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Help !!!Sleeping in a Bassinet

hey everyone my little girl in 2 1/2 weeks old and she will not sleep in her bassinet at night. she is sound a sleep when we try and put her in but as soon as she is alone in it she wakes up and starts crying. if anyone has any ideas on how to get her to sleep by her self i would be realy grateful. thank you

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we tried to get her to sleep in the swing but she would wake up and cry after about 5 min. So for now she sleeps in the bed with us. she sleeps realy well with us. we get about four or five hours before she needs to eat the first time. it's great. thank you all for the ideas. she realy just wants to sleep with us and there seems to be nothing esle that works. so for now it works

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Try putting a warm blanket in the bassinet before you put her in. Try swaddling her if you don't already. My 2 girls loved to be swaddled. Good luck.

Congratulations! First, you could try warming up the crib sheets and blankets with a heating pad, Also, after she falls asleep, wait ten minutes for her to get into a really deep sleep before you try to move her. (You can tell she's really deeply asleep if she has that limp-noodle quality; you pick up an arm and let go and it just drops and she doesn't stir)
Good luck, sweet dreams

Try warming it with a heating pad before you put her in- DO NOT leave it in there with her though!!! Also you could try to make a nest for her- Roll receiving blankets and place them around the edges under the sheet so she cant pull them over her. It makes the bed more cozy and she feels nestled. They actually did that for my preemie when she was in the hospital. She slept that way for months!

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This is what I did with both of my children (ages 7 and 9 now). I used a hyper-allergenic treated sheepskin made especially for newborns in New Zealand and which I ordered online (it is short-shorn so the baby is not a risk of suffocating). My first step with my oldest was to have her sleep on the sheepskin in bed with me, breastfeeding her on the sheepskin and leaving my scent as a result, so to speak. At 5 months, she began kick my husband and me incessantly, so we transitioned her into her crib in another room, with the sheepskin in the crib. With my son, he did not co-sleep with us because, at the time, my daughter at 2 was exhibiting some regressive behavior and creeping into our double bed every night. I had the attached co-sleeper and put the sheepskin in there. There is no barrier between you and the baby, so the breastfeeding was fairly easy and he transitioned with the sheepskin into his crib at 3 months. We took the sheepskin every time we traveled and used it on planes in front of our feet (it is very hard to get bulk head seats with attached bassinets on international flights) and the baby would snuggle and sleep for the whole flight. Any unfamiliar bed became familiar with the sheepskin.

One additional note: it is possible for babies that only sleep in swings or car seats that s/he has GIRD. If that's the way your baby ends up only going to sleep, you may want to have the pediatrician investigate whether or not your baby has GIRD. The Sears' BABY BOOK tuned me into this when my son would cry every time I nursed him and then placed him horizontally. I had to be aggressive with the ped. to give me a one week prescription of Tagamet, and he rested peacefully after that. Babies tend to grow out of GIRD, and my son did--he no longer had to take it once he began on solids at 6 months.

i had the same problem with my son. it wasn't easy. have you tried swaddling her nice and tight in a blanket so she feels snug and secure? i know they tell you that you shouldn't bring your baby in the bed with you, especially when they are that small, but i think i ended up putting him in my moby wrap really tight so i wouldn't roll over and put pillows on either side of me. i didn't sleep much anyway, but at least it was something. hopefully, swaddling will work for you, but it does take a little time. i also ended up having to put my son on his side. for some reason he slept better that way. also, when you are putting your daughter down, try holding her really close to your body and lean into the bassinet. this may help her to not wake up. good luck!

This may sound weird, but my DR once told me....... If your child doesnt sleep well in the bassinet in your room. It could be that the sounds you (and your partner) make while you are sleeping during the night are what is waking the baby. Just food for thought. Once I moved my babies to their own rooms in their own cribs they slept much better.

I realize your baby is very young, probally not the thing to do right now. But that is my two cents.

We have a 7 week old who has had the same problem. We tried letting her sleep in her car seat, which worked much better, but then the pediatrician told us that was not good for her breathing/lungs. Then we started to let her sleep in our bed (which we swore we would never do, but which worked well in terms of maximizing the amount of sleep we were all getting), but the pediatrician also is not a big fan of the family bed. So, we're back to square one - the bassinet.

The thing that seems to make the biggest difference is how well swaddled she is when we put her in, and whether she's able to break out of it easily. The better swaddled she is, the longer she lasts. We're still doing a combination of putting her in the bassinet (for as long as possible) and letting her sleep in our bed (when we're desperate for sleep), but she does seem to be getting better at sleeping in the bassinet.

E. G.

A little about me: Another first-time mom.

My son, now 6 months, went through a phase early on where he would ONLY sleep in someone's arms. Needless to say it almost killed me. But he entered the next phase and slept in his bassinet fine. I'd say just keep trying and it will work eventually. At 2 1/2 weeks there really aren't very many clearly established patterns, so don't worry that this will be a forever problem. The best thing I heard about 'curing' various baby problems is to use 'the tincture of time'.

Hi ! Congrats first of all! Where is the bassinet? Is it right next to you in your bedroom? If you can position it to be close to you, she may settle better. She smells you...and needs to know that you're in the room with her. Its very hard in the beginning because, now she's out in the world and no long has that womb to keep her warm and snuggly all the time. So, she's trying to figure out whats going on! Make sure she is swaddled too, if you are not doing that. Swaddling is hard to do, if you can, go to Babies R us, they sell swaddles with velcro. They are a life saver and time saver too. She's still a little young for the binkie...but if you wanted to try that..that's another option. In all honesty, it takes a couple tries of several different things before you and she get into a groove. Lots of luck. I hope this helps.

Have you tried her crib in her room? Both my babies went right from the hospital bassinet to their own cribs (for night time sleeping).

Also, it may have nothing to do with the crib or the location, but other things like timing. I liked the philosophy of the "baby whisperer book" where she says babies like a predictable cycle of eat, activity (could be as little as a diaper change), sleep, repeat every 2.5-4 hours. My babies also both liked a tight swaddle at that age. I liked the waffle stretchy fabric ones because they are a bit bigger and stretch to give a tight swaddle. You also may want to put her down drowsy but awake, if possible.

Some good resources to check at the library are:
Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth
Happiest Baby on the Block by ?? (can't remember)

I know those first months are so difficult. Hang in there...it'll work itself out!

try sleeping with a toy or a small cloth that can get your scent on it and put it in the bassinet..

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