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Baby's Poo Burned Her Bottom :(

My 15month old daughter had a poo that burned her bottom so badly there are even 2 small spots where the skin is a little broken from blistering. Has anyone experienced this?There were no new or acidic foods and she's not sick, I'm not sure what could have caused it. It happened late yesterday afternoon at daycare, and when I got her home to bathe her she couldn't even sit in the water and cried from pain, it was awful. I put lots of diaper cream for the night and this morning it was better, it also seemed to be healing throughout the day. Then tonight right before bath she had another poo that irritated the burn and broke the skin on the 2 little hot spots. I was careful when wiping(although it was painful, she cried)then brought her to the bath and gently cleaned. So tonight I slathered her up again in hopes that when she wakes in the morning it will be better. I always use Earth's Best diaper cream and she's never even had a rash, but tonight I put Balmex on her hoping it would help heal faster. Has this happened to anyone? Know any tips to have it heal quickly? I feel so badly :( Thanks.

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Thank you for all of the replies and tips! None I would have thought of on my own! The rash/burn is practically gone and she feels great!I think letting her air dry when ever possible has been key. Thanks again!!

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Hi K.,

My daughter would get a similar rash as an infant when she drank apple juice; you may want to dilute/eliminate for a time any acidic juices that she is drinking. I guess I would also reduce/eliminate acidic fruits for a time to see if that eliminates the rash.

Best wishes,

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Same thing happened to my son for the first time this week! He was crying when I wiped and had really small bloody spots. I used Balmex for two or three diaper changes and it went away and is in now fine. It was no fun, I felt terrible for him but it healed quickly. I think it will be better today! Hoping so for her AND YOU!

My daughter had this problem right before she cut her 2 year molars. i personally never use diaper cream, i think it makes it worse. Vaseline has always worked much better, it coats the area and takes away the stinging. try putting some on before you put her in the bath so that the sores have a chance to adjust to the water without that initial sting.

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My first response is to have her tested for food allergies and Intolerances. IGg and IGe forms of allergies. The gut reaction to foods we can not tolerate can result in a "burning poop" with our kids. I learned this the hard way. One of my children has 7 differnt things that cause this in his system...some other things were eczema, and behavior issues that we couldnt explain. When we took these foods out of his diet, his bowls cleared up, his eczema next to went away and his behavior improved. We tested our youngest early and found two things that could cause this in him. We are lucky to catch that early.
You may also want to look for a yeast reaction...some of the "bubbles" could actually be yeast...using a bit of Monistat on her bottom will help with that.

Some things you can try to help her heal, and dont hurt as badly is baby oil, and a medicated cornstarch powder, like Gold Bond (baby aisle at CVS) Desitin worked wonders on my kids at times, but can make it very painful for your child!

Im not a doctor, but i am a parent who went thru years of this, not knowing how to stop it, what was causing it, many medical bills, and finally got an answer.

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I cringe at the memories.:( Balmex is great for burned bottoms. Desitin is great too. You can try using the Balmex and powder her with cornstarch (yes, from your pantry). It would be best if she could be without a diaper for a while. Also don't use baby wipes, wash with warm water and mild soap. Good luck and God bless.

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i don't know about te blistering, but lavender is very soothing for a burn, even daiper rash. if you get the essential oil mix it with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil and rub on the babies bottom.

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take baby and sample of pooh to emergency room. Let them test pooh and treat burn and pain.

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Silly question but is she cutting any molars or K9 teeth??? My son is 17 months and he had never had a diaper rash which is surprising since the rest of his skin is so sensitive. But on Thursday he had very runny poo (sorry TMI) and by the time he got up from his nap he was screaming in pain and pulling his diaper off. I had the Aveeno Diaper rash crème that I got with one of his bath sets so I cleaned him up which was a HUGE task because he did NOT want his bottom touched, and put the crème on did that for all diaper changes but I did not see a great improvement. Yesterday I called the ped and they asked me if he was cutting molars...I said no…he has all 4 then they asked me about the K9 teeth...low and behold he is cutting 3 right now, they said I may also notice a rash around his mouth, and they recommended me trying Desitin the creamy formula. So yesterday went out and bought it and we used it last night (went on with out a tear)…this morning he was 90% better he can sit again with out crying…tonight he looked great but then 10 mins before bed his poo was super runny again and his bottom is super red again so I put it on thick and I am praying for the best…But the Desitin has worked thus far, and tonight I also noticed the rash around his mouth so hopefully in a couple of days the teeth will have cut threw and both of the rashes will clear up.

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I feel your pain. My daughter still has problems with this sometimes and she just turned 2. I agree with your other responces find which ever zinc oxide diaper cream you prefer and place it in a small bowl with a lid, add 2 tbs of liquid malox. This will help neutralize the acid in the poo and urine. Our pedi. told us about this and every since we started the rash usually clears up in just a couple applications. Hope this helps the little bottom in your house.

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Hi K.,

My daughter would get a similar rash as an infant when she drank apple juice; you may want to dilute/eliminate for a time any acidic juices that she is drinking. I guess I would also reduce/eliminate acidic fruits for a time to see if that eliminates the rash.

Best wishes,

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First: A little baking soda in the bath does wonders to soothe rashes. Next: dry completely....I use a hair dryer on LOW,COOL setting. In the summer time I let my boys run in the backyard naked whenever possible. A few minutes goes a long way.
Lastly, I would venture to say something was fed to her at the daycare that irritated her system. I semi-bland diet at home a couple days and she should be back to normal. Or she could have even had a change like a new caregiver at the daycare. Something definitely changed. Their systems are so sensitive.
I've always used Melaleuca's Renew lotion. It's the absolute best for any skin irritaton.

I skimmed lots of your responses, but did not see mixing maalox with cornstarch. we used it on my now 4 yr old with asimilar rash. it was reccomended by my pediatrician. vaseline is great and inexpensive for prevention. good luck

my daughter had this happen at about the same age. It's because they are sitting in dirty diapers too long... My daughter would poo in the middle of the night and not wake up so we wouldn't find out til morning. We took her to her pediatrician and they gave her an oral antibiotic and antibiotic creme. It turned into IMPITEGO- a bacterial infection. We used it for the week and it cleared it up. Hope this helps.

My daughter had this problem right before she cut her 2 year molars. i personally never use diaper cream, i think it makes it worse. Vaseline has always worked much better, it coats the area and takes away the stinging. try putting some on before you put her in the bath so that the sores have a chance to adjust to the water without that initial sting.

The first thing that springs to my mind is teething. Because of the increased saliva produced and swallowed while babies are teething, their stools become significantly more acidic and can absolutely cause irritation to their bottoms, especially if they are not changed immediately. Try to definitely change her ASAP if you know she pooped, and check her diaper frequently, as sometimes if they have diarrhea, they may just do a tiny bit of poop and you might not smell it immediately if it is a small amount. If you can, I wouldn't use wipes at all. If you're at home, stand her in the bathtub, fill a little sport/squirt bottle with mildly warm water and squeeze it over her but gently to just rinse her off. This way there is nothing rubbing on her skin that would potentially rub away the already damaged skin. Then do a very thin layer of Boudreaux's Butt Paste or whichever you prefer. I used to work at a dermatologist's office, and more is not necessarily better. A thin layer will work just fine. Best of luck to you.

Hello K.. This has happened to my 23 month old on several occasions. I use desiten (the white pasty zinc oxide kind) as recommended by our pediatrician. It works so well. When I give her a bath- I do not put any bubbles or suds in the tub. I also use the most natural and unscented kind of wash I can find. Some of these washes and bubbles tend to irritate their skin more!

Just keep applying the diaper rash every time you change her. It will work!

Good luck and I am sure she will feel better soon!!!

The balmex isn't going to actually heal the sore spot. Use Neosporin for that. All the balmex, a&d, butt paste products do is provide a barrier to the liquid. They are great for that purpose but do nothing when there is already a problem. Neosporin works wonders and is very safe

I agree that she was left in her dirty diaper too long.

This actually just happened to me. I went to his pediatrician and she suggested Destin 40% (the purple one) mixed with Maalox. (equal parts) It sounds weird but the Maalox helps the acidity to not get to the skin. This worked for us. We had two little spots that wouldn't go away and before bedtime I put a little Neosporin on the two little spots and they went away within two days. Hope this helps!

Yes, The best thing for your baby is boil some tea lipton is fine. Let the tea sit for a while until cooled to room temp. Sit your baby in the tea let her play like bath time this is the best thing the bottom will be stained from the tea for about a day. And the bottom is raw so med sometimes burns the tea want within 24 hours you can see a change. Good Luck. P.S. if she is teething that could be the cause.

I have two boys, ages 2 and 3, and one more baby boy on the way. I have learned that the best remedy for diaper rash (or any irritation of the bottom area) is Milk of Magnesia and Corn Startch. Pour a small amount of Corn Startch into a small bowl, then pour in the Milk of Magnesia and stir until it becomes almost like a paste. Then, cover the affected area. More than likely, I would try to put the paste on right before bed time, that way it has enough time to work. When she wakes up in the morning, you can wipe the paste off easily and then apply vasaline. I usually alternate the corn starch/milk of mag. and the vasaline. That seems to be the only thing that works for my children. We have tried all of the "butt creams" and "diaper rash ointments", and it seems like the healing time takes several days longer. Hopefully this helps.. Good Luck!

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Hi Karene. This sounds to me like a case of diaper rash. I have two little boys 3 and 16 months and have experienced this same thing with them. The skin becomes soo irritated by the feces that it looks like a burn. It is red and blisters. It also occurs when the feces has been sitiing in there diaper for a while. Putting diaper cream on and letting some air get to her bottom will help. I use Boudreax's Butt Paste. It is a little bit more expensive but I find it works wonders and heals diaper rash quickly. You could also soak her in a luke warm bath with a Aveeno's diaper rash relief oatmeal bath found in most stores. I hope this helps and most important stay calm!

When my son was a baby he used to have the same problem just use the diaper cream and she will be OK, i also changed the diaper brand and it helps; i never knew what causes it.
Wish you luck!

Hi, Karine. Yes, my baby boy would get burns from poo and from urine. The only thing that seemed to help was a prescription cream called mycolog (I'm not sure about the spelling). Another thing that will help is to make sure the diaper is changed very, very frequently. The less time the poo or pee is in contact with the skin, the better. Don't try to skimp on diapers. I know they are expensive, but until the baby's bottom heals completely, splurge and keep the diaper absolutely clean.

You might try pure aloe vera gel (no dyes or perfumes in it) on the burn spots. Put this on before you put any creams on. You might also try changing the soap you use to bathe the baby, as this might be making her skin a little sensitive to begin with, and then the poo just irritates it a little more. If it doesn't clear up in a day or so, take her to the pediatrician, because you don't want her to stay in pain. She may have an infection in those spots, and mycolog is one of the remedies for that.

Also, she doesn't necessarily have to eat anything acidic for the poo to react with her skin. If she happens to be allergic to something she ate or drank, then it may only show up on her skin.

I hope her little bottom gets happy again ASAP!


HI K.,
This happened to my 11 month old. I took her to her pediatrician and this is what he told me to do and it worked great. Mix 1 teaspoon of Maalox and 1 teaspoon of Neosporin ointment into your usual diaper cream. You want one with a lot of Zinc. Apply mixture with every diaper change, but expecially before she goes to sleep. You should notice improvement by the next day.
Good luck,

Same thing happened to my son for the first time this week! He was crying when I wiped and had really small bloody spots. I used Balmex for two or three diaper changes and it went away and is in now fine. It was no fun, I felt terrible for him but it healed quickly. I think it will be better today! Hoping so for her AND YOU!

My DD had the similar thing when she was about 10 months. Dr. suggested she might be allergic to her formula which didn't make sense since it was the same formula she had been on since her birth. He said sometimes allergies just develope. Sure enough after I changed her formula to a milk-free formula after about two days she was fine. Long story short maybe you should check her diet. In the meantime Aquaphor really helped heal her bottom.

Hi, Karine. My daughter, who is now 3, only had really bad diaper rash when she was teething...so bad she could not sit in the bath water...it looked painful. The pharmacist suggested I use a hydro-cortisone cream and monistat cream. She told me that the monistat works because the diaper rash is a bacteria...and the hydro-cortisone cream keeps it from drying / having itchiness from the monistat. I swear by thia. I now use it for my 1 year old son. He drooled a lot would end up with a rash under his neck...I used this combo for that and cleared up instantly. Anyway, if you do not take my suggestion, I hope you find something that brings relief.

Not to worry, it happens. The best creams we found were Aveeno Baby diaper rash cream and Triple Paste. It can be caused by diet, teething, beginning of an illness, stress, or any number of things so don't loose your mind trying to figure it out, just take care of her bottom and know it will pass:)

I'd use the Maalox (or any of the acid reducers)... swab her bottom using a cotton ball. I had to do this once (for a few days) when my son had diarhea so bad that his bottom was so sore he refused to sit in the bath water. My sister-in-law who is a nurse said they did that at the hospital with bad diaper rash. It helps. Just do it every time you change her, let it dry before re-diapering. And don't use a wipe to clean her, use a warm wash cloth for a few days.
Hope this helps!

hi, K.. this happened to my 17 month old son a couple of times in the last four months or so, too. i found that the best cream is triple paste. and leaving the sores diaper-free (soaking in a tub or covered in cream and open to air) as much as possible helps (if you can take the risk!!).

I can tell you that I had a similar experience when my daughter was about 6months old. I have 2 older sons and have always used Balmex, Desitin, or A&D ointment but nothing seemed to work. I was told to use Triple Paste and it cleared it up within 24 hours. I was amazed at how well it worked and I don't use anything else. It's a little pricey compared to the other diaper rash creams out there...but it is well worth every penny!
Good luck!

My daughter had the same thing when she was 3 months old. It turned out to be a yeast infection and her dr prescribed prescription ointment. He said that would be the only thing that would make it go away. He said that diaper rash cream is only good in preventing it.

Hi K., my son had this problem about a month ago. I alternate between Desitin and A&D ointment, as well as letting him air out his tush. After baths, if you put your daughter somewhere with a waterproof surface :) you can let her go without her diaper...letting the oxygen get at her bottom will help the healing process. You (and your caregiver) need to be very diligent in changing her frequently. I'm not suggesting that you don't, but you have to go overboard right now until she regains her skin integrity. When you change her, load up on the cream. I use Desitin because it has the highest percentage of zinc oxide that I have found (40%). Keep in mind that you are not only using the cream for medicinal purposes, but also to form a barrier between the stool and her delicate skin, so load it up!!!! I hope this helps, best of luck.

Do not use anything medicated. It will send her to the moon. My husband had to take my son into the shower when he was a lot younger and get it off.

My son is older and his bottom is a lot tougher; I recommend bottom butter and good old fashioned corn starch; I use both the organic and regular. They work wonders.

Seems that the poo was left on for some time at the daycare. That only happens if it's on for awhile. Since it was already irritated from the begining the next time she had her poo it just added to the problem.

May I suggest using A&D ointment. It is the best thing around. It was recommended to me by my sons Dr when he was 4mths old(he's now 7). My kids to date never have had a diaper rash at all. I love the stuff. I use about the size of a nickel & make sure they are fully covered especially the butt area. You can even use the Wal-Mart brand which is only $1.50 and it has the same ingredients but half the price.

Try to keep the baby diaper free so she can get some air. Make sure at the day care they change her very frequently so it does not get worse.

Good Luck!

I really feel for you! That is the worst! You said it happened while she was at Daycare but she didn't eat or drink any new foods? If that is the case then the only thing I can think of is that she had the poopy diaper and it was not changed for a while. Prolonged contact on the skin could have caused the rash. Then when she broke out again at home it was probably because the skin was already irritated and any new poops would cause more irritation and pain for your little one. When this happened with my daughter I made sure that I changed her as soon as I knew she had pooped and I stopped using wipes (just a few days until the rash was gone) and only cleaned her with a soft wet washcloth (just water). And if it was really bad and she was crying I would just put her in the bath and let the water do most of the work (less wiping). I also used something called Triple Paste each time I changed her. It is not cheap but it did the trick. You can get it at Target or Walgreens. I hope her rash gets better soon. I know how heart wrenching it can be to watch your little one in pain like that. Good Luck!

Hi, I have found that aveeno makes a great diaper cream and also Target has this diaper cream called BUTT PASTE-I am serious and it works great also. We have actually used it at the nursing home on the elderly. Good Luck!! S.

If you can, let her go naked for a period of time. She might have an accident, but the dry air will help. Our son has very sensitive skin and although the creams help, just plain old drying out on it's own helps too.

I had something similar happen when my son was close to a year old. It turned out to be food allergies. Particularly to corn. As I stopped breastfeeding, the formula I switched to was 51% corn syrup solids. This is bad for a kid allergic to corn. The doctors assured me children this age couldn't be allergic, but we persisted and took him to a pediatric allergist. He was skin tested and RAST tested(the blood test) and found to have food allergies(corn, wheat, etc.) Once we removed these items from his diet, his rash cleared up. The good news is that he's now 15 and has long since outgrown the food allergies.

My little boy is 2 yrs. old and has been on antibiotics for 2 months due to back to back ear infections. Needlesss to say his little bottom and his other parts have been burned raw by his poo. Same situation with bath time..."very painful". Anyways my BEST advice is Triple Paste...it is the most amazing thing in the world...I give you my word. One application and the rash magically heals. Good luck!!!

32yr old mother of 2 boys 15 yrs. & 2 yrs. old

i have also heard that this can be caused by a bacteria in the babies poop that causes the red and burning, not necessarily from foods or anything, it's in their system. and you have to get the diapers changed right away when it happens to keep it from irritating their bottoms. i had the same problem with my daughter. i started using A&D ointment every time i changed her - and alot of it. and it soaks into their skin well, and wipes off easily so as not to irritate the skin further. it helps too to let them go diaperless when you can to help air it out. i know it's not always convenient to do so, but when she poops to try and wash it away gently with luke warm water - i always used the shower massager and the baby tub and when it's clean pat it dry and then slather on lots of a&d - i didn't use the desitin or balmex because the zinc (white stuff) is so hard to clean off their bottoms.
there is one other possibility, that it's a fungal/yeast type issue and your pediatrician will tell you get use an anti fungal cream. i have had to do that at times as well.
i hope that things work out for you - i know it's hard when our babies are hurting.

I hope it is better today.

I have always used triple antibiotic ointment for diaper rashes and it works great. Also, if she is very moist down there, you can always sprinkle some cornstarch to help keep the area dry.


my niece had this problem when she was teething. her bottom turned fire red and it hurt her really bad. my sister used a product by Goldbond that they don't sell anymore that i know of. it medicated goldbond powder. i haven't seen it anywhere in forever. my son also had this problem but only when he had diarrhea from flu. A&D ointment cleared it right up.

I suspect that maybe your daughter didn't get cleaned up good enough after having a bowel movement or she was in a dirty diaper too long at daycare.

I have a 4 year old son and I'm still trying to get him to wipe himself after he goes to the bathroom. If he doesn't wipe himself good enough after having a bowel movement, his anal area gets bright red and is painful. Balmex works great and is fast.

I would keep an eye on her and if it happens again, let the daycare know.

Good luck,
L. D

oh im so sorry, i know how you feel. my son has been teething real bad and i noticed everytime he is about to break a tooth his bm's are really acidic and burn his bottom to wear he has burn like rashes and it kills me to see him in pain like that. i have found that soaking his bottom in cool water and then putting a & d ointment..its got gold writing on it is incredible. its a little strong in scentbut who cares his bottom is clear with this stuff.

good luck!

it's teething... it's not the poo. My son went through this multiple times and quite a few times it was really really bad. The ped recommended diaper cream mixed with Maalox as a solution to "deacidify" the skin. It does work very well... you just have to be diligent about it. Good luck.

K. - Since their are no new foods or acidic foods I'm not sure what would be causing this 'out of the blue'. What I can say is...My son got frequent diaper rashes and the best formula I came up with was...

1) Lather their tush in diaper cream - I preferred Bourdeux (I don't think I got the spelling exactly right) "Butt Paste" (say that is what it's called) from Target. It's a thick cream that tends to stay on their bottom longer (some creams will come off after the first pee).
2) Lather over the butt paste with powder. This acts as another barrier for the pee.

This combination worked WONDERS for my little man and you see the difference by morning. I repeated at every diaper change + changed him more frequently and the rash was gone in no time.

Hi Karine,

Sorry to hear of your dilemma. I suggest A& D ointment. Works wonders. Going bare bottom for a few hours helps too. Good luck.

My son had issues with diaper rashes, sometimes similar to what you are describing. The only diaper cream that would clear up his rashes was A&D (the purple box not the redish brown box). Balmex actually made his rashes worse. We later found out that his rashes were due to irritation from disposable diapers and wipes. He was changed very frequently, so it wasn't from prolonged wetness. Another thing that helped the rashes heal quickly was letting them 'air out' (letting your baby go diaperless after gently cleansing and towel drying the area - be ready for some clean-ups). I hope this information is helpful. If you keep having problems I'd recommend asking your child's doctor for suggestions.

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