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Daughter's Skin Is Breaking Out

My 4 week old daughter is breaking out in lots and lots of little red bumps from the chest up, especially on her cheeks and mouth area. Now they don't seem to bother her, but they look bad, and my husband, who is a first time dad, is particularly concerned about them, and because I don't know what is causing them myself, I can't assuage his concerns. I am breastfeeding her, which is working fine, she's growing and strong and otherwise healthy, but she does get milk and/or spit-up on her face on a regular basis, which her dad feels may be what's causing the break-outs. Maybe, but if so, is there a good way to clean her face so it is minimized? I'm more inclined to believe it's caused by the heat here in the desert, but we stay inside most of the time, and it's not over-warm indoors... So I'm wondering if it could be caused by what I'm eating going into the breastmilk and bothering her. Any suggestions? I'm at a bit of a loss since my oldest never had this problem. Thanks.

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Thank you to everyone who responded, we changed her soap (well, first we used only water for a few days to let it rest) and then started occasionally using an all natural soap for babies and that alone took all the redness out of the bumps within 24 hrs. Still bumpy, but no red. Then I received Reiki with her a week later and within hours the remaining bumps dissappeared and haven't returned.
Again, Thank you,

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Hi I.!

I think it is a heat rash. My daughter had it when she was a baby,i was also breast feeding at that time.

Take care!!!!

HI I.-
All the responses about Arbonnes baby line are amazing- the products work and work for me as an adult as well:)
My allergist is also recommending it to her patients with my help. I am honored to be able to help little ones not have the same issues my daughter had with her skin. I would love to help answer any questions you might have- there is hope out there- I promise:)

This is totally normal. Unless she has been exposed to something from another child. You say you are breastfeeding and that usulally prevents a child this young from getting sick in anyway.
This is caused by her pores flushing out after birth. it usually goes away in a week or so, just ignore it. If it doesn't go away after 1-2 weeks, or she gets a fever, then take her to the Dr.
Enjoy, The Mommie Mentor, www.proactiveparenting.net

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The little red bumps are absolutely normal for her age, it does have to do with the heat, but it's more about the breastmilk leaving traces on her face after feeding, use a wet warm washcloth after feeding to clean her little face, and then the bumps will fade!

Hi I.,

It could be a number of things... newborn skin is so sensitive! But your description reminds me of what my youngest (now 6 mos) had in the first couple months of his life. We determined it was infant eczema, which is very common. Our doc told us to use Eucerin, but it made it much worse so I quit after 2 days. I started using a cream made by the Melaleuca company, and it cleared up right away (you can contact me for details if you're interested). I also switched laundry detergents to one I found at Trader Joe's that is completely natural. I use that on my clothes as well as his because I noticed that when other people held him, he would break out again. For a while I would ask people to put a spit rag or blanket between his face and their clothes to prevent this. Thankfully, he outgrew it after 2-3 months.

BTW - it didn't seem to be related to my diet at all.

Good luck!

Hi I. (love that name),

You are probably going to get lots of responses about your post but I am willing to bet she has an allergy to something you are eating. The same thing happened to my little girl at three weeks and the doctor said it was eczema. The thing about eczema is it is a condition related to allergies and manifests as either hay fever, a skin rash or something else I can't remember-whatever. Anyway, it is usually caused by milk or soy. The quick and dirty way to figure it out is to cut out all the top allergens moms transfer through their milk; milk, soy, egg, wheat, nuts and seafood. Wait for her skin to clear then add one food back at a time. It is no fun, but having been through it, I know it is so heartbreaking to see your beautiful newborn with red bumps all over. Lucy ended up being allergic to all the top allergens, which really sucked! Now she is a year and only seems to have a reaction to soy and dairy. Good luck I.!


I didn't read the other responses, so sorry if this is a repeat of any of them. It sounds like she has baby acne. It is extremely common, and is caused by hormones that were passed between you and her before she was born. Both of my kids got it. We didn't do anything for it, and it cleared up in a few weeks. No worries! Congratulations on the new baby!!!

If you have a lot of new baby sheets, blankets clothes, burp rags, etc. Many newborns will start to break out from this items at this time and will go away after a few weeks. Baby soaps are also less hard on newborns skin. If you are really concerned always ask your Dr.

It's probably baby acne. You can check with your pediatrician to be sure, but a lot of babies have this in various degrees. You don't want to put anything on it, as that can make it worse. Babies skin may seem dry twards the end of it, but it will go away. Neither of my girls had it as bad as what you describe, but I've heard of others who have had it pretty bad.

Probably baby acne like the others mentioned, and although this doesn't make sense b/c you're breastfeeding, my firstborn developed red bumps all over after soy formula (he was a few months old by this time). We had some samples and just tried to see if it would be better...it wasn't for him. So with that said, you can check to see if you are over-soying yourself. It's a huge preservative and found in a lot of things. Especially if you are drinking soymilk. Just throwing it out there. Good luck! So many things to worry about at this fragile age!!!

THis is completely normal for a newborn. I am a nurse, so be reassured that this is normal. AS long as the bumps are not "oozing" anything they are considered newborn rash. Their skin is not used to all that is encounters out of the womb. Your are right in thinking that it could be from the heat and your husband is also right thinking it could be from the milk. The only thing you can do is wipe her face down with warm water in the morning and at night...if you wipe it too often she will get dry skin on her face. A newborns skin is just sensitive!! After about 8 weeks or so this will stop happening as much, but for now you will have to live with her baby acne!

HI I.-
All the responses about Arbonnes baby line are amazing- the products work and work for me as an adult as well:)
My allergist is also recommending it to her patients with my help. I am honored to be able to help little ones not have the same issues my daughter had with her skin. I would love to help answer any questions you might have- there is hope out there- I promise:)

Baby acne is COMPLETELY NORMAL and is something almost every baby gets (ours did!). It will go away on its own. The one thing NOT to do is to try to clean it or get rid of it - that could cause problems. It's normal - don't worry!!

Most Moms call it baby acne. When my son was about a month old he had the same thing. Keep her face clean and exposed to the air. If that alone doesn't help then you can use an over the counter hydrocortisone cream. It really helped my son.

This would happen with a couple of my kids. I discovered that it was dairy. If I had any kind of dairy, it would bother my baby's skin. So, it might be a food allergy. Try seeing a holistic dr. that does applied kinesiology. This is how we discovered our baby's food allergies. They gradually grew out of them at about the age of 4-5.

maybe its heat rash. my daughter had a breakout when she was about that age and even though i thought she was cold it turned out she was hot. maybe try dressing her in lighter clothes. goodluck!

Sounds like baby acne to me. i have 4 kids and am about to have my fifth my son had it from his chest up and since he was my first it freaked me out a little too. I expressed a little breast milk and put it on the acne about an hour before his bath then after his bath I let him sit in his swing in just a diaper and a blanket to let it air out for a little while. Also my grandma suggested to not eat acidic foods such as tomato sauce or citrus fruit which also seemed to help.

Those bumps are fairly common in newborns. I've heard they come from the body processing out hormones (similar to teenage acne), but don't know how accurate that is. A couple of easy teas that might help to rinse her with are rose petals, or lettuce leaves. Both are mild and soothing.

Hi I.,
My son had the same thing, and my niece gets it every now and then too. I was also concerned at first but my mom told me it was heat rash and that all babies will probably have it some time. I asked my doctor and he said it just a rash that babies get, it doesn't bother them and its nothing to worry about, and nothing we can really do it comes and it goes. I tend to think that spitting up and drooling has something to do with it as well. I know it looks terrible, I hated my baby's beautiful face to be all broken out but he grew out of it after a few months, she'll grow out of it too!
A., mother of a beautiful 22 month old boy.

Ask your doctor to be sure, but I would think just cleaning her off with a baby wipe would be fine.

I would say it is baby acne... it can happen all over. You baby's skin is getting used to the air & everything.... it could be a little heat rash if she is too warm especially in our warm town.... however, I wouldn't worry about it. It should go away in a few weeks or so. Blessings w/ your baby!

I know they all say it is normal, and my son just went through it, but my daughter did not. Do you have pets? Our doc said it was baby acne too, but we ended up finding out he was allergic to our cat. Now with the cat gone, and the house cleaned top to bottom, his rash is gone. If he goes to BIL's house, ( they have cats) it comes right back for about a day. Also had to find a laundry soap that didnt bother him. So far it has been Cheer Free and Clear, All the "baby" detergents had a bad reaction with his skin. Also found that the natural baby excema cremes help with the cradle cap and the little blistery bumps mne was getting on his head. I think it is from the air being so dry out here, and some other reaction with things in their home environment, but that seems to help.

Good luck!

It is totally normal for a baby to have "baby acne". My daughter had a touch of it when she was a newborn (10 months now and still every once in awhile has a tiny break out). If you are that concerned...call her pediatrician. Aveena Baby Lotion is super mild and helped with the break outs.

Your little one has baby acne. It is caused by leftover pregnancy hormones leaving your body. It will clear up soon. If you are very concerned, go see your ped and have it confirmed.

Baby Acne is a normal part of infancy. Talk to your doctor about recommended creams and do not worry.

Hi I.!

I think it is a heat rash. My daughter had it when she was a baby,i was also breast feeding at that time.

Take care!!!!

It sounds like baby acne and it will just go away. Tell dad to relax and everything will be fine.

It is probably newborn rash that can come and go up till about 6-8 weeks if age. Try using a warm washcloth after breastfeeding her. Do not put any lotion on it because it will just irritate her skin more. You should only be bathing her every other day, so not to dry her skin out. When you go out of the house just put her in a onsie or sun dress while it's hot. Hope this helps.

This is totally normal. Unless she has been exposed to something from another child. You say you are breastfeeding and that usulally prevents a child this young from getting sick in anyway.
This is caused by her pores flushing out after birth. it usually goes away in a week or so, just ignore it. If it doesn't go away after 1-2 weeks, or she gets a fever, then take her to the Dr.
Enjoy, The Mommie Mentor, www.proactiveparenting.net

stay away from sugar. and the processed stuff. See if that helps. i would also stay away from high fructose corn syrup.

My daughter had the same condition from 4-8 weeks and we took her to the pediatrician - it was "baby acne". It cleared up on its own and the Dr. said it is caused from all of the hormones (from us!) that the babies are exposed to during pregnancy and delivery. Our pediatrician said there is nothing that can be done for it, just wash her face normally and make sure to keep it as dry as you can. You can google baby acne to see if that's what your daughter's rash looks like, there are a lot of different articles and pictures online that I found helpful. Hope this helps :)

L. Smith
Owner/CEO - Regionz Kidz

It's normal. Two of my 3 daughters had it as babies at the 4-8 weeks stage and the pediatrician warned us after delivery to expect that kind of thing and not to worry about it. It went away after a few weeks. We got to enjoy the acne stage just as the in-laws were visiting from the East coast with cameras in hand so I know how you feel! Other than just waiting it out, I would make sure to wipe her face gently with a little water after a feeding if she gets milk on her face. Good Luck!

Don't worry, very normal, a hormonal thing, will go away in about 3-4 weeks. Don't use anything but water on it, and very soft wash cloth. I remember being told that breastmilk actually helped it.

Mom of 4

Hello my name is Sandy,

This might help, my daughter had the same problem with the red rash on her chest & up. The doctor said she'd grow out of it by 6m. 6m came and went and her rash didn't improve. It really bothered me to have to put socks on her hands all the time.

In the hospital while I was waiting for my milk to come in (which it never did) the nurses had us using Emfimil liquid formula. On her first check up the doctor suggested switching to a powder formula to save money & recommended Nestle quick start. So we did & thats when the rash came, accompanied with severe spitting up. This went on for months, thats when the doctor explained she'd grow out of it at 6m. About one month after the doctors visit I decided to do research on www.parentcenter.com, that site has been a blessing. I still use it & my daughter is 4.

Thru research I discovered that when I switched her back to liquid Enfimil with rice both the rash and severe spit-up cleared up in a couple days.

So even tho you are breast feeding there might be something she's reacting to. Maybe pumping the milk & mixing it with liquid Enfimil! Definitly check with your doctor but sometime they don't have the answers to fix it. But making small changes can really help.

I hope this can be a help for your little girls facial rash.


Hi I.,

Congratulations on your new baby! While some people may say this is "normal" and "harmless", it is actually a sign of a problem. Yes, you can ignore it and it may go away; but it could also manifest into other issues later on. It’s best to find the culprit and take care of it now.

Since she is eating what you eat (because you breastfeed), this reaction is likely coming from something YOU are eating. You can go on a standard elimination diet and figure out the culprit. I'm a Health & Nutritional Consultant and am happy to help if you need it.

If the bumps were elsewhere on her body, I would link it to chemical exposure (likely from laundry detergent). Even if this isn't the issue now, you're best switching to an eco-friendly laundry detergent (the "free & clear versions still have harmful toxins; so I recommend staying clear of those). Feel free to go to my website (www.HealthyHabitsWellnessCenter.com) for more info.

Best of luck to you! :)

Warm Regards,
G. Van Luven

That happened to my daughter and i remember i freaked out and ran to the doctor and it was nothing serious, I think I remember the doctor telling me it was the babies skin getting used to the world outside the womb. I did find that a babies oatmeal bath helped a lot.Hope that helped even a little bit.

It's a very normal thing and happens to a large percentage of newborns. It will pass. Two of my three children had it and the doc said not to worry.

Could you daughter be allergic to some sort of soap? We have two boys 3 and 5 years old. When the youngest was about 10 months his legs broke out in a rash that after going to the doctor and taking antibotics we shortly after discovered it was an allergy to a baby soap. Have you tried changing soaps or lotions? Our son is still more sensitive to skin allergies of all sorts. Last year a rash on his feet and legs we figured out came from walking through branch trimmings from our African Sumac tree. Hope this info might help. Every child is different and a new experience!

My 4 month old son had break out issues too starting at about that same time. I was told it was baby acne and that it would go away. It still around now and the last time I saw the pediatrician he said it was a combination of baby acne and cradle cap. I'm now on a regimen of cleaning his face with cetaphil cleanser and applying cetaphil lotion 3 times a day. Also used some hydrocortisone 1% cream twice a day for about 3 days at the beginning. It started to look better for about 2-3 days then started to look bad again. A friend has a baby with eczema and suggested using a moisturizer called Vanicream. I started using the vanicream twice a day along with the hydrocortisone cream 1-2 times a day and it seems to look better. Not sure if its the products or if he is finally growing out of this phase. I would definitely ask your pediatrician before using any products on baby's face. Good luck and hang in there; it seems to bother me more than my son.

That happened to my daughter too at 3 weeks and i think it lasted till 6 weeks (she's graduating 8th grade now). I was told that this is a normal, harmless, natural thing. (although my boys never had it).It looked awful and that was the time i wanted to take pictures... It didn't bother her.

Your hormones are just working their way out of her body. Just keep her gently clean and let nature take its course. Tell DH not to worry - it's part of being a baby. Now if it's little pink pinpricks, especially in the creases, yes, it may be heat rash, and you can help it w/a little cornstarch.

However, if it's near the mouth and does seem a concern, I would check it out w/the Dr. My little guy got hives a few times. I really think it was from some cleaner the daycare used around him or on the bibs they used (they refused to use mine!). The Dr. told me it was hives, and we gave him Benadryl, but he was older. Usually, if it's from something in your breastmilk, though, she'd be getting tummy cramps. It could possibly be from laundry additives. At this age, just water w/no soap is great, but if you need soap, be sure to get an extra gentle one. I like the Aveeno ones because they seem so gentle.

I guess the bottom line is, mention it to the Dr. at your next appt.

It is most likely baby acne. It is harmless and it doesn't bother her one bit. My daughter....13 weeks.... got it at about 3 or 4 weeks and it lasted until about 6 or 7 weeks. I took her to Urgent Care one night because it seemed to be spreading to far into her chest and back and he confirmed that it was indeed baby acne. It is just excessive hormones. Kinda like teenage acne. It doesn;t mean they will have acne later in their teens. Don't use anything but a soft cloth and water to wash it so you don't irritate it. It will go away on its own.....it can last up to 5 months though. Believe me, it is worse for us to look at than for them to feel. But just in case you might want to let the pediatrician see her. But I am sure this is what it is. My first baby broke out because I was eating too many eggs and breast feeding.....but it was a different kind of rash than the baby acne my secong daughter had. Don't worry.

I would ask your doctor but it sounds like baby acne. They get it as they're hormones adjust and your hormones in your milk adjust to her not being inside you anymore. It is very common and there really isn't anything you can do for it other than keep it clean and moisturized. It will go away in a few weeks. But I would definitely check with your dr. just to make sure.

I have had three sons and nursed them all, and when the youngest was an infant there was a day that he broke out on his cheeks - and it was after I had eaten raspberry yogurt. It's possible that if you have eaten something like berries (or other common food that causes a allergic reaction - like watermelon, shellfish, peanuts) she may be reacting to the substance in your milk - watch what you eat and see if your diet is affecting her through your milk and modify what you eat since it's what she does, too. Also, whatever soap or laundry detergent you use can affect her skin. Make sure that you use all natural products with no petroleum or chemicals - pure water works great to wash babies - and if you have some stubborn substance try a little vegetable oil instead of "soap" or baby oil (which is mineral oil). You can check out an all natural skin care line with a cleanser safe enough for baby skin at my website: shootingstarherbs.amazonherb.net

Congrats on a new baby!! I am so glad that you want to help your daughter.
I have several questions for you....
What products are you using on them? Do they say 'Tear Free'? If so did you know what makes them tear free?
Did you know that companies use a topical anesthetic to numb your baby from all of the chemicals. Plus the products need to be pH correct and without mineral oil. If there is fragrance in your products, there are used to cover chemical smells too. There is a chance that your baby is reacting to the products you are using.

So my next question is have you ever heard of Arbonne?
Their baby line is known for healing and supporting our baby's skin as it is their largest organ. It is botanically based and pH correct.

I would love to send you a sample and more infomation on it.
Please feel free to check out Arbonne at www.arbonne.com and contact me directly for more info.

Congrats again on your new baby!

I would say it is most likely just baby ache. Like everyone has said, it is harmless and there is nothing you can do for it. Both of my boys had it and it just went away on its own. It is caused by the hormones that are exchanged between the mother and baby before and during birth. Congratulations on your little one!

Hi I.,

If it is baby acne, it is normal. You can look up pictures on the internet of what it looks like or ask your Pediatritian on her next visit. Also, make sure you are using the safest products for her baths and for lotion. Do not trust the Johnson and Johnson or Huggies or any brand like that. They all have harmful chemicals. So even have formaldihyde. I research alot of the stuff in the stores. Look for all natural products like Shaklee or even check the Healthfood stores near you like Sprouts, Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

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