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Continued Recurrence of Strep Throat in My 8 Year Old

My 8 year old daughter has gotten strep throat 4 times in the last 4 months. Has anyone had similar experiences? It doesn't seem right that we are off the anti biotics for a few weeks and then she gets sick again. Her pediatrician wants to see if she is "colonized" -- I guess they run the strep test the day after we finish the medicine. I would appreciate any insight or advice! Thanks.

C. Wright

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Thanks so much for all of your wonderful responses. I've waited to update you -- my entire family was tested, we were all negative. Thanks to your requests, I had my dog tested. She is the carrier! So, problem solved for now. Thanks for all of your help!

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My son is 8 now , but when he was six he had strep throat 8x's in 12 months. Dr was going to remove tonsils but we moved to another house and he didn't get it for a year. Don't know why he got it, just noticed that when we moved he didn't get it again 4 along time.

C., in highschool, I had this same problem for 8 months my junior year. I missed so much school that I went from a straight-A student to barely passing, I hardly ever left the house because I was sick so much, and all the antibiotics made me go from 125lbs to barely 100, and I was 5'9". My doctor finally took my tonsils out and I haven't had strep in 17 years. Treating the whole family is definitely the more palatable option, but just something to think about if that doesn't work.

Hi, C.: I only have experience of my own to share, and this was back in 1991, so things may have changed in the medical world.

I had strep several times a month for over a year. I finally had my tonsils removed, and that fixed everything. The constant strep was really debilitating, and I'm so glad to this day that I had the tonsils out.

--B. H.

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Hi, C.: I only have experience of my own to share, and this was back in 1991, so things may have changed in the medical world.

I had strep several times a month for over a year. I finally had my tonsils removed, and that fixed everything. The constant strep was really debilitating, and I'm so glad to this day that I had the tonsils out.

--B. H.

Hi C.,

My daughter was about that age when we went through the same thing. Our pediatrician finally treated the whole family with a heavy duty antibiotic and she got over it. He said that sometimes a family member is a carrier of the virus, but never really gets sick. He threatened to treat the dog next, as they can carry strep as well. The good news is that she did recover, grow up and is taking her Bar exam to be a lawyer today!!!

Good luck!

Many years ago, when my children had recurring strep throat infections, our pediatrician cultured our cats'throats. Two of them were positive so she gave them each an antibiotic. That took care of the problem!

My son gets strep throat a lot and has since he was three years old. I am having him tested tomorrow to see if he is a carrier but the doctor doesn't think he is because he has had negative strep tests. I understand that if the child has ever had a negative strep test, then they are not carriers.

Getting your child's tonsils out is supposed to be the thing that helps the most. We had our son's tonsils out and he didn't have strep for 14 months but he has had it this year, though not as bad.

The doctor also told us to have him wash his hands frequently. We also give our son Juice Plus which is an expensive vitamin that doesn't prevent him from getting sick but does help minimize any illness he gets.

I sure sympathize with you C.. Its a rough road especially if you're not a fan of antibiotics. I am also not a fan of the strep germ and the damage it can do to a child's heart so we take the antibiotics.

Hi C.,
Sorry to hear that your daughter is going through this. When I was young I kept getting strep throat over and over again and was told it was never actually cured probable what your doctor means Colonized. I got my tonsils removed and it was the best thing I could have done, I have not gotten strep throat again.
Good Luck and lots of popsicles!
T. Brown

sounds like she might need her tonsils out. Don't be timid about getting a second opinion with another doctor! And waiting to see if she is colonized is a good thing, she could have a bacteria that is resistant to the antibiotics she has been on. Find a doctor who is aggressive
in figuring out what's wrong.

Hi C.,
My heart goes out to you and your family. Having a sick child is emotionally and physically taxing on the child and parent. I have not had to go thru strep throat with either of my daughters yet, Thank goodness. I however struggled with frequent bouts of strep throat growing up and as an adult. My case was not as chronic as your daughters and no where near as bad as Trisha's was as stated in her response. I finally went to a ear, nose, and throat specialist when I was 24 y/o. I was told it was my choice, but the doctor highly reccommended that I have my tonsils removed. I choose to have them removed. The doctor told me recovery as an adult is much more difficult than in childhood or adolescence. Recovery was absolutly miserable. It took me 4 weeks to recover. A 19 y/o co-worker had his tonsils out shortly after me, he recovered in 2 weeks. My 11 y/o neice was back to school after 1 week. I absolutly do not regret having my tonsils removed, I wish I had done it sooner though. I am now 31 and have not had strep throat since my tonsils were removed. I felt better overall after having my tonsils removed. Chronic infections are taxing on the immune system. They can leave you feeling frequently fatigued and leave you more susceptible to other illnesses. If it comes down to having your daughters tonsils removed, I am an advocate of doing it sooner rather than later. Don't be afraid to ask your daughter's doctor lots of questions, request a 2nd opinion, or request to see a specialist. Doctor's are great resources, but they are not all knowing or perfect. You know your daughter better than anyone and are her best health advocate. I hope this helps! :0)

Your daughter is addicted to antibiotics. If you are using antibiotics continually, both the good and bad "biotics" are being destroyed! You need to do something that actually builds up your daughters natural defenses, her immunity needs to be buit up...have her eat lots of yogurt, make sure it has the LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES, or it doesn't do any good (plain is best, sweeten with honey and/or add fruit, yummy and better than pre-sweetend yogurt!), she needs to eat/drink fruits with antioxidents (blueberries, prunes, etc...), vitamin C, and alfalfa tincture also is great...have you thought about taking her to a homeopathic doctor? They NATURALLY can treat your baby, no side affects, and it really works...I suffered from constant sore throats and head aches...nothing worked until I went to a homeopath. My suggestion to you, get her away from the antibiotics, in this case, they do more harm than good... you should help her get her body to do the fighting. Good luck to you! If you need recommendation for a Homeopathic Dr, I know a good one in Lake Tahoe.

I have pretty much read everyones response and feel frustration about some of the answers you are getting. I know that our tonsils are an important defense mechanism. If we remove them then the body may then not be able to ward off deeper infections and you may end up with more bronchitis infections and even pneumonia. Why is everyone so quick to remove them.
The key is improving your immune system. Probiotics are key to restoring things after taking antibiotics. Lots of fluids and a diet high in alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables do a google on alkaline diets). Antioxidants to ward off the infections. Read up and know for yourself what the body needs holistically. Doctors just want to give drugs and cut and many have little knowledge of preventing the diseases we are ravaged with. Most of the foods we eat are so depleted.
Get some good vitamins. I get mine from Mannatech. They sell probiotics and have the important plant glyconutrients and phytonutrients needed for our bodies to communicate properly and heal.
You can learn more by going to www.mannapages.com/elainefoster and going to a site called glycostory.com (do it through google) and reading the testimonials. God has given us the tools in nature to combat the diseases we face everyday.
thanks Elaine (mother of 6 grandmother of 5)

I had the same thing with my now 8 year old son. It wasn't that he got strep throat a lot, but he would not get rid of it, so after numerous antibiotics (with no avail) they did an extensive throat culture at the lab and found out that he was a "carrier of the virus" huh? so I spoke to a family friend who is an ENT Dr. and he reassured me that it was correct and not that UNcommon, so long story short...tonsils out last year!that will most likely be your next course of action, good luck!!


Hello C.,
amazing to read your post today . my 4 years old kept having the strep throat for the past 3 years . it started as 4 times a year then the year after 7 times then last year 10 times .
we just had her tonsils and adenoids removed today cuz the Dr. is worried about the rheumatics fever .

actually all my kids were the same and we end up doing the same surgery to all of them around the same age is my little one who did it today .

i would tell the Dr. to send you to ENT and take a look at her tonsils .

good luck,

My son is 8 now , but when he was six he had strep throat 8x's in 12 months. Dr was going to remove tonsils but we moved to another house and he didn't get it for a year. Don't know why he got it, just noticed that when we moved he didn't get it again 4 along time.

C., in highschool, I had this same problem for 8 months my junior year. I missed so much school that I went from a straight-A student to barely passing, I hardly ever left the house because I was sick so much, and all the antibiotics made me go from 125lbs to barely 100, and I was 5'9". My doctor finally took my tonsils out and I haven't had strep in 17 years. Treating the whole family is definitely the more palatable option, but just something to think about if that doesn't work.

Yes! C., I feel your pain. My 12 year old has had strep 3 times since October, 4 different antibiotics, her throat is still swollen and uncomfortable and we were finally referred to an ENT for April. Ugh!

I don't have advice - but I can share in your frustration. :(

When my daughter was 15 she had recurrence of strep throat, I took her to a specialist down at Oaklands Childrens Hospital and he recommended having her tonsils out. I know this is not common these days....but we had it done. I know there is a big age difference between 8 & 15 so I don't know?? I would consider taking your child to a specialist if you haven't already done so.....Best of Luck.

Hi, I know you have already had a ton of responses, so I'll just say this. Pay special attention to the microbiologists answer and also check to see if someone in your house is a carrier. My husband's fam went through this same thing when he was an infant and everyone kept sharing it but he never got sick. They finally tested him and lo and behold, once they treated the whole family, they were all fine.

This past June my now 8 year old son had his tonsils removed due to reoccuring strept and tonsilitis. I have to say that my son was thrilled to have them removed, he is healther now then he has ever been.Talk to your Doctor about seeing an ENT and talking to them about this as well. I was told by my doctor that if a child has more than 4-5 cases in a year then they refer to the ENT to discuss different options. I myself was very nervous and not so sure about my son having his tonsils removed, but now that it has been done I am extremly happy and love watching my son be the healthy little boy that he was meant to be, this year at schoool he was awarded Perfect Attendance, which was NEVER possible before.

Strep is an interesting cootie. Did you know you can carry strep and not know you have it. So basiclly there is a chance that you are carrying it and giving it right back to your child. If strep goes untreated it can hurt other things in your body. Do ask your Dr about being tested. Also, I would love to know more about what colonized means. Please share as you find out more.
Hang in there.
W. Olmstead

Hi C. ~

I suffered from strep throat constantly when I was little also and even got to the point where I was sick on medication. They ended up removing my tonsils and I very rarely was sick after that. You should go in to an ear, nose and throat doctor instead of just using your peditrician at this point to see what their opinion might be on it. How awful for your daughter. I hope she is better soon.

C. G.


My best friends daughter just went through this. She got strep for the first time at 5 and then just continued to get it if someone just said the word strep near her. The test they are talking about it is the same basic strep test they are just checking to see if she is a carrier. In the end my friends daugther had her tonsils out last summer when she was 6. So far she has not been sick with anything major since. Also, my 26 year old brother in-law just had his tonsils out yesterday for the same reason. Very interesting. I think it is much simplier to deal with when you are a child. Good luck with it all.


Maybe you should think about taking her to the Ear, Nose , Throat doctor. My 2 year old son just had his tonsils out about 3 weeks ago. He is doing amazingly great right now!

i haven't delt with this but have with ear infections. they decided to put my step son on antibiotics for a year before they did tubes in his ears. i don't remember the details but i know it worked. good luck... and keep us updated, i'm sure there are many that have gone through this!

Hello C.

My husband had many occurrences of strep throat when he was younger so at about 8 years old, he had his tonsils removed. I believed he stopped getting strep throat. This of course was over 30 years ago. I don't know if this is option that doctors today consider. My son is not even 2 years old yet so I don't have current experience with it. I don't know if this will help but you could ask your doctor. Good luck!

Your situation is similar to, but more intense than, what I had with my oldest daughter. She would get strep every time there was a little stress at home - a holiday, birthday party, vacation, etc. And ear infections. So - sounds obvious but be sure she gets plenty of sleep, vitamins, the right foods. And keep her life on an even keel, same routines. Then it sounds like she is at least partly immune to the antibiotic she is getting, and perhaps another type should be used. Ask the pediatrician. Best wishes!
- F.

If this has been going on for more than these 4 months get her tonsils out now! My parents waited to get my tonsils out cuz they thoiught I'd grow out of it. I never did. My first year of college I had strep 8 times I think. Finally the doctor decided to take them out at 18 years old. It was the worst experience of my life. Where as my brother had his out at 6 and was better in 4 days and had no problems. If this continues get them out now, don't wait.

Be persistant with her doctor and ask questions. I wonder if she ever fully got rid of the original strep. You said she had it four times in four months but sounds like she just showed symptoms 3 more times and was treated 3 repeated times. Are they using the same medication every time? Have they done full cultures on it each time ? Is there anything you can do, feed or give her to boost her immune system during this time. I always gave my repeated ear infection daughters tons of fluids and encouraged lots of sleep to reduce other bodily stress. I know it is hard when they are tying to catch up from being sick like with school but they must rest extra. Maybe music and soft massage before bed while she falls asleep if she cannot sleep early like 8 or 9 pm. ~Also, some people recommend thinking about having her tonsils out ? Could ask the doc about that. Might be worth it. Either way, getting her in the top health and least stress will have her respond best to any treatment. ~smiles~
Good luck with it and I will pray for her ~ that also helps!!
Sincerely, D.

Have You considered An Alternative approach? Homeopathy can address these kinds of issues very gently and effectively. Children especially respond well. Any recurring illness such as this would benefit from Homeopathic treatment.I have had a great deal of success treating allergies Asthmas as well the recurring Strep. Peace, R. Gladstone C.C.H. ###-###-####

Hi C.,
Unfortunately my oldest daughter went through a similar situation with strep throat when she was about 10, she's almost 16 now.... the day after we would finish the antibiotics she would start getting sick again!!!! The doctor/s we saw concluded that tthe strep she ahd was resistant to any penicilliln/amoxicillin based drugs..it turned out the ONLY antibiotic that would knock it out was SULFA ...I don't know what antibiotics your daughter has taken but that is the only oral antibiotic that works for her..We were headed to having her tonsilis removed, two doctors wanted it, one said she would grow out of contracting strep so often...she hasn't had it in years now....good luck, try the SULFA

J. MIller
mom of two girls, ages 15 and 12

I had this problem when I was a kid -- for about 3 years I had constant strep infections. I finally saw an ear-nose-throat specialist who immediately took out my tonsils -- the next week after he saw me. That was a long time ago, but I would take her to an ear-nose-throat specialist if you haven't already.

C., I had this issue myself as a child and it wasn't resolved until I was an adult and I sought advice from someone other than my regular physician/pediatrician.

Take your daughter to an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) doctor for help. They specialize in this type of infection and can give you a more permanent cure, and some better insight into your daughters sinus and throat health.

Time to try alternative care along with your regular pediatricians advice. You need to raise your child's immune system so that she can fight off the infections.

Hi C.!

My almost 7 year old son went through a similar situation. He got strep, he took the antibiotics, 4 days later he came down with the symptoms again, we took him back to the doctor, they gave him a stronger prescription, as soon as he was done taking the antibiotics for the 10 days, 4 days later the symptoms came back. But this time we took him to an acupuncturist. He did get some acupuncture and they gave us some Chinese herbs to take for 5 days. The strep has not returned!

I would suggest Chinese medicine over western medicine for anything now! I am a believer! I hope it works for you. Let me know how it goes!

Good luck, L.

Hey C.!

That sounds just like me! I used to get strep every couple of weeks and it got more and more frequent until they finally took my tonsils out. I was in 3rd grade when I had the surgery and it wasn't too bad, but I sapped it for all it was worth. My teacher was very helpful with homework while I was out because he new it would mean fewer missed days down the road. I am now 31 and I think I have only had strep once since then!

Hope this helps!

D. and Layla-age 2

Hi C.,

Before you resort to extremes of surgery, these would be the things I would do.

First, I would give my child probiotics (after antibiotics, the intestinal system has been cleared of ALL bacteria - even the friendly kinds - then the 'bad' kinds proliferate and go crazy, leaving the body's immune system in a weakened state) - probiotics puts the good stuff back in and creates a balance again).

Then, I would work on building the immune system - I would diffuse certain essential oils to help purify the air - everyone would benefit from breathing as this also can help the immune system 'aromatically' (thus the name aromatherapy), I would also work with a product called 'Silver Shield' ( http://www.mynsp.com/morethanherbs (I can send you specific 'how-to's' if you like). I would also be careful about my child eating sugars.

You may email me at ____@____.com for particulars.


Certified Newborn Massage Instructor
Certified CARE Instructor
Board Certified Raindrop Specialist
Essential Oil & Herb Specialist

My nine year old grandaughter had the same problem. After numerous visits to doctors, missing school and constantly being on antibiotics, my daughter in law insisted the doctor look at removing her tonsils. After her insistence the doctor finally said it probably was the right decision. Since removing her tonsils and adenoids she hasn't had the problem at all. I know doctors don't like to hear this but it solved her problem. She hasn't had antibiotics since.

Please be very careful about strep throat. You need to make sure to that this gets resolved and all medications are taken properly.
My husband had to have a kidney transplant @ the age of 30. The doctors say because of untreated strep throat and the bacteria can sit in the kidneys for 15 to 20 years before you can see the damage..I'm not trying to scare you but stay aware. Wishing you well.

Hi. Have you tried changing her toothbrush after each time? Maybe disinfect your home. I know that sounds crazy but my daughter lived with her father for many years and always had bouts of strep, but as soon as she came to live with me, she never had strep again.

I concur with several other responses. Go to an ENT and follow his advice.

My 19 year old son had his tonsils removed and ended up back in the hospital due to dehydration, which his doctor says is common in older patients (imagine 19 being old!), and 3 weeks recovery. As a child I had recurrent strep throat that "hid", and it was only after having my tonsils removed that they discovered the scar tissue on the back of the tonsils from all the problems. It was a 1 week recovery and really improved my health.

Tonsils can harbor infection, and if your ENT recommends removal, it is worth the pain and effort in the long run. Good luck!


You can try the colonization thing that may hit it, but a friend had the same thing going on with two of her 4 kids and they finally tested the whole family at the same time and found that the Dad was a carrier and while not getting sick kept giving to all the kids.

My oldest son always seemed to get strep throat when no one else did. Does your daughter bite her nails? It turned out that my son kept gettng re-infected because he would pick up the germs under his nails and when he would bite his nails he would get strep all over again. It took us several years before a new doctor looked at us as asked does he bite his nails and we said yes, we were able to get him to stop biting his nails and the strep stopped. I dont know if you have the same situation, but it is worth looking into. Good Luck

HI C. I hope your daughter doing ok. You know when my daughter got sick I was so tired about the medicine and my sister recommend me to try the echinacea with golden seal you can get it at the GNC vitamines center or Mollie Stone's, try it. Could be a little slow but it works and for adults too. Good luck !!!

Hi C.,

Awe! I feel for your daughter!! Strep throat is horrible! Hopefully this is just a fluke and she does not have it every year! I have been lucky enough with my own children, knock on wood, that they have not had strep throat yet. HOWEVER, as a child I had it constantly, to the point where at least once a year I was hospitalized. This went on from the time I was about 11 until I was 25! Here is my experience...

Literally every year I would get strep throat a couple times and at least one time end up in the hosp. It was pretty much a given that this would happen to me. My parents debated if they should have my tonsils surgically removed or not, and decided against it because my parents we EXTREMELY over protective and couldn't bear to see me go into surgery, and hoped it would get better. It never did. It was horrible for me because I was so sick all the time! I think I was an extreme case though because I would get it so bad that it would literally start to close up my throat to the point of trouble breathing and I would even spit out my saliva. I would have to have them drained and get fluids due to dehydration. (sorry to be somewhat graphic, but strep is a very nasty sickness)

So needless to say this continued, as I said before, from age 11 until age 25. At 25, my dr. told me this was just getting ridiculous at it was time to have them completely removed. I wasn't scared, to be honest, I was more thankful to hopefully be done with it. So, the day of surgery, I went in and they bring me down to the operating room. They had me count backwards from 10. I think I only made it to 7, because that is all I remember. When I woke up, I will say the pain in my throat was excrutiating, (but again I was 25) I could not talk, but again I was only thinking how much better I would be. It took me about a month to feel better. But now, I VERY RARELY get sick! It was so completely worth it. I can't even tell you how great it is not to go into the hoso every year! Now the only time I've been in the hosp. is to have my beautiful babies!! -which is a much better pain! :)

That is my experience... but now if you are looking for that type of answer and are just looking for how to make her feel better at the moment... have her gargle with warm salt water often as she can, drink as much water as she can (although through my experience this was tough) sometimes a straw helps (but not alot), definately watch out for dehydration! Follow the dr's med's, and maybe give her some tylenol. to help with the pain and swelling.

Now for me, I am allergic to Penicillin, but none of the other med's that were prescribed helped me. Nothing really helped me until I had them removed. Hopefully, like I said, this is a fluke and she does not get it every year, but for me, having my tonsils removed was the best thing I ever did for myself!!! For me it was the key!

Anyway, just wanted to share my own experience. I hope this helps a little. Good luck, I know how horrible strep is and I feel for your daughter!! I hope she feels better!!


Ps.. feel free to contact me if you need any other information

My son had it tree times in a row last summer. Make sure you throw out all toothbrushes and toothpaste - don't share toothpaste - don't store them next to each other, put her toothbrush in the dishwasher at night to disinfect. General house disinfecting might be in order.

Is anyone else in the family a 'carrier'?

This happens all the time in a certain percentage of people, so don't freak out!

My friend had it 3 times in a row and her 2 children had it 4 times. Turned out the father who never had symptoms was the carrier. Once the whole family was put on anti biotics everything was fine.

Hi C., I wasn't going to respond until I noticed no one had suggesed this. Strep can live on her toothbrush or anything she might reuse such as a bathroom drinking cup. My Grandson who is 8 just had his tonsils out last year. He also had recurrent strep. This year he has not had one sore throat. However the experience is painful and they send you home right after with a paper towel. Be sure to put a whole roll in the car as she will spit up alot of blood the first 3 hours or so. Make sure you have someone to sit with her in the backseat as she will need assistance and comfort. Best of luck and I hope a new toothbrush is the cure!

I had the same problem at her age. The solution was to stop treating the illness with antibiotics. Try another form of medicine that cures the illness instead of suppressing it.

We had a 'carrier' in our family too. My daughter and I kept getting sick, but not my husband or my two sons. When they tested the whole family one of my son's test was positive, and even though he wasn't 'sick' we treated him with antibiotics and my daughter and I got better. I encourage you to test the whole household.

I had strep from Oct. through Jan. last winter. They prescribed three different antibiotics. Each time, I would improve and then the strep would return. I tried getting rid of my toothbrushes and lipsticks but it would still come back. They finally gave me one that they don't normally use for strep and that did it.

My daughter use to get strep all the time when she was younger come to find out she had mono. Has your daughter been tested? Just a suggestion.

Hi C.,

When I was I child I got strep often. I would take the antibiotics but would also gargle with salt water. This helped clean the tonsils. An advice nurse or the doctor should be able to give you the correct amount of salt to water. When I was in collage I did end up getting mono and my tonsils removed but I am not sure it is related.

3 of my 4 children had their tonsils out due to repeated strep. My youngest had hers out last year at age 7-she turned 8 just a couple days after the surgury. She's had one case of strep since, but the ENT said her tonsils were gross. I was second guessing the surgury on our way there, but the ENT assured me we had done the right thing. The surgury is quick but painful. However, the healing time is pretty minimual and the result of not getting strep so often is well worth it. My middle daughter had hers out when she was 4 because she was a carrier and then my oldest daughter had hers out 5 months later at age 12 because she ended up being a carrier. I had mine out at 31 and I've only had 2 cases of strep since-I'm now 45. I would ask for a referral to an ENT. I didn't even have to beg for my kids to have theirs out like I had to beg for myself. The younger the better-pain is more manageable at a younger age. Good luck.

when i was younger, up until about half way through high school, i would get strep throat several times a year. every time i came down with it, my grandfather would tell me to gargle with a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide (like a capfull or less) and three parts water. i always refused because the thought of it disgusted me (stubborn teenager was more the case!) well, one week i KNEW i was coming down with it again because i had had it so many times, and a high school dance was coming up that weekend that i wasn't about to miss. knowing that would be the case if i told my mother, i broke down and took my grandpa's advice, and tried his peroxide remedy. it worked. not only did it work within 1-2 days, but i am proud to say that it cured me because i am now 36 and still to this day have not gotten strep throat again since then! good luck to you & your daughter with this issue, because i know personally how miserable she is with this!

This happened to one of my children several years ago. My internist suggested that we have the whole family tested to see if someone was "carrying" it without developing symptoms. My pediatrician was very skeptical and didn't think we would find anything. Sure enough, one of my other kids tested positive as well and we treated both. The strep was finally gone. The child who tested positive wasn't sick at all but the strep had just found a place to live and spread without causing harm to that child.

When I was younger, I seemed to always have strep, but have since discovered a possibility of why this was-I would go out of the house for school while my hair was still wet. I wouldn't so much be cold but the wind on my hair may have been why. I do not get strep so easily now, but if I did there are other reasons that I would think would be the cause because of events from past.

Sounds like she might be what they used to call a 'carrier' for strep. She may grow out of it. I did. I had strep constantly as did my sister. Don't have her tonscels taking out however. That could just lead to the infections going lower (bronchitis).

My concern would be all the anti biotics. Put a lot of pro biotics in her diet so that you aren't stripping here of them. She may be developing a resistance to all the antis.


When I was a child I went through the same thing and my mom was going through the same frustration as you! Come to find out I had severe allergies and had to have the prick tests to find out what I was allergic to and than shots. Because my allergies were so bad I would get the post nasal drip that would irritate my throat and somehow cause the infection. Have they tried changing antibiotics? Good luck and she will be in our prayers. C.

Do you own any pets, when I was little I kept getting sick.
They realized that I was sharing germs with the family dog, who didn't show any signs of having it, but would keep passing it back to me. Plus make sure you change her toothbrush,

Well C., I am pretty sure you have plenty of advice, but I wanted to comment on some of the advice. I am no doctor, but having studied microbiology, I can tell you the bacteria (not virus, mind you, big difference) that cause strep throat (Streptococcus pyogenes) grows/multiplies (or "colonizes") very fast and it literally "sticks" to the lining of the throat so that the immune system is either confused or just can't deal. I've read that 5-15% of the general public carries this little guy around with them with little or no problems, so it's probably a good idea to get the fam (and yes, maybe even pets) checked to see if you need a whole family treatment. Also, the one about the nail biting is good advice, too...we swabbed under the fingernails in micro class, and it is not pretty under there! Wash your hands lol!

It sounds like you need to have her tonsils out, has your doc suggested that yet? My husband had the exact same problem as a child, having his tonsils removed stopped the infections completely. Good luck!

Hi, C.! This may sound odd, but it has been a lifesaver for us. At the first indication of sore throat, put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into each ear (give it a few minutes in the first ear before going to the next). It should fizzle a bit...she might even say it tickles. There is a theory that some of these infections work their way in from the ear, and this treatment has stopped them in their tracks with my kids. I hope this helps...if nothing else, her ears will be really clean!

Hi C.,

My nine year old had strep 8 times last year. We were pulling our hair out trying to figure out how she kept getting strep. We finally tested the whole family. Two out of my four kids were "asymptomatic carriers" of strep and my husband tested positive for strep. It wasn't until we treated everyone for strep that she started to get well. We did have her tonsils out this summer because they were so large they were touching or called "kissing tonsils". So far so good...no strep this year. I would look into having your family tested and go from there. Good luck.


Make sure she gets "pro-biotics" in her when taking anti-biotics. Get the one in the health food store. She needs her good bacteria that gets destroyed by the antibiotics.

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