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1 Month Old Has Small Pimples on Face

I was wondering if this is normal for a newborn. I noticed this on his face like 4 days ago and its more on his right cheek and yesterday i noticed it on his neck now. They are very small and looks like pimples. If antone has any advice please write to me.

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The same thing happened to my son at the same age...It was on both cheeks, and didn't go away for a week and the baby was miserable. When I took him to the pediatrician, he told me it was excema and very itchy. I was told to apply .5% (not the 1%) hydrocortisone cream to his face 4 times a day. (He suspected it was caused by a change in Formula) The doctor also recommended Eucerin Calming Cream for him AFTER applying the hydrocortisone cream. Both are available over the counter in just about any drug store. (You should keep the baby's hands covered with cotton mittens so they can't scratch themselves.)

It worked like a charm, and within 2-3 days was almost nothing. I hope this helps...!

Nothing to worry about J.. They sound like milia read this:


That said, if you are still concerned call the pediatrician. Good luck.

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Yes, this is baby acne and it is perfectly normal, talk to your dr. Babies take up mom;s hormones during gestation and once they are born they release the excess and this is what happens. It will clear up soon, my daugther had it and it got worst before it got better as she developed craddle cap as well all over her face which are fat deposits oozing out and get yellow and crusty. It cleared up by 2-1/2 months. Congrats on your baby.


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Nothing to worry about J.. They sound like milia read this:


That said, if you are still concerned call the pediatrician. Good luck.

My son was born with what they call "baby acne" it was all over his body.They told me not to use certain products with purfumes and that it would go away on its own. Hes three months old now and its pretty much cleared up he still has outbreaks every now and again but they are not that bad.Just try to keep the soaps and detergents the same as tolerable to the baby and it should clear up on its own,Good luck.

My daughter who is now 13 had infant acne. It cleared up after a while on its own.

i've heard that it's from milk. whether breast milk, or (especially) formula!!! something about the hormones, and the milk, i'm not EXACTLY sure what the reason. all i know is so many of my friends kids had this, somewhat bad, and my daughter only got a few pimples a couple of times (no more then 1-5 at a time, for a couple of weeks) i noticed that when i fed her she wouldn't get them, but when she was mostly being fed by others (everyone LOVES to feed babies!) she would get them. the ONLY difference that i could tell between them feeding her, and me feeding her was that i wouldn't let ANY of the milk (neither breast, not formula since i was doing BOTH) stay on her face! i would constantly wipe her face with a warm wash cloth. once i started noticing the pimples and explained to everyone that they had to make sure they kept her face clean...she NEVER got them again!!! i mentioned this to another friend of mine and once she started wiping her son's face with a warm washcloth (sometimes a wipe) every time he'd get milk on his face, the pimples completely stopped! i NEVER put anything on her face other then the wipe or warm washcloth. now that she's 16 months old, i JUST started using some lotion, but just to keep her smooth and soft, nothing else. so i would say just keep him clean, make sure you don't let the milk just sit there for more then the feeding and immediately use a warm washcloth (or wipe if your out and can't get a warm washcloth) and it should definitely clear up VERY SOON!

Hi J.,

Yes, completely normal. It's normal for his age. It will clear up in a few week once his oil glands mature. Just keep his skin clean and dry and stay away from ointments and cream which will just irritate his skin. My daughter was the same way at that age. She is 10 weeks old now and her acne is gone. Congratulations on your little guy!

Are u breastfeeding? Thats what happened to my cousins baby and the doctor told her it was breastfeeding. Some how the baby was allergic to it. Maybe check with ur dcotor.
Good Luck and Congratulations!

baby acne is very common for the first few months. my son would always get the on the tip of his nose. : ) Consult your doctor if they ooze or turn into some sort of rash or concentrated breakout.

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