"? I was in your same boat last year, and although I wasn't past my due date, my doctor talked about induction if I went past my due date because he expected my son to be at least 8.5 pounds. He knew I wanted to do it natural, and I too had a fear of pitocin (I am the result of a drug free, pitocin induced birth, and my mom warned me how hard it would be, but she did it!).

He said he'd strip my membranes, which he did (and it wasn't really painful at all), and two days later, I went into labor naturally, and gave birth to my 9 lb son without needing any drugs. The breathing techniques really work!

Good luck (if you haven't had your baby already).

Hi C., Try not to worry...you may just have to wait and see how it goes. I worried too just not knowing what to expect. It was not bad at all. It wasn't like on TV with all the drama. I do have a high tolerence for pain and I am over 40.
Just do what's right for you.

I was given pitocin for my second child, a daughter, at one point they insisted I have one pain shot because my contractions were overlapping and my uterus needed to have a period to relax between contractions. (my water had broken and they induced for that reason) I did not have an epidural nor did I feel the need for one. My labor with my daughter was actually less painful and much quicker than that of my son who was born 16 months earlier with no meds or pitocin.

Just my quick 2 cents...the less intervention the better. The doctor is only estimating and most est. at this stage are off quite a bit on size. Even if you already have a 8.5 pounder in there, you could still deliver that baby just fine. It is not the size that can make it tough as much as the positions you are in for labor and delivery, if you have been given drugs or other interventions, etc. I had both of my kiddos at home, with a midwife, which means without drugs. It was very do-able. The first one was the hardest though because I didn't have the confidence that i had with the second birth. I can't imagine making it through an artifically augmented labor as with pitocin without pain meds. That being said, I know there are women that have done it. Don't make this decision based on fears inspired by your doc. Keep doing the research. Asking about it here is a good start, but you need more than anecdotal evidence. I wish you a wonderful birth and a great start to your new life as a mommy. It is quite a ride! Good luck and congratulations.

OMG! I just read a couple of the other responses. DO NOT let your doctor use cytoteck (sp?). Women have had ruptured uteruses and had their babies die when this drug was used to induce labor. There is a TON of research out there on this, online. I am very glad it worked out for the woman below, but it is something I would stay far, far away from. It is not even approved for labor induction. sorry to say such a horrible thing before labor, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware that this is an EXTREMELY controversial method of labor induction, even among OB's.

I was induced with both of my boys, and took no pain meds for either. Natural is hard, but if you stick your ground, it is acheivable. My dr seemed mad at me for not wanting them, but i heald my ground b/c its what i really wanted to do. GL!

My daughter has done it with the last 2 deliveries and if you want to talk to her, call me at ###-###-#### and I will give you her number with her permission.

I have 2 children both inductions. With my first I had a little demerol for the pain to get from 8 in to fully dilated. I hated the feeling and was adamant about no drugs the seond time around. I gave birth last year with no drugs whatsoever. I was able to be in a position I was comfortable in. All my labor pains are in my back. With my first delivery they had me lying on my back and the pain was hard. With my second I was sitting upright and rocking and breathing and i did just fine. I also was ready to deliver in 1 hour so I know my contractions were fast and hard. I never felt like i was not contracting.
It is hard but it can be done and it is so well worth it.

Hey C., I am a labor and delivery nurse. Your Dr will probably want to set an induction. Basically after 42 wks of pregnancy, the placenta no longer funtions properly and can actually cause stress on the baby by not delivering the proper amount of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Pitocin contractions are more painful and sometimes harder to tolerate, that does not mean it can't be done. Sometimes it only take a small amount of pitocin to jump start labor and then your body can take off on it's own, in this case, they might be able to turn off the pitocin if your body maintains a proper labor pattern. Chances are that you will need a small amount most of the process. My main hope is that you have educated yourself on natural birthing techniques, breathing techniques and ways to stay focused. If you are mentally prepared for a nautural childbirth and have been educated on what to expect, I fully believe you can do it unmedicated. I have seen it. They key is you staying in control the entire time, breathing and focusing through every single contraction and haveing REALLY good support present to help you. Have you considered having a dula present to support you through labor? It can be very helpful. Good luck and congratulations!

Can you try natural induction methods?
Do you have a doula? If not, I highly recommend getting one.
Here are some resources: http://www.bridgetfoley.com/
They both helped me with my birth issues and they can explain natural induction methods to you.
Be strong and have the birth you want!

My daughter had her first one with induction and the second one without incuction. She said the first one hurt a LOT worse WITH the induction than the second one WITHOUT induction. S. L.

I was induced with my second using only the cervadil and no pitocin. It threw me into labor on it's own. I'm sorry but it really was alot worse than my first born wich was born naturally with no pain meds. The contractions were just so close together every 1-2 minutes lasting 2-3 min. Perhaps your Dr. would be willing to try some other ways of starting your labor. I've heard of different routes such as stripping the membranes, sex, foot massage, different herbs, exercise, etc.?


I have had 3 boys that have all been induced and have not had any pain medication. I am not going to lie but delivery is a very painful process and you will need to find some relaxation methods to smooth the process. Also, knowing how to breath during a contraction also helps out with the pain. I wish you luck and congratulate you on the new baby.

It's totally possible to have a baby all natural with pitocin. I had to have pitocin with my guy and didn't have any pain meds. I think it all comes down to mind set. You have to know that you can do it, and when you do you will feel like superwoman. I know a lot of women who have done it. It is not impossible at all. Good Luck!

I'll try to answer short & sweet...My first child's delivery was great. Went into labor naturally, received the wanted epidural and couldn't feel a thing. My second child was induced and they used pitocin. I started out dilated to a 3 before they started the pitocin. I was told that when I was at a 5 they would give me the epidural. A couple hours went by and contractions were getting VERY strong. We asked the nurse to check my dilation multiple times and each time she would tell me that I was still a 3. 30 minutes after the last time she said this I couldn't take it anymore (I'm a pretty tough cookie, can take quite a bit of pain). She returns to check me again...in that 30 minute time frame I had dilated from a 3 to a 9. She immediately called the Dr. and told me we would have to nix the epidural and when I was ready to start pushing go ahead. YES! I was shocked. YES! I delivered an 8.2lb baby boy in the next 45 minutes with no epidural and it was horrible. I'm just being honest. I hope to never repeat those circumstances again. I too was warned about the intensity of pitocin, but disregarded those warnings when it came to delivery time and regret it. I'm not sure what they are, but I've heard there are other things they can use to induce...I would really suggest finding out what they are and considering one of them vs. pitocin.

I congratulate you on wanting not to take medications. I tried this on my first child as well and ended up begging for medication. I was induced on the first one as he was 6wk early but I was on the second one. I was in labor longer than before and yes it was more intense. As soon as I could have an epidural...I got it. One recommendation though...if you get one, ask for some pain meds first. The epidural is quit painful and the pain meds will help with the pain when they do it. Best wishes on your new baby!

Hi C.,

Wow! I don't have time to read all of the other responses so I will just throw my two cents in. I gave birth without any medication, via induction, to a 9lb 6oz baby girl who was inverted. Is it impossible? Absolutely not! Will you think you are going to die and be begging God to save you? Absolutely!!! I won't lie to you....it hurts like nothing else! However, I was also dealing with an inverted baby which caused horrible back labor and a more difficult delivery. This was also my fourth child, otherwise I'm not sure I could have pushed her out with the big birth weight and inversion.

I guess it will all depend on how large your baby is now. If he's still in the eight pound range and not inverted, it is really not so bad (my third child was right at eight pounds and I was induced with him, no meds, as well).

Since this is your first baby, just go in preparing for the worst pain ever (somehow that helps you tolerate the pain..atleast it did me). Also, be prepared to be begging for an epidural when you are 7cm dialated! But remember it usually goes quickly once you get to 7cm.

Don't be too hard on yourself. If you get in there and the pain is unbearable and you aren't even dialated to a four, get the epidural. It does not make you less of a woman or a mom to have it, so just do what is best for you at the time....basically, just go with the flow....getting the baby here safe and healthy is all that matters and, in the end, you'll just be happy to be holding your precious little one.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!

I had to be induced with both of my babies. The first one was crazy, too much too fast I was very sensative to the drugs. The 2nd one my Doctor (a new one) and I discussed what happened the time before and we agreed that we would start out w/the lowest dose possible and increase it every hour as needed until something started to happen. That took a lot longer but worked much better for me. I still didn't make it without the epi but I went much farther than the first time. I didn't realize it at the time but I was very close to the pushing phase when I was getting my epi so I was a little dissappointed that I didn't insist on having them check me again to see because I had I known I was almost "done" I could have held in there a little longer I think. Hind sight though...you never know. There is nothing wrong with having the drugs...you just don't know until you're in the situation because for me, I've never felt anything like this and I doubt I never will again. Overall, everything worked out great and both babies and me were/are just fine! Try not to worry about it too much and good luck with everything!! In the grand scheme of things this really won't be a big issue to a year or two down the line :-)

I was induced with both of my children and had epidurals with both as well. they had to stop the petocin with my second because she was having issues with her heart rate droping too low with contractions, but anyway. she was fine, and the epidural doesn't affect the baby, so don't worry about that. My sister-in-law wanted to try no epidural with her first baby and ended up getting it and was glad she changed her mind. I saw that someone suggested a "light epi" that sounds good. as far as induction, walk, walk, walk, walk, sex only in it is comfortable, not really even sex, just stimulation. the hormone that is released when you get the big O, is just as good as petocin. :) HAVE FUN, babies are wonderful gifts from God! congrats!


I delivered my first after having my water broken and pitocin administered. I too wanted a drug-free delivery and I have a very high tolerance for pain, but after 6 hours I couldn't stand it anymore. The epidural really made it a much better experience. With my second child, they broke my water and administered pitocin and I did not have an epidural. By the time I wanted one, he was starting to crown. The doctor gave me a Vaginal block and that was it. With my third, I wanted to get an epidural. By the time we got to the hospital, it was too late and I had her within 30 minutes without any drugs. She came so fast, her face was bruised.

Each delivery is different. I would suggest you ask the doctor to break your water at the same time they start the pitocin. That will speed things up. If your labor is short (mine were all less than 7 hours), then it's certainly possible. However, my first labor was the most pleasant because I wasn't in so much pain, I could "enjoy" the situation, and still experience the whole thing. Having a drug-free delivery is not all it's cracked up to be. Labor is painful, period.

You really can't make this decision until you're there and see how things go.

It hurts to have a baby and it hurts worse to be given pitocin. There is no way around the pain either way.

I tried the same thing and only got to 5 cm before I was unable to sit still and they told me if I could not sit still then if I decided I needed an epidural then I would not be able to get one because you have to be able to sit still. The epidural was fine, no big deal at all, you could ask for a walking epidural.

I wanted a natural birth but some things went wrong with my baby and if I had done that at a birthing ctr like I wanted then my baby would have died. thus I have had 3 c sections and I am just fine! I love my babies, they are all healthy and fine and that is really all that matters not how they got here. I certanly would not trust the healh of my unborn baby to strangers on the internet that you have no idea if they know what they are talking about or not. Trust the Dr you have Chosen and do what you think is best for you.

Good luck what ever you decide!
A. J

It is doable. I had a natural and now epi 32 years ago. I went to the scheduled appointment and was advised that I was 5cm dilated (had a few pains the night before and that was it). Doctor was going to send me home and hubby said he had my bag in the car. The doctor did strip the membranes before I was admitted to the hospital (across the street from office). I had one needle which I think was a muscle relaxer after being prepped. The doctor broke my water 3:45 pm and I delivered at 5:45 pm. At first there was nothing and then started with a pain or two and the fourth pain was definitely tense sharp and short. Labor pains started at 90 second intervals for several minutes that flucuated down to 30 and back up to 90 and then it was time to push in that two hours. The baby was born healthy crying and perfect weighing 7 lbs and 14 oz and 21 inches. My healing was great within a week. I tried to get out of hospital on the third day but was not released until the end of the fifth (a custom in Quebec at the time) and had my milk supply. So yes there was pain but you can work through it. Get the book Pregancy and Childbirth and read through it as it was my guide and it was in English as all my nurses spoke French. I'm not bragging about the short time I had prepared myself mentally for at least 8 to 10 hours. So it just goes to show you that if I had not been induced by breaking the water I would have delivered later that night and had to rush to the hospital 25 miles away. The other S.

Yes it is possible, My 2nd child was induced and 36 hours of labor No pain Med's ( So it is possible) I am against pain med's God created our bodies for child birth so if you are committed to NO med's you CAN DO IT just focus on that beautiful baby you will soon have.

I have 4 children and had all 4 of them without any pain medication. Of the 4 kids, 3 of them I had to be induced. Yes the contractions were somewhat more painful but I personally did not find them to be so much more worse that I needed pain medication. I feel that if you know your pain thresh hold and if this is not your first child then you can compare what you experience was before and determine what you want to do. I also had a very supportive husband who helped me through. Breathing works and really helps to calm you down just when you think you cannot take anymore ( and believe me those thoughts crossed my mind.) I also have to say that my labors were not long compared to other stories so that did help me with my decisions.

Remember that you can start out without pain meds and go as long as you can but you have the right to change your mind if you choose. It is important that you do what you feel is best for you and the baby, after all, the baby does not want you too exhausted after delivery. Your decision is the one that counts so do not hold back when it comes to what you want during delivery.

Good luck and congrats to the baby to be!

My doctor stripped my membranes with my second and this was all it took. He did this in his office in the afternoon and I went into labor during the night. It was painless and I still delivered naturally with no meds. Good luck!!

That was my plan with my first, To be induced (8 days late) but my water broke (at Target)the night before so I was given pitocin and unfortunately my contractions were lasting too long & getting so hard it was affecting my breathing. my doc made me have epidural that only went to my left leg.
So, it can be done but most times I hear about & experienced very hard labor when it's induced. Hope everything goes the way you want!
Good luck!

I was induced with both of my kids and had no medication. So, it DOES happen!! And, no, it is not impossible!

I have six kids, three of which were all natural, two with pitocin for different reasons. My first child my water broke when I was only at 1cm. My doctor said when your water brakes when you are not that dialated it makes for a very LONG and painful delivery as if you were on pitocin. I don't have the option on an epidural 18 inches of my spine is fused and I was allergic to all the iv meds, so all natural was my ONLY option. 15 1/2 tired hours later he was born. Was able to get up an walk to the bathroom 5 minutes after delivery. It was great!!!!

My second pregnancy I didn't care, I wanted the pitocin! I was not going to be in labor for 15 1/2 hours. So I did and went without meds again and had her in 5 hours. I was up walking around 5 min after birth.

My third all natural was a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-sec). I had to have pitocin with her because my labor slowed after 7 hours of strong labor. They hooked me up and I was going strong. I have to tell you it IS more painful but if you are prepared mentally you'll do just fine. I had nurses coming in my room amazed. I had the strongest contractions anyone had even seen, they were literally off the chart, but I never screamed or uttered a sound....just did my breathing and had a focus point. Major kudos from the nurses on that one.

You know your pain thresh-hold. Be prepared mentally but don't rule out the option of meds. If I had a choice I would have loved something to make me more comfortable during birth. I might have enjoyed the birth a bit more. When they were delivered I was so grateful they were out I didn't even look at them so much and my doctor yelled at me to look so I would have that memory (good doctor!!!!)

Just be prepared!

I was induced with 2 of my babies (induced with cyotec not pic.) and have them completely unmedicated. You have the strength to do this. I would ask about being induced with cyotec (I am not sure if that is spelled correctly) - contractions start gradually. I only had to have one dose with each induction. The dr. did break my water with my last baby at about 4 cm and an hour later he was born. From time of induction to birth was about 10-11 hours for both babies - these were my 2nd and 4th. Make sure you're able to walk around, sit on the ball, get the bath - that helps you make it through the contractions when they are very intense. Congratulations!

I was in your EXACT position 13 months ago. Facing an induction and wanting an unmedicated birth. My stance from the begining was that I was going to do unmedicated, but give myself permission to do whatever I needed to do in the end. I talked to my OB and told her to let me know when I was getting close to the time when a epidural wouldn't really be effective in time to do any good. I would make a decision at that point and not beat myself up either way.

We ended up going ahead and doing the induction. I was worried about it, but decided that I had chosen my OB for a reason... I TRUSTED her. So, I decided to trust her on this decision to induce.

I did 13 hours of contractions after they started the pitocin. Although fairly intense, they were completely manageable until the doctor broke my water. For me, the contractions became much more painful at that point. I was able to breathe through them, however.

Finally, it became apparent that I was just not progressing and my daughter even moved back up the birth canal at one point. I ended up having a C-section. They gave me the epidural about 1 hour before the C-section and it was nice to be comfortable since I knew in the end I was having a c-section. I wasn't thrilled with surgery (I have never had any surgery, so there was a lot of anxiety for me about surgery in general.)

In the end, I feel I did my best and of course, the outcome was perfect... I LOVE my daughter and I love being a mom.


I drank caster oil and within 9 hours of drinking it, my baby was here. It may have been a fluke but if you're desperate to get things started, I think it's worth a try. I didn't want to be induced so I took matters into my own hands:) Good luck!

I have been induced with all 3 of my kids and have had no pain medication. I won't lie, labor is painful (hence the name); however, it is absolutely amazing what our bodies are made to do and handle. You've heard all the horror stories, I'm sure. You just have to put those out of your mind and go with what your body is telling you. I would be happy to chat with you and answer any questions. You can do it! Congrats!

Is it possible that your doctor would break your water to induce labor rather than use pitocin. When I was passed due and scheduled to induce, my doctor told me that she would just break my water to induce labor. Fortunately, my little girl came the night before we were scheduled to induce. Good luck!

All birth is natural. Some just decide to take the pain.
I have had an “unnatural” (insert sarcastic tone) epidural enhanced pitocin delivery and an epidural enhanced 9 hour pitocin labor, followed by emergency c-section. They were the 2 best days of my life. It was entirely pleasant, and I was well cared for.
I asked to feel the first several rounds of contractions on the first delivery and then decide on whether to do the epidural. The staff at the hospital was more than happy to oblige. After some killer pitocin contractions I quickly chose the epidural. I had a great day in the hospital with my husband (both times), sucking on popcicles and playing cards. Pushing was intense and I felt everything but the pain.
Only you can decide what is right for you. And whatever you decide, you are going to have an awesome day. We moms have a tendency to see this issue in black and white. Mom’s who deliver without meds are tough cookies who deserve credit for doing something very difficult and painful. However, I will argue to the end with anyone who has the gall to say that their birth experience was better or “more amazing” because they chose not to have an epidural. The day is simply amazing.
Can you do it? Yes you can. You are stonger than you can imagine. But if it hurts so much that you are going to miss the joy of the day, consider letting yourself off the hook. Either way, don’t listen to us. Listen to your body and your doctor and do what is right for you. Good Luck!

Will your doctor strip your membranes? That's a natural inducer without the pitocin. Also, I'm sure you know this, but intercourse might help as well.

I've had two unmedicated deliveries without pitocin, but I had piggy-backing contractions during one of my deliveries and the pain was manageable.

Best wishes for a safe labor and a healthy baby!

I was induced with my #2 baby due to size - I went past 41 weeks with #1. My plan was an unmedicated birth - but I am grateful my doctor talked me into the epidural - it really did help me relax enough to finish dilating (very quickly) and I had a horrendous delivery with extensive tearing and need for vaccum extraction - there is no way I could have tolerated that without the epidural!!

I say this only to let you know that you have to base your decisions on how things are going during labor - you never know. My #3 was going to be completely natural as well - she turned breech while I was laboring and was an emergency c/s - so things don't always go as planned...

I was induced with my 1st & had no pain meds. It's hard but you can do it!

I wasn't what you would call induced. My contractions stopped and they had to get started again. When they told me they were going to give me pitocin I gave up. I had already been in labor for 18 hours with no pain meds and I didn't think I could hold up with pitocin. My husband knew I wanted to do this and he encouraged me to go for it. Seriously pitocin just brought my labor back, it didn't make the contractions any worse than they already had been. And it made them closer together. They started me out at a 2 and doubled it every half hour. When they moved me up to an 8 I negotiated to move me down to a 6, and that's where I stayed until I gave birth. It still took 9 more hours, but I did it. If I would have stayed at an 8 it probably would have been faster, but that's where I was comforable and I was still progressing. It was definitely doable, but it all depends on your pain threshold. If they would have made me lay down on the bed for it, I couldn't have done it, I was up on my feet swaying, and on a birthing ball the whole time. After 27 hours of natural labor and 3 hours of pushing he was definitely worth it!

ask him about prosteglandin gel or cervidil - don't think I spelled them correctly - cervidil is vaginal. I THINK there a little less intense than pitocin. .....I had both and chose epidual after all - 2nd baby I was not medicated and no intervention.......good luck!!!

I Sort of did... I had an old fashioned doc who didn't bother to tell me he didn't "like" mom's to have pain meds. I didn't get induced by him, but he let me go far overdue that my baby turned and broke my water when She turned face up. (that was not a good thing.) When she couldn't come down the birth canal, he started pitocin and said it was too late to do an epidural. The contractions and painful were long but I managed, because I am a large boned tall strong woman. It was completely exhausting and I tore badly because she had turned face up and couldnt get her shoulder past my pelvic bone.
He threatened to use forceps scared me and I pushed her out hard and that's when all the tearing happened.
If I had it to do over I would have had a better doctor, I would have insisted he induce when I was a week over due and the baby was 8 lbs and still face down. I was induced with my second child, had a better doctor, pitocin and an epidural. That delivery took about 3 minutes and was so wonderful.
10 months later when I weaned my son, I had surgery to repair the damage to my uterus, bladder and rectum caused
by the first delivery. I considered it better living through modern pharmacology!! (just my opinion and personal experience, which is uncommon, but true).
Chances are if you expecting and 8lb plus baby, and he
wants to induce, there's a good reason.
Best Regards, and Best Wishes.

If you can avoid induction in any way possible than I would do it. Especially for no other medical reason other than size. I was induced for the same reason and also wanted an non-medicated birth. I won't say much, but it did not go well to say the very least. It was really hard to get over (he's 9 months) and I still don't feel "over it" of wishing I hadn't been induced. You'll have to stay on monitors for a medical induction which makes it hard to have the active labor/using any water or other coping mechanisms to get through the pain. Anyway, I'll try to stay positive, but I would avoid it if at all possible, but hey everyone's different!

I was induced and requested an epidural. The contractions were painful and caused me to pass out in between them. The epidural never took effect by the time I delivered my daughter, so I never really had one. It wasn't so bad. I won't even consider an epidural the next time. I got through an induction without pain relief once, I can do it again. Good luck!

Ihave three boys.. the youngest was born April 12th. The first a week early, the second 4 days late, and the third 3 days early. I had no pain meds with any of them. Ihad the induction talk with my second since he was late but he came on his own. With my third, my water broke but I wasn't having contractions so they had to induce me. It felt the same as the other two, and although it was painful (no lie) I didn't get any meds... so its not impossible :)

Its up to you, remember when its all said and done they won't write on your headstone "Great Wife, Great Mother, and she didn't have any meds during child birth" Sometimes those meds really help with relaxing you, taking the edge off and speeding up the dialating... Until I hit about 8 cm I was asleep. After that they were quite painful, but they won't give you any meds after 9 cm because it could hurt the baby.

Hope this helps

I did it. But, it was a very long hard day. My baby was 9 lbs 5 ounces. Plus, I was absolutely in the best shape of my life (had been doing step aerobics four days a week before I got pregnant and continued modified aerobics 2-3 days a week for the first 8 months. Just walked the last month). So, I'm saying, I was in great shape and it was still a very long hard day.

With 2nd baby, I was induced, but had an epi. that was a DREAM delivery. Baby felt like she just popped out.


I delivered two of my boys with inductions. They were both 9 lbs, 0 oz. I got a pain shot with each of them only when my labor stalled out and I wouldn't dilate any further. After the pain shot took the edge off I quickly dilated and delivered. I wasn't groggy and neither was the baby. They both latched on the breast shortly after delivery. I didn't want to have anything but you have to consider the circumstances and what is best for all involved, especially if your labor stalls.
My middle son was born spontaneously, no meds, and he was 9lbs, 9oz. I thought I did great.
I will tell you that the induction labors were harder and more intense than the natural delivery. With my middle I labored at home and rocked and walked until my contractions were about 2 minutes apart. Woke hubby and jetted to the hospital. He was born about two hours later.
If I had my choice again, I would not be induced. I would labor at home and just deliver a big baby. Especially since I know that I can, LOL.
The last one we induced only because we were getting close to Christmas. He was born on Dec. 21.
I think it is great if you go without something for pain, but you aren't a failure if you need something to take the edge off either. It could make labor go much more smoothly. And it doesn't take much, either.
GOod luck and congratulations,

If you can keep them from inducing you the better off I feel you will be. But that's just me. I was induced with my oldest and ended up having a C-Section. There is one thing that I have heard throw the years that helps in place of being educed by the Dr. They say that having intercourse can help speed up labor and help you dilate. And can have the same effect as the patocin.

Good luck with what ever you decide and God bless.

I gave birth three times with no meds. I was induced with pitocin on the first delivery by a wonderful midwife at Baylor. She did the drip SO SLOWLY that what I expected from the increase in contractions was exactly the way it went. The key is a SLOW DRIP. If your Dr. is a jerk about it and pumps you full of pitocin right off the bat, you'll be in the midst of contractions that you aren't expecting. Just make sure you make your concerns and your request for a steady, slow increase in contractions known before the IV starts and you should be fine. Best of luck with everything! You can do it!!!

I was induced at 42w5days. I had the same concerned, and told my doctor, "I DO NOT WANT MY MEMBRANES RUPTURED" Which they usually do, to speed up the process. He agreed no membrane rupture (absent complications), I agreed to induce. My membranes stayed intact, and I stayed up, walking, breathing , dancing - lamazing in short. :) For 22 hours. No drugs. The contractions really weren't that bad - I mean, I felt them - of course, but the breathing and the visualization exercises and stuff that my doula led me through made it doable. At a 7, my dad looked at me - mid contraction - and asked when I was going to go into "real labor". haha

I progressed to a 10, the baby didn't descend into the birth canal, they broke my membranes and told me when to push - and the baby went into distress. I had an epidural and a c-section to deliver a 9# 4oz baby with a 15 3/4 head.

The epidural was the worst part - both of the prebirth and recovery periods.


YES IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE been induced and delivered without ANY epidural or pain med!!!!! It is do-able if you have trained yourself (your mind) to do it. It was my second delivery only 17 mos after my first but even with induction (my first was not induced and natural with only one momentar pain med), my second went exactly like my first delivery: EXACTLY!!!!! AND I WAS SOOO SCARED OF INDUCTION BUT IT WENT JUST LIKE THE FIRST: SAME SONG, SECOND VERSE-LOL!

My inducted baby was larger than my fist and was just under 8 lbs. He was 39 weeks and I was induced because of complications. My dr. thought I was crazy for not wanting an epi but she thought I was crazy on not wanting it the prior time too (I labored at home and went to hosp just to deliver with the first) and she supported me regardless both times. She said we would take the watch and see and she would let me do whatever as long as I and baby were not in danger. She was great!

My suggestions: Have you taken a class on childbirth? Knowledge is power. Pain is most often a result of fear and if you are as knowledgable about the procedures of childbirth as you can be, you will have far less fear. Since it is too late to take a class, READ READ READ and LEARN LEARN LEARN (computer, dvd, etc)!!!!! Also, practice some method of relaxation whether it be Bradly, Hypno-birthing, Lamaze, Focal, etc. SERIOUSLY VISUALIZE IT AS PEACEFUL AND NATURAL!!!!!!! Women gave birth for centuries without pain meds.

Talk to a mid-wife or doula (there are some on here) and ask what to do to get the ball rolling down there: rasperry leaf/parsley tea, nipple stim (I used my breast pump) every 2-3 hours for 20-40 mins, vaginal massage, sex, ankle massage, Primrose (I think that is what it was called but check me on that one), etc. Also maybe your dr can strip your membranes? They did that to me both times and I do think it worked. It is un-comfortable and maybe a tad painful, but IMO, worth it!

Also, when they hook you up to the pit, tell them to do it AS SLOW as possible to allow your body to do the work, not the meds to force a freight train through a not-quite ready pea hole. You are much better off if your body dialates and contracts as much as possible on it's own, only using meds as a crutch, not a director. Let all the nurses/staff know from the get-go that you are trying to do this without pain meds (put a sign on your door too) so they don't try to pressure you (as they may because it is easier for them)and have a wonderful support person (Sig Other, mother, sister, friend, doula, etc) there for you at all times. Move around as much as possible; do not lie down as it does not promote dialation. Rock in chair, sit on ball, squat, walk, stand with counter-pressure on the lower back (helps with pain), etc. Don't let your dr rush you either as that is usually done out of convenience for the dr, not you (don't let him/her break your water-let it happen naturally or much later than when first suggested, etc.) If your water is broke, that starts the clock for how long you can go before that baby "has to" (according to western med) be born AND ALSO releases a rush of hormones that tell your body to get that baby out ASAP even if the body is not quite ready. In other words, breaking water makes the pain come on hard and fast when the body was not truely ready to be at that level on it's own yet. Bring anything with you to the hospital that will help you cope (music, pics, suckers, etc)! And realize that help (by people or pain meds) is not you failing but you being human! You can be as strong as you can be to a point and then you must realize that being human means you may need help!


BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember that a healthy baby and mommy is success, no matter what it took to get there!

I had a 9 ib 10oz not-so-little girl without epidural, and I was induced. I'll have to admit it was painful but not out of the realm of possibilities. They did give me something to take away some of the pain (I don't remember what it was), but it wore off quickly. I also have a really good friend that was induced with both of her kids and didn't have any meds or an epidural and they were both pretty big, over 8 ibs. So hang in there it CAN be done. Just remember to breathe.

I had an induction with my first and natural childbirth. The induction was for health reasons-not due to size of baby. It was intense, it was painful, but it wasn't off the charts. I've had two babies since then and I would say that my second was easier (no induction) and my 3rd was just as painful (not a medical induction but they broke my water because we wanted him to come on a day other than Thanksgiving day which is what was threatening to happen.) I had natural childbirth with all three. And here is my opinion...with the pitocin induction the start of labor was very sudden. It was the suddenness that took me by surprise. It was like...no labor, no labor, BOOM! Full labor. There was no lead-up. And it was my first so I didn't have anything to go by. If my husband hadn't been there to distract me and if I didn't have such a HUGE need to go natural, I'm not sure I would have. BUT! It didn't get much worse, I healed amazingly fast, and I'd do it again. I also had this mantra in my head... "If my mom can do it, so can I!" (Not sure why that was so important but it kept my head in the game.) My son was over 8lbs as well...8.4. (All my babies were right over 8lbs.)

So it is do-able. After three natural childbirths I really believe it is all in your head. You know what I mean? It is hard. It is work. But it is amazing and the aftermath is wonderful. And the minute they hand you that new baby you forget all the details anyway. I will always believe it is better for your body, the baby, and your healing process.

Good luck!

I was induced and you will definitely feel it when he breaKs your water and contractions get stronger. If you went to Lamaze the breathing techniques will help. I did not take lamaze but my boss gave me some interesting but helpful advice: you need to be in tune with your body and when u have a contraction you need to find a rythm And breath to that rythm. Sounds stupid but when you are lAying there it will all just come naturally. This was my first pregnancy and it was not like all the horrror stories. My son will be one on the 19th of may. If you can handle pain well you will be find. You may have to get a c-section since you are overdue. I would go ahead and get induced.

You have so many responses! I would just encourage you to remember that birth is only one day of your life with your child. I hope it works out that you can deliver naturally, but if it doesn't work out that day, please don't spend one minute feeling bad or guilty! I had hoped to do that with both my kiddos, but unfortunately, with my first pregnancy, my water broke and there was meconium. My daughter showed some distress. Instead of walking around during labor, I had to have internal monitoring, then an epidural. Happily, I didn't have to have a C-section.

With my son, he was 8 days late. The day before his birth, my doctor tried to get things going with a "vigorous" exam, which I swear felt like he was in there up to his elbow warming up for a pitch! It didn't work, and I was induced the next day. I did much better with the breathing, etc., but eventually I did have an epidural.

Neither experience was what was considered the ideal, but don't let the birth Nazis make you feel bad if it doesn't go that way. I have two wonderful, healthy children, and we are very bonded! The goal is a healthy baby. In the long run, that's all that matters.

You didn't bring it up, but in case it helps, I had an episiotomy with my first birth. It was very painful for a long time, and I swear the doctor sewed me up a bit too tight. It took quite a while before I was ready for sex again, and it was painful for a while after that. With my son, they wanted to do an episiotomy, but I begged for one more chance to get him out without it, and it worked. I did tear a little, but it healed up much faster. My midwife friend tells me that there are things that can be done to stretch you out to help. I'd check that out with my caregiver if I were you.

Also, I imagine you're breastfeeding. Again, so many people look forward to it and it doesn't always go well. If it's difficult, get all the help you can from the lactation specialist, and hang in there if you can. My daughter was not a great eater, and had to be supplemented. My son got it instantly, and was voracious. All babies are different.

Congratulations. Wishing you a wonderful life with your new little guy. Everything changes, but is so much better!

If you do opt for pitocin my BEST advice is to tell them you wnat the lowest dose possible and once you start contracting regularly you want it shut OFF!! I was induced with pit at 8am and felt NOTHING until 1pm (7cm) then it was horrible. If I would have MADE them turn it off I feel it would have been much better (my contractions were 2-3 minutes LONG with maybe a 30 second break). I made it until 3:30 then begged for the epi which was AWFUL and I will never have again and pushed him out 10 minutes after having the epi (I am certain he was crowning while they were giving me the epi). The epi never "took" anyways and cost us $500 which I still think it bogus - heeee!

One thing that I have been told is 98% effective is acupuncture. I have been to Dr. Calli in Keller for morning sickness and she told me she does labor inductions w/acupuncture. I really like her a lot and now that I'm 40 weeks 2 days, am thinking of trying it as I have tried everything but castor oil which I refuse to try.

Good luck!! I hope both our babies come SOON and on their own!!

Hi C.,

I did this. It was not my plan but I was on blood thinners and my blood was too thin for an epidural (could have paralyzed me) - so I was forced to do this (my induction had already started when we got the unfortunate news). I will say it was the hardest 7 hours of my entire existence. HOWEVER, I am so totally proud of myself and people are in awe! I was so proud of myself that when I found out I was pregnant again I wanted to have a natural delivery (minus the pitocin of course). HOWEVER, I found out at about 6w that I was pregnant with TRIPLETS so I had no choice but to have a c-section.

I will say at the time of this L&D (July 2002) my doctor later told me (after she was born) that less than 3% of induced labors are natural and I could see why! :)

My advice is learn pain management techniques - I ignored all that during my Childbirth Classes b/c I was going to have an Epidural (haha to me!)

You can do it - but it will take huge determination. If you get an epidural don't feel bad!

Congratulations on the baby!

SAHM to 4 (6.5 year old daughter in 1st grade and 22 mos old triplet boys - 2 are identical). Natural/induced first pregnancy; C-section second pregnancy (and EBF'd the triplets for 1 year).

Congrats on the impending arrival! You may go into labor before the induction, if they choose to set a date, so don't be too concerned just yet. And it is possible to have an induced labor without pain meds. My daughter-in-law had this experience last Oct. They estimated my grandson was already 9 lbs (my other grandson was 10 lbs, 15 oz at birth) and they decided to induce. She did receive pitocin, and labor was fairly intense, but she was well prepared and did not receive pain meds. BTW, the baby was a little smaller, a little over 8 lbs. Anyway, it is possible, but you must be dedicated and prepared. But don't feel bad if you decide medication is right for you. The main thing is a safe delivery and a healthy baby! Best wishes!

You can do it!!!Just set your mind that you are going to do it and then if you cant youcant know one will blame you.You can ask for the epi at any time.Here are some things to try to avoid an induction.Have sex that is the best natural indicement you can have.It probably wont be the best you every have but if you feel the way i did at that point you just want to get that baby out of there.Rasberry leaf tea is also know for bringing on labor you can buy it at the health food store.the only other thing I know of is walking.Good luck and congrats!!

I was enduced with all four of my kids and had no pain meds with any of them. Picotin or not natural childbirth is hard but I promise it is all worth it when you see that wonderful baby for the first time. There is no feeling like it in the world! Good Luck!

I have had three children without any medication. With the first and last the doctor wanted to induce. The doctor just broke my water with both of them and the delivery was just fine after that. He did that with my first one by his own choice. When I had my third one I was on bed rest with high blood pressure and he wanted to induce labor. I asked him to break my water like he did with the first one before we tried the potocin. He told me if I didn't go into labor within a certain amount of time he would go ahead and give it to me. He barely made it back before my son was born.
I would just ask if your doctor is able to do something like that.

Good Luck

I've heard that it's incredibly painful... can't even find words for it. My contractions were double as strong with an induction as normal. I felt them through my epidural and that was enough to wear me out.

i had a non-medicated delivery but not an induction. anyways, i thought of it this way... the pain will be over ... this too shall pass... i can do this... good luck and blessings.

Congrats on the new little man in your life! I had my second child two weeks ago and chose a low dose epidural - I highly recommend. It is safer for baby and you are able to feel all of your contractions and are able to feel yourself push, without the pain of the actual delivery. I too was given pitocin (only because I was not dilating) and the pain was not that bad. I think you'll fine. Good luck!

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