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Chemical Smelling Odor in My House

I keep having a strong odor in my home. It usually occurs late in the day when it gets hot. The odor seems to be more of a chemical smell. The only place we smell it is when we come in the front door or enter through the laundry room from the garage. Our garage is a front entry so the distance between the two doors is not that far away. I need some help as who to call to get to the bottom of this. We never have the problem on cool days. It is driving me bonkers!! You sure don't want to have any guests over. Thanks, K.

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Hi K.,

I had a similar problem recently especially when coming through the door and in or near the garage door and surrounding areas. It turned out that the mix my husband uses for the lawn mower (this blue liquid) can't think of the name right now was causing all the problem. My husband stored it NEAR the gas he uses along with the mower all in the same spot under in the garage which is under our stairs. Apparently, the mix of this blue liquid and the gas being together (even though they were in separate containers) caused the reaction in the air which was circulating throughout our home. Don't ask how I even figured it out :-) I made him remove these items from the garage and place them separately and apart from each other (one bottle in the back of the house outdoors and the other in the front) and we immediately smelled the difference within hours inside the house. This had never happened before and we don't know why it suddenly caused such an odor but we haven't smelled any odors like again. Good luck to you!

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Okay this may sound crazy, but we were having the same problem. We called the plumber and the pest control people and nobody ever found anything. It came and went with the hot weather and smelt of some kind of chemical. I researched every possible idea and found online of someone having a chemical smell and they narrowed it down to a light. We had changed out a fan in the room that smelled and the wattage for the light part was more than the room coud handle. Ever since we took the fan down and put back on the cheap ugly fan, the smell has been gone. We lived with that smell for 4 months before we discovered this.

Could you have possibly bought a new light fixture or changed bulbs to a stronger wattage. If so, take it out and give it a day or two to air out and just see if that is the problem. Hope this helps.

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Did you ever figure out what it was? I am having the same problem!!

You might be smelling sewer gas from the washer drain. Are you on a slab foundation or are you off the ground, pier and beam house? I do plumbing for a living. And since you are having a funny smell at the end of the day when it's the hottest, could be gases getting back in the house. Do you start the washer before you leave in the mornings?

We had a similar problem recently when our Air Conditioning was having an issue. I forget what the real problem was - it was something that we could fix. Anyway, it kinda smelled like something burning, but yet it had some other chemical odor. We start sniffing furiously to try to figure it out and it seemed like it was coming from a certain vent. We turned the AC on and off to confirm the thought. We had to open the windows to air the house out - it was terrible - I thought we were going to have to call the fire department or something to test our air. If you are worried about it affecting your health, you may contact the fire department and see if they have a tip.

Hi K.,

If you know who owned the house before, ask them if they had the same problem or if they treated the carpet with something to clean out a hard stain. When Carpet heats up, whatever smell is in it will become stronger. Seeing that this happens at the heat of the day, that could be it. I'm not a plumber, but if it were gases building up, I would think it would stay around all the time not just when it gets hot.

Smell the carpet at the time of day when the smell is strongest and try to see if it coming from that. If so, change your carpet out. It could also be something in the wall. You will just have to investigate it till you find the source. Hope this helps.

Love and Light,
Rev. G. Hudson, Reiki Master.

We have metal thieves burning copper wire in our area. They burn small amounts for many hours. People don't report it because it is so constant and because it doesn't smell like you would expect, like only plastic. They steal different kinds of cable and wire so the smell can change. Sometimes, it smells like a really dirty oven on self-clean, or like a barbeque grill being burned off after it sat all winter with rancid grease and mold. Other times it is a toxic chemical kind of smell.

Think about it. The news is full of reports about the massive amounts of metal theft, particularly wire. Where are they burning all that wire?
In my community, it is in the woods behind a rental trailer, surrounded by subdivisions full of children and families. (And no one takes it seriously or stops them.) A 6 month old has had to have breathing treatments. My cats and I have copper toxicity and I've had damage to my heart and lungs.
If you feel unusually fatigued or like you have brain fog when the smell is there, it might be copper wire burning.
Please report odd burning smells even if you aren't sure what they are or where they are coming from!!!
There isn't a "they" out there automatically dealing with this. They only investigate when people complain about it.

I'm having the same problem now. Did you find out the cause?

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