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Do You Still Have a Period If You Don't Ovulate?

My husband and I have been TTC baby #2 for 8 mos now. For the past 5 mos, I have used Clear blue easy ovulation kits. I have had a 28 or 29 day cycle EVERY month, and have gotten the positive "smiley face" saying that I will ovulate within 48 hours each time. The positive signal has been 11-12 days before my next cycle begins EVERY month. So obviously, I'm very regular. Well this month, I did not ever get a positive for ovulation. I started 4 days before I usually ovulate, and tested until 4 days after I usually ovulate, and nothing. Should I still have a period this month, even if I didn't ovulate for some reason? Anybody have any tips to help conceive other than intercourse the 2 days of positive ovulation test? Thanks a million

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I don't know if this will help you, but my OB told me that both my husband and I needed to completely give up caffeine while we were trying and that would help. Good Luck

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I agree, take a preg test :)

My cycles were always crazy but then I figured out that I always ovulated (no matter what) on day 10 after the first day I started my period. So the first day I started my period was day 1 and then on day 10 I was ovulating. I got pregnant with all 3 of my children on day 10. My friend who is 43 years old got pregnant with her 2 children on the 10th day after she started her period. Sometimes people ovulate a little earlier. You could also be skipping ovulation. I have heard of that. Talk to you GYN/OB. Good luck!

Yep- if you are not pregnant you will still have a period (since you will still shed your uterine lining).

Both times I got pregnant the night BEFORE the stick showed I was ovulating. I remember reading that it works best if you wait every other day during the 5 days around the time you ovulate--- so day 9 (yes) day 10 (no) day 11 (yes) day 12 (no) day 13 (yes).

Good luck. and you are still in the normal range for TTC so don't stress yourself.

I too am regular just like you are. I never once got a positive ovulation test. My husband and I had sex every other day when we were TTC. It's not 100%, but I truly believe it delivers the best results. Sperm lasts on average 3-5 days inside and your egg only last 1. With this method, it took us one month to conceive our daughter and 3 months to conceive our son. I wish you the best of luck!

I don't know if this will help you, but my OB told me that both my husband and I needed to completely give up caffeine while we were trying and that would help. Good Luck

Skye's response is very thorough and helpful. I would only add that anovulatory cycles tend to be longer. In the nearly 4 years that we tried to conceive I would have an anovulatory cycle every summer (every time we went on vacation!) and often wouldn't get a "period" until 50 plus days into the cycle. This is crazy making when you're t.t.c. because you think, by then, that you MUST be pregnant. Hang in there... eventually your lining builds to the point where it needs to shed and you get a fresh start. Your regularity for the past several months is a great sign!

Do you know about the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It is a VERY helpful resource. The website "Fertility Friend" can also be helpful.

Blessings. May you soon conceive.

I agree with Kristen G for you to read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It isn't just about getting pregnant, it teaches you how your body works.

By the way, I took an ovulation test every day for several weeks around the time you are "supposed to" and never got a positive result but got pregnant that same month. I say ditch the ovulation kits if you are somewhat regular (they just stressed me out) and start having sex on day 8 of your cycle and have sex every other day until day 20 of your cycle. That worked for me and several of my girlfriends.

Was your last period normal? Could that mean you are pregnant? Just a guess, but I'd try a pregnancy test to rule it out. (I had a light period when I got pregnant with my last child.). Good luck!

Sometimes having out-of-the-ordinary things going on in your life (someone in the family is sick or dies, vacation, marriage troubles, job change, etc) can cause your cycle to get out of whack. Also, concentrating a lot on reproduction and the cycle itself can cause it to act up. I hope you're actually pregnant, though, since that's what you want!

If you haven't read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" I highly recommend taking a look at it. DH and I were fortunate enough to not have problems TTC but I read it anyways and think it is a book that all women should read.

You cannot have a "period" as we know it if you don't ovulate. I know with me, I am normally very regular with my cycles. However, occasionally, I will have a long month, usually if I have been sick. I have read where stress will delay your cycle as well.
I have monitored my cervical mucus as a means of birth control. However, I have heard of success with monitoring CM for conceiving. You might look into that if you haven't tried that yet. It was worked very well so far at as birth control! :)

My first thought is are you sure that you are not aleady pregnant? I thought that I had stopped ovulating with my my first baby and when I went to the doctor they did an ultrasound to check for cysts etc. instead found a baby. I was 6 weeks pregnant and had no clue. Just a thought.

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