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Daughter's Skin Is Breaking Out

My 4 week old daughter is breaking out in lots and lots of little red bumps from the chest up, especially on her cheeks and mouth area. Now they don't seem to bother her, but they look bad, and my husband, who is a first time dad, is particularly concerned about them, and because I don't know what is causing them myself, I can't assuage his concerns. I am breastfeeding her, which is working fine, she's growing and strong and otherwise healthy, but she does get milk and/or spit-up on her face on a regular basis, which her dad feels may be what's causing the break-outs. Maybe, but if so, is there a good way to clean her face so it is minimized? I'm more inclined to believe it's caused by the heat here in the desert, but we stay inside most of the time, and it's not over-warm indoors... So I'm wondering if it could be caused by what I'm eating going into the breastmilk and bothering her. Any suggestions? I'm at a bit of a loss since my oldest never had this problem. Thanks.

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Thank you to everyone who responded, we changed her soap (well, first we used only water for a few days to let it rest) and then started occasionally using an all natural soap for babies and that alone took all the redness out of the bumps within 24 hrs. Still bumpy, but no red. Then I received Reiki with her a week later and within hours the remaining bumps dissappeared and haven't returned.
Again, Thank you,

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Hi I.!

I think it is a heat rash. My daughter had it when she was a baby,i was also breast feeding at that time.

Take care!!!!

HI I.-
All the responses about Arbonnes baby line are amazing- the products work and work for me as an adult as well:)
My allergist is also recommending it to her patients with my help. I am honored to be able to help little ones not have the same issues my daughter had with her skin. I would love to help answer any questions you might have- there is hope out there- I promise:)

This is totally normal. Unless she has been exposed to something from another child. You say you are breastfeeding and that usulally prevents a child this young from getting sick in anyway.
This is caused by her pores flushing out after birth. it usually goes away in a week or so, just ignore it. If it doesn't go away after 1-2 weeks, or she gets a fever, then take her to the Dr.
Enjoy, The Mommie Mentor, www.proactiveparenting.net

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The little red bumps are absolutely normal for her age, it does have to do with the heat, but it's more about the breastmilk leaving traces on her face after feeding, use a wet warm washcloth after feeding to clean her little face, and then the bumps will fade!

Hi I.,

It could be a number of things... newborn skin is so sensitive! But your description reminds me of what my youngest (now 6 mos) had in the first couple months of his life. We determined it was infant eczema, which is very common. Our doc told us to use Eucerin, but it made it much worse so I quit after 2 days. I started using a cream made by the Melaleuca company, and it cleared up right away (you can contact me for details if you're interested). I also switched laundry detergents to one I found at Trader Joe's that is completely natural. I use that on my clothes as well as his because I noticed that when other people held him, he would break out again. For a while I would ask people to put a spit rag or blanket between his face and their clothes to prevent this. Thankfully, he outgrew it after 2-3 months.

BTW - it didn't seem to be related to my diet at all.

Good luck!

Hi I. (love that name),

You are probably going to get lots of responses about your post but I am willing to bet she has an allergy to something you are eating. The same thing happened to my little girl at three weeks and the doctor said it was eczema. The thing about eczema is it is a condition related to allergies and manifests as either hay fever, a skin rash or something else I can't remember-whatever. Anyway, it is usually caused by milk or soy. The quick and dirty way to figure it out is to cut out all the top allergens moms transfer through their milk; milk, soy, egg, wheat, nuts and seafood. Wait for her skin to clear then add one food back at a time. It is no fun, but having been through it, I know it is so heartbreaking to see your beautiful newborn with red bumps all over. Lucy ended up being allergic to all the top allergens, which really sucked! Now she is a year and only seems to have a reaction to soy and dairy. Good luck I.!


I didn't read the other responses, so sorry if this is a repeat of any of them. It sounds like she has baby acne. It is extremely common, and is caused by hormones that were passed between you and her before she was born. Both of my kids got it. We didn't do anything for it, and it cleared up in a few weeks. No worries! Congratulations on the new baby!!!

If you have a lot of new baby sheets, blankets clothes, burp rags, etc. Many newborns will start to break out from this items at this time and will go away after a few weeks. Baby soaps are also less hard on newborns skin. If you are really concerned always ask your Dr.

It's probably baby acne. You can check with your pediatrician to be sure, but a lot of babies have this in various degrees. You don't want to put anything on it, as that can make it worse. Babies skin may seem dry twards the end of it, but it will go away. Neither of my girls had it as bad as what you describe, but I've heard of others who have had it pretty bad.

Probably baby acne like the others mentioned, and although this doesn't make sense b/c you're breastfeeding, my firstborn developed red bumps all over after soy formula (he was a few months old by this time). We had some samples and just tried to see if it would be better...it wasn't for him. So with that said, you can check to see if you are over-soying yourself. It's a huge preservative and found in a lot of things. Especially if you are drinking soymilk. Just throwing it out there. Good luck! So many things to worry about at this fragile age!!!

THis is completely normal for a newborn. I am a nurse, so be reassured that this is normal. AS long as the bumps are not "oozing" anything they are considered newborn rash. Their skin is not used to all that is encounters out of the womb. Your are right in thinking that it could be from the heat and your husband is also right thinking it could be from the milk. The only thing you can do is wipe her face down with warm water in the morning and at night...if you wipe it too often she will get dry skin on her face. A newborns skin is just sensitive!! After about 8 weeks or so this will stop happening as much, but for now you will have to live with her baby acne!

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