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Climbing Out of Pack and Play

We went on vacation over the weekend and found out our daughter can climb out of her pack and play. We actually had to lay with her in the bed until she fell asleep which took an hour and 1/2 one night and an hour the next. She doesn't crawl out of her crib yet (knock on wood). We are planning another trip in April. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get her to sleep without laying with her for hours? We most likely won't take the pack and play since she'll climb out of it anyway. She's never particularly liked it either.

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Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions on how to handle my daughter climbing out of her pack and play. She really hasn't attempted to climb out of her crib yet so we are going to wait on transitioning her to a toddler bed. We have decided to get her a blow up type of toddler bed for our vacation at the end of April. Thanks again for everyone's input!

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There is a product called CozyKids or something like that- it's a mesh netting arch that goes over the crib and the pack and play (you have to get two of them). If you google "crib tent" or "pack and play tent" it usually pops up. My friend ordered it from WalMart.com but I think Amazon has it as well. There are other options for travel- PeaPod travel bed and Phil and Ted's travel bed- both are air mattresses with tent coverings and the child is zipped in. Good luck!

My daughter used to be the same way! I put her in a toddler bed and gave her a special blanket, and told her that it was her very own special big girl bed! We were in a house and/or condo so she had a room that she slept in, so we blocked her in with baby gates! If you are in a hotel room sometimes you can rent cribs, but it will be harder to get her to fall asleep. since you will be in the room with her! I hope this helps!

Depending on where you are going, you may be able to rent a crib. Many hotels have cribs and if you're going to a resort destination you may find a company that provides rental equipment. Good luck.

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Our daughter is almost two and when she started climbing out of her crib we switched to a toddler bed. We didn't want to take the chance that she would climb out with us not around and get hurt. It will take a few nights and tries, but what you might have to do is put your daughter down in a toddler bed and if she gets up or fusses, go right back in and lay her down. On Supernanny, they use the 1st time, say, "it's time for bed, I love you"...2nd time, "It's time for bed"(again, putting the child back in ther bed)...after that you say nothing and just keep putting the child back in their bed. It worked for us, and I hope I helped in some way. Good Luck!

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My twin boys began climbing out of their cribs very earl on. So I bought a mesh crib tent (sold by OneStepAhead. It securely fastens to the top of the crib and has a zipper to open and close it, with a tiny pocket on the outside to tuck the zipper pull into so little finger cannot manipulate it. My boys are very crafty and they never could figure out how to open the tents. They are very high, so toddlers can still stand up and even jump up and down in their cribs without touching the top. It works beautifully. If you can take a crib with you on your next trip, or better yet, rent one where you are going, you can then take the tent with you and attach it. It is easy to install and 100% safe if properly installed. I have rented cribs on trips myself and they will deliver the cribs to the place where you are staying and they will also pick it up when you are finished with it. If you are staying in a hotel, hotels offer cribs as well. Here are links for the crib tent and for crib rentals (and a whole slew of other baby rentals):

Crib Tent http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/search.jsp?N=0&Nt...

Crib Rental:

There are hundreds of rental places for cribs and other stuff. So I would just do a google search for one in the area you are visiting.

I hope I was helpful. I have traveled a lot with my twin boys and have tried just about everything (including trying to keep them in pack n plays and laying with them until they fall asleep. At one point, I switched to a small tent with blow-up kiddie beds for each of them. I hung a battery powered night lite in the top of the tent and locked the tent zippers on the outside. It was their own little portable bedroom and they LOVED it. I even played soft music outside the tent to soothe them. But, of course, you have to be somewhere a tent will fit (large living room or bedroom). It worked for me most places, and where it didn't... I rented cribs. My boys were doing summersaults from one pack n play to the other and cracking themselves up. It was very frustrating.

Hi there! I have a daughter who is almost 3 and a son who will be 1 tomorrow. We moved our daughter to a full size bed when she was about 1 1/2 since we knew that we would be needing the crib for our son. She got to "help" paint her new room and watched us moving the furniture in, etc so she was very excited about her new room. She also has lots of stuffed animails in there so she had "friends" close by too. :) Anyway, we also started using a reddybed (inflatable kids bed) when we were away from home. She never had any trouble. Reddybeds are great because they're all ready on the floor- you don't have to worry about them falling out. Ours is a toddler version which has little bumpers on the sides. We also set up the reddybed in our living room and let her wallow in it before we took our first outing so that it would not be new to her. If she is able to crawl out of the pack n play then my thought is that she's probably ready for a "big girl" bed. Our daughter also got to help pick out the reddybed so it had a theme that she liked and that helped with her being excited to try out somethig new. I've seen some reddybeds on craigslist, but we got ours at Costco- so they're not too hard to find if you decide to go that route. The biggest benefit that we saw from the reddybed is that it is SO much easier to transport than the pack n play!!! Good luck!! :)

I am a mother of 4 and you are about to embark on another stage of parenting. At this age you should be transitioning her to a toddler bed. This will get her use to sleeping in a bed while visiting others. Make it a fun time and talk about being a "big kid". Get one with a rail to help her stay in at first. I would suggest NOT laying down with her at home from the start or you will find yourself in their every night. Have patience with this stay as they will now have the freedom to come out of the room at night. Good Luck

they have pack n plays with lids. other than that get her good and tired and then lay with her.

My daughter started climbing out of her crib when she was about 11 or 12 months old. I did not have a pack in play, but I did have the old style play pins with her and she would climb out of that as well. If this was the first time that you had stayed in a hotel or traveled she might have been scared of the new place and wanted to be by her parents. You could try reading a book, singing a song, rocking her a little, or giving her a warm bath before you put her to bed when you travel. Also, you could move the pack n play closer to your bed so that she feels more comfortable and giving her something from home would also help with the comfort. When put our daughter in a toddler bed she was almost 2yrs old. She stayed in it all night long and did not get up. Another thing that we did when we traveled was (since we did not have a pack n play) get a room with double beds and give her, her own bed with pillows all around her. She will feel more independent this way. We did this with our daughter since she was 5 1/2 months old. She never fell off the bed once because of the pillows. The hotel will always give you extra pillows and blankets if you ask for them. You can even put some pillows on the floor around her just incase she would happen to fall off the bed she would be hitting some cushion. Well, I hope that all the advice that you have been given works out for you.

Good Luck!

I think a crib tent is the way to go. My sister has a climber in her daycare. I bought her a tent for the little boy's pack in play and he does well with it. He sleeps great with my sister, but he climbs out of his toddler bed all night when he's with his parents. Good luck.

Depending on where you are going, you may be able to rent a crib. Many hotels have cribs and if you're going to a resort destination you may find a company that provides rental equipment. Good luck.

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