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Can an 18-Month Old Boy Operate a Sit 'N Spin?

I have an 18 month old son. I bought him a Sit n' Spin for Christmas. It was a great price and very cute. I was looking for things to keep active inside over the Winter. But, I am starting to worry that he is too young for it and that he won't be able to operate it. The box says it is age appropriate for 18 months to 3 years, but I thought I would check with the real experts. Do you think he can handle this? Should I return it? Thanks!

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My 11 month old can operate one. He gets a few spins in now and then, but loves to push the buttons to make the music, use it to help him learn to balance, etc. He will definately find something he enjoys about it.

I have one that plays music and yes my kids did just fine with it.They fought over it when my daughter was younger she wasn't 1 yet but could still get on it and enjoy herself.

Is it the green and orange one with the oval shaped seat? My 27 month old can't operate that one but she can operate the classic round one. If you do have the green and orange oval one write to Hasbro and they will replace it with the classic round. That design was discontinued, most kids couldn't use it.

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My son received one for Christmas around 18 months, took him a few tries to figure it out, but not long! Of course now he only uses it standing up! So it is time for it to get put away until a younger sibling can use it some day!

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It might take him a little bit but I think he will have alot of fun trying. My daughter and Nephew love that thing! They like to get on it together! My nephew wasnt two yet and he really liked it. I think thats kind of a classic toy thats been around for awhile, so it must be a good one! Merry Christmas!

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Even if he needs some "help" at first I think he will be ok.
I remember seeing them in the "Twos" room at the daycare forever ago and they did great with them. My son is almost as old as your son and just about the time I say...he is too little for "insert whatever here" he goes and proves me wrong!
Good luck!
Merry Christmas!

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I think it's fine, if he doesn't figure it out now, he will in the upcoming months.

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Hi L.,
I have a 18mth old girl and she has had her sit &spin sinse, july.. she didn't figure it out right away but shes got it now!

I think it will be a challenge. Just my thoughts based on one my kids have.

I'm a daycare provider and I have a Sit 'n Spin for the kids to use indoors. It takes them all a few tries, no matter what their age, to get the hand action figured out. But it should be fine for your little guy. He'll be growing right into it soon. And with boys, they are just as facinated to turn it over and watch how it works anyways.

he will probably figure it out pretty quick. I also had one of these when my kids were little and not sure how old when they got it but they caught on fast and if he doesn't get it at first he will get it soon. I think my son was around 2 when we got it. My kids enjoyed it and played on it until they were 3 or 4 so it will last several years as long as big kids don't get on it.

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