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Dry Persistant Cough

Hello mommies,

My 17 month old has had this dry annoying sounding cough for the last 2 weeks. Everytime I have called her pediatrician I have been told the same thing: she's too young for anything other than Children's Tylenol or Children's Benedryl. I alternate between Tylenol during the day and Benedryl at nighttime. I also keep a humidifier running in her room as well, but nothing is curing this cough. I feel terrible and am getting frusterated, not with the cough, but the fact that nothing can be done to rid of it sooner. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to her gagging.

Are there any suggestions that you can give me? Other than the cough, my daughter is acting "normal" and happy and full of energy as always.

What can I do next?

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If it is just a cough ... meaning you have gotten a second opinion from another doctor and you have taken her in ... advil or motrin works better to take the swelling down in her lungs and works better than Tylenol. But I would take her in because it could be more than just a couch.

Does the cough last all day? I would definitely have her looked at by another doctor... Try steam showers (close the door to the bathroom while shower/bath is running), it is like a neubulizer (just with saline) treatment. It might help. I have had similar issues with my sons over the years with bouts of croup and mild asthma and in lieu of medicine this helped. Good luck.

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I went through this with my son when he was younger. Every cold he would get, the tail end, he would have this dry constant, constant cough..... I can remember calling the DR saying he was coughing every 3 seconds........ I get colds the same way!! The obvious things help, like humidifier and stuff like that. She is too young for stronger medicines, there is a good 12hr cough suppresant out there, but she is too young.

I highly reccommend you call your DR back, insist she be seen again and something be done for her. If it is this bad you post a question to us, then you need to call the DR. If he doesnt help, just go to the ER and they will do a nubulizer treatment right there........ We once had to do that.

Best of Luck ..... And Please, Please post and update on what you did and how she is doing....

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Sounds like either bronchitis or asthma; my daughter was fine, other than the cough - happy, energetic: the usual. Her dry cough started around allergy season and at first, I wasn't concerned. What concerned me was when the cough didn't go away after allergy season was over. She had a touch of a wheeze when she breathed. I kept on the doctors and nurses until they tried a breathing treatment on her. Once she had the breathing treatment, her breathing improved. Granted, the albuterol caused her to be a bit more active, but she was finally getting the air her little body needed to function normal. Whatever is going on with your daughter cannot be treated until you know what it is.
So Jen, my advice to you is to keep on the pediatrician's office as it sounds to me like either bronchitis or asthma.

Humidifier for the dryness; a teaspoon of honey to coat the throat; and vicks (on the chest or in the humidifier or buy the vicks plug-ins or put it on the soles of the feet & cover with socks). These have worked for me and for my kids.

For yourself or older kids, I've also used a heated magic bag at my neck to keep my neck warm and it seems to stop the cough reflex, but I wouldn't recommed it for your baby as she's too young.

Try a humidifier. Sounds like she's drying out, and this time of year it's so much worse with the dryer air and heat going on everywhere. Make sure she's getting enough water to drink too! Vicks makes a humidifier that you can also put a menthol solution in the help as well.

have you introduced any new foods/drinks within these past few weeks? could it be a food allergy?

My daughter was 2 years old with a dry persistant cough that only happened at night when she was sleeping. She would gag and even sometime vomit. No meds helped her. The doctor finally sent her to an ears, nose, throat specialist and she had to have her tonsils out. They were to large for her and when she layed down they would drop and cause her to cough, choke and gag. Ever since her tonsils were removed - never happened again. Check to see if her tonsil look big, you can tell by looking yourself.

If it is just a cough ... meaning you have gotten a second opinion from another doctor and you have taken her in ... advil or motrin works better to take the swelling down in her lungs and works better than Tylenol. But I would take her in because it could be more than just a couch.

This is going to sound crazy, but get some Vick's rub and put a thick layer of it on her feet at night, then cover with socks. My husband had heard or read this somewhere and we tried with my 2.5 yr old son when nothing else worked, and it was amazing!!! It really works. I also put a little on his chest too. Another thing that helps and can be given anytime, unlike medicine where you have to wait 4-6 hours, is honey. Just give her a little bit on a spoon and it coats the throat. When my son had his cold, we gave him cough medicine at night, even though we weren't supposed to, but he couldn't sleep at all, so neither could we, it was awful... I'll tell you, the honey and Vick's worked much better than the cough med, which didn't do much at all. Good luck!!

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