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Baby's First Teeth Are Growing in Roof of Mouth

My daughter is 6 months old and has been teething for like 3 months. She has been having a very rough time with it. We have been giving her tylenol,teething tablets and orajel and non seem to work for very long at a time. Earlier today I noticed what looks like her 2 top front teeth growing in the roof of her mouth. About a month ago my 5 year old son had an adult tooth growing in behind his baby tooth and I have found lots of info on that but can't find anything bout baby teeth growing in roof of mouth. My baby has her 6 month check up on the 26th and I just don't know if this is to long to wait to have it looked at. Please help if anyone has ever heard of this. I don't know what to do. I'm wondering if this is why she is having such a hard time with it. p.s. neither I nor my bofriend (my kids father) have any major teeth issues nor do either family. For the most part our teeth are fairly straight.

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It sounds like she has been struggling already, I would take the first available appointment. Best of luck.

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Hi, I know this is an old post...but my 4 month old son had a tooth growing out of the roof of his mouth also. Ive been searching for info about it. Do you have an anwere now? It was the stragest thing. His was so wiggly and ready to fall out so i gently pulled it out. He is fine now but I still am so weirded out by it lol Please let me know what you figured out about your lil girl.


I dont have an answer. I am panicking right now because ive been checking my 9 mo olds mouth every day for her two top middle teeth and today when she was laughing I saw what looked like two teeth growing in in the roof of her mouth. I am so scared and currently waiting on the dr. to call me back. (If they could understand my message I cant stop crying)

Two of my children when starting orthodontia had a tooth in the roof of their mouth under the skin. I never knew about it until they showed me in an x-ray why they had a missing tooth. They surgically exposed the tooth and with orthodontia methods positioned the tooth in the right place. It is a crazy thing if you have never heard of it. But it happened twice in our family. I would recommend seeing your doctor for guidance on this one at such a young age and they are breaking through.
Good Luck!

I'm not one for going to the doctor for every little thing, but something like this seems to warrant a doctor visit. Or call your pediatrician's office and have them refer you to a pediatric dentist. I hope she gets some relief soon!

gosh E., that sounds both unusual and painful for your baby. i think i would bump up her appt and go see a doc this week. never heard of this, but the doc might have. call them, at least---perhaps they can ease your mind over the phone. hope your little sweetie feels better soon! my one year old girl is getting in a million teeth at once, it seems.

E.: ALL of your concerns about your new baby are very important! Call your medical doctor or your dentist tomorrow and make an appointment!! They will be able to put your mind at rest!! More than likely the teeth will move into the correct position. Do not worry ~ talk to your doctors!! My daughter will be 37 in October, 2009! I am looking forward to grand~babies!!

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My daughter is now 14 months old and has all of her teeth except for the 4 back molars. It feels like she teethed terribly for months and months. When her first few top teeth came in, they looked like they were growing in the roof of her mouth, but the shifted forward just fine and now look totally normal. Like another mom on this post, she also fell and hit her gums on the tile floor causing some pretty major bleeding right when her teeth were about to break through. When they finally did come in, it caused her serious relief! I would wait till your doctor appt and bring up your concerns then..but I'll bet she will be just fine.

Hi E.,
Sorry your baby is having such a hard time. My daughter was the exact same way, she teethed for ever and her gums where swollen and purple. She actually fell and knocked them through the skin which was such a relief for her, but I was pretty traumatized. Anyway, her teeth looked as if they were coming in on the roof of her mouth, but once they were all the way through they shifted forward.
If your concerned I wouldn't wait. See if you can get in sooner. Are you taking her to a pediatric dentist? Not that it matters, I just think they're are generally more sensitive to an infant.


Anything interfering with the integrity of the pallet (the roof of the mouth) could possibly have a repercussion on the child's ability to form sounds clearly.

Have the doctor take a look. You may be surprised to find that it is not what you think it is, and set your mind at rest!

Lots of Love,


It sounds like she has been struggling already, I would take the first available appointment. Best of luck.

hi E.. it may look as if they will grow in there but you have to think your babies teeth will move a lot when comming in. i dont think you need to rush your drs appt for her. ask your babies dr about it they may be able to give you insight. also you can call a dentist office and set up an appt there. oh what i used for my daughters teething was gentle naturals teething drops and motrin (motrin is better with pain). try that maybe it will work better. good luck!

My MIL said she has heard of this and that they need to be removed. I would talk to your ped right away.
Good luck!

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