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I am looking for a good double stroller to fit my two year old and one month old. I have been looking at the Contours Options Tandem by Kolcraft, Graco DuoGlider, and a sit and stand with the extra seat. The Countours and DuoGlider get very good reviews from parents at Babies-R-Us. I just can't deceide which one to purchase. What are your thoughts?

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Thank you all for your responses. There were so many factors that I hadn't thought about, which changed my inital choice. I really liked the Phil and Ted, but it was just not economical for my family. We decided to go with the Baby Trend Sit and Stand LX. Thanks again!

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I have a 22-month-old and a 7-month old. I have a DuoGlider, which I really like using for babies their age. I looked into a sit and stand but my elder child did not meet the minimum suggested weight to use it when we needed to buy the stroller 7 months ago.

L. E

Combi side by side. I like side by side better because my kids love sitting together and I don't need to rotate them (they would both love to sit in the front.). I got the delux version because it has snack trays. Get it online -- it is a lot cheaper than going to, say, the Right Start.

Hi Sara-
I also have two children and have tried every double stroller under the sun, including the DualGlider and Sit and Stand. Both of which, are very bulky and hard to maneuver especially at the mall. The best double stroller I found was the Phil & Teds in-line strollers with the doubles kit. They are pricy but worth the money because they are light, easy to steer, and fold up small enough to fit in the trunk of smaller car. The detachable doubles kit also gives the option of a single or double stroller every time you use it. I have had my stroller for a little over a year and I still love it. It has grown with us from holding a toddler and a car seat to two toddlers now.

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The DuoGlider has worked well for my family. When I was looking, it was one of the easiest to fold and push, but I didn't check out the real expensive brands. Good luck!

Hey S.!
I just had to make a similar choice not too long ago! My daughter is 26 months and my son is 5 months. I did not get a sit and stand because what I began to notice is that my daughter became slightly jealous about me pushing the baby around while she walked. She went from a proud walker to a limp noodle. Also, I wanted a double stroller because my daughter will still sometimes fall asleep in it. So my choice was between the Graco and the Contours. Both will work but I chose the Contours and I am so happy that I did! Let me just say up front that I LOVE the colors and the look of it. However, beyond that, here are some other things that I LOVE about it:
*It looked easier to use with a car seat that was not made by the same company and, as it turns out, it works beautifully with my chicco car seat
*It steers easily (you can even use one hand in a pinch)
*I am always using the cup holders
*The extra large compartment beneath is wonderful (I used to hang my large diaper bag over the handles of other strollers because when the stroller was set up, I couldn't squeeze the bag out of such a tiny opening...the Options has plenty of space!)
*It has toddler hand-holds on either side that my daughter likes and have been very useful on several occasions
*It folds and opens easily
*The seats are qutie comfortable and my 5 month old does great in them too. As a bonus, I placed him in a seat, put it on full recline and hung a toy from the lap bar and it was almost like a mini crib!
*The seats can face many different ways! This is great for life in general. It provides "options". My daughter sits up front, facing front, and she loves it. I thought that it was just farmiliar, like the way she would sit in her old stroller, but another mom mentioned to me that it might also help her cope with the second child...she doesn't have to look at him if she doesn't want to:) The other mom has a side-by-side and just recently, her daughter started hitting her baby. She was a little jealous and having a difficult time adjusting to sharing. The other mom liked the idea of seats that could face away from eachother because she could isolate the kids if they were fighting or have them facing one another to engage eachother. Yeah, look what we have to look forward to!

I have read some negative reviews about the Contours. I would like to respond to some of them:
*Some people think that it is too heavy. I would say that it is no heavier than other comprable strollers and it is certainly less weight than carrying around two babies :).
*Some people have said that it does not fold up as compactly as promised. This is true if you leave the seats on. I always take the seats off to put the stroller in the car. It takes a few more minutes but it is worth it! I would rather spend a few minutes by my car putting things together and have a smoother time out and about than saving 2 minutes but having a less helpful stroller.
*Some people have said that it is just too big. Of course it is big! You are carrying two children in it! Anything that accomidates two is going to be large. But, even so, the Contours does as well as any stroller in tight spaces...maybe even better.
So, there you have it. To me, the Contours, hands down. But, it really depends on what you need it for and how you roll. This is the only stroller that I use. Parks, malls, wherever. So, please forgive the long response but I firmly believe that the right stroller will change your life. The Contours totally changed mine. It dialed my stress level right down and I enjoy being out so much more. Good luck with your choice and enjoy your babies! Congrats on your new addition!

Hi S.,

I am in your same boat. I have a 26 mo old and 2 month old. I was given a graco duoglider stroller as a gift before my son was born and it is not that easy to maneuver. Because it is longer than a single stroller it is hard to steer and I am constantly bumping into things. Going down an aisle is really difficult and getting through doorways (especially at the mall is a nightmare). Instead I am thinking about buying the tandem stroller since my daughter really likes to walk now but still can't walk long distances. The tandem stroller is about the same size as a single stroller but has the feature to carry a bigger kid as well.

Hi S.,

I bought the sitnstandLX a year or so ago, and will tell you that it gets the job done, but if you are looking for ease of steering with good handling along curbs and slopes, don't buy that one.We don't have a lot of sidewalks where I live, but even driveway lips are a struggle with both kids in the stroller>>>>Hope this helps narrow it down.....

so much advice already, but I had 3 kids in 2 1/2 years, and have personally purchased 6 strollers (they are all in my garage if your interested...)The combi is nice, but its not easy to steer when there is more weight in it. The wheels are pretty small. Its like pushing an umbrella stroller. The graco duo glider is great for snapping in a carseat and plopping another child in as well. It holds and older child and carseat really well, fairly easy to push (I say fairly, because its the easiert of the "cheaper" strollers.) I have the Jeep twin umbrella and I wouldn't give it away...worst investment ever. Hard to push, doesn't fit thru door ways etc. I had the Peg prego one, but took it back within a month. I just really didn't like it, same kind of feel as the combi. I really like the Valco Trailmode runabout. Pricy for sure about $650 with out the carseat attachment, but totally worth it in the long run. Its so easy to push, and folds up nice too. Plus it fits it the back of my sequoia (which doesn't seems like it would be hard, but I have had troubles with some before) plus it has an option for a 3rd seat (where the Phil and Teds doesn't) just In case you have another child...I know we didn't plan them close either! I would check it out forsure. I would make the big investment now, and save your money in the long run with not having to purchase other strollers! You can check the Valco out on www.valcobaby.com.

Hi Sara-
I also have two children and have tried every double stroller under the sun, including the DualGlider and Sit and Stand. Both of which, are very bulky and hard to maneuver especially at the mall. The best double stroller I found was the Phil & Teds in-line strollers with the doubles kit. They are pricy but worth the money because they are light, easy to steer, and fold up small enough to fit in the trunk of smaller car. The detachable doubles kit also gives the option of a single or double stroller every time you use it. I have had my stroller for a little over a year and I still love it. It has grown with us from holding a toddler and a car seat to two toddlers now.

My kids are 20 months apart, my first double stroller was the duo-glider, and I found it really hard to steer with my older child in the front. Same thing now with the sit and stand since my second child is now 2. If there is any signigicant weight in the front it's very hard to steer. Also, once the kids are older and out of the infant carrier, the one in the back always ended up kicking the one in front. I finally ended up with the combi side by side, and it works great. Steers really well, fair amount of storage underneath, good canopy cover. And somehow, the don't bother each other side by side! It is a little wide for doorways, sometimes is difficult there, but I use it mostly for outdoor activities. Good luck!

i would recommend going to a store that has a large selection and try them all. bring your kids and your largest diaper bag and see if everything fits. try opening and closing them all. will they fit in your vehicle? i have a graco duoglider that i love for travel...the carseat clicks in easily and it has a HUGE basket underneath for storage. but it's also very heavy and cumbersome...not so great for running errands. i have a side-by-side jogging stroller that is really light and maneuverable, but you can't attach a carseart and it's too wide to push around most stores. the sit and stand may be your best bet for everyday use but you really need to test them all before you know for sure.
congrats on the new baby!

I don't know anything about the Contours, but the DuoGlider is a number one seller from both babies R Us, and craigslist. I have the single one and loved it so much that I bought the exact same one in a double after I had my second child. I have the blackwell pattern that is also a huge hit at Babies R Us, and unfortunately have grown out if it as well, so it is up for sale if you are interested. I can sell it to you for $75, and although I am sure you already have a carseat, I do have the matching one as well.

Let me know if you are interested. It is a great deal than from Babies R US, and it is still in great condition.


Hi! When we were expecting our fourth child, we got the Joovy "sit and stand". The baby is now 8 months and our next youngest is 3 years old. We love the stroller! It was a little tight for the 3 year old to sit when the baby was in the infant seat but it worked. Now that the baby is out of the infant seat, it is the perfect stroller. And I don't think it's too expensive...maybe $150. If you get it, a must have it the little pouch that fits over the bar you push from...for keys, wallet, water bottle. Good luck!

I own the Graco douglider(Quatro)I absolutly love it. It folds up compact it pushes around through the malls and isle ways wondrfully. The only difference between that and a single stroller is it's longer. The way the handle is shaper it makes it easy for turning. everyone has a snack spot and drink spot I have to regret with my purchase. My freind has the sit and stand with the seat option she bought at onestepahead.com she likes hers as well, but I also don't wish I would have bought that one. The Graco has more storage on the bottom and more leg room for the person in the back. And the back seat is higher so the back person can see better. For me the graco is a perfect fit. The front seat reclines futher and there's still room. The back seat reclines all the way. My oldest prefers to either walk or in the back seat. My youngest loves being up front and has no problem falling asleep in the partly reclined position. go to the store put your two in it and wheel it around. I love it. Make sure to get the quatro. It's the one with the funcky handles and folds up smaller than the others.
good Luck
T. H

Hello S.
I have two twins and the only stroller that every worked properly and with stood the test of time was the duo glider by graco. It is sturdy, durable and it washes easily. It is very safe as well. It won't tip over even when the kids tried to stand in it. It is the best.
Good luck.
L. S.


BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

**It is standard double stroller size - fits thru doorways - INCREDIBLY easy to fold up - COMPLETELY sturdy and durable - and the shock absorbency is AMAZING!! YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH A BOB!!!!!!!

You can put your baby in it at 2 months (and jog with the baby at 6 months).

Here's a link to read ALL about this AMAZING stroller!!!!


Hi Sara,

I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old and when my daughter was born, we bought the Maclaren side-by-side in a navy blue color, via the www.tinyride.com website (free shipping, too). I asked around from a bunch of mom friends, and the DuoGlider just got "okay" reviews b/c depending on how big your older child is, sitting in the back is not all the comfortable - I tried putting my son in it when he was about 2.5 years old before his sister was born and even then, he barely fit - and he's just average sized. Plus, I don't think the back seat reclines all the way for sleeping - and the front seat also has limited recline. I love our Maclaren - and it's pretty easy to maneuver through mall store doors b/c I use it at the mall all the time. Hope this helps!

I have a day care and one of the grand parents purchased the...Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller with Swivel Wheel at Babies R Us...for me to use. The children fit comfortably in this stroller. It maneuvers smoothly due to the single wheel in front. It is a bit tricky to get through the door, though (wide). Overall, I like the stroller very much.

I don't know what those look like but I have both the side by side and the sit n stand. Let me start by saying BUY USED! Go to craigslist or a used clothing store. They are expensive and just a good used. I would suggest a side by side because my kids like to talk to each other(they are 3 years apart) and the side by side offers comfortable seats for resting. The sit n stand only offers the "jump seat" so no baby can rest if they wanted to. All doubles are large in some manner but I found the side by sides easier to maneuver. Good luck!

We bought the Contours, put it together and I found it to be HUGE! My older daughter at the time was just 17 months and I knew she wouldn't last too long in it due to the metal bars around the seat. (We have the Bugaboo and the Contours has similiar great seats that you can manuever up and down and around, but the length of them was too short for us) We built it, put it back together and returned it. We tried LOTS and ended up with the "Jane" Powertwin...it is WONDERFUL! We bought it in Santa Barbara, but I think you can get them online now. The best thing about it is it's ONE WHEEL in the front! It is so easy to maneauver, light, and very roomy. It costs more than the others, but with a now 2 year old, 11 month old, and another due in August...it is well worth the money for us! We also have a Bob double, but we use that more for walking, parks, outdoor malls. It's GREAT too! Very large for growing children, but good enough too for the little ones.

All the best! S.

I have a 22-month-old and a 7-month old. I have a DuoGlider, which I really like using for babies their age. I looked into a sit and stand but my elder child did not meet the minimum suggested weight to use it when we needed to buy the stroller 7 months ago.

L. E

We did the exact search just a couple months ago. Honestly those both were huge to me. We have a 2 year old and a newborn also. We got the Phil and Teds and all the configurations work great. Currently we use the second seat at the back for our two year old and the carrier bar on the front for our 3 month old. so we will change it up for the 2 year old in front and the baby in back. Sorry if I ddnt judge on those, but I [osted a similar request a while ago and most people wrote about the big, bulky, and heavy ones. Except one lady suggested the phil and Teds and it rocks. It's great.

Hi S.,
My name is J., I am 6 months pregnant with my second baby. My daughter is 16 months old. I have been starting to look for myself as well. I was walking on the pier last weekend and I saw a lady with a double jogger with an infant seat attachment, I stopped her and asked it was called a Valco. I checked online and it is very pricey but I think it will be worth it in the long run and last for years. Another option a little cheaper is the BOB, they also have an infant carrier attachment. Not sure how much you are looking to spend, but I think it will be beneficial to spend the lump sum now instead of buy 2 in the future.
Good luck.


I just got the Kolcraft Contours and it is AWESOME!!!! It is so easy to pack up and it is easy to use. I have a small car and it fits!! The seats come off and the storage basket takes the entire length of the stroller. It comes with the infant seat attachment. It is really easy you just place the seat in and strap it down. My son is 4 1/2 months old and he can sit in the seat that came with the stroller or in his infant seat. It is also easy to use as a single stroller. You just have a lot of cargo room. The price is pretty good too. Babies R Us gives out coupons sometimes for 15% off so it makes the stroller 169.00 so try and get one of those coupons. In short it is the best stroller on the planet.Anther thing is that both of the seat recline in multiple positions!! Also Babies R Us will let you check to see if the stroller fits in your car. Good luck!!

S. M

S., My husband and I ordered the Kolcraft twin online thinking it looked great but when we got it we were dissapointed! It is more geared for twins or children closer in weight/age. My son was 2 and a half when our daughter was born and he is big for his age so we had to return it. The best double I found that folds eaisly, is lightweight, fits different size children, has storage underneath, and has snack trays for both children was the Peg Pergo twin Aria in toffee. Check it out before you buy any double because that's the best way to pick. Either Babies R'Us or Baby Depot has lots of strollers on their floor to try. Target.com also has a wide selection. Congrats on the new addition!

I have two boys also, 15 months apart, and I had quite an experience looking for a double stroller. I tried the Kolcraft Countours. It's an impressive stroller but it did not work for me. It is extremely heavy, which I don't mind necessarily, but it was terribly difficult to get the right leverage to lift it into my SUV (I am of average strength), and going uphill with my boys in it was an incredible workout (which is a good thing, unless you're not looking to sweat) - my boys were about 50 pounds combined at the time I used it. It was also very long, which I suppose is to be expected with a tandem, but I felt like my little one in the front was so far away from me, I just didn't like it. I felt like he was more vulnerable way out there in front (I'm sure that was silly of me). But the thing that made the most difference was that my boys hated the stroller. They fussed and complained almost constantly when they were in it. I don't know if it was uncomfortable (the seats are pretty shallow and don't seem comfortable) but whatever the reason, no matter which seat facing I used, they fussed. It made going for walks and shopping rather unpleasant.
I really wanted a side-by-side and I had tried two other side-by-side strollers before getting the Kolcraft tandem. My trouble with the other side-by-side strollers varied. They were too wide to get through some doors and I wanted a stroller that I could use for shopping as well as walking. I had one with small wheels that was incredibly difficult to push and maneuver. I tried a jogger which was much easier to maneuver but was still too wide and the seats were not clearly separated with any divider so my boys got smooshed together and my younger son really did not like that (he needs his space).
I thought about the sit and stand, but I didn't think my oldest (2 years old at the time) was ready for that. I considered several different tandems, but I didn't know how either one of my boys would feel about sitting in the back. And after trying the Kolcraft, it was just way too long. I thought about the Graco, but didn't try it. It sounds like some other moms have been very happy with it, so that may work well for you, too.
I wanted something that would be easy to maneuver on different types of terrain so I could go for long walks, but not too big so I could also use it for shopping. I decided to spend the big bucks and I got a Valco Baby Tri-Mode twin. It was quite a stretch but it is the best money I have ever spent. I have had it for almost 8 months now, and I wish I had bought it when my second was born. I just couldn't see spending that much money for a stroller, nor did I have that kind of money sitting around. It is a dream to push; I can easily push it one-handed on any terrain. It is only 29" wide so it fits through any doorway (even the small side door of my garage). You can get an attachment for it so you can use the infant car seat with it. My husband can take it jogging. It has great sunshades. And the best part is that my boys are happy in it!! I can take them for a 45 minute walk and usually have no complaining or fussing (they didn't last 5 minutes in the others).
I would suggest trying the different strollers you are interested in and see how you like them. The high-end strollers (like Valco) are hard to find in stores, but if you're interested, I saw another mom respond on this website with info for a store she has in Orange County. You can rent their strollers for a day (that would give you a real good idea). The website is www.octraveltykes.com.
Good luck to you!

Have you considered the Phil & Ted Sport Buggy, it allows you to remove the double seat to become a single when your toddler grows out of it. The Phil & Ted is the most lightweight and compact of the double strollers, a bit pricey, but worth it. I love mine. Check out http://www.rightstart.com/ they have severeal locations in the LA area. I bought mine on ebay (new) for just under $400 with the doubles kit.

Hi S.,

I don't know if you have looked into a BOB stroller, but I love mine. The Bob duelie, is light easy to manage, and has lots of great features.

My younger children are a little farther apart than yours, 4 and 3 1/2 months, but let me tell you I have gotten lots of use out of my sit and stand. I love it. I have the baby trends one. My daughter loves it because she can sit when she gets tired.. she is a walker and it has not caused her to want to "ride" all the time. Manueverability is pretty good with mine as well. Best of all, it folds up pretty nicely.. room in the back was always an issue. I would say mine is as bulky as some single carriers folded up.. but with twice the room.

I have the Kolcraft Countours with my two little ones and I love it. But you should be aware of some things that might change your mind about it later: it is not light, the seats must be taken off to fold and store it, it can not be "wheeled" once folded. If these don't bother you, get it. I love how the seats can be turned around (but once my three year-old started to kick the baby, she got turned right back around!). And there is a ton of room in the bottom for extra jackets and the diaper bag, plus shopping bags. I have seen other Contours with the cupholders attached but ours wouldn't go on because the screwholes were stripped so we have had to manage without it. Not really a big deal though. And I was surprised by how easy it was to steer. Of course, it is a little harder with my three year old in than with just the baby but there is no surprise there. Plus the seats recline all the way down. Some say the seats are not deep enough and I thought that at first too, but after putting the kids in, it wasn't really a problem. Most of the time, my daughter likes to walk and she holds on to the rubber handles attached to the side (what a great idea!).

I am not familiar with the Duoglider so I can't compare the two.

I hope this helps!

This is a great message board:

We used it for all sorts of purchasing decisions. It accompanies a great book:

Combi side by side. I like side by side better because my kids love sitting together and I don't need to rotate them (they would both love to sit in the front.). I got the delux version because it has snack trays. Get it online -- it is a lot cheaper than going to, say, the Right Start.

Hi There~ I'd go with Graco...Before having my 8 month old, I ran a home daycare for 13 years. I've tried them all!! Graco lasts and lasts and is much easier to push. They all roll great when you're in the store, but once loaded it was a different story. :)

Hi S., I have had experience with 4 tamdem strollers, one of which was my own, and all 4 have been VERY hard to control with the heavier child in the front. I had a 14 month old and a new born, and it wasn't to bad until they got 2 1/2 and 1, so I sold it....if the sit ans stand is an options I would probably go that way, I see alot of them out and about, and it won't have the long lenght to try to steer. Good luck!

Hi ,

I love my Combi side by side for my twins. They
are 14 months old.

I have the Contours Tandem and love it. It is a little heavy but, it fits in the trunk of my Volvo. Once you get the hang of it it's easy to break down. It has an adapter for an infant seat, as you probably know. And, soo many positions. My kids are 3 and 9 months now and we're still loving it. Only downside is no place for drinks and snacks but, most tandems don't have that. I highly reccomend it.

I think it all depends one what your needs are. Over the years I have had 5 different strollers as our needs have changed.

If your older son is still prone to fall asleep in the stroller invest in something that he can sleep in and yet it would still be easy for you to get him in and out of so he can walk around.

Whatever you end up getting, try and get it on Craigslist.com....(used items), I never buy any big ticket items in the store anymore, there is such great used baby stuff out there for a fraction of the price...just a thought :)

I have the Graco Quattro Tour stroller from Babies R Us, and I Love it!! I have a 2 year old and a newborn, and it's been working out great. Of course, like any other double stroller, it's heavy. It's very easy to push, and wheels turn easily, even with both kids loaded up (including car seat)! I've been very happy with it.

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