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Breech Baby - North Chili,NY

Hello Moms,

I'm currently 35.4 wks pregnant. My last son was frank breech and had to be delivered by c-section. Not for a lack of trying to get him to turn. I think we tried just about every suggestion and even attempted a non successful version. Upon getting pregnant this time I was really hoping to try VBAC as my 1st two pregnancies were delivered vaginal, but my little girl is currently frank breech. I know that my last version was not successful due to my bicornate uterus. The doctors are also concerned this time due to the amount of amniotic fluid (too much). They have offered to do another version, but not sure I'm willing to go thru that amount of pain again only to have it not work. Any advice would be helpful at this point. I have till Monday to decide, but we do have a c-section scheduled.

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Hi T., Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I also have a mullerian anomaly but it is a different variation than yours. I help moderate a yahoo group dedicated to the topic of mullerian anomalies so I know quite a bit about the topic but I am NOT a Dr. The most common pregnancy complication for ladies with BU is breech presentation. Attempts to turn the baby often are unsuccessful among ladies with BU due to the shape of the uterus. There is some risk involved in the procedure as well--particularly if the baby's head is stuck in one of the horns of your BU. It's very likely that this was the reason why it was so painful when the attempted the version last time. Given your history, I highly recommend going for the c-section. I know that is disappointing but it probably will be less painful and traumatic for both you and your baby.

You are really fortunate to have this variation of anomaly instead of another type since BU has the best prognosis. I have a septate uterus that would not allow me to carry a pregnancy to term (90%+ miscarriage rate!). After many losses I finally had a surgery to remove the septum. BU is the most common variation of mullerian anomaly but many Drs are not familiar with this particular congenital defect and think that BU is the ONLY variation. It sounds like your Dr might fall into that category. I really don't think that a Dr who specialized in mullerian anomalies would attempt the version. I don't mean to say that you don't have a great Dr--just that s/he might not be very familiar with MAs. Even so, you should discuss this carefully with your Dr before making your final decision. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like more info. Good luck!!

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we have alot in common i also have a bicornate uterus and had my daughter breech and double footling. they said with the bicornate uterus that all of my babies will be breech in some form. we hope for a VBAC with our next baby but the chances are very low. my husband and i as a family chose to leave any baby breech that is breech, as i would have enough pain after birth. i hope this helps. good luck it really is hard to know what will work best for you and the new baby

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Sometimes babies are breech because they know (for whatever reason) that it is the best position for them to be in. However, I understand your desire to avoid a repeat c/s. The first thing for you to do is find a chiropractor who can do the Webster technique. Start by getting on the website: www.icpa4kids.com They have a good chiro referral area. The important thing to understand is that the chiropractors DO NOT turn the baby. Heck, they do not touch the baby! What they do is adjust the lower back and the ligaments in the front of the pelvis which causes them to relax and often creates enough room for baby to turn on its own. I have watched it done (because I was VERY doubtful) and was amazed at how the babies (saw this twice) shifted even after just one adjustment.

In regards to actually having ECV (version) done again, I know it is painful but it is very short term pain. I also know it can be done with a spinal in place which some docs feel helps the uterine ligaments relax and aids in the process.

You can get online to find the holistic methods to get baby to turn too - jsut google Breech baby and lots of similar do it yourself suggestions will come up. Inverting your body is probably the best direction you will get and is a good technique to use along with chiropractic.

If this baby does not want to turn, then the best thing to do is accept that nature is telling her that this is the safest position to be in! And if c/s is the ultimate birth route for her than do whatever can to make it the very best experience for you both!

Keep us posted on how things go :-)

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I would just go with the c section and not try the
version. There is still time for the baby to turn.
Mine turned at 38 weeks after I took a walk up a very
steep hill. Good luck. You will definitely know it if
she turns on her own.

Try contacting a chiropractor to see if they can turn the baby. It can be done successfully sometimes.

My husband and I took our childbirth classes with a doula. My son was breech at 34 weeks as well. She suggested the following:
- lying on an ironing board at a 45 angle with my feet in the air for 10-15 minutes three times a day
- rubbing my belly counterclockwise throughout the day
- standing on books with candles under my pinky toes

I will be honest and say that we did the first two, but not the last. My son did flip within a few days. I ended-up with a c-section for an emergency reason, but he was in the right position at least! Not sure if it was a coincidence, but her suggestions worked pretty quickly, so you may have some luck by Monday.

Hi I am a childbirth educator and one of the things I let my couples know is that all babies are breech at some point and turn head down because that is the easiest way for them to exit. If they don't turn head down there is usually a reason. A spasm in the pelvis can be the reason. Have you tried chiropractics? The Webster Tenique in particular is the chiropractic manipulation that releases the tight ligaments in the pelvis which "in theory" allows the baby to turn head down. I have had many couples tell me this was the result. Good Luck.

Someone in my childbirth class had a similar problem and a doula that was working with her suggested she try acupuncture. She did it and the baby turned. The doula claimed she is 4 for 4 with that suggestion getting babies to turn, but I'm sure it won't work for everyone. Good luck.

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