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Ear Infection...No Antibiotics

Hello Moms - My 9 month old daughter has an ear infection and we have decided to fight it without antibiotics. Has anyone had a positive or negative experience doing this?

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Wow, I really appreciate most of the feedback that I received from you wise moms. We just got back from the Dr. this morning for a final check-up and the ear infection did in fact clear up on it's own. The pediatrician reminded me that 80% of ear infections will clear up without antibiotics, and that if you see positive results in the first 24-48 hours then that is a good sign the bodies immune system is fighting it off. If we didn't see progress, we would have resulted to the antibiotics. Just so you worried mommies know, my daughter wasn't in any pain. She was on Tylenol and had medicated ear drops to relieve the pain. Antibiotics do not relieve pain, they heal bacterial infections. And as a side note, not all ear infections are bacterial and your pediatrician won't know which one it is from just looking in the ear. Thank you for sharing your stories and further educating me.

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Cod liver oil orally works wonders. My daughter when she was that age like the orange imulsified kind. They had talked about putting tubes in her ears. When in 2 weeks of being on Cod live oil her infection was gone and she has not had one since. She is now 13 years old. When ever she starts getting sick I put her on it for a few days. It helps bust her immune system.

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They don't need antibiotics. I stopped giving my son antibiotics since he had a bad reaction and had hives all over his body. I used hydrogen peroxide in the ear and give him homeopathic medicine. It works every time and it's not as harmful.

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My first daughter had an ear infection every month or two. The kind that is agony and keeps them up crying all night. We tried antibiotics every time until I noticed that she didn't really get any relief of pain until the antibiotics were almost gone. That's when we opted to not treat with antibiotics. It took the same amount of time to heal with or without. What I found that helped for the really painful nights was alternating with tylenol and ibuprofen. Good luck!

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Hi R.,

I have used eardrops that I buy from Henry's. It is in a small, brown, glass bottle and it is a garlic/olive oil blend. I don't recall the name of it right now, but if you go into the vitamin area, there should be an area where you can ask for help in finding it. It feels a bit wierd going in, but it works so well. The olive oil helps soothe and the garlic is a natural germ fighter. I also use Vicks on the chest to help decongest and a humidifier so the congestion will work it's way out.

Good luck!

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Please think of the pain your daughter will be in! I try to keep it all natural, organic and holistic with my son as well. However, ear infections must be taken seriously. He had one that went untreated (b/c we didn't know he had it) and his ear drum ruptured from the pressure. I can't tell you how much pain he was in, I cried to see him hurting so much. As I said, I prefer holistic treatments when feasible but am grateful to live in a time and place where antibiotics are available.

Another note: I know moms have given their children Hyland's earache tablets for ear infections, but the literature that comes with the tablets makes it clear that they're only intended to be used right before or in addition to antibiotics. So please don't consider them a substitute!



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No, no, no! The ear is very close to the brain. NEVER take a chance with an ear infection. Take your child to a doctor and follow his/her advise.

You risk your child's lost of hearing AND DEATH.

I am a mother of 3, one an M.D. and a grandmother of 3. I've also been married close to 40 years, been there and done that.

PLEASE do not risk your child's health.

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Ear infections can be incredibly painful! If you see your daughter rolling around her crib and not sleeping well, its because she's in pain. Please get her the antibiotics so that she won't suffer. Ear infections at this age can also slow down speech development.

Our son had chronic ear infections and we ended up getting tubes for him; he's had 2 ear infections since the tubes, but with the antibiotic ear drops (you won't be able to use those for your daughter) they clear up quickly. I had an ear infection just before our recent vacation that included a plane flight; I'm grateful it was me and not him because it was horribly painful!

If the ear infection goes longer than 3-4 days, please see your ped. and get your daughter medicine so she can get better.

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I don't want to alarm you because it's true that most ear infections go away on their own, but I just wanted to share my story so you can be aware & so it doesn't happen to you, too.

When my daughter was 15 months old, she had an extended ear infection. We didn't know she had it because she never complained of any pain. We found out when all of the sudden there was a huge purple lump behind her ear. I took her to the pediatrician who sent me directly to a pediatric ENT who sent me directly to the hospital. The mastoid bone behind her ear had become infected, the area around it filled with pus and she needed immediate surgery to remove the infected bone and drain the pus before it pushed into her brain cavity and caused brain damage.

I'm happy to report that my daughter is a healthy 4 year old now, but she will always have a hollow behind her ear where the bone was removed.

The chances of this happening to your daughter are slim, but I wanted you to be on the lookout just in case the ear infection turns into something more serious.

Best of luck to you and your precious girl!!

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Dear R.:

I am sorry to hear that your baby is sick. My children got very few ear infections (my daughter only had one and my son only had two or three) so I don't have TONS of experience with these.

I must say that if you're committed to combating this infection naturally, the first line of defense is breastfeeding and breastfeeding a LOT. Your milk is the best tool for your child's body to build up immunity. To restrict dairy now (your child's ONLY food!) would not make much sense to me. I think that extended nursing on demand is what kept my children so healthy.

I also agree with many of the posters, in particular: Letizia H, Heather and Megan B. I've always been a big believer in allowing fevers to do their work and I love colloidal silver. You must make the determination when the child needs the last resort of antibiotics.

Once that moment comes, (and in my kids, it only happened once) you must use antibiotics according to prescription. I DO have a niece who's deaf in one ear because of an ear infection that went too far (but she was not breastfed at all). I will pray for your child's quick recovery!

Best wishes,


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My son had several ear infections from the time he was around 9 months old until just recently. Our Pedi is not a fan of prescribing antibiotics for every infection, but he did recommend the 3-day rule for everything. If they brunt of the symptoms last past 3 days then, it's best to get something. A fever and chronic symptoms, like runny nose or congestion can be signs of a serious infection. Also, not treating an ear infection can lead to serious damage to a child's hearing.

I've always used Hyland's Ear Drops, per my son's Pedi's okaky and this helps ease the pain. You can also rotate Tylenol and Motrin. Every six hours give Motrin, and then, every four hours the Tylenol. Ear infections can be extremely painful.

Julia's advice about the propping up your baby was right on the money, this will help keep the passages that are not draining clear of fluids and ease pain.

Make sure you little one stays hydrated and BF on demand...this is crucial to healing!!

Good Luck.

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Hi R.:
Sorry to hear your daughter is hurting. Ear infections can be quite painful,so be prepared for a lot of tears,and restless nights.She may appear to feel better during the day,but this is mostly due to her being more preoccupied during that time.Lifestyle habits can make a big difference in recurrent ear infections. A child should not lie down on his or her back to drink a bottle or feed. This is more likely to push fluids into the Eustachian tube and cause ear problems.For comfort, you could raise her mattress up at the head a little. To help her with the pain,Wall greens has something called (Similasan) They are Homeopathic ear drops with no known side effects,and no drug interactions.They will help ease her pain. These drops work well on children and adults.If she continues to have a fever after 3 days I'd have her checked anyway.Let Dr know how you feel about the over use of antibiotics and he can possibly prescribe some stronger drops for her. I hope your darlin daughter is feeling better soon.J. M

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