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Bump on Baby's Eyebrow

My 3 month old son has had a bump on the outside corner of his left eyebrow since he was about 8 weeks old, or at least that's when we noticed it. Our pediatrician looked at it and took some xrays, but really didn't have an answer for me as to what it is other than that it looks like soft tissue. He did not bump his head. The bump is hard to the touch, just under his skin, and doesn't bother the baby at all (not painful). It doesn't really seem to move, but the xray showed it wasn't connected to his skull or part of his bone structure. Has this happened to anyone else's baby? I've done some looking online and found some info on cysts, I'm going to ask the dr. about this at his 4 mth checkup.

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When my 15 yr old was very young... only a few years old, she has a pea size lump on her left eye just below the eyebrowl tward the outside if the eye. It was just a soft tissue mass - nothing big. Neve did bother her, but it did effect how her eye would open. It always looked like she was squinting... she did eventually have to have it removed, but doctors waited to see if it would go away on it's own first. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... hers didn't. It only took a few minutes and she didn't even need stitches, just a butterfly strap. And was healed up in about a week like it was never there.

Just keep an eye on it and keep talking to the doc about your concerns. It may go away in time or it may need removed - but they won't have removed my daughters if it wouldn't have been a possible vision issue. Just so you know it her was an actual round ball of tissue in between the layers on skin that make up our eye lid. And no one could tell us why it was there or if it will come back someday, but it hasn't so far.

Hi, My cousin had a bump on his eyebrow too. It was a cyst. My dad removed it because he is a pediactric surgeon. I would just make an apointment with a pediatric surgeon and they will be able to tell you if you need to have it removed or not. It could be just fluid. My husband and sister-in-law have fluid build up on their heads and my sis-in-law had hers drained, my husband has not. He needs to get it done sooner rather than later because it could eventually get infected, but no one seems too concerned about it. Often times they are just fatty deposits. I would get more answers to your questions with a 2nd opinion, but they may have to do a biopsy of some sort to see what it is first.

my son has the same thing...he's 5 now...our ped recommended us to an opthalmolgosit & it was confirmed to be a benign cyst......if we wanted it removed it was considered cosmetic surgery....we monitored it for 3 yrs & it never got bigger, doesnt hurt & the past 2 yrs his head has grown so now its not noticeable he has it anymore......we decided its not worth doing surgery......i forgot about it til i read your post.....best wishes

My niece had a similar bump, hers was closer to her temple and was noted at birth. It was watched for a few months, and since it continued to grow it was decided to have it removed at about 4 months of age. It was a benign growth, although I am sorry I can not remember the name they gave it. She does have a very small scar where they removed it, but the benefit of removing it when she was small was that the scar will stay the same size as her head grows, so it will be tiny when she grows up. She is now 2 1/2, the growth never grew back and the scar is barely visible now. If it has been getting any bigger it might be a good idea to get it removed soon. Since it is so close to his eye you do not want to risk it impeding eye movement or vision. Do you remember if they measured it when they took the x-rays? Growth would be a major factor in the decision to have it removed.

I have a bump on my eyebrow that I've had since childbirth-it's nothing. My son has a tiny bump on his forehead that they thought was an infection but turned out to not be. Now there are two hairs coming out of it. When he gets older We are going to discuss getting it cosmetically removed. However, it is not that prominent. Still ask the doctor but I am 99% sure there is nothing to it.

My daughter had a similar bump near her right eyebrow. She probably was born with it but we didn't notice it until she was at least a month or two old. Our pediatrician referred us to a pediatric surgeon and they said it was an orbital sebaceous cyst. It is nothing dangerous but if it grew bigger it could have caused her eyelid to start drooping a bit. We had it surgically removed when she was three months old. They used anesthesia but she was in and out of the hospital the same day. She did not require stitches and the pediatric surgeon made sure the incision went along her eyebrow. She is now 2 1/2 years old and you cannot even tell where the scar was anymore. We used a pediatric surgeon out of Edward Hospital in Naperville. I can give you her name if you are interested. She did a great job and we are really pleased that we decided to do the surgery. Hope that helps.

My daughter was born with a small bump on her head that the pediatrician could not identify. We monitored it for awhile but it ended up getting larger over time. It was a dermoid cyst which was removed at Childrens Memorial downtown by Dr Frank Vicari, pediatric plastic surgeon. He is simply the best. If you are concerned, I would see if you can get a referral. Good luck!

A friend or relative had a son with a similar issue. It was so long ago I had forgotten about it--can't remember who either. I do know thought they they decided to have it removed and it was just a little cyst that was no worry and it never came back.. The procedure was an out patient deal and he came home right after, and slept the day away. He was fine after that. I believe he had a few small stitches.

Have you considered going to a dermatologist to get their opinion?

Whenever our kids have a rash, bump, etc., our pediatrician refers to dermatology because he is just not as extensively trained on all the skin disorders that may cause the symptoms.

That would be my recommendation - it's not something that my kids have ever experienced, but I'd see if you could get another opinion to verify what you've already been told.

A Pediatric Dermatologist can tell you exactly what it is. That's their specialty. Our daughter had a hemangioma cyst on her eyelid when she was about the same age. We treated it only because it was beginning to impair her vision. We saw Dr. Annette Wagner at Children's (she's also a surgeon). She's downtown but also has several remote offices that she travels to on certain days, making it easy for patients to see her.

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