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Strong Odor and Can't Figure It Out!!!

Okay Mommies I don't know where to start, but I need some ideas or suggestions. We have lived in our house for over a year and it was built in '02. No problems until a few months ago when the weather started to heat up. My sons room is in the corner of the house, next to the bathroom, and on the warmer days it reaks. I mean the best description is almost like a gas smell. We have cleaned the carpets, removed everything from the room, and taken the fan down that we installed. We have also had a plumber come out and a critter control person whom both did not find anything. Oh also did I mention that we do not have gas in our house of any kind. The critter guy said that if it were a rodent that it would have decomposed in 7-10 days, well we are going on 4 months now. There are no signs on the carpet or walls that would indicate anything, but I am curious to see if anyone else is going through this or has before. We have heard of the Chinese dry wall that puts off an odor, but why would it only be in one room in our house. Our last resort is to rip out all of the dry wall and see what is in the wall. But any other suggestions or possibilities would be great. Thanks Ladies!

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OK, I probably have the strangest possibility for you :o). We have a room that has smelled for years - usually worse in warm or wet weather. Like you, we had a plumber and pest guy come out and found nothing. We removed the carpet, painted the concrete floor, got new pad and carpet, etc. Nothing seemed to work. Then, we were removing all the shrubs from the beds in front of that room and found a large snake. Come to find out, snakes have a VERY smelly gooey defense mechanism! After the shrubs were gone (along with the large snake) we hardly ever have that smell any more. I live on 3 acres and know there are still some snakes, so I have smelled something similar but nothing like it used to be when he lived under the window to that room.

Good Luck!

You can call my office COrnerstone Chem-Dry and ask to speak to Randy -- tell them E. told you to only speak to him and he may be able to help you! ###-###-####

E. Herman
Cornerstone Chem-Dry

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One thought. I don't want to scare you but we had something like this but it was in Colorado. No one could find this smell and I was sure it smelled like gas. The gas company came out twice. A handyman with a sniffer. A neighbor who worked for the fire department and his sniffer. Nobody could find anything. Finally we called a company called Stink Inc. We kept the house shut tight until he got there. Sure enough we had a tiny gas leak. It was coming from a fireplace heatilator. Now, I'm not sure this is your problem because you say it is only during warm weather......unless you keep a window open during the cooler months. Is the house worse after it has been closed up? Is there a gas line anywhere near the odor?

2nd thought: does the smell come after a rain? Or after the sprinklers have been run? If yes, look for rotted wood outside in the area of the odor.

3rd thought: dead mouse in the wall. LOL! Good luck!

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Is you air and heating unit up above the area where you smell, somtimes there can be condensation that builds up causes mold.
We were having reoccurring mold in a bathroom and after having to reove all the dry wall we had found an old drip pan were an old unit used to sit and created the mold that took us years to figure out.

I hope someone has a great answer for you other than having to rip out your dry wall. However, if you indeed do have to pull out the dry wall I recently contracted with a great guy. He pulled out the full wall panneling in our living room and replaced with drywall. He has done several jobs for us and he is always the lowest bid.
I hope you dont need him but just in case Len Vinsko ###-###-####.
Good luck!

I know exactly what you are going through!!!! We have a new home as well, built in 06. When it began to warm up the spring of 07 we had a horrible smell coming from our master bedroom. I was pregnant and was unable to sleep in there...it was awful!!! After much of the same exploration you have done, we found that when they built our house a nail went through the sewer vent pipe. It would leak out the sewer gas and smell horrible. I would suggest you have a plumber out to see if he can scope it and see if there are any punctures in the pipe. It took a plumber 3 tries to find ours, but once they did and replaced the pipe the smell is gone! Good luck.

Very interesting.

They put up these houses so fast you never know what you might find. Could be mildew in the insulation or wood. It's really easy to remove and replace drywall. If you have tried everything, that would be my best bet.

Also mold will cause neurological damage in children. best check it out. Possibly some water damage sealed in when house was built? I am curious as to the findings.

Mostly support, C.

whoa I read that fox news story and that sounds like what you have.

But I also wanted to mention that when I toured the stockyards, they told us of a funny story about a man who built his home of bricks from the stockyards, thinking it would be really prestigious. Turns out, when it rained, all the bricks emitted a cow manure smell from being at the stockyards! So, I guess it could be the location of the room and the amount of moisture it receives and the building materials used in that part of the house. Sounds like it's a combination of all 3. But, truthfully, that chinese drywall thing sounds the closest, if it truly is a gas smell. I'd try to contact the original contractor to find out where he bought his drywall and maybe any other homes that were built at the same time as yours by the same builder and talk to homeowners.

Pull back the carpets and see if the smell gets stronger. It could be in the cushioning/pad under the carpets, then all you you have to do is get a replacement pad for the carpet in your son's room.

Very similar thing happened to us at our old house that was newly built. It turns out it was the drain under our washer. The water was not staying in the part of the pipe where it should stay so that gases don't come up. I think they call it a "g" pipe and some water should sit in the lower part until flushed out again. Check it out.

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