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Baby Wakes up When I Put Her Down... HELP

My baby girl is 2 1/2 months old. She will NOT sleep unless I am holding her (during the day). At night she does great. She goes down about the same time and sleeps for up to 6 hours straight. But during the day is another story. She wakes up in the morning to eat and then falls back to sleep on me. I lay her down in her bassinet and she immediately wakes up crying. I have tried laying her in our bed but she still wakes up. She does this ALL DAY LONG. She fights sleep so bad. I feed her, rock her, pat her, sing to her... whatever it takes to get her to sleep. She finally goes and then poof she's up again crying when she leaves my arms. I am trying NOT to rock, pat, sing, etc. to her so that she can learn to fall asleep on her own but even when I do this she wakes up once I lay her down. I am letting her cry for a few minutes to see if she will go back to sleep but she never does. How can I get her to sleep without me and to get on a schedule? HELP

P.S. I can't figure out how to reply to what has been written so I thought I'd do it here... lol
I have tried putting her in her swing, car seat, floor, bassinet, crib, my bed, you name it. My arms is the only place she wants to sleep. I would LOVE to sit and hold her all day but I can't because I have two sons also, 6 years and 2 years. She is a tummy baby also. At night she will sleep both ways but prefers her tummy. :-/

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My baby would do this (and still does it at 1 yr old) when she was cold. She'd warm up against me and then get chilled when I set her down solo. If I put an extra layer on her or a thicker blanket, 9 times out of 10 she'd go to sleep. Sometimes at that age though, she'd just plain want to be held. :)

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You don't mention whether or not she is being swaddled. And if she is she may not be swaddled tight enough. Also, is she lifting her head at all when she cries? She may have acid reflux like my girls did.

I would not place her on her tummy to sleep at all. SIDS is a real problem at this age. I used sleep positioners to put them on their sides.

Good luck! I hope you find something that works!!!

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I always laid my babies down BEFORE they fell asleep. It taught them that when they laid in their bassinette (until 3 months old) or their crib, it was time to sleep. If she's eating and starts to fall asleep, keep her awake until you can get her laid down. It will help her establish some great sleeping habits

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My second son was the same way for the first few months and I had a 3 year old, also. I would never let a baby that young cry, so I put him in a sling which was no easy task since he weighed 10-18 lbs. at the time. It was the only way to have my hands free and for him to be sleeping for more than 10 minutes or not crying. About half the time, I did just hold him in my arms most of the day. Believe it or not, you can do almost anything with one hand. Eventually, after lots and lots of tries, he would let me put him in his bouncy seat or swing for short periods which grew longer as he became more comfortable with them. As far as not rocking, patting, or singing, why not? If it helps her fall asleep and signals that it is time for a nap, I would consider that a good thing. You can't develop a schedule without taking into consideration what the baby wants and needs. Like another mom said, just watch closely and develop your schedule around her. It is much easier than trying to fight her natural insticts. Good luck!

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My son loved his baby sling. I'd wear him all day and he was very happy.

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When they are little like that I just did my best to make sure the baby was comfy cozy and snuggly all over...making more of a nest for them to feel all consumed in hard, flat and cold surfaces don't always cut it...I used pillows and blankets and the arm of our couch mostly!?

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I could have written this letter back when my son was your daughter's age. I can give you two suggestions that helped me. First, it's okay. Your baby wants to snuggle with you right now, but she'll grow out of it. I think my son was about 3 months old when he was finally willing to sleep in his bassinet out of my arms. By then, I was tired of just sitting around any time he wanted to nap, but now, I kind of miss that tiny baby that would cuddle in my arms. Every couple of days, try to set your baby down again, but if it doesn't work, accept that. At about 4 months, you should begin trying to put your baby down awake, and letting her soothe herself to sleep.

The second thing I recommend is investing in a sling or Baby Bjorn. This way, your life doesn't have to stop when it's time for Baby to sleep - she can come along for the ride. I felt like I was rotting away when I had to stop everything because my son fell asleep and I couldn't put him down. With the Baby Bjorn, I just kept going with him asleep right next to me. It was a lifesaver.

Good luck.

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My son was like that. The swing was a real blessing.
If you haven't, try swaddling her before lying her down. Or maybe putting a heating pad on the crib mattress for a few minutes to warm it up (don't leave it there when you lay her down - just use it to warm the sheets then remove it).

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My six year old was that way. I put her in a sling and carried her around my hips or on my chest while I did what I needed to do. She was fine in that until she was about 15 months old. We could go to the movies etc. One person came up to me and told me "What a cool purse!" and then did a double take when my dd swung her arm around it in lol!

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Hi A.,
My daughter was the same way....until I figured out that it was because I was laying her down on her back....she only would sleep when she was on her tummy....I know they say not to put them to sleep this way, but for her it was the only thing that worked...when she was on her back it was like she would startle herself and wake up....she didnt get in more than 15 minutes of sleep at a time...once on her belly everything changed!!

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Mine did this as well. It was hard not being able to do anything but I took the approach of if he needs me I'll give him me. I ALWAYS tried to lay him down. It just took time. Eventually he learned that napping alone wasn't the end of the world. I always laid him on his back or side though. I did this because he would roll to his side since the day he was born if he could. He also didn't like being swaddled after the first couple weeks. He thought freedom was good I guess. Every baby has different preferences and sometimes it's just a matter of waiting it out. Have you looked into baby wearing? I know that saved me while he worked out of this phase. Wraps have a learning curve due to learning to wrap it around you and baby but I really liked the security of them...so did he. Otherwise slings are easy for many people as well. HTH.

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