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Big Boy Bed! - Oklahoma City,OK

My son is 22 months old and I am 16 weeks pregnant. We are hoping to have my son into his big boy bed and the crib out of sight before the baby comes around. We have set up a twin bed in his room along with the crib and he is fascinated with it. At naptime and bedtime he asks to sleep in it. He tells me night night and points at the twin bed. The problem is he won't stay there. I put him back in it repeatedly. During the day, at naptime, he gets up and plays in his room for awhile and then eventually comes out. He knows he's not supossed to be up, he comes and peaks around the corner at us, but doesn't come all the way into the living room. Today at naptime he got up about 8 times, a total of about 45 minutes, before I put him in the crib. He cried when I put him in the crib for about 5 minutes and then went to sleep. Bedtime has been the same way tonight.
I am going to continue putting him to bed in the twin bed first and not give up, but does anyone have any advice on how to get him to stay there? Its very frustrating!! Thanks!!!!!

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you may try letting him pick out a big boy toy to sleep with. My son also had the same problem. My second son was already born and needed the baby bed so I could not put Nathan back in the baby bed. I took him to wal-mart and he pick out a pack of 3 barbie size army men. He slep with them every night and did not get out of bed very much at all. He still tried his limits occassionally but the is to be expected. hope this helps

We had my son out of his crib by his 2nd birthday. It takes a bit of struggle and patience. Consistency is key here!! Do you have a routine for bedtime? Having set things (potty, bath, story) every night in a certain order helps calm the child down. Also, I found that with my son, if I sat in the room with him, he would stay in his bed. Each night I got closer and closer to the door until I was finally in the hallway. I would leave the door cracked so it wouldn't bother him so much when he was asleep and I was trying to get out. There were still nights that it took a bit to get him to stay in bed. From my experience, I had a few nights that I wanted to give up and I put the rail back up to make his bed into a crib again and I quickly learned that he knew how to climb out. So my sitting in there with him was key. I would even bring the laptop in there and play on it and simply ignore him (so long as he stayed in the bed) until he fell asleep. Good luck!!

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had the same problem with my little boy (he was 18 months when i moved him to a toddler bed). according to nanny 911, if you stay consistent they'll eventually get it. they advised just picking him up and putting him straight in the bed - no conversation. this took about a month of working with him for more than an hour. sometimes, i think that he thought it was a game. i stayed consistent, though, because i knew i was about to start trying to get pregnant, again. also, on nights that dad was home (he works overnights), he did much better when dad put him straight back in the bed than with me.

Congratulations on the new baby! Your son is doing exactly what most other kids do. I would suggest that you take the crib out of his room if you are wanting him to sleep in the big bog bed. He may be a little confused by 2 beds. Also, keep putting him back in the bed every time he comes out, EVERY time. I know it is frustrating and may take some time, but consistency is important. He will eventually get the message and sleep like he's supposed to. When my son got his big bed he would get up at all hours of the night and come to my room I would get up every time and put him back to bed. It only took a few days for him to not come out anymore. I don't know if you all watch TV or not, but you might allow him a specific amount of time to watch a lullaby or bedtime movie in his bed. You could come in and turn it off after the alloted time, or get a movie that's only that long, or set the sleep timer on the TV to shut off after a certain time. He could also listen to a lullaby CD while he falls asleep. Hope you have lots of luck and just keep trying!

The first time he gets out of the bed, say, "You aren't going to be a big boy and stay in bed? Too bad! You're going to have to sleep in the crib." and put him there, and leave him there to sleep. Next bedtime, start over from scratch, and play the game the same way. Make him earn that bed. You have put a lot of pressure on yourself by wanting this to happen by the time the new one arrives. Another way to handle it is to sit by his bed, and keep your hand on him gently, so he can't get up, until he falls asleep, so he will get used to falling asleep in that bed. He has gotten a good start on a new habit- of jumping up out of bed over and over, every time you put him in it. You have to train him out of that habit. Don't allow it to happen. It takes a lot of your time, but training little ones takes a lot of time.

Hi B.,
My Daughter is 25 mos old and we are just relieved that she hasn't figured out if she wants she CAN Get Out of her Crib. :-) We have a Big Girl bed (in pieces in the attic) and a full bed in her room-it's also the "guest room" when we have company.

A friend told me to keep both in the child's room for a while and keep working on it. You might also start a reward system-stickers if he likes them etc... one for every day he naps in his "big boy bed". You could also praise him "what a Great job, sleeping in your big bed"...etc... As I said, we want to keep our little flip/flopper in her crib till she's too big for it. Maybe someone will answer w/ more knowledge than me.

The Useful part (why I responded) another Mom friend told me her son had stopped napping-she said he has to stay in his room and have "quiet time" b/c Mommy needs quite time too. Maybe you can start telling your son-if he gets out of bed he can play quietly, but he needs to "Shush" (that's what my girl does when she thinks it should be quiet) and not talk or make a lot of noise. At his age, I don't think he will get it, but if you keep telling him-if you don't nap, then sit and read/have "quiet time" when he's older he will be used to it and when your new baby is napping you can have a moment to yourself.
Also, I LOVE the Baby gate Idea. Maybe you could add a soft comfy rug so if he is playing and just falls asleep he has a nice place to play/nap.
I hope you find an answer.
Good Luck and Congrads on your expanding Family.

I would recommend putting up a baby gate or a child proof door knob so he can not get out of his room. We put our son in a big boy bed when he was 16 or 17 months old because of another baby on the way. I actually reversed the door knob and locked him in. We started putting him in the big boy bed only at night. The first night he cried at the door and I kept going in his room every 10 minutes or so and putting him back in bed then I would leave the room. I was very consistent and after the first night he was fine. He ended up crying total of about 1 hour. CONSISTENCY is a must.

I had the same problem. You just have to keep being consistent don't give in. I think he knows that if he keeps doing it wrong you will eventually give in and put him in the crib. When I first started it took me almost 3 months to get my little boy to stay in the big boy bed. He loved the bed he just knew how to push my buttons. But I didn't have another place to put him. We had to take down the crib because it broke. They are just curious which gets them into trouble LOL!! It will get better I PROMISE!!! Just have faith in your self and him LOL!!! Good luck from another SAHM. A.

Hi B.. When we put our daughter in her big girl bed at 17 months, we would lay with her until she fell asleep and gradually leave her room sooner until we could just put her in the bed and tuck her in say goodnight give kisses and she would go to sleep on her own. It took about 2 weeks, start to finish. She never had both crib and big girl bed in there at the same time though. Recently she has started to get out of her bed and want to play now, (she is 24 months now) so at night we put a different night light in her room, one that isn't so bright, just one so she isn't scared but not bright enough for her to really see anything. Nap time I still have to lay with her though, I think she is coming to that age where she doesn't want to take naps anymore, but I need that time because I have a 12 almost 13 month old son as well.

I hope my advice has helped you. Good luck

you may try letting him pick out a big boy toy to sleep with. My son also had the same problem. My second son was already born and needed the baby bed so I could not put Nathan back in the baby bed. I took him to wal-mart and he pick out a pack of 3 barbie size army men. He slep with them every night and did not get out of bed very much at all. He still tried his limits occassionally but the is to be expected. hope this helps

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