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ER Or Not?

My 16 month old son just faceplanted into the couch, and his one little canine tooth perforated all the way through the skin just below his lip, from the inside out. He's not crying anymore, so it's not really bothering him, but being as it's a perforation, I called the pediatrician. They want him to go to the ER and get it checked out, cleaned, and possibly sutured.

It's really not THAT big a hole.

It's still lightly bleeding, 2 hours later, but it's not gushing. ... but its also not clotting, even with a hard cold compress.

What would you do? Doc says go to the ER, but I'm still on the fence. If he was still crying or showing any signs of blood loss or concussion, I would have already left. WHAT TO DO?!

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

WHOA mama's, put the claws away! Obviously I was concerned about this, but not so concerned that I rushed him to the hospital immediately. Do you realize how many people clog up the ER for minor things and postpone the people who REALLY need urgent medical care from getting it immediately?? Don't EVEN go there with me.

I got a second opinion from the pediatrician, they checked him out, no stitches required (I called that one), but they did send us to the hospital, only for a quick in and out application of anitbiotic cream and an RX.

Like my gut told me, it really wasn't that serious.

To all the non-haters and women who provided USEFUL RESPONSES.... THANK YOU!!!!! :)

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Wow, some people got up on the wrong side of the bed. It doesnt sound like its life or death here ladies.....But I would take him and see if it needs to be treated and so it doesnt get infected. Hope he feels better!

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if it cut ALL the way through to the other side, then I would take him in. This happened to my brother when he was little and he needed stitches. At least do it to be on the safe side

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I would follow doctor's advice and go to the ER. But I'm not one to ever mess around when it comes to stuff like that. To me, peace of mind is worth much more than the cost of a visit to the ER. Good luck!

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If my doctor ever told me to go to the ER, I'd go! Why would you trust the advice of women you don't know over your own kid's doctor?

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instead of being on the computer, you should be at the ER. Peace.

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I would do what the DOCTOR said to do and get off the computer trying to justify NOT following a Dr's advice.

Don't skimp on health and safety. If it was bad enough to call the Dr and the Dr tell you to go to ER, then GO TO ER. It is still bleeding? Why do you have to ask a public forum.... it is your child and your child is hurt.

your child + injury that is bleeding and needing possible sutures = ER

I know it is not "life or death" in this situation, HOWEVER he could be scarred for LIFE. Do you want to be responsible for not doing what you could as a parent and he ends up with a scarred FACE.

"not THAT big a hole". GEES.... what's next the arm is "not that broken?"

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NOT TELLING YOU NOT TO, but I probably wouldn't unless it is still bleeding in a few hours. They probably will want to suture whether REALLY needed or not...guess how they do that with a little one, NO, not put hem under. They wrap them up in a cocoon & make you hold them down screaming while they stitch him up :''(
My nephew got stitches about that age, and still remembers it at 4!

Melissa: I believe strongly that moms are more qualified than physicians ;o)....99% of the time.

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Are you kidding me? You are on this site asking people you don't know what to do and your pediatrician told you to go to the ER! My kids DR doesn't say go to the ER for no reason. I sure hope you took him. You are not a Dr so if its costs you a couple hundred bucks and its not serious whats the big deal BUT if you don't or didn't take him and it causes problems then how would you feel?

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Glad everything turned out ok! However, if you call the doctor to get their advice, you need to listen to it. If they say go to the ER, then go to the ER.

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Wow, some people got up on the wrong side of the bed. It doesnt sound like its life or death here ladies.....But I would take him and see if it needs to be treated and so it doesnt get infected. Hope he feels better!

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I'm probably in the minority here, but I probably wouldn't go to the ER. That would probably be way scarier than getting hurt. It's only 8:30, I would wait awhile more and see how it's looking.

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