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I was just curios to know if any of you have had any major side effects with this mirena IUD. I just had one put in 2 days ago and now i started reading all these sites about how it makes u gain a lot of weight and how your bloated all the time. Im a little disappointed that i didnt research it before going ahead with it but my doctor told me cause of my pcos my bleeding would be crazy all the time and he recommended that i use the iud for my periods. Any info would be great!

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I had the Mirena and have since switched to the copper traditional one. On the Mirena I gain about 25 pounds for the 4 years I had it in, since having it out and the new one in I have lost like almost 8 pounds in 5 months which doesn't seem like a lot but I haven't been doing anything extra to facilate the weight loss it just is going. I also had some side effects that felt like pre-menapause (hot flashes, night sweats that type of thing) and those have since quit also. Good Luck

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I have had mine for about 6 months now and got it at 8 weeks post partum. I have not noticed any side effects fo far, no weight gain (I have lost all my baby weight in the meanwhile) or other issues so far.
I have had some spotting, but no period yet, however I am still breastfeeding, so I am not sure whether it's due to mirena.
I am very satisfied with it so far, such a relief to not have to take the pill every day.

Just a side note - I have read all the blogs and forums about mirena before I got it, but still decided to go ahead with it. In my experience people are much more likely to post something about a negative experience online. Take everything with a grain of salt.

I have had the Mirena IUD for almost 3 years now and I cant wait to get it out. This unfortunatley is the only one I can take that will be effective, Ive tried all the other kinds and have issues with them as well, so this all very well could be my body just doenst like b.c. (The patch falls off when having sex and is also recalled, the ring Im too small for, and I got pregnant while on the pill so I dont really trust that method)

With the Mirena IUD I have harsh cramps at period time, Im one of those that still has a period but it now comes any time it wants and for a week or longer. I have not noticed excess bloating or weight gain, and moodiness I dont know if I can contribute that to the b.c. I've always had moodiness with periods, but my periods used to be a lot more scheduled and didnt last as long without the IUD.

Everyone has a different experience with it. I would try it for a few months and see if you have any negative side effects. You might be one of those girls that everything works out fine and its the best method for you. Good luck!

I used Mirena after I had my second child. THe MD said I probably wouldn't have any bleeding since I was six weeks post-partum and was breastfeeding. Well, I bled for seven days after the initial insertion and then had my period like clockwork every month after that for the 17 months I had it in. My period was lighter and almost no cramping, but I still had a period. I guess I'm just too regular! I didn't notice significant weight gain, although I didn't loose any weight either! The side effect I had was horrible headaches the day before starting my period. I have never had headaches like that ever before. They only lasted one day, but basically incapacitated me. My MD tried to say it was not the Mirena and was likely caused by progesterone withdrawls and I might have to be on the pill my whole life. I'm not convinced because for the three months I had the mirena out before getting prego with number three I didn't have a single headache. Other then that I had no problems. The only problem I've heard of is people getting prego with it in if the don't have it changed after the recommended five years. Good luck!

K., I have had it for a two years, and have actually lost weight, at first it takes some time to get use to and I felt it moving around for a while, but I decided to give it a year, and now I don't even feel it.

Hi, K.. I have had the Mirena IUD in for just under a year now and have had little to no side effects. I bled a lot for the first 2-3 weeks which made me question whether to keep it in but that subsided and it's been great since then. My daughter just turned one and is started to wean from nursing so we'll see if that will affect my weight gain. But up to this point, I haven't had much weight gain from the IUD (I had way more from the pill!). Good luck! W.

I have had the Mirena IUD since September and had it placed when my daughter was 6 weeks old. Initially, I bled for about 2 weeks. I didn't have any cramping. Then, since I was breastfeeding, I didn't have another period until I stopped breastfeeding. Since then I've been a little irregular, but no bloating. I usually have terrible side effects from oral contraceptives, and I haven't had any of that with the IUD. The only side effects I've had are the irregular periods, but that's supposed to get better over time. I've lost all my baby weight no problem, losing 46 pounds in the last 11 months. I feel really good, and haven't had any emotional swings or breast tenderness which are all things I had on the pill. So overall I would recommend it, although it is pretty painful to have it placed, but fortunately it's quick!

I've had Mirena for about 15 months. I got it about 9 months after my second was born because my periods were really heavy. Only side effects I've noticed have been spotting the first few months and excess discharge (especially when I'm ovulating). I have a lot of friends who have it and none that I know of have gained any weight. Most are fairly active people so that may explain that. I've never felt bloated because of it either. I'm a runner and love that I never have to worry about what day my races fall on because of my period. I hope you like it.

I haven't noticed anything and I've had mine for over a year.

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