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Ecezma Sixteen Month Old

ANYONE out there know of a good remedy or (management regime for ecezma). So far , this is the list of what I've done and am doing. Nothing has helped him really.
1. Elidel rx cream 2. Steriods liquid and cream for a flare up last April - this helped to clear him and then it started back. 3. oatmeal baths. Cephaticill cream. Euercin cream. vaseoline. internet purchase of a natural cream. dermae e company all natural creams. Been to pediatric doctor and his recommendation for a pediatric dermatologist. She recommended a capful of bleach--- so drying to the skin but kills bateria. Her prescription was Desonide lotion 5 % - cephtachil cream from walgreens after the bath. Mustela from bath and body works for baby ecezma - tried cleanser and moisture cream. tried mint leaves, tried apple cider (in bath water) - you name it Ihave tried it- He seems hopeless. Oh and Ped derm. gave him Claritin he had been on Zrytec- Claritin did nothing for him - I have put him back on Zyrtec- it is a sedative - it helps him sleep though he still wakes up once through the night. Oh yeah - I have tried corn starch too--- ANyone with a new idea? L.

What can I do next?

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My son has always had mild ecezema and I used all of the topical treatments too. About six months ago, we were at the doctor for something else and he noticed it and said that it was probaly a food allergy. We did the allergy test found the problem and changed his diet, now it is gone. It's worth a try. I hope that helps.

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Hi L.,
My name is T. and I'm new here. I read threw most of the responses but didn't see what I use on my daughter. My Olivia is 18 months old and was diagnosed w/ eczema around 3 months. He (her pedatrician) gave me a script for DERMA-SMOOTHE/FS, it's a topical oil, smells kinda flowery and it wasn't very expensive. You spray/mist the area with plain water then rub on a thin layer of this stuff. It stops the itching almost right away, but if you don't use it twice a day, everyday, they can have flare-ups. I don't always remember to put this on, but she's getting pretty good at letting me know...lol I don't know if you're still looking for anything, just wanted to help.

Hi, Have you taken him to an algerist? My daughter has ecezma and it is triggered by milk.. ecezma is also a sign of an algery* In my case Elidel and Clarinex has helped. It took 5 doctors and 1 year to find out that she was algeric to Milk. Good luck!

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I have heard that Selsun Blue the dandruff shampoo is excellent for ecezma. Rub it on the skin in the bath to treat eruptions.

Most important thing is to find the root cause as it has been mentioned. Cows milk is the #1 suspect, try switching to a fortified soy milk for a while to test it out, if not test out other foods one by one. Major allergens, besides cow milk are wheat, peanuts, and corn.

You can try natural health stores for books on the subject too.


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My son has always had mild ecezema and I used all of the topical treatments too. About six months ago, we were at the doctor for something else and he noticed it and said that it was probaly a food allergy. We did the allergy test found the problem and changed his diet, now it is gone. It's worth a try. I hope that helps.

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Hey there! I have a 13 month old and we have been through the same thing....It was not until we found out that she had certain food allergies and everything healed it self. It is only when she has something with a little to much of what she is allergic to that she breaks out with little patches.....nothing like before. We found that she is allergic to Wheat, Soy, Dairy,Eggs, and Dogs.....Basically Everything!!
We just found out by process of elimination. We took everthing out of her diet and slowly added the things we thought were triggering her hives and break outs. We kept a log for about 3-4 weeks. I know this is not a cure for the current break out, but just wanted to suggest the idea of a food allergy if it has not already been explored. If he is having something and it is eliminated it may cure itself. My friends child who is two was the same way...His legs and arms were cracked and bleeding....He was allergic to Peanuts
We also use Cetaphil cleansing cream for baths and Aveeno fragrance free baby lotion


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Hey L., I feel your pain.. somewhat. well when my son was 2 months old, he had a severe case of eczema. It completely covered his body. So I took him to the emergency room because it completely came out over night. So they told me to use Dove bar soap because it doesn't have any fragrance. I used White-Blanc. Also they told me to use a heavy cream. Well I used Eucerine, but i see it didn't work for you. But if you haven't tried Aquaphor maybe try that. Also make sure that you are using a baby detergent. I stick to Dreft. Also I was using dryer sheets and those can irritate eczema because the fragrance can irritate the babys skin. So I had I stopped using those on his clothes. I know they have baby dryer sheets, but I don't use anything because I don't know what exactly caused the flare up. My son was only two months old, so he had cradle cap and the eczema really made it bad. So if he has eczema on his head and if it's bothering him, try using Selsun Blue on his head. That may relieve it some. If his skin is so irritated and it breaks put some antibiotic cream on it. I like Bacitracin. It these things all worked for my son. And just to let you know he has had to used the Dove soap permanently. I REALLY hope this helps you. I know how frustrating this can be. Good Luck!!! Please update!

be careful with all these products that claim to be senstitive and for eczema- they can burn and sting and make everything worse!
I have suffered from severe eczema since 1991.
check with dermatologists different paarts of the skin are thicker than others and require stronger med.
I have been given UV ray therapy, aveeno baths and as soon as out of bath crisco applied! Aquaphor works wonders and applying cold compresses can help releave the hot itchy inflamation too. God bless and be patient and understanding, this is not a regular itch! It's to the point of overwhemling!

Have you tried aloe gel? That seemed to help sooth my sons eczema long enough for him to sleep and not itch. For actual treatments we had a steroid cream for flare ups and maintained with elidel inbetween. Elidel was for every day, not just flare ups.

hi L. have u tried oatmeal baths .. i had ecezma for a while and nothing helped and my grandmother put me in bath of aveno oatmeal

HI find out if have any food algeries. Dairy and some foods make worse. also stress. there also a tar that works good. sun helps to dry up not to long in the sun. my grandfather had ecezma. from M.

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