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Diaper Allergy

Has anyone ever had or heard of a child experiencing an allergy to diapers? My 21 month old developed a sudden severe scalding-type rash all over his body. He was in the care of my parents and my husbands parents when it happened. We changed brands of diapers from Pampers to Wal-mart brand 6 months ago and he started to develop the same kind of rash. It disappeard after we changed him back to pampers. The ER ruled out all other possible causes (bacterial, viral) and said it must be a topical allergic reaction b/c he had no nausea/vomiting/diarrea etc. We thought it must be the diapers since NOTHING else has changed and he had this kind of response in the past. He is now in cloth diapers and getting better but not totally cured yet (it's been 4 days).
Any thoughts/insights would be greatly appreciated.

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WOW! Thank you all so much for your thoughts and insights. Apparently I am not alone in experiencing this problem. My son's rash has totally cleared up and we are in the process of potty training my 21 month old. So far he is doing very well. I am trying the Next Generation (chemical-free) diapers at nap and bedtime for now. You all are great and I really appreciate all of your comments!

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Hello T.. Yes, I experienced this with my son. He does fine with Luvs, Huggies and even Parents Choice from Wal-Mart. I cant put any kind of Pampers on him, he breaks out almost immediately. Who knows?!

I personally love cloth and dislike the plastic, chemically lined and filled diapers. Every time I have put those chemically artificial dipes on by child's body, I cringe. I buy the DSQ (diaper service quality) dipes and wash them every couple days. I don't understand what the big deal is with cloth dipes that people complain about. The washer does all the work. Even when someone chooses disposable, they are **supposed to wash off the poop** before putting into garbage as poop lined disposables contaminate the ground water. I just rinse my cloth dipes (usually 1x daily) in the toilet which is a lot easier than trying to get off poop off disposables, IMO.

Then there are the environmental benefits. I don't throw away 7 - 10 dipes per day, adding 5000-7000 dipes (on average) to the landfills The other biggie, a disposable can take 250 years to break down. (Do the math, per kid, on that one. Talk about a WOW!) I am helping the earth now by not using disposables.

Then there are the cost savings. I have used the same dipes, pins and liners for both my kids ! Then I can reuse the dipes they grown out of as rags so they have another life ! Or another mom can use them and they help her save money too. The cost savings is in the thousands - seriously !

What is not to love about cloth?!? They are a beautiful thing.

My daughter had a diaper allergy. I would cry when I changed her diaper, because her bottom was ALWAYS sore, cracked and bleeding, no matter how much ointment we used on her. But when we started putting her in Pampers it cleared up and so we continued using Pampers. It was worth the additional expense to keep her comfortable and healthy.

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Hi T.-
Sure, I think there are lots of chemicals in the disposable diapers, many fewer in the cloth, especially if they are cleaned by a service. I know that my son's skin was never happy in anything but cloth diapers. S.

Hello T.. Yes, I experienced this with my son. He does fine with Luvs, Huggies and even Parents Choice from Wal-Mart. I cant put any kind of Pampers on him, he breaks out almost immediately. Who knows?!

My oldest would break out with the pamper diapers so we have been in huggies every since. Any other brand has always had him breakout in a rash.

This happened to my son when he was 1 also,my husband bought some store brand diapers. His rash went away 3 or 4 days after we switched him back. Did you doctor tell you to use any topical cream? Ours had us use cortisone cream on him until it cleared up. Good luck!

I've heard of this. They put lots of chemicals (perfumes, etc) on diapers. I know people who have switched to 7th generation diapers and it went away. They are mostly chemical free. I think they put absorbing things inside the diapers, but no perfumes or chlorine.

I thought my son was allergic to Luv's diapers, and after contacting the company, blah blah - I didn't use them anymore. It turned out that my son was on an antiobiotic at the time, and he didnt' have a diaper rash - but a yeast infection. I would call your pediatrician and run it by her, also - since ER docs aren't as "up" on pediatric medicine as your son's regular doc is.

cloth diapers would have been the first thing I would have suggested - of course making sure they are always changed immediately when soiled - as for the skin the things I recommend are Recovazon gel and Camu C Serum - they are formulated of herbs from the Amazon rainforest - both are completely safe and natural and will heal the skin - if you are interested in more information or in getting the products you can contact me or visit my website: ____@____.com

I feel your pain! When my second daughter was born in 1974, Pampers had just really come out. I was so excited not to have to wash diapers anymore that I bought a stockpile of Pampers. Within two weeks my daughters bottom was bright red. I slathered the A&D Ointment on her bum religiously but within another week the rash had spread up her back and down her legs. Once I switched back to cloth diapers the rash disappeared within one week. She is now a mom with two little boys; her second son had the same issue and had to wear cloth diapers!

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