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Coughing Three Year Old - Constant Wet Cough

Has anyone else child been coughing a lot here lately. My son and I for the last 3 weeks, has had nonstop coughing. I'm better with the help of prednisone, antibiotics, nebilizer treatments, and nazal spray. But my son on the other hand is still coughing. He also had drainage from his nose. He's been to the Pediatrician twice. The first time he thought it was just the croup/parainfluenza virus going around, and last week he went back again and he thought he had some antibiotic resistant staph infection/Staphylococcus because of the drainage coming from his nose (rhinitis). I'm a litle scared because he said staph. I've heard so much about staph. But yet my son was given another antibiotic, and still has this constant wet cough. He's winded if he's running around. I make him sit down to catch his breath. When sleeping sometimes he has this noisy breathing that frightens me to death, and then suddenly the noise stops just when I'm ready to take him to the Emergency room.
I have given him a decongestant, given him nebilizer treatments as well, I have used the salt water bulb syringe solution. To no avail he's still coughing. If he can tell me everything that's going on with him, it would be great, but he's only three. I only judge him by his symptoms. He rubs his ear, which his ears were fine last week, and he's coughing. Anyone else dealing with this?

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He's finally getting better. I noticed his breath was bad, so I took him back to the pediatrician, and let him look at him again. He said generally bad breath, and coughing is a sign of a sinus infection. He gave him another antibotic and it appears the cough is getting a lot better, and the bad breath is gone. Thanks for your many suggesttions. It took a lot of time for my family to get over this virus.

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My grandson just went thru this for over a month...he is now on Singular for allergis. He had a loose cough, a runny nose, but no fever or signs of an infection. He is much better since he has taken this medicine daily.
Keep a chart(for a week)as to when the symptoms are worse, in certain rooms??? foods??? etc which may rule in or out possible causes. Many children get under diagnosed when it comes to allergies (I was a school teacher for 10 years so saw this frequently). Hope this helps.

I would take him to see a Chiropractor. It is amazing how many problems can be caused by spinal misalignment (subluxation). This is also a drug free fix so you no mor meds to bandaid the problem.
Dr. Rich Reinhold on Shore Dr. has been treating my nephews for a while, and will treat my baby begining at birth!

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Oh yes, all of us in my house have had this for the past 2 weeks. You are doing all the right stuff, the only other thing I would add is to rub Vicks on the bottom of your childs feet and put socks over them. It seems to help my 5 year old a great deal...takes about 30 min to do. I do it in the morning and just before bed.

Hi S.,

My name is D. and I am a mother of 2 daughters. One is 27 the other is 25. So, I've seen a cough or two. If your son is pulling his ear, eventhough they were fine last week, they most likely have fluid in them. There is so much dust and pollen in the air it may be part of the cause. Most likely some form of allergy. Not sure about that, but keep w/the Dr. I just read an article that talks about the wonders of Vicks...yes, Vicks vaporub. The article went on to say, to stop a constant cough ( and get some rest from coughing ) rub Vicks on one's feet and then cover w/socks at bed time. Doesn't sound harmful so I might be prone to give it a try. A good night's rest for all well clear up a lot in the morning and help a tired mom face a new day. Not sure this was much help but... anything is better than nothing. My yougest daughter also had cough after cough growing up. At particularly bad times, I'd take her in our bathroom, close the door and run a steaming shower. The 2 of us just sat in the room until her cough settled down. Good luck, and remember this too shall pass.

Yes, my son is doing the same thinga dn has been off and on since September. I am quite sure it is allergy related. He seems better when he takes singulair. ALso, believe it or not it helps when we put VICKS on the soles of his feet (then put socks on) at bedtime. I know this sounds strange, but I had heard about it from a friend so I tried it and it does help him!

Have you gotten a second opinion???

My 2 year old son has had the same problem for probably a year now. His nose constantly runs and he also coughs. He'll stop couching for about 2 days and then start right back up again. Have you had your son's red blood count checked? My son was diagnosed with a low red blood count (anemia) when I took him to the ER for his coughing and running nose. The breathing problem they told me was because the red blood cells weren't carrying enough oxygen which is why he is always sick.

I'm seconding Dorothy here: get an evaluation for asthma. My six-year-old has had very similar symptoms, and that was the eventual diagnosis. BUT: if it is asthma, and the doc prescribes Pulmicort, be sure to ask him/her about recent FDA warnings that this could cause growth inhibition in small children. I've got my daughter's inhaler on my desk to ask her doc about this today.

BTW: ENTAA care (in Laurel and Columbia) is a pretty good ear,nose and throat specialty practice. --T. Content

I went through the same thing with my child who is now six, for several years it was the same course of treatment and cough medicines until one doctor suggested allergies. Ever since that day she has taken an allergy and asthma medicine and been fine. I start her in Oct. and end in May. Her only symptom was the post nasal drip which created the cough that wouldn't go away.

Hi -

Have you had him checked for viral-induced asthma? My son spent years up all night when he had coughs (and didn't cough at all or only very little during the day; although usually with runny nose). It was the nighttime, the virus, the lying down that triggered mild asthma attacks. He was never gasping for breath, but he would lose full nights of sleep just coughing and coughing (and it did sound kind of wet). Finally (he was already 7!!) we learned that it was asthma. When asked why I had never had him tested before, I explained that a) I had no idea that asthma could be triggered by regular colds and b) I had the same problem as a child and remember many nights spent coughing away.

A puffer works great and solves the problem right away for us. Good luck!!!!

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