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Bubble Bath on Carpet

My kids spilt a half bottle of bubble bath on the carpet. I have no idea how to get it up. I tried rubbing it with a wet towel and that simply left a big white spot with lots of foam. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I spilled liquid saop on the bathroom floor the way I cleaned it up was I used a wet and dry shop vac.I did have to wet it a few times with water to get it all cleaned up and out

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Wow, surprised no one else said this. A steamer is a good idea if you want to get the water out quickly. The key is adding liquid fabric softener to the water you are putting on the bubble bath. One of the actions fabric softener does is to break down the detergent from the previous cycle. It will also break down other soaps so they stop lathering up. My carpet cleaning guy told me this when one of my kids spilled dawn on the carpet.

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I spilled liquid saop on the bathroom floor the way I cleaned it up was I used a wet and dry shop vac.I did have to wet it a few times with water to get it all cleaned up and out

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This happened to us once. I hate to say it, but it's going to take a steam cleaner and COLD water. Hot water will make it so much worse. You will just have to take a long time, dump and change the water again and again and work really hard to get it all back up. Getting it that wet will possibly cause mildew on the padding so you'll want fans going. That spot will always attract a lot of dirt so long as the soap is in there. It stinks but there is no magic bullet to get this fixed. You could use a shop vac as well and suck up as much as possibly adding just a little cold water at a time until it stops bubbling. Do you have one or know anyone that does?


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You have to get a carpet cleaner and just keep going over the spot with water. I know you can rent one for around $20 a day I think. That is the only way I have found to get the stuff out. The down fall is that you have a really clean spot on your carpet and end up having to clean the rest of it :)

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You'll probaby have to use a carpet cleaner/shampoo/steamer multiple times to get it all out. If anything I'd call a professional company, see what the reccomend, and if you can find coupons for one in a phone book or something and have them come take care of it. Otherwise, I don't know what else to tell you!? Sorry! Good Luck!

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I would try a carpet steamer without any cleaning solution in it. I used this when laundry detergent got spilled on our carpet. I just went over it LOTS of times with only hot water in the steamer. You could see it pulling the soap out of the carpet. GOOD LUCK!!

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You could try this...might be too much soap, though. Use a water bottle/sprayer to dampen the area. Then blot & rub with a clean, DRY towel. Repeat with all the towels you have to use, wash & dry them then start again! I know this sounds time consuming and the steam cleaner would be easier. This is just what I did without a steamer. It was actually a bottle of kids play bubbles, so you might have too many suds for this to work. Just thought I'd mention it. Good luck!

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You may need to rent one of those carpet cleaners from the store to get it out. Good luck and God Bless.

I would borrow or rent a carpet cleaner. Don't fill up the detergent part, just the water resevoir and make a few passes. It should pull it all up.

Go over it with a shampooer that only has clear water in it since you already have the soap. It might take a few times but should work.

Good luck,

Hi T., Try getting a steam machine and hopefully that will help with the bubbles and clean your carpet at the same time. I wouldn't put any extra cleaning liquids in it though. The bubbles will make enough suds. After all the suds are pretty well gone go over it again with clear cold water.

Been there hon, so give it a shot and see if it works as well for you.
Ain't Kids Adorable ;)
K. Nana of 5

I would say a carpet cleaner w/plain water would be best. If not that, try a damp towel, folded in half over the spot. Then walk on it to get the towel to soak up the bubbles. Resolve works well for us too. Good luck!

fabric softener should help cut the bubbles. My mom told me that years ago when we put too much soap in the washer. I haven't tried it on bubbles and carpet, but it seems worth a try.

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