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Baffled by So Called Eczema Rash !!!!!


I have a 6mth old baby girl and over the past 3wks she has developed a rash on the top of her arm(elbow area). It started out looking like prickle heat and then it got raised and consolidated . Dr. had given me hydrocortisone cream which did nothing. Then she had me see a dermatologist, who then gave me a stronger cream Verdeso and a moisturizer Eltone. She didn't think it was an allergy or bite etc. So she treated it as eczema. Needless to say these creams have done nothing either. Now I have noticed the little red bumps on her legs and other arm . These were the same bumps I presumed were prickle heat but then turned into the rash on the other arm. Does anyone have any experience with eczema or allergies that triggered like symptoms. I was wondering if maybe she has become allergic to her formula Similac Advance. We are at a lost and the poor thing has started to itch and cry when she rubs it. We are going back to the Dr. next week. I am worried they are going to start poking her for test which I would love to avoid. Any suggests would be greatly appreciated. We use baby detergent for her clothes and I avoid using harsh chemicals to clean. Any recommendations for Drs that deal with this would be great to ( bergen county NJ area) thanks

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Renew lotion made by Melaleuca is the answer! I use it myself, and on my 5 month old grand daughter. To find out more and order go to livetotalwellness.com/mmr
M. Romahn

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Hi T.,
My son was born with an eczema rash on his face.
Melaleuca has a product that is absolutely terrific for eczema, even for infants. If you'd like a sample and more information, please contact me.

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There is a rash that looks similar to eczema that is a symptom of Celiac Disease. The rash is called dermatitis herpetiformis. It can be controlled by making some dietary changes. IF they are going to do bloodwork, suggest to the doctor to add a celiac panel to the tests. If the test is positive, you'll know how to treat it, if not, then at least its been ruled out as a possible cause. Good luck!

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Hi T.,
My son was born with an eczema rash on his face.
Melaleuca has a product that is absolutely terrific for eczema, even for infants. If you'd like a sample and more information, please contact me.

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Hi T.,
I have had a bit of experience with eczema as I am a pediatric nurse. I know that the creams do not always work but there are a couple of things to try.
You mentioned the Dr gave you hydrocortisone and it hasn't helped. One thing I learned is that it is best to apply this right after a bath and then apply eucerine or aquaphor cream over it. That does seem to help.
But I have to tell you of a natural priduct I learned about through a nurse that worked at Buffalo Children's hospital for 20 years. Her husband is a pharmicist so they have a great deal of knowledge in medicine. This gal, Theresa's nephiew had eczema so bad. I have pictures of this. She began to topically apply this mangosteen juice called Xango juice to the skin which was everywhere. With in 3 days the eczema was almost totally gone and within the week it was gone.
She has a webb site www.horab.com If you go to it you will be able to learn all about this and her phone # is on the site so I know if you called her she could help you.
I do happen to use and sell this product as well but I am not looking for sales so much as for your child to be helped.
As for testing, I know Dr's do RAST testing with a simple blood test when children are younger. They do not do the intradermal testing on babies as a rule so I would recommend you try the RAST test to find out the specifics of the allergies and please contact Theresa at that webb site. She is a wealth of knowledge and can help you I am sure.

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my 6 mo daughter has horrible eczema behind her ears. its so bad that her scratching makes it bleed. i always post on here how happy i was with atopiclair. please go to thier website and check it out. they also have lots of info regarding eczema, and what triggers it. my daughter gets so sweaty. the eczema is always there but the heat definately has made it much worse. now i read all the triggers and honestly, there may be other things than heat that are causing the problem but until i find out what they are, this cream has helped immensely after just the first application. it isnt cortizone or a steriod, and can be used in infants as young as 1 month. its made wigh lots of shea butter. good luck.

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Hi T.! My 6 month old son has eczema as well and has had it since he was a week old. I do know that the heat definitely makes it worse. I know you've received a ton of advice on this topic, but I have tried nearly every recommended cream and topical and we have only found two that work well for us. It doesn't mean that my sons' rash totally goes away, but it does help tremendously. Cheeky baby butter is available online at babybearshop.com and is a bit expensive. Vanicream moisturizing lotion is much cheaper and works very well. You can call your local walgreens to see if they carry it or order it online at drugstore.com. Neither contain any dyes, perfumes or parbens and are not greasy at all.

I know you will hear otherwise, but eczema is not neccessarily related to diet. My son is breastfed and when he was younger I went dairy and soy free in my diet and his skin was always a bother. I wouldn't let them do allergy tests on your daughter because they aren't fully conclusive at this age.

It's most likely the heat of summer and it will get better. good luck!


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Before you start messing around with assorted creams, go see Dr. Robert Buka - he is a pediatric dermatologist with an office on rt. 17 in Paramus (at Century Road). He is very nice & good with the kids (looks like a kid himself). Until you know specifically what this is, it does not make sense to try things out on a 6 month old. Hopefully the derm will give you a more specific answer.

In the meantime, try Aveeno oatmeal baths & keep her cool. Make sure she has light clothing over the affected area so she does not scratch herself raw.

Good luck :-)

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Hi T.! I would check out CityMommy. Its specifically for your area and there is a directory of all sorts of things...including specialty docs! Log onto northjersey.citymommy.com and enter code "njmommy" to register

See you on line!

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Renew lotion made by Melaleuca is the answer! I use it myself, and on my 5 month old grand daughter. To find out more and order go to livetotalwellness.com/mmr
M. Romahn

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Hi T.,

My son started with what the doctor called an eczema rash when he was about four months. He would have flare ups on his arms, face and neck and it would itch. The doctor gave me the same creams and foams and i tried some of everything as well, but nothing topical really cleared it up while he was young.(He is 22 months now) I would give him half the recommended dose of dye-free benedryl whenever the itching was enough to make him cry. I later found out that he has a severe barley allergy and possibly milk. He would only drink soy formula. Now it has all cleared up except for a small dry patch on his arm. Just be aware that many doctors are just experimenting and are not really sure when it comes to babies and she could outgrow whatever it is. Good Luck

I've had eczema for years and so do my children. It does look like dry red prickly heat rash and the summer heat flares it up.
Does the dermatologist specialize in pediatrics dermatology if not I'd look around. Im 42 and still use mine every 6 months.
Try using laundary soap with out fragrances in it, cool to warm not HOT baths. Hair and body soap with out fragrences like Basic bar soap from Rite aid. Lotions without fragrances. Look at the ingredents to the bottles before buying them to make sure they are fragrance free. If this don't work she might have a allergy to a food. Good Luck!
Mom of 4 and grandmother of 2. ____@____.com

I have dealt with eczema with my twins. After giving up on all the medical guesswork, I met a natrualpathic nutritionist who was able to explain better the reactions that some children have to foods that do not quite qualify as allergic, but certainly as sensitivity. Check what she is eating - have you started solids yet? Children can absolutely react after having had no difficulty previously. ALso, have you considered that it could be weather related? Detergent? best of luck!

Did anyone suggest it might be a fungus type rash? Try some gold bond powder. These rashes grow rapidly in hot moist conditions. There are also creams for like yeast infections and athletes foot, but I would try some powder on a small area first. Some where where she cant get it in her mouth by accident. I hope this helps.


Sounds a lot like what happened to my daughter once...she got a raised rash on her cheeks and nose, lasted several weeks. We thought it was allergies, and it might be, but it never happened again. It was pretty strange. Don't have any advice, but wanted you to know that the same thing happened to us. In our case it definitely was not eczema and nothing helped...only time.


Hi T.,
Not sure if you found something that works or not. Did not read all the responses. I use all natural products in my home and there is a lotion that is wonderful. It clears eczema up. I use it as a diaper rash ointment and it is just a natural body lotion. If you would like more information on these natural products email me. I am not trying to get you into anything I just love the products and want to let other moms know they are out there. You can also make some extra money if you choose too.


Hi T.!
Before I describe my sons situation, a friend of mines daughter started getting rashes when she was a few months old and turns out it was a Dairy allergy. She had always used the same formula (Similac Advance as well)and then one day the rashes began and progressively got worse. I would definitely discuss the formula concern with you daughters Dr. first.

However, I just responded to another posting about eczema in regards to a lotion. I use CeraVe for myself and my son. I have adult eczema and my son seems to have many sensitivities as well! The dermatologist said he recommends it for babies and children (it is very mild and works wonderfully, but check with you dr as well)

My sons issues did not arise until he was about 8 months old and I had been using all of same products from day 1. It took almost 3 months to get his rashes to clear up. Turns out, after process of elimination he cannot use anything with Aloe in it! Here I kept thinking that he was allergic to everything he was eating! His started out as what I had thought was heat rash and then turned into a patchy rash that would not go away. Again, I thought food because in the beginning some days were worse than others. He was even treated for a Yeast infection when it showed up on his belly under his diaper! That treatment did not fix the issue either. He had the rash mostly on his legs and belly right where the diaper is closest to the skin and some smaller patches in the diaper area, and occasionally on his chest, arms, and face. Turns out his wipes (Pampers Sensitive), diapers Pampers Baby Dry and Cruisers (all Pampers contain Aloe), and sunblock all contained Aloe. After switching his wipes to Pampers Swipers (the only wipes I could find without), Huggies Diapers, and strictly Aveeno Baby sunblock (no more Water Babies), he does not have the rash anymore! The rash you are describing sounds similar in the way it progressed.

If it turns out that it is not the formula, you might want to start the process of elimination like I did, beginning with the newest additions to her diet and/or skin care.

If you are not getting anywhere with her Pediatrician, the Allergists that my daughter has seen are Dr Weiss in Riverdale for her Asthma, but he is no longer in our plan so she now sees Dr Marotta, (Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)also in Riverdale. (Both are great Doctors!) My son will finally be seeing him as well now that we have other issues that have arisen. However, the pediatrician has told me that there is not a whole lot they can do sometimes, because at such a young age a child may not indicate an allergy or sensitivity to something one day but they really could react to it the next or it is minimal and doesn't show in the test(like the first one my son had), but happens when exposed constantly. They also told me that levels in blood tests are not very accurate sometimes when they are young (but my daughters was, dairy & peanut), and if you think something is the problem eliminate it, if it goes away great, introduce it again later on and if the problem comes back you may have the culprit! So try not to be disappointed if they tell you the same thing...I am hoping the Allergist can help my son even though he is still so young! I can't stand having to medicate him on a daily basis for something that I may just be able to eliminate.
Good luck to you! :)

Hi T.,

I shop from a company that has a great lotion for excema. They also have great cleaning and laundry products that don't use harsh chemicals in them. They are safer for your family.
If you don't like the products, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. It's worth a shot to try them and see if they might help!

T. -
I had a similar rash appear on my son (age 8) went through almost exactly the same story as you with your daughter - finally I asked a pharmacist and they said it could be a fungal infection - to try lotrimin, hydrocortisone, and because my son had scratched it open triple antibiotic creme - the advice was to try it 2-3 times a day all at once. I did and in just two days there was improvement. It took about a week of application of the lotrimin and hydrocortisone together to totally clear up the rash. Lotrimin treats the fungus, hydrocortisone stops the itching, and teh triple antibiotic was just because my son had scratched it open in spots. My daughter 8months- also developed a rash (hers was on her butt - looked totally different and just wouldn't go away ) pediatrician said I can also use the lotrimin on her - and it cleared it up!!!! I also grilled him about where you pick up a fungal infection and he said that either of the kids probably picked it up at school or camp or daycare and that the most common place to pass it between kids in the home is the bathtub. We had a squishy bath mat in our tub and now when the kids are done, before I drain the tub (after they get out of course) I just put a bit of bleach in the water and let it soak for a few minutes. This was also the recomendation of my pediatrician!
I wish you the best!

My son developed eczema after he started on solid food. What helped him was Cortaid 1% hydrocortisone ointment, not the cream. Use it sparingly, just on the spots she needs it. With eczema the greasier, the better as far as moisturizers or treatments go. He looked like someone splashed boiling water on him, and this cleared it up. I also thought it was prickly heat or cradle cap (it was on his scalp too), until it formed patches. It also helped to bathe him every day. They used to suggest bathing as little as possible, but new research shows letting them soak in lukewarm water actually helps moisturize the skin. After her bath use a good thick moisturizer like aquaphor or eucerin cream. I'm not a doctor, but this worked for my son. He only had eczema for a month or so. He still has pretty dry skin, but no rash, and he's 2 1/2 now. Good luck!

My son's eczema was caused by a wheat allergy...chance are your daughter is not eating a lot of wheat bread at just 6 months, but you never know what might be in the cereals you give her, etc. Have it checked out.

Dear T., I am 60 years old and have three children. If it would be my child I would switch to a more friendly formula, which is made of organic products. I personally use mostly Anthroposophical Medicine they have no side effects. There are medical doctors in Chestnut Ridge who are qualified to prescribe those remedies. Dr. med. Karnov is one of them. If you would like to talk to a pharmacist before hand there is a natural drug store in Chestnut Ridge, NY on Schoolhouse Rd. which gives good advise and also sells those remedies. Some are over the counter others you need a prescription. Skin problems are related to the soul and nerve system . Keep your child as much as possible away from outer artificial stimulants: TV, music, artificial smells, artificial light,
long car rides, and so on. The skin is our outer shield it protects and sets the boundaries between inner- and outer world. You have to find out what causes the irritation, is it from the inner (organs) realm or is the outer realm that aggravates through over stimulation.

Believe or not but it just might be Eczema. My granddaughter was born with beautiful skin, then out of nowhere her skin became scalely and it looked like she had a rash on her hand, legs and her cheeks. Her cheeks not only looked as if she had a rash, but they also looked swollen and raw. Her mom took her to the doctor who changed her formula to Nutramigen Lipil for babies with colic due to cow's milk protein allergy. She also was prescribed some cream to treat the babies skin condition which cleared her skin up within a day. I'm not sure of the name of the cream but you can ask the doctor about it. Its usually prescribed for adults but they can prescribe it for your baby as well, they did it for her. I will try to get the name of the med and get it to u as soon as possible it really works. until then good luck with ur bundle of joy.

My daughter had the same type of rash, it was on her elbows and around her neck. We finally figured out it was caused by her carseat, which was a harsh material and most are made with chemicals. We bought her a car seat cover and it went away. We also had a problem with her stroller, because the ruff material was always rubbing on her skin. Last summer it was horrible, but now that she is older and out of her infant car seat it has gone away. It is hard in this heat, but good luck.
It is hard to have a baby with such sensitive skin.

Try Gental Naturals Eczema Cream...Works Great!

Did you start any new foods around the time she got the rash? For example, oat or wheat based foods? Possibly if she is allergic to something she's eating, then the rash would only go away if she stopped eating the culprit food.

Just curious are you breastfeeding as well? I found that when I was breastfeeding - that's when allergies "pop-up" for my children. Try changing the soaps you use - Whether is dove, etc. Try aveeno - or other oatmeal based soaps. Also, sometimes baby detergents are a little to sensitive for babys and they still have perfumes - try non-allergenic detergents or something like Tide that state no perfumes or non-allergenic right on it. My children have highly sensitive skin due to eczema and Tide has worked well for us - oh and be sure no matter what detergents you use to always opted for the 2nd rinse cycle. And if this is persistent try use Eurcerin lotion daily - its a little greasy feeling - but it does keep the skin from breaking out. If you don't think the doctor is diganosing baby girl correctly, or you don't feel comfortable - please, please get a 2nd opinion. And got to WebMD to read up on eczema and other reactions, it is very helpful! Hoped I helped.

Hi, T..

Do not worry about allergy testing. My daughter's pedatrician told me that they will not do any testing until they are at least 12 months old.

My daughter was a week old when she broke out. The nurse told me that it might be acne. But, when the doctor saw her, he told me that she was allergic to the detergent that I was using. He suggested that I wash my shirts in her detergent. He also gave me a prescription for Elecon.

Have you changed her baby wash or shampoo? My daughter became allergic to the detergent that I used on her baby clothes. I switched to Ivory Snow Soap and started using the double rinse cycle.

If your daughter is starting to crawl, she may have a problem with dust or pets. That was my daughter's third visit to the pedatrician. You may want to keep an eye on her to see what she may be getting into around the house.

I wish you and your daughter all the luck in the world with resolving her eczema.


I went through this with my youngest son and it turned out that the allergist was the best help. Eczema is an allergic ractiona and while I also hated the idea of poking him for testing, the blood test revealed three allergies that we were unable to pinpoint when I did an elimination diet (I was nursing). He is allergis to milk, egg,and peanut. He is now 4 and it is much better. While it is not pleasant to have your child poked, it was the best thing we did and helped figure it out. Good luck.

Hi, I live in Wayne, NJ and saw your question.

I've helped my grandson with a similiar rash with essential oil of lavender applied several times a day. I use Young Living essential oils because they are pure. Other oils are diluted and you will not get the same results.

I would dilute lavender oil with jojoba oil and apply often to areas of rash. You cannot overdose on lavender if it's pure.

Please call me if i can order you some. I specialize in aromatherapy education, massage, and raindrop treatments with essential oils.
Since the skin is our biggest organ, it is possible that it's an allergic reaction to the formula.

blessings & good luck
Marlene Leitman

There is a rash that looks similar to eczema that is a symptom of Celiac Disease. The rash is called dermatitis herpetiformis. It can be controlled by making some dietary changes. IF they are going to do bloodwork, suggest to the doctor to add a celiac panel to the tests. If the test is positive, you'll know how to treat it, if not, then at least its been ruled out as a possible cause. Good luck!

Hello. So sorry this is happening. You mention allergies - is she on solids and if so have you changed anything - added new food(s)? She may be allergic to something or exzema may just be exzema and there is something triggering it. Check out the (maybe food and allerggy network) allergy network online and you can read up on some of the triggers for this type of rash. Then write down any that might be existing and if not tell the doc. If you are not satisfied with the docs answers and this doesn't clear up I would see an allergist. My daughter has had exzema on her ankles since she was very tiny and we use a creme from Mustela called Stelatopia.... get on 1-800-diapers and use the same wash... we also use the nipple creme Lanishol (sp?) on spots. It's sticky and we put it on at night under her PJs. We also use unscentd wipes and suncreen without harsh chemicals. Try to take out anything that might be irrtating her. Wishing you the best. I am a mom to 17 month old twins and taking it day by day.

Hi, I do have lots of experience with this. First of all use some kind of healthfood store completely unscented soap on her and then apply calundula gel to the affected areas a couple times a day and see what happens. If it is a heat rash that should do the trick. But Make sure the gel is pure calendula and not mixed with other stuff. Also make sure you are using unscented laundry detergent and skip fabric softener. If the calendula doesn't work then it probably is some kind of dry skin and not a heat rash so move on to pure organic canola oil. This works really well too. My daughter was plagued with a mysterious rash for months at a time and then later for a whole year. We spent thousands of dollars at the dermotologist and had allergy tests and finally a biopsy revealed that she was allergic to our detergent. We were using 7th generation lavendar scented, which we'd used since she was born and a natural fabric softener. Now we use 7th Genreation UNSCENTED and no fabric softener and with the oil literally 5 times a day for a couple of weeks her condition completely cleared up. Good luck!

Hi, I have 2 daughters one is 10 and the other is 6. My youngest daughter had a bout with eczema when she was about 1 or 2 and I did the same things. Go to the pediatrician who then sent me to the dermatologist. They gave me a cream and said to rub it on her. It didn't really do anything for her either. I decided to do some research of my own and found an article on the subject. It said that humidity made it worse as well as extreme cold and wool sweaters. It also went on to say that dairy products aggrivate it for some people. So I guess what I am trying to say is that you can't always go by what the doctors tell you or the latest cream they want to prescribe for you. You have to do some basic research on your own of the topic and do what works for you. I don't remember exactly what I did for my daughters to go away but I made her as comfortable as possible until it did. I can say that she doesn't have it now and I know for sure it wasn't from the use of that cream they prescribed. Good luck.

We had a very similar experience with my son when he was about 3 1/2 months and it was horrible. It started on his elbow as a few small bumps and then quickly became inflamed, warm to touch and developed oozing postules. They too treated it as (wet) eczema, which after about two weeks, started to clear it up...it still comes out from time to time though (in the same area, as well as on his knee) whenever he is sick. We also were given an antibiotic for it so it would not get infected. Now we know to start treatment at the first sight of a "bump" or dry patch and it typically doesn't get to that level of severity anymore. After allergy tests, we determined it may just be his body's way of responding to common illnesses, however, we did change his formula to Similac Alimentum which may/may not have helped keep it under control.

We also kept those areas extra moisturized with cream or vaseline, rather than lotion. Good luck!

My immediate thought is if you use lavendar or other such scented soaps/baby washes for her bath. My son would break out a bit, having that "prickle heat" look to his skin and would cry, presumably because he was itchy, all due to the Johnsons' Lavender Calming bath and lotions. He is almost a year now but since the beginning has always had a reaction. Another thought is the baby detergent. My friend's son has such sensitive skin that after a while he couldn't even wear his clothes that had been washed in Dreft! Either way, sounds like your daughter just might have some contact dermatitis, which can spread a lot and look like a rash. I had to see a derm this past spring because my eczema on my hands was out of control (I thought I had developed some sort of flesh eating disorder!), not even cortizone cream helped. Believe it or not, I actually developed a bit of an allergy to baby wipes, and it even started with the "hypoallergenic" ones!! That threw me for a loop! Keep in mind also that she could also be having a reaction if you've switched cleansers, perfumes, etc. since you're in such close contact holding, nursing, etc. Hope I've helped in some way, and I hope it clears up and the poor thing feels better soon. Take care!

Hi! my daughter is 3 now.  She continues to have skin problems.  We got used to using Elica which of course you have to ask your doctor about. Its anti-pruritic.  Anyway, I apply it lightly and then put Calmoseptine on top of it, afterwards used a prickly heat powder (fissan) as a third coat.  This was not exactly recommended by her doctor but it worked for her.

give her aveeno oatmeal baths it will sooth her skin.mina

Eczema can be a nightmare depending on the severity. But they do grow out or it can become controllable. You need to make a few changes. You mentioned using baby detergent. that is no good baby detergent has more dyes and perfumes than you think. you need to use free detergent like All Free or Tide Free etc. Use only cotton clothes and no creams and or shampoos etc with dyes and perfumes. Cut down on how many times you actually bathe her in water. my son had it so bad it was in his head. I had to give him dry bathes with cetaphil soap and he bathed 3 time a week in water. Cetaphil is a good line for cream as well. you get used to no more baby smelling stuff but its worth your baby's comfort. The heat does aggravate it more. So keep her comfortable and cool. I hope this helps good luck.

okay I know what you are going through I had the same problem with my son. Last summer he developed eczema and many prescribed cream did nothing for him. It was a nightmare because he was actually Itching and the rash started to get worst. so I ended up going to the dermatologist who told me that his skin Is very sensitive to the weather. So whenever Its too hot or too cold he will develop that rash. So he advice me that every time I am done bathing him I should put a moisturizer In his whole body to lock the natural moisturizer from the water. So before you dry her completely with the towel . put a lotion all over her body then get her dress. In the summer use a light lotion but, In the winter use aquaphor. That way you will help her skin get protected against the weather. Make sure she drinks a lot of water to keep her hydrate and do not expose her to high heat until so her rash start to disappear. I hope this help. Let me know If you have any more questions.

I've been told that the Arbonne Baby Product line has a great cream that helps with eczema. It's all natural and has been highly recommend by pediatricians.

Hi T.,
Your little girl is most likely allergic to the products you are using in your home. If you are using J&J baby shampoo, it contains formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen.
You might want to go with nontoxic products.
I could suggest some products to you that are nontoxic incl. a lotion which would help as well, being used with great success for exzema.
If you would like more info please contact me.


Do you use sunblock on her? My son has reactions to certain sunblocks.

This was my personal experience. One day my son developed a rash that looked like goose bumps all over his body. Except for the bumps he didn't seem bothered. As the rash faded some areas were turning into raised eczema type areas. I took him to the doctor, who despite my trying to explain how this mysteriously and suddenly came about, just wrote it off as eczema and kind of treated it as not enough of a problem for them to want to run tests or any thing. Just "use ceteaphyl". I proceded to slather good old fashioned vaseline on my son from head to toe after bath and put him in cotton pjs. After three days all signs of rash were gone. Whenever I see any signs of rash I immediately slather vaseline on it.

My daughter has Eczema but no creams helped her either. Actually, hers is caused by food allergies. She was getting dairy through my breastmilk and that was causing a reaction in her skin. As soon as I stopped eating dairy the Eczema went away and she hasn't had it since. We've also been putting Eucerin healing lotion all over her body after every bath and whenever her skin looks dry. Good luck!

Hi T.,

Arbonne Baby care products are all natural and do wonders to all kids of skin irritations. You can get them through a consultant, such as myself. Contact me at www.krutherford.myarbonne.com The products are very affordable and have all health and wellness products. I hope you find a solution soon for your precious daughter. I have two of my one, growing up now.

K. R.

Many food sensitivities (not necessarily allergies, but sensitivities cause eczema. I would suggest you contact a naturopath wh will get to the root of the problem, rather than masking it with creams. UGH.

My daughter is also on Similac Alimentum. She is very congested. I just recently got her tested through my Naturopath. My gut tells me there's something in the formula that is affecting her. Alimentum has many food allergy/sensitivity ingredients: Corn (maltodextrin), milk, soy oil to name a few........

Good Luck -

Hi T.,

My daughter started with those prickly heated looking bumps,
and I tried everything the Dr. gave me nothing worked.
My mom gave me the old mid wife remedy (quaker brand)
oatmeal and milk.
Just let the oatmeal sit with the milk (skim is good), when you get that sticky film from it you apply it to the rash it should clear up 1-2 days it worked wonders for my girl. Also a bath with the oatmeal wont hurt also.
If you try it, let me know I would like to know if it helped.
good luck.
J. Hudson county, NJ

Hi T.,
I have had eczema all my life, and the only thing that finally worked was to address it from the inside out. Using creams worked when my rash was out of control, but I had to do an elimination diet to find out what I was reacting to.

Dairy, soy and wheat are the most common triggers for food allergies.
Scented products are common triggers too.

You mentioned that she was on Similac formula, maybe try a soy based formula for a bit and see if that makes any difference. Keep a log of what you feed her and her skin response to it. Also if you are breastfeeding, it may be what your eating as well, if so, keep a log of what you ate and how it effects her rashes.

What has helped me, is to avoid milk, although yogurt and cheese work fine for me. I also use healthy oils in my diet and take a probiotic.

My 2 yr. old has a bit of eczema too, and he follows the same diet as me, and both of our eczema is under control.

Good luck,

It sounds like allergies. Make sure you rinse her clothes twice and dont use that much detergent to begin with. I would try a different formula also. Baby wipes, baby wash and lotion are also probable causes. Anything that touches her skin. I shudder at the idea of cortisone on infants.

Hi T.,

My son, now 9 months old, developed a rash on his right cheek which then spread to his forehead and one arm when he was only three months old. He was nursed exclusively up until that point and then only given one bottle of similac advance at night by 3 months. After several doctors visits they told me it was eczema as well. I was to cut out all dairy in my diet (due to breastfeeding) and either cut out the bottle of formula or go to soy. I went to soy and within the month it completely went away. I just stopped nursing two weeks ago and have gone to similac isomil exclusively, he seems to be fine. They usually won't test for any allergies until the one year mark, but ask your doc if you should switch formula. It's the milk protein a lot of the time they're allergic to, not so much the lactose. Good luck and let us know what happens.

My girlfriend experienced the same thing with her son at around the same age. She took him to a holistic doctor in Vermont and the dr. gave him two doses of sulphur and he completely cleared up! As a precaution they also took everything out of his diet that contained a red dye (candy, drinks, etc.)
Good luck!


My younger son has eczema flare ups. our pediatritian has recomended a Mustella cream for the summer time since ointments are too thick. I'm also using Aveeno. His flare up's are mostly on his legs which the doctors thought was strange. I started double rinsing the kids clothes and I also rinse his legs after his bath. This seemed to help. he still get's red patches behind his knees which I treat with hydrocortizone cream.
Another thing that was recomended was 1 tbsp of cornstarch in the bathtub instead of baby powder. I did that when he had a bad drool rash.

Good luck, I hope the rash clears up.

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