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Dental Work for My 2 Year Old

Hi Everyone-

I have a 2 year old with cavities on her front teeth. She comfort nurses. I have taken her to the dentist and they want to do IV Sedation. I would like to know if anyone has had the same experience as myself. What are the pros and cons if I wait etc. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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I have an appt in a few weeks with a pediatric dentist who doesn't do IV Sedation. Hopefully they can give us another plan of treatment. I will post after the visit. Thank you to everyone who responded.

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My eldest daughter had cavities on her 2 front teeth at age 2 as well. She drank the "sleeping juice" rather than the sedation IV and I DON'T recommend it. She struggled so hard not to go to sleep that I almost couldn't contain her and she was really out of it the whole rest of the day afterwards. I would have chosen to do the IV if I had known.

I definitely would not wait. Cavities are best filled before they become painful infections or gum disease. My husband is such a chicken with dentists, so I've seen first hand the pain and suffering neglect of cavities can do. It could even effect the forming adult teeth underneath.

One last thing, they tried to convince me to have her teeth capped with silver and I refused. They filled them with porcelain instead, and I didn't regret it one bit. I couldn't stand the thought of her going around with silver caps until they finally fell out around 5 or 6, no thank you. They tried to tell me the porcelain wouldn't last, but they did just fine.

For me it was a big lesson on keeping her teeth brushed even at her young age and I started brushing my younger daughter's teeth as soon as she got them and she didn't have a single cavity until just last year.

Hi N.,

My son has had multiple fillings, and all were done without full sedation, although nitrous oxide was used. He was 2 when he had his first dental work done. I recommend getting a second opinion from a dentist that does not do full sedation. We go to Orinda Pediatric Dentistry, and I believe that they also have a office in Berkeley.

Good luck!

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i don't really have advice, other than to not let it stop you from nursing. i hope everything goes well and that you are able to find a solution to best fit your family :) good luck!

I would get a second opinion. The first children's dentist I took my 4-yr old to (because he was afraid of getting a filling at our regular dentist) wanted to sedate him to even do xrays. My son had had xrays already and had no problem. It was the needle and drill he was afraid of. So we went to this pediatric dentist who immediately suggested sedating him for xrays, and wanted him to have root canals and crowns. I thought that was absurd, so I took him to Children's Choice dental for a second opinion. I told them he would need to be sedated for the fillings, but that I didn't feel it was necessary to sedate him for xrays. The dentist thought it was crazy to suggest sedating a child for xrays. He also said there are many alternatives to try BEFORE thinking about IV sedation. Also, he said my son only needed filligs, not root canals or crowns. My son was very anxious, so they decided he needed Nitrous. This is much less invasive, and worked great for my son. My point is that you may want to check out your other options before putting your child under general anesthesia. I would get a second opinion. Good luck.

Hi N., I have never had to experience that, but I would check with another dentist. Do you go to a children's dentist? My kids are now 25 and 21. The started seeing Dr. Wolkstein when they were 2. My daughter has since graduated to an adult dentist, my son still has a few years left.
Dr. Wolkstein is located in San Jose, on Blossom Hill Rd. ###-###-#### is the number. Good Luck

Hi N.,

I love in Australia now and I think the dentists think a little differently here.

Firstly, my daughter is 3years old now and still can't go to sleep without feeding and also wants it during the night. I was worried when I found a cavity that this was the cause and felt terrible that I could have done such a thing to my child. When I raised this with her pediatric dentist he said it made no difference whether she was feeding or not and the cavities were due to the fact that the enamel on her teeth had not formed properly in the womb and prior to her teeth coming through. That was a relief for me.

Secondly, here they will only do work on a child's teeth under general anasthetic and so my choice was no work and risk future problems, the back teeth having to come out prematurely and then the spacing of her adult teeth to me affected and thus possible future major work; or go under general in a hospital. I chose the general....

In the xrays my dentist found additional holes and weaknesses in the enamel of all her teeth so he filled what needed filling and put a protective coating on all other teeth so she should not have to have anything like this again with her baby teeth.

The experience is a little scary, but when you are prepared for this it is OK.

She was holding my hand when she went to sleep and then I left while she had the IV inserted. when she first started coming round she started screaming for me and they finally called me back in. It was scary to see her so disoriented and out of it, but I took her in my arms and breastfed her. She settled quicly in my arms and went back to sleep after a feed.

When she woke up she was in my arms and not at all afraid. She has always been very articulte and the next day when we talked about her experience she told me that she woke up in my arms (she doesn't remember the whole screaming episode and having a breastfeed). So the fact that she is still breastfed was a really good thing - in the end.

This all happened when she was 2 1/2 and now when you ask her if she likes her dentist she says - yes and wants me to take her back to the same dentist for a check-up (normally she will not let doctors, nurses etc touch her) and if you ask her what she wants to do when she grows up (this question is asked seperately to the previous one) she will say - a dentist.

Having had the work done while under general anasthic means she is not afraid of dentists which is a good thing for kids.

I would not wait and would get the fillings done and the rest of the teeth coated so you don't have to do it continuously.

If you want to contact me directly with this please feel free to do so ____@____.com
Good Luck

Our 2 1/2 year old son recently got 3 fillings (between his molars, we were brushing but didn't think to floss) We go to a great childs dentist and all of his cavities were villed without sedation. They scheduled each filling separaetly so that it's a manageable length appointment, numb with novacain shot then do the filling with him awake.

Our dentist usually tries a tierd response to sedation. They start by trying the numbing shot only. If the child flips out, they move them to a private room where it's a little more mellow, then they might end up with the iv sedation, but only as a last resort. Sedation carries risks, so ask your dentist if there is a way to avoid it... like doing only one filling at atime.

Hope this helps.

I also have a 2-year-old with cavities on her two front teeth. Hers were because I had to take antibiotics while I was pregnant with her and the enamel didn't grow on a spot of each of her two top front teeth. I've spoken with two pediatric dentists who said that IV sedation is safe only for kids ages 3 and up. One of them recommended Benadryl before her appt. The other recommended nothing. I guess there aren't many if any nerve roots in those front teeth. So we're going with nothing. What she'll do is try to to a complete filling and if my daughter won't tolerate it, she'll put like a clear coat on it to stop the cavity from growing and wait 6 months to a year to fill it. Hope this helps!

Hi N.,

My son has had multiple fillings, and all were done without full sedation, although nitrous oxide was used. He was 2 when he had his first dental work done. I recommend getting a second opinion from a dentist that does not do full sedation. We go to Orinda Pediatric Dentistry, and I believe that they also have a office in Berkeley.

Good luck!

First of all, stop the comfort nursing. At the age of 2, she should be self soothing. I also would not let anyone IV sedate my child unless it was life threatening.

Baby teeth will eventually fall out but the effects of IV sedation can never be reversed.

God bless and good luck -


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