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Eating a Warm Meal While Traveling and Not Take Out

Hi everyone,
We decided that we are going to take a few short trips this summer. My spouse doen't like to eat sandwiches and likes to eat hot foods but has decided that eating out will not be an option (gas is eating way at the budget). What would you suggest that would be easy to make while traveling?

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Thank you for the suggestions. We took a portable stove with us and heated up left overs and had a mini picnic at a few rest areas with the hot food and my family was very happy. We also invested in a few bags to keep food warm and it helped. We ate lunch and dinner this way traveling and saved some money in the process. Thank you again!!!

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Hmmmm, that is tricky! I was thinking maybe taking a pasta salad with meat and cheese in it in a cooler. If you are taking a microwave you could make and take burritos (breakfast or any kind) or canned soup (or homemade). Frozen dinners would work too. They would help keep eachother frozen in the cooler then just cook them in the microwave. Maybe you could find some on sale (or at like Costco). BBQ beef or pork on a bun(if that's not to sandwichy). Hope this helps, it's all I'm coming up with right now.

Hi Melissa,

You want to be careful about eating foods that are not completly heated through, (especially left overs.) For our day trip, I packed cantalope (cubed in zip lock,) fresh fruits (nectarines, and frozen grapes are a good choice.) Also, Beef Jerky, and perhaps Bologna sandwiches. Not a whole lot of options for warm meals I guess.

Have fun.

Cold fried chicken or pizza are good - you can make oven fried chicken or pizza with lots of veggies to make them healthier. Just keep them in a cooler. Would your hubby eat tuna salad in a wrap (just a little different from lunchmeat sandwiches). There are millions of salads that are good too - add turkey or boiled eggs for protein, and don't add dressing until just before eating. Just make sure the containers your food is in don't get cooler water in them.
Have fun!

You could make some burritos and freeze them,maybe a chicken dinner or spaghetti for the first day your on the road. When you stop at some of the gas stations (mainly ones that aren't combined with a fast foods joint) they should have microwaves.If you plan to have a kitchen area or a place to cook if your camping then you can take marinated food and cook there. Not quite sure on the circumstances your planning.

Again, if you have access to a microwave, you have more choices for a hot meal. You can look in the pasta aisle at your local grocery store for meals on the go type of choices. We like the Chef Boyardee line - they have spaghetti, ravioli, etc. There are a few different brands in that area you can choose from. You can also make Easy Mac (mac and cheese), or other choices along that line. There are some great soups (Chunky brand has many to choose from and they tend to have some that are thicker than most soups - beef stew for example), but they have an easy open can (no can opener needed) that you can take along with a bowl to microwave as well. Good if you're camping too!

It's tough to have hot meals without hitting a restaurant, but hopefully this gives you a few more choices. You have gotten great ideas from other posts.

We have a little plug in cooler that heats or cools. We often use that for meals to stay hot on the first day. After that, we pretty much do sandwiches. The idea of using the microwaves is good, although most places want you to buy something for using their stuff. We usually buy drinks. It's expensive, but cheaper than meals.

It kinda depends on what sort of amenities you'll have. Will you have access to a kitchen? Microwave? Do you need to come up with hot meals everyday, 3 times a day? Or just one meal to take on the road while driving to your destination? Does your car have an outlet so you can plug in an appliance while you're driving? Or do you have to make your food at your home and try to figure out a way to keep it warm while traveling? I guess I would bring a small microwave and pack a cooler with meals you've already prepared ahead of time, then just heat up the food in the microwave as needed and eat. I'm curious to see what other suggestions you get!

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