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Any Solutions for Coughing at Night?!?!?!

My daughter has been coughing at night the last few nights. I am guessing it is allergy related because she is fine during the day but at night, she has a very persistent cough. She is taking Claritin during the day and I gave her some Delsym last night but nothing seems to work. Any advise for this TIRED mom is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!! I have tried the vicks on the feet the last two nights, she has a humidifier and I had her head propped up. I tried Benadryl (per the nurse's recomendation) last night which didn't work. I have another call into the nurse today and from the recommedations, I think I will ask about Singular or Zrytec. I don't think it is asthma because it seems very related to the change of weather.

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I have a 4 yr old boy who is like that too. He has seasonal allegeries so he coughs a lot due to weather changes. So I am suggesting what i do for him. humidifer and rub vicks on chest and back and on the bottom of feet it helps out a lot for him.

If its allergies, local honey works. Someone told me about it and two days later my nose quit running. It worked on my parents as well. Also, a friend is finally sleeping through the night that hadn't been before.
The honey has to be local! A teaspoon in morning and night.

Put Vicks Vapor rub on her feet before she goes to bed and get her to sleep with socks on. That should do the trick!

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Hello K.,

a couple of things to try. if your daughter has asthma, increase her magnesium intake --helps with lung inflamation--
now for the cough

4 drops peppermint oil
2 drops rosemary oil
2 drops basil oil

put that on a tissue or paper towel and put it in her room.
this worked when cough medicine w/ codeine didn't work.
Good luck!

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My daughter does the same thing. Our pediatrician put her on arbuterol (sp?) breathing treatments and they work wonders! She doesn't have asthma per se but this really helps her sleep at night when she starts having one of her allergy related coughing fits. I tried everything else and this works for us. Take care.

It might be a little late, but I just took my son to the dr. yesterday on this same issue. She said it was all allergy related. He was coughing so much at night and mornings that he would gag. She said his lungs are clear though. She ended up giving me Singular, claritin, and nasalnex nose spray. My oldest son has the same problem. but no coughing. Anyway, just to let you know, the dr. said that when the coughing is related to allergies, the cough syrup that we are giving him, isn't helping at all. it really just knocks them out so they can get some sleep. She also said that the cool mist humidifier works better for the allergy sufferers.
Anyway, good luck with your little one....mine is four too!!

Hi K.
I have 3 kids. My first two are on Advair. They both went through the same thing. Especially during the winter months! Allergies is what the doctor said.They would cough until the threw up it was bad!!
I finally went to my family doctor on it and she recommended Advair twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed for two weeks. After the two weeks only as needed. Believe me it has worked wonders. My son outgrew it already but as soon as I hear my daughter start wheezing I get her back on the treatment. Every situation is different but it's worth looking into!

Hello. You may think about changing your laundery soap to a natural non-scented variety. I'd be happy to talk to you about it. Just send me a message on mama source and I'll get more info to you.
Good Luck!

humidifier helps sometimes. turn off the fan if she has one, or make sure it isn't blowing directly on her. You can also try elevating the head of her bed slightly.

Asthma can be irritated by allergies (I only have attacks in the winter and fall- and more at night than other times).

When the weather gets cooler my son has the same issue. We put vicks on his feet with footed pjs and instead of milk before bed, which seems to intensify the cough, we give him warm diluted apple juice with a teaspoon of honey. It has been a life saver. best of luck.

Get some of those vicks vapors that plug into the wall. That will help a lot during the evening, and also prop her pillow's up, I know if she's use to sleeping flat it won't be as comfortable but it'll help with the drainage, and may help her sleep better.

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