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Climbing Out of Pack N Play

My 2 yo started climbing out of her pack 'n play on our latest trip. She only got a small bump on the chin, but she was getting into things that could have been hazardous. Other than sitting in her room until she falls asleep (almost 2 hours last night!), how can I keep her in her bed. She has a crib tent at home and is definitely not yet ready for a big bed. I don't want to stop visiting the grandparents and taking other great trips!

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There is actually a tent for the pack and play made by the same company that makes the crib tent. I don't know how often you use the pack and play if that would be a good investment for you. Good luck!

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I think the issue is that she can get into things when you visit the grandparents. It's time to kid-proof the room she is staying in. If she climbs out, she is ready for a big girl bed and all the responsibility that comes with it.

Explain to the grandparents that she is a curious child and that you need to empty that room of anything she shouldn't be getting into. I'm sure they will be accommodating. If they aren't then you'll have to bring the crib tent and tent her in.

I would put her on the floor in a sleeping bag... with her brother. My two always loved sleeping on the floor at Nana's.


if she's climbing out, she's ready to move on from the pack and play, whether you want to put her in a big bed or not. and no way should you stop taking great trips! child-proof her sleeping area and put her in a sleeping bag, and just check on her frequently (to re-bag her) until she falls asleep.

There is actually a tent for the pack and play made by the same company that makes the crib tent. I don't know how often you use the pack and play if that would be a good investment for you. Good luck!

When we would travel with our kids at that age we would take a small aerobed for them to sleep on on the floor. They loved it. If they wander at night, which our oldest would do, then perhaps they can sleep with you or your husband. My husband and oldest daughter would have "sleepovers" together when on vacation and would sleep together on the aerobed. It was a treat that she always enjoyed and made trips that much more special.

Why do you say she's not ready for a big bed? If your daughter is climbling out of her crib or pack 'n play, its time to get her out of it. My daughter was 2 when she climbed out of her crib, and for safety issues, I put her in a toddler bed. As for travelling, my mom bought an air mattress that's just the right size for her. I think she got it at One Step Ahead. When you go to the grandparents, put a gate up in the room and let her sleep on the air mattress.

She's probably not too comfy in a pack n play at the age of two. I would start her in the big girl bed at home. twin size or bigger. she'll get out and you will have to be firm about bedtime. eventually you'll have to do this and it makes traveling a litte easier because you don't have to drag along a pack n play. All 3 of my girls were in a big girl bed right at the age of two. They actually slept better once they were on a real mattress. Maybe grandma could purchase baby gate for your visit and together you could childproof the room she stays in. Good luck.

I know how you feel. My 2 year old started to do it over Thanksgiving while we were visiting great-grandma and family. There wasn't alot we could do but let him learn that he will get hurt crawling out of the PackNPlay. I know you don't want to do that with your little princess, probably. Although they probably do make a tent to go on the packnplays. You might see, however don't underestimate her readiness to go to a big girl bed. I didn't want to believe that my son was ready for a big boy bed but he got moved into one when he was 25 months old and haven't really had a problem. Then again I also walked in on him trying to jump off of his diaper changer so, (hahah boys will be boys), just don't underestimate her.

Good luck!

I have the tent for the pack n play and a PeaPod, which is like a mini-tent that zips from the outside only. You can find them at amazon.com for around $50. Phil and Ted's also makes a similar product that is probably bigger. If you anticipate resistance from your child of being zipped in something like that, then you can practice at home before the next trip. This will at least buy you some time until she's big enough to be trusted in a room alone.

You can also consider getting a video baby monitor if you don't already have one. We have had ours for over 2 years and have used it traveling all over. It has helped us keep an eye on our children when they are sleeping in another room, even on trips. I have caught ours a couple of times mid-climb.

Good luck!

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