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Ecezma Sixteen Month Old

ANYONE out there know of a good remedy or (management regime for ecezma). So far , this is the list of what I've done and am doing. Nothing has helped him really.
1. Elidel rx cream 2. Steriods liquid and cream for a flare up last April - this helped to clear him and then it started back. 3. oatmeal baths. Cephaticill cream. Euercin cream. vaseoline. internet purchase of a natural cream. dermae e company all natural creams. Been to pediatric doctor and his recommendation for a pediatric dermatologist. She recommended a capful of bleach--- so drying to the skin but kills bateria. Her prescription was Desonide lotion 5 % - cephtachil cream from walgreens after the bath. Mustela from bath and body works for baby ecezma - tried cleanser and moisture cream. tried mint leaves, tried apple cider (in bath water) - you name it Ihave tried it- He seems hopeless. Oh and Ped derm. gave him Claritin he had been on Zrytec- Claritin did nothing for him - I have put him back on Zyrtec- it is a sedative - it helps him sleep though he still wakes up once through the night. Oh yeah - I have tried corn starch too--- ANyone with a new idea? L.

What can I do next?

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My son has always had mild ecezema and I used all of the topical treatments too. About six months ago, we were at the doctor for something else and he noticed it and said that it was probaly a food allergy. We did the allergy test found the problem and changed his diet, now it is gone. It's worth a try. I hope that helps.

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Hi L.,
My name is T. and I'm new here. I read threw most of the responses but didn't see what I use on my daughter. My Olivia is 18 months old and was diagnosed w/ eczema around 3 months. He (her pedatrician) gave me a script for DERMA-SMOOTHE/FS, it's a topical oil, smells kinda flowery and it wasn't very expensive. You spray/mist the area with plain water then rub on a thin layer of this stuff. It stops the itching almost right away, but if you don't use it twice a day, everyday, they can have flare-ups. I don't always remember to put this on, but she's getting pretty good at letting me know...lol I don't know if you're still looking for anything, just wanted to help.

Hi, Have you taken him to an algerist? My daughter has ecezma and it is triggered by milk.. ecezma is also a sign of an algery* In my case Elidel and Clarinex has helped. It took 5 doctors and 1 year to find out that she was algeric to Milk. Good luck!

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I have heard that Selsun Blue the dandruff shampoo is excellent for ecezma. Rub it on the skin in the bath to treat eruptions.

Most important thing is to find the root cause as it has been mentioned. Cows milk is the #1 suspect, try switching to a fortified soy milk for a while to test it out, if not test out other foods one by one. Major allergens, besides cow milk are wheat, peanuts, and corn.

You can try natural health stores for books on the subject too.


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My son has always had mild ecezema and I used all of the topical treatments too. About six months ago, we were at the doctor for something else and he noticed it and said that it was probaly a food allergy. We did the allergy test found the problem and changed his diet, now it is gone. It's worth a try. I hope that helps.

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Hey there! I have a 13 month old and we have been through the same thing....It was not until we found out that she had certain food allergies and everything healed it self. It is only when she has something with a little to much of what she is allergic to that she breaks out with little patches.....nothing like before. We found that she is allergic to Wheat, Soy, Dairy,Eggs, and Dogs.....Basically Everything!!
We just found out by process of elimination. We took everthing out of her diet and slowly added the things we thought were triggering her hives and break outs. We kept a log for about 3-4 weeks. I know this is not a cure for the current break out, but just wanted to suggest the idea of a food allergy if it has not already been explored. If he is having something and it is eliminated it may cure itself. My friends child who is two was the same way...His legs and arms were cracked and bleeding....He was allergic to Peanuts
We also use Cetaphil cleansing cream for baths and Aveeno fragrance free baby lotion


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Hey L., I feel your pain.. somewhat. well when my son was 2 months old, he had a severe case of eczema. It completely covered his body. So I took him to the emergency room because it completely came out over night. So they told me to use Dove bar soap because it doesn't have any fragrance. I used White-Blanc. Also they told me to use a heavy cream. Well I used Eucerine, but i see it didn't work for you. But if you haven't tried Aquaphor maybe try that. Also make sure that you are using a baby detergent. I stick to Dreft. Also I was using dryer sheets and those can irritate eczema because the fragrance can irritate the babys skin. So I had I stopped using those on his clothes. I know they have baby dryer sheets, but I don't use anything because I don't know what exactly caused the flare up. My son was only two months old, so he had cradle cap and the eczema really made it bad. So if he has eczema on his head and if it's bothering him, try using Selsun Blue on his head. That may relieve it some. If his skin is so irritated and it breaks put some antibiotic cream on it. I like Bacitracin. It these things all worked for my son. And just to let you know he has had to used the Dove soap permanently. I REALLY hope this helps you. I know how frustrating this can be. Good Luck!!! Please update!

be careful with all these products that claim to be senstitive and for eczema- they can burn and sting and make everything worse!
I have suffered from severe eczema since 1991.
check with dermatologists different paarts of the skin are thicker than others and require stronger med.
I have been given UV ray therapy, aveeno baths and as soon as out of bath crisco applied! Aquaphor works wonders and applying cold compresses can help releave the hot itchy inflamation too. God bless and be patient and understanding, this is not a regular itch! It's to the point of overwhemling!

Have you tried aloe gel? That seemed to help sooth my sons eczema long enough for him to sleep and not itch. For actual treatments we had a steroid cream for flare ups and maintained with elidel inbetween. Elidel was for every day, not just flare ups.

hi L. have u tried oatmeal baths .. i had ecezma for a while and nothing helped and my grandmother put me in bath of aveno oatmeal

HI find out if have any food algeries. Dairy and some foods make worse. also stress. there also a tar that works good. sun helps to dry up not to long in the sun. my grandfather had ecezma. from M.

My son is Sixteen months also with the same problem we have been using Lubiderm lotion for sensitive skin put it on right after the bath don't dry them all the way apply heavily and for the outbreaks we used Betamethasone Dipropionate ointment cleard it all in 2 days. Good luck!

Hi L.

Has your son been tested for allergies???? My son had eczema until we found out he had food allergies and enviromental allergies. Once we got that under control, stopped giving him the foods he was allergic to, we've kept his eczema under control.
Just a thought....


Our son has had really bad eczema since birth. We've seen two different dermatologists. We've really had to try and just make him comfy rather than to totally get rid of it. Here's what we use. Atarax liquid for itching at night (this is a prescription like Zyrtec but makes them a little sleepier so they don't itch as bad), no soap in bath water then triamcinolone ointment (steroid) covered with Cetaphil cream on top. This was our derm's suggestion and it has worked out ok but he still itches a little. The more they scratch, the worse it gets, making it very hard to break the cycle. We have had to go on oral steroids for asthma and we noticed this clears him up but according to the derm, there is a huge rebound effect and the eczema comes back worse although I haven't found that to be the case necessarily. With whatever you decide to do, I've found that everything takes time and its really frustrating because we want them to stop itching RIGHT NOW but none of these things work quickly. You need a good routine for a full two weeks before deciding that it isn't working well. Good Luck!
Oh, I also wanted to mention that you may want to have him allergy tested after the age of two. We were using a lot of Aveeno only to find out that the bath powder packets have wheat in them and our son is allergic to wheat so it was making the eczema worse. Just a thought!

I read your story and I am very sorry for what your child is going through. I have a lotion that I can give you a sample of and I more than certain that it will take your child ecezma. That doctor should have never said to put bleach on your child.....POISON. I would be more than happy to drop you off a sample. My name is Cyndi...I live in Riverview but go to Bradenton everyday. My cell phone number is ###-###-####......wait till you see the results you won't believe it!!!! Please call me I am willing to help.


Running a household of 6...2 boys of my own, one step son, a foster child and one wonderful husband.

Hi, My name is D. and I am with Mia Bella Candles and Body Wash. My friend had the same problem with her daughter and she started using our Bella Bars.

These Bella bars are Fantastic for execma, great for skin conditions. These bars are all my friends use now. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Please go to my website http://www.deannasscentedcandles.com which leads you to my main page, look around and feel free to contact me.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, Have you taken him to an algerist? My daughter has ecezma and it is triggered by milk.. ecezma is also a sign of an algery* In my case Elidel and Clarinex has helped. It took 5 doctors and 1 year to find out that she was algeric to Milk. Good luck!

Well, my son has a mild case of Eczema, and I have been using all Aveeno Products for baby free of perfums, or stuff like that! His clothes I wash it with Purex BAby , the best out there!! and inexpensive!!! Good luck!

Hi, my son had the same thing and it was food allergies and cleaning products, I switched to natrual products (Method Found in Target) and had him tested for food allergies.

L. - your poor baby! And you too! Sounds like you have been trying EVERYTHING! My husband used to work for Novartis and Elidel is a mirecle drug it really helps with a lot of things...but I know a lot of doctors don't like to prescribe it to infants and often steriods work better & faster for flare ups.
I have two friends who swear it was all the chemicals in their house (cleaning products etc) and say that when they switched to all natural products that their kids asthma and ecezma cleared up! They use Renew lotion and all natural products from Melalueca - email me if you want more info...

Elidel has a black- box warning I wouldn't put it anywhere near my child. The only way to get rid of eczema is to find the root of it - usually it's a food allergy.

The best way I have found (and we've been dealing with it for 3 years) is to use Jason's Shea Nut Butter and eliminate the allergens.

If you use a petroleum-based cream it creates a cycle of dependence by thinning the skin, which makes it itch more, and then you need more cream. If you eliminate the cause and use something natural you stand a much better chance. :)

And as for Melaleuca - any company that won't share the ingredients of it's products is bad news IMO. All of their products are not natural so make sure you research it before you use it.

wow, that looks like a lot of medicine for a little one. I shop with a great company that has a lotion that had help a lot of people with eczema, I get some once in a while when I am in the sun too long. I can tell you that it doesn't botter me any more since I use their lotion and I use it on my 5 years old as well. If you want the information send me an email, ____@____.com

My Sister in Law's kids have had tremendous problems with excema ever since they were born. She has tried EVERYTHING and what she has found to work is melaluca oil. There is a company called Melaluca (with a website www.melaluca.com) that sells products with melaluca oil in it. She uses the soaps, lotions, laundry detergent - pretty much she's switched her whole household over to this brand because it has been a life saver. Her daughter, who had it the worst, has not had a break-out since they've switched to these products. Plus they are all environmentally friendly, so it's doubly good! She would suggest trying out the lotion and soap first. If you want more info, just reply privatly and I'll answer any more questions.


my friends daughter had it and she started using a product from Arbonne. I use Arbonnes hormone cream. I am trying to remember exactly what she did to her bath water. I've left her a message and will get back. If you want to look at there products it is www.arbonne.com. If you want to purchase anything my id #10449275. otherwise you could join for $15-20 a year and get your own # etc. however I would not do that till you tried it and see if it worked or not. There products are all natural and gentle.

My nephew used to have really bad ecezma, he had it because he was allergic to milk. Once he was switched to soy based products instead of milk he cleared up. Now he rarely gets it only if he spends alot of time in the heat, and it goes away quickly afterwards. Maybe you should have an alergy test done?

L.- I have NO experience with ecezma, but about 6 months ago I started using soaps and shampoo bars from a company online that makes their own all natural (really-the ingredient list is provided) products. It's called Chagrin Valley, and their web address is http://chagrinvalleysoapandcraft.com/index.html.
I just happened to be looking at the soaps for a new order today and saw at least one that said clients with ecezma had had good results with it. They are closing for vacation for a month in just a few days, so check them out and order soon if you are interested.


Hi L.! I'm a first time mother and I have a nephew that had extremely bad Eczema. My sister and I were introduced to a Wellness Company that sells everything & anything. Everything is natural also. My sister wen't through the samething your going through. Spending so much money on prescription lotions etc. until we discovered a lotion called RENEW that treats psoraisis, eczema, dry skin, etc. It's not sold in stores. This has been the only thing that's worked on him. If you don't mind I would love to send you a bottle so you can try. Take my word, this will work. Don't give up.


Maybe you can determine what food is causing the eczema and eliminate it from his diet. Do you know what he's allergic to? Have you seen an allergist? Once we eliminated the offending foods, my daughters eczema went away.

try lubriderm sensitive skin lotion. my son is 2 and half and ive been dealing with the same problem. flare ups dry skin..the lotion helps..the pediatrician also recommended dove sensitive skin bar to bathe in...it works wonders

I had ecezema when I was younger. The only thing that worked was a nutritional product called Nutritional yeast flakes manufactured by KAL. It does not taste that great but you can mix with milk, jiuce, yogurt, etc. I read a book that said ecezema comes from a deficiency of B complex vitamins and to use the brewers yeast because it is a powdered form of the B's. It takes approximately four months to correct this type of problem. I took 1/2 teaspoon 3X's a day for a week and then built up to 1 teaspoon and kept increasing to 3 tablespoons a day. Since he is a baby, probably three teaspoons would be the right target to build up to.

After I did this for four months, it has NEVER come back. Like you, I tried everything including expensive prescriptions that did not help. This natural product that is water soluable costs 10.00 for a large yellow tin.


My daughter's had eczema since she was an infant. I have gone back and forth with Eledell, Eucerin creme (OTC), and Aveena Hydrocortizone cream as well. There are sites that sell eczema cream on the internet that claim to work for good. I have googled it. I am sure you know not to use scented creams or lotions or soaps/detergents--that can flare it up too.
Hope that helps.

Try to eliminate some of the wheat from the diet. Or pay close attention to foods or items he may be sensitive to like fabric softner certain detergents, and grass. I tried those remedies too on my son, but applying the cortisone cream for 2weeks on and 2weeks off were the only things that helped. Hope this helps.R.

My daughter had severe ezcema from the birth til she was maybe 3yo. It was very hard on her and on us. She never had a good night's sleep because she would wake up itchy. It was so bad we would rub her arms and legs at bedtime so she could go to sleep and because she was so itchy. She took both atarax and zyrtec everyday and a prescribed ointment. NOTHING worked. Finally, a friend told me it could be food allergies. We were always told it was environmental. I took a shot and cut out milk. TREMENDOUS difference. But it was still ongoing so she had a blood test that revealed she was allergic to not only milk, but eggs, fish and peanuts/treenuts. I myself did a food elimination on all these, one at a time, to make sure and it was the dr's recommendation. Those tests could always show a false negative or positive. The best way is to eliminate the food completely for at least 2wks, one at a time, to determine if they are allergic. After elimination, you do a food trial and carefully observe if she reacts. So anyway, i cut all those out, although fish and peanuts were easy since she did not eat those anyway. Then because it was still ongoing, even though it was only a little bit, i cut out corn. I did it because once when she ate popcorn(with no butter), she flared up. And once we cut out corn, her skin was completely ezcema free. For the first time in 3yrs she had baby soft skin and slept through the night. The areas where she had eczema lost its pigmentation but once she wasnt flaring up, it came back within months.

I too suffered from ezcema for 24yrs before figuring out i had food allergies too(milk and cocoa). It's only now that my skin is healing. I didnt want my little girl to go through what i did. It's hard at first cutting out foods like this. It's scary too, but so very much worth it. Seeing my daughter scratch and knowing how uncomfortable she was ALL the time was worth cutting out those foods.

I dont know if your son has food allergies but i can tell you that it is a possibility worth checking out. Maybe you can ask for a blood test and/or skin test to see if he has any food/environmental allergies. Remember that no test is 100% positive though. If not, then you could at least do a food elimination on your own to determine. Those are the most reliable anyway. There are many resources out there to help you on this. I know this is long. Sorry. I hope i've helped you in some way. They say ezcema is a allergic reaction so medication is a treatment but finding out the root of the problem is the best way to treat it.

My experience has been that @ 2M old my son was dx w/eczema. We use Dove softsoap for baths , then Mimyx(Rx)cream for his face only b/c it is very expensive even with the insurance and lots of Eucerin lotion for his body. The main cure though was that finally @ 6m old he was dx with a milk/soy protein intolerance. There is usually an underlying allergy for eczema, you may want to check into this! My little one is 13m now and since the MSPI dx, the eczema has been basically nonexistent!!

i have a 22 month old with eczema as well. for bath time i use aquaphor for babies made by eucerin. i also use cetaphil the cream not the lotion (it's a little thicker) have you considered taken him to an allergist even thought they say at this age its not accurate. have you noticed when he flares up? for mine im linking it to milk...he's been on soy he occassionally gets flares...when he's teething and at different times. most important thing that the allergist told me was keep the skin hydrated at all times if his skin gets dry it makes them itch and that's what makes the rash. "its the itch the rashes"
let me know if that helps

Dear L.~ My daughter is 7 years old. When she was less than one year old, she got a rash. When I took her to the pediatrician, she said she had ring worm. We did not have any animals in the house, so gave her an ointment to put on. It did not get better, it was only on her legs. So I requiered to take her to the a pediatric dermatologist at the Miami Childrens Hospital, where she was diagnosed with atopical dermatitis. She sent her Claritin for 10 days, and other things that I do not remember the names. Years passed and she had on and off spouts of the rash. It got worse when she went to Pre-K and kindergarten...and we continued with Elidel, among other creams. Anyway to make a long story short I even took her to a allergy specialist and they did the test on her back. Nothing showed up. The specialist wanted her to get the test that they pinch her skin with needles, and then I told myself...no way. It was not a life threating situation. So we went on with oatmeal baths, cetaphil soap....and started to watch what she ate every day. We stopped the peanut butter, chocolates....and guess what? SHe is allergic to grass...all the time when she goes out to play, especially in the summer withou shoes and shorts she will get the rash...even on some carpets, or strong detergents. What have save her skin and my sanity is Arbonne Swiss products. I have become a indepedent consultant and all in my household use them, from my daughter, husband and my mother. You can go to my website and check the baby products. Believe me actions speak louder than words...email if you need more input. I have save lots of agony and money finding the source of the problem ant these great products that in the long run are safe. Hope to hear from you! Good luckm C. F

Well ofcourse I'm not a 16 month old but I have lived with eczema for about 10 yrs. I can't use ANYTHING with fragrence, I use fragrence free Lubriderm lotion everyday after I get out of the shower, I don't take hot showers and I apply the lotion without being fully dried off. I also have a cream that works overnight from the doctor (Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream). As for taking pills, it never worked. As soon as I stopped taking them my eczema would come back. Now keep in mind I was about 20 when I first started with this and I had it all over my body. I now mostly just get it on my hands, so when I have a flare up I just put the cream on and within a few hours I have no more itching.
I wish you all the luck!! This is something that as an adult was hard to take. I can't imagine a toddler!
B. B

Wow L., you really have tried everything. Have you thought about getting him tested for allergies? Maybe that's why things really aren't working maybe the ecezma is an allergic reaction to something.

Also, I've never used it -- but I've heard really good things about the Renew lotion from Melaleuca (its an all natural/organic company). You can check it out:

Good luck!

Hi L.,
My name is T. and I'm new here. I read threw most of the responses but didn't see what I use on my daughter. My Olivia is 18 months old and was diagnosed w/ eczema around 3 months. He (her pedatrician) gave me a script for DERMA-SMOOTHE/FS, it's a topical oil, smells kinda flowery and it wasn't very expensive. You spray/mist the area with plain water then rub on a thin layer of this stuff. It stops the itching almost right away, but if you don't use it twice a day, everyday, they can have flare-ups. I don't always remember to put this on, but she's getting pretty good at letting me know...lol I don't know if you're still looking for anything, just wanted to help.

My daughter has had eczema really bad since 3 months of age. I have tried everything, from prescriptions expensive lotions, socks on her hands to stop her from digging until she got old enough to take them off herself.I have tried Elidel but that did not work. My daughter would scratch so bad she would dig thru her skin and getting all bloody and bruise herself. The pediatrician had a great idea it was to put Eucerin cream on her legs at night and wrap it with saran wrap to let the moisture soak in. That gets her legs nice and moisturized, and he gave me the Rx Zyrtec as well. I cut her nails as low as they can go. Hydrocortisone helps alot with the itching. You can buy that over the counter but it would be a low dosage, or your pediatrician can write you out a Rx for a stronger dosage.

Also, I had this exact same question submitted in Mamasource and got MANY MANY MANY great suggestions. I submitted the question on 8/14 check it out.

Good Luck.

hi L. there is a company by the name of young living they sell are natural oils and a drink by the name of Ningxiared.i believed the lavender oil is for the Ecezma.go to young living.com If you want to know more let me know and i will forward you more info.
my e-mail is ____@____.com

No one can say you're not trying! However, sometimes using so many remedies can make matters worse and cause what's called "over-treatment dermatitis". Some ingredients like perfuming agents in over-the-counter lotions and creams can actually be allergens. I'm a pharmacist and have seen skin rashes start when a Mom changed laundry detergents.

My husband sells ultra-violet phototherapy equipment for the treatment of skin problems like psoriasis and vitiligo, and light therapy can also be used for eczema. "Light treatment (phototherapy) is another option for unresponsive and severe eczema. People with eczema often comment that sunshine improves their skin, and light treatment is sometimes offered in hospital dermatological centres. UVB light therapy can be extremely beneficial"

Your little boy is too young to stand in a light box, but good ol' Florida sun may be just about as good. Let him go "au naturale" (no creams, lotions, sunscreens OR CLOTHES!)for a few minutes every other day or so. But watch the time to avoid a sunburn.

You've probably researched the web, but if not, there's lots of good info there.
Go to http://nationaleczema.org/home.html
There's a 10-pg informational brochure that starts here. http://www.nationaleczema.org/lwe/poe1.html

This has to be very frustrating and stressful for you and your baby. You might take some extra Stress Formula vitamins (B-Complex with C) along with a multi-vitamin daily. I take these myself and know that helps relieve stress.
Good luck!

If you haven't already, have your ped refer you to a ped allergist. Food allergies are a common cause of eczema. Dairy, soy and wheat the most common. Good luck to you both!


my doctor told me to use lotions and soaps w/mineral oil. baby oil is just that! good luck...

hi there. feel his pain. i have it too
i have tried almost every cream out there.
i am very sensitive to detergents. do you use the ones with out scents / allergy free
eucerin, vaseline, lubiderm, is what i use. it is very itchy. i cant wash my hands much
i know aveno is good too
good luck

Please don't think I'm crazy, but after using every type of medication known to man, someone told me to visit a chiropractor. Believe it or not the source of exzema is internally related to the nerve endings in your body. Who would have thought such? If all else fells, make and appt and discuss this issue with a chiroprator. Best of luck

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