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Continued Recurrence of Strep Throat in My 8 Year Old

My 8 year old daughter has gotten strep throat 4 times in the last 4 months. Has anyone had similar experiences? It doesn't seem right that we are off the anti biotics for a few weeks and then she gets sick again. Her pediatrician wants to see if she is "colonized" -- I guess they run the strep test the day after we finish the medicine. I would appreciate any insight or advice! Thanks.

C. Wright

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Thanks so much for all of your wonderful responses. I've waited to update you -- my entire family was tested, we were all negative. Thanks to your requests, I had my dog tested. She is the carrier! So, problem solved for now. Thanks for all of your help!

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My son is 8 now , but when he was six he had strep throat 8x's in 12 months. Dr was going to remove tonsils but we moved to another house and he didn't get it for a year. Don't know why he got it, just noticed that when we moved he didn't get it again 4 along time.

C., in highschool, I had this same problem for 8 months my junior year. I missed so much school that I went from a straight-A student to barely passing, I hardly ever left the house because I was sick so much, and all the antibiotics made me go from 125lbs to barely 100, and I was 5'9". My doctor finally took my tonsils out and I haven't had strep in 17 years. Treating the whole family is definitely the more palatable option, but just something to think about if that doesn't work.

Hi, C.: I only have experience of my own to share, and this was back in 1991, so things may have changed in the medical world.

I had strep several times a month for over a year. I finally had my tonsils removed, and that fixed everything. The constant strep was really debilitating, and I'm so glad to this day that I had the tonsils out.

--B. H.

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Hi, C.: I only have experience of my own to share, and this was back in 1991, so things may have changed in the medical world.

I had strep several times a month for over a year. I finally had my tonsils removed, and that fixed everything. The constant strep was really debilitating, and I'm so glad to this day that I had the tonsils out.

--B. H.

Hi C.,

My daughter was about that age when we went through the same thing. Our pediatrician finally treated the whole family with a heavy duty antibiotic and she got over it. He said that sometimes a family member is a carrier of the virus, but never really gets sick. He threatened to treat the dog next, as they can carry strep as well. The good news is that she did recover, grow up and is taking her Bar exam to be a lawyer today!!!

Good luck!

Many years ago, when my children had recurring strep throat infections, our pediatrician cultured our cats'throats. Two of them were positive so she gave them each an antibiotic. That took care of the problem!

My son gets strep throat a lot and has since he was three years old. I am having him tested tomorrow to see if he is a carrier but the doctor doesn't think he is because he has had negative strep tests. I understand that if the child has ever had a negative strep test, then they are not carriers.

Getting your child's tonsils out is supposed to be the thing that helps the most. We had our son's tonsils out and he didn't have strep for 14 months but he has had it this year, though not as bad.

The doctor also told us to have him wash his hands frequently. We also give our son Juice Plus which is an expensive vitamin that doesn't prevent him from getting sick but does help minimize any illness he gets.

I sure sympathize with you C.. Its a rough road especially if you're not a fan of antibiotics. I am also not a fan of the strep germ and the damage it can do to a child's heart so we take the antibiotics.

Hi C.,
Sorry to hear that your daughter is going through this. When I was young I kept getting strep throat over and over again and was told it was never actually cured probable what your doctor means Colonized. I got my tonsils removed and it was the best thing I could have done, I have not gotten strep throat again.
Good Luck and lots of popsicles!
T. Brown

sounds like she might need her tonsils out. Don't be timid about getting a second opinion with another doctor! And waiting to see if she is colonized is a good thing, she could have a bacteria that is resistant to the antibiotics she has been on. Find a doctor who is aggressive
in figuring out what's wrong.

Hi C.,
My heart goes out to you and your family. Having a sick child is emotionally and physically taxing on the child and parent. I have not had to go thru strep throat with either of my daughters yet, Thank goodness. I however struggled with frequent bouts of strep throat growing up and as an adult. My case was not as chronic as your daughters and no where near as bad as Trisha's was as stated in her response. I finally went to a ear, nose, and throat specialist when I was 24 y/o. I was told it was my choice, but the doctor highly reccommended that I have my tonsils removed. I choose to have them removed. The doctor told me recovery as an adult is much more difficult than in childhood or adolescence. Recovery was absolutly miserable. It took me 4 weeks to recover. A 19 y/o co-worker had his tonsils out shortly after me, he recovered in 2 weeks. My 11 y/o neice was back to school after 1 week. I absolutly do not regret having my tonsils removed, I wish I had done it sooner though. I am now 31 and have not had strep throat since my tonsils were removed. I felt better overall after having my tonsils removed. Chronic infections are taxing on the immune system. They can leave you feeling frequently fatigued and leave you more susceptible to other illnesses. If it comes down to having your daughters tonsils removed, I am an advocate of doing it sooner rather than later. Don't be afraid to ask your daughter's doctor lots of questions, request a 2nd opinion, or request to see a specialist. Doctor's are great resources, but they are not all knowing or perfect. You know your daughter better than anyone and are her best health advocate. I hope this helps! :0)

Your daughter is addicted to antibiotics. If you are using antibiotics continually, both the good and bad "biotics" are being destroyed! You need to do something that actually builds up your daughters natural defenses, her immunity needs to be buit up...have her eat lots of yogurt, make sure it has the LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES, or it doesn't do any good (plain is best, sweeten with honey and/or add fruit, yummy and better than pre-sweetend yogurt!), she needs to eat/drink fruits with antioxidents (blueberries, prunes, etc...), vitamin C, and alfalfa tincture also is great...have you thought about taking her to a homeopathic doctor? They NATURALLY can treat your baby, no side affects, and it really works...I suffered from constant sore throats and head aches...nothing worked until I went to a homeopath. My suggestion to you, get her away from the antibiotics, in this case, they do more harm than good... you should help her get her body to do the fighting. Good luck to you! If you need recommendation for a Homeopathic Dr, I know a good one in Lake Tahoe.

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