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Car Seat Advice for a Tall Infant

I recently read a lot of advice for the woman whose baby is little. Our 7 month old son is tall and has outgrown his current rear facing car seat. We haven't been to the doctor lately but he is over 30 in. long and more than 20 lbs. (over 75%). I assume he still needs to be in a rear facing seat, but I can't figure out which ones will accommodate a larger infant. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Thanks for the advice on car seats for bigger babies. Here is a summary of the suggestions:
- an upright, convertible seat that can be either rear or front facing
- some people think that it is o.k. to front face the baby car seat if the baby is over 20 lbs.; others think you should wait until 1 year old.
- some people recommend that if your baby's legs are too cramped from hitting the back of the car, then you need to front face him/her
- try the seats in the store before buying
- Britax brand (Marathon and Boulevard models) or Evenflo Triumph

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My daughter is tall also. We have the Alpha omega elite in my car and a Graco convertable seat in my husband's car. The Graco was much less expensive, but the alpha goes up to 100 lbs. I think the Graco only goes up to 40 or 50 lbs. Both seats work well.

I have a Britax seat that can be used for rear or forward facing. You are doing the right thing by keeping him rear facing as long as possible. Even if his little legs seem to be getting too long, it's still safer to keep him rear facing until he gets older/stronger. (This is what the police officers that are certified in car seat safety/installation have told me) Good luck!


We have the same issue with my daughter. She too is really tall and over 20lbs which I think is big for almost an 8 month old. I got the Britax Boulevard. It handles up to 65 lbs and she looked the most comfy in it when we tried all the seats out at buy buy baby. It is a little bulky but was afraid she would grow out of the smaller ones and have to get yet another seat!!!

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I would suggest that you get a Graco upright car seat that allows you to place it rear facing and then once your son hits the one year old mark you can turn it around so he is facing forward. You can find them at any Wal Mart store or K-Mart. Please let me know if this helps you any.

My daughter is very tall for her age. She will be 3 on the 28th and she was a very big infant. We actually had to put her front facing at 5 1/2 months. I don't remember how long she was but she was 22 lbs, and she was WAY too long to sit rear facing anymore. Her legs were very cramped and she just whined alot everytime she got in the car. She was always off the charts for height and weight, since the day she was born. Now she's finally in the 95th percentile for weight and still off the charts for height. She's 41.5 lbs and like about 41-42 inches tall. So my advice, whether or not you use it, is face him foward. He's about the size of a 1 yr old and probably has the strength of a 1 yr old. He should be fine. Good luck!

I would suggest a Convertible seat. This one is a rear facing, forward facing and booster all in one. I have the Alpha Omega and love it. He should face backwards until 1 yr old AND 20 lbs. But that may vary by state. My state is 1 yr OR 20 lbs but if your in a collision and your 9 mo old is facing forward their neck just can't handle the inpact. I will keep my daughter facing backwards until she's 1 not matter her weight and I did the same with my son.

My 9 months old grandson is over average height and weight like yours. I suggest you get GOOD carseat that hold up to 100LB. His other grandmother bought one from Kmart that have 100LB on sale, I think its Evenflo. I wish I got that one.
I have one in my van that is up to 80LB Graco bought at Babies R Us. He sat face forward and lean seat back further. No way I could fit him in rear because my Mazda Van is cramped. His legs were crushed.
I like Graco cuz is light weight. Evenflo is little heavy and bulky and costly but its good that it can hold up to 100LB.

Hi. You really should wait until your baby is 30lbs before you turn him to front facing. At his age he isn't really going to care if his legs are scrunched up a little. However, I faced mine forward around 10 months. All of my kids have had long legs. So as long as he can support his own neck *very* well he'll probably be ok. 7 months is a bit iffy though. A baby usually can't support his neck well enough to face front at that age.

britax marathon..i love it and its made for big babys!

if the child's feet are touching the back of the seat, you should switch it to forward facing. i forget the exact website, but i found good carseat info through the DMV site.

My daughter sounds just like your son. She is 10 months old and she weighs 24 pounds and is 31 inches long. She is in 18-24 month clothing. when I went car seat shopping I took my 4 year old daughter with me. I figured if she was comfortable in a car seat and it wasn't digging into her thighs or neck the baby would be comfortable. After sticking her in about 10 different seats I went with the Evenflo Triumph Advance Premier Convertible Car Seat. It is great. It is large enough for a older child, however even when my baby was smaller she wasn't lost in it. I have always felt safe with her in it. As a matter of fact my older daughter (now 5) decided that she was going to sit in the car seat today, because we were out without the baby and she was very comfortable in it!! This seat is not the cheepest, but it is far from the expensive ones. Like I said it is a great seat and I know my baby will be in it for a few years!!

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