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Hi guys,

My two boys have very popular names and I hear them everywhere! I named my son Aiden before it got popular and really loved the name, but now I hear aiden, jayden, brayden all the time. I named my second son Joshua which I knew was a popular name at the time, but didn't realize that would mean I would hear it all the time, since I never heard of another Aiden until my son turned 3! I feel embarrassed sometimes saying their names in public, especially when I hear others who have named their children unique or not so popular names. Anyone else in the same boat? I'm worried my kids are going to hate their names :( if not while they are in school, maybe when they are older.



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My oldest is Braeden. It was not even in the top 100 when he was born, now it's #36 or something. We call him Brady for short. It's very helpful at the park. Not too many Brady's out there. My second is Graham. I had never heard another person with that name under the age of 40 until last week when an old high school friend of mine had his second son and named him Graham. It's not embarrassing. It just means we all have good taste!

When I was in school I was one of FIVE K.'s in my class. It never bothered me one bit. If he's picky and doesn't like it, have him go by his middle name or a nickname instead, but let him choose if he does that or not!

hi N.,
let me say that i did the same as you in naming my children. joshua, jeremy and stacy. after hearing others with the same names over the years i have never heard any of them complain about their names whatsoever. they are now 26, 23 and 20 years old. so long as you think nothing of it they're likely not to think anything of it either. take care.

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They are great names, don't even think about it. Who cares what other people named their kid. They are your kids and they have names you like.

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What's done is done. I grew up with the name R. and hated it my whole life I always wanted to be a common name even when I was really young. I used to say call me Lori. What's even worse I just found out about a month ago that my mom really wanted to name me Julia. Now I'm really ticked. But there is nothing I can do about it. I named my son Jack (after my grandfather) and a year later a family member on my husbands side named her son the same. My daughter is Natalie and not too common yet but I'm sure it will come around. The thing that drives me most crazy with her name is when people pronounce it like nadley. One thing you could try is nick names to separate your boys from others with the same name.I think we always want what we don't have but we live with it anyway. So cheer up your kids would probably be unhappy no matter what. One more note, my son Jack gets upset because they call him Jack S. Try saying it real fast.

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hi N.,
let me say that i did the same as you in naming my children. joshua, jeremy and stacy. after hearing others with the same names over the years i have never heard any of them complain about their names whatsoever. they are now 26, 23 and 20 years old. so long as you think nothing of it they're likely not to think anything of it either. take care.

I named my twelve year old daughter, Kiana. I now hear Kiana quite often but spelled different ways. My son's name is Niko. It's not so popular in the states but pretty popular in Europe. I'm expecting to hear that name more in the near future. Your kids have very nice names, popular or not. Be proud that you chose such great names :) They names that are popular now will not be popular in the future. FOr example, R. was a popular name in the 60's and 70's, yet you hardly hear it now. :)

N., stop beating yourself up, this is better than if they had really strange or embarrassing names! I was born in 1968 when the name J. was popluar, my 2 best friends growing up were also J.'s, 3 other good friends were J.'s, there was even another J. down the street with the same first, middle and last name as me. Anyway, to this day I am still good friends with most of the J.'s that have been in my life forever and we just go by last names. My maiden name is Schwartz so even though I and my friend's have been married forever, we just call each other by our maiden last names...no biggie. My brother Steve and hubby is Mike, of course they also have many friends with the same name and again, we just call all of the Steve's and Mike's by their last name as well.
All I can say is they will be grateful you didn't name them something really funky. Lighten up on yourself!

My kids are Andrew, Elizabeth and Emily. I love that there names are regular. We call Elizabeth, Libby. Andrew is Andrew, not Andy or Drew. And Emily also uses her middle name. She is Emily Kate to separate her from other all the other Emilys. I grew up with a common name, K., and sometimes I liked it and sometimes I didn't. If you can tell your kids why you named them and how much you loved the names you picked for them they will love them too. Elizabeth and Emily Kate were named after a great grandma (First and middle) Andrew was a name we loved and his middle name is his father's first. I love your boy's names (Joshua was on our list too!) Just help them be proud of who they are!!!


Most kids love common names and don't like to have an unusual name. 2 of my grandsons have names that became very popular after they had them - Mitchell and Jacob. Jacob even became the #1 most popular boys' name - who would've thought? I have a less common name and have always disliked it and wished I had a popular name, and I'm in my 60's! In fact, I never use my full legal name unless I have no choice. My grandson had 3 kids in his class with the same name and it really helped him feel included when he moved to that school.

I named my first daughter Emma. I knew I would name her that after my great grandmother when I was a little girl. I then named my twins Jack and Addison. Jack was after my husband's grandfather and Addie just because we liked the name. Then came Addison from Grey's anatomy. I hear their names all the time!!! Emma has two other girls with the same name in her preschool. I wouldn't change their names for anything. All of their names are special to us. You named your children what they are for a reason. Who cares what other people name their children?

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