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Daughter Misses the Kindergarten Cut off Date by 11 Days.

Hi, my daughter turns 5 on September 12th and where I live (in Maryland) you have to be 5 by September 1st. Should I try to get her in early admission? This would be her very first school setting since she stays home with me. I wonder if it will be too overwhelming for her being away from home. I know the other option is to wait until next year and if I do how can I enroll her into prek? Our school district has a policy for prekindergartners-they must fall into any of the four categories-cat.1-economically disadvantaged children,cat.2-english as their second language, cat 3-children with special needs. Children will be selected from Category 1 before moving to the other categories. This year, they filled up on cat 1 and cat 2 children which left my daughter out of the running to be enrolled into pre k for this year and possibly for next year. I need some advice from anyone who has experienced this before.

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The cut-off date is in place for a reason. Wait until next school year to have her start kindergarten.

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If they will allow early admissions, then yes I would! Children learn at such a faster rate than most people realize. Some states won't allow them to enter Kindergarten even though the are just a few days past the cut off. But if they allow, I say go for it. Do not wait.

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She needs to be with kids her own age. If they have a rule it should be followed. If every mother who thought her child should be the exception to the rule got what they wanted then Kindergarten would be for 4 yr olds and not 5-6 year olds.

Kids are supposed to be 5-6 in Kindergarten, 6-7 in first grade, 7-8 in second and so on and on. That way they are 17-18 their senior year and not 16-17. Do you really want her going off to college at 17?

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She's better off waiting until next year for kindergarten.

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She would be better off waiting a year, she's really too young to start kinder. Send her to a church Pre-K program. They are generally 2-3 days a week and quite affordable.

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My daughers birthday is 2 weeks before the cutoff. I put her in preK for 3 years before she started kindergarten... when the time finally came, she was ready :) Get your daughter in 1/2 day preschool to socially and mentally prepare her, and next year will be a breeze!

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My daughter is in the same boat. She turns 5 on September 20th and the cutoff is September 1st. She attends preschool 3 says a week. Her teacher has said it is a shame that she will not be allowed to go to Kindergarten in the fall since she is at the top academically and maturity-wise. She is reading, spelling, and doing addition and subtraction. We plan on petitioning the school district and the school to see if she can be allowed in to school one year early. I am a former teacher and believe that if she tests in to kindergarten early then it was meant to be. If she isn't ready then she isn't ready. I was one of the oldest and my husband was the absolute youngest in our class. I have seen both ends of the spectrum.

Now if I had a child who had not attended preschool and did not show academic readiness I would not push the issue. Of course every parent will do what is best for their family. Good luck!

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Can't you just send her to a small, local pre-school, like at a church school for example? Our district is pretty strict about the K cut off dates. And since this is her first "school" experience, pre-school might be a good thing. I would say if she was in pre-school last year, have her tested but since she's never been to school, might be good to wait for K. Good luck!

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I have relatives and close friends who are teachers. One works with behavorial issues in younger children. They ALL say that it is WAY harder to be the youngest kid in the class than the oldest. They highly reccommend that you wait the time. Espcially when you say that she hasn't been to preschool, I would reccommend you wait - it will not hurt anything to wait. If I were you, I would enroll her in a preschool of some kind in the time between now and when she starts kindergarten.

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I think it really depends on your daughter. Is she very mature for her age? Does she already know the basics that should be known before entering school? How is she with other kids and being away from you?

My son will also miss the cut off next year but we are having him tested to have him enter early. I am certain that he is gifted and is so mature for his age. He works great with other kids and has no problem being away from us for long periods of time. I know he'll do great. If my daughter who is now in 1st grade would have been in this situation, I would have had her wait. She's also very bright and does great in school but I don't think she would have been able to handle it as well as I know my son would.

The kids have to be tested educationally and also by a Psychologist to see if they are emotionally ready too. They won’t allow you to put your daughter in if they don’t feel she won’t make it. You could always test her and go from there. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Hi J., when my boy's started school our cut off date was December 1st, they both have fall birthdays so we went for it (we also had a half day kindergarten in a tiny Catholic School).

They've both done very well being young for their grade level.

But in hindsight, now that one is away at college and the other will graduate high school next year, I wonder, what's the big hurry? Almost wished I'd kept them home another year.

Here there are no state preschool programs, only private. The church related ones are usually shorter and less expensive, might be worth it to ask around. Or even a part time daycare seting has preschool classes.


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