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My 19 Mo. Daughter Got a Cut in Her Eyebrow from a Fall Last Night...

The doctor said the cut is not deep & doesn't need stitches. I'm worried it will leave a scar. Will the hair grow back in her eyebrow? Does the hair regrowth depend on the depth of the scar?

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My daughter cut her cheek, chin, and lip by running into a door knob. We used Neosporin until the scab was gone and then Mederma for kids for a month....NO SCAR! My husband has a scar in his eyebrow from when he was 5 and parts of it had the hair grow back and other parts not so much.

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My son cut his eyebrow open when he was two and they didn't do stiches either. You can barely see his scar, but the hair didn't grow back in that spot either. I suppose we could have put mederma on it and that would have helped reduce the appearance of the scar, but we didn't because it was so close to his eye. Honestly, we just brush his eyebrows over the scar for pictures, but we probably wouldn't even need to do that. Sorry she got hurt!

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My 11 year old daughter ran into a wall the night before Halloween and had a pretty big gash on her eyebrow that I considered getting stitches for, but decided butterfly strips would do the job. She had a really nice purple eye for about a week, too. We put Neosporin on it everyday, and just this morning she came in to show me that it's almost gone. We're starting to put Mederma on it now, and you can hardly see it. Also, my 20 month old had an hemangeoma removed from his eyebrow about 6 months ago and you can't see it at all! She'll be fine!

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I got a similar cut when I was young, but I don't know if I had stitches. I now have a small scar within my eyebrow. No, hair does not grow from that area, but the other hair grows well enough to cover the scar so it is not visible to anyone but me. As soon as the scab falls off, begin using Mederma. It works wonderful on minimizing scars!

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The hair should grow back before too long. It may take awhile but as with most scars they get smaller and less noticable over time. The hair grown should not be a problem if the cut is small. Use neosposon (not sure how to spell that off the top of my head) and give lots of kisses but other than that it should be fine.

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I would guess it depends not on how deep, but how wide. The hair won't grow back over scar tissue. You can try a butterfly stitch to hold the skin as close together as possible while it heals. Then if there is a scar, it would be quite thin and likely noticable. I know it's hard to have something lasting like that happen to a childs face, but really it's not all that bad. My neice had the same thing happen when she was about that age. It scarred and the hair never grew in, but she now says she likes it. It gives her face character. I guess in a society so obsessed with perfection it keeps things in perspective.

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This happened to me when I was like 3. The scar goes right across my eyebrow vertically. and there is no hair growth on it. I did not have stitches either.
I just draw my eyebrow on every morning. It doesn't even bother me a little.

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i have the same question like you,,,everyday i obsevered my baby eyebrow its getting 4 months right now since she got accident on her eyebrow is very small but some area the hair is still growing,,,i advice leave alone skin to peel off when it heal....

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