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Baby Shower - Antelope,CA

I am having my baby shower in a week and its after the baby has been born. Should I still play some of the baby shower games? Or what suggestions does anyone have for such a gathering? thanks for any thoughts.

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Well I just had my shower on Saturday. Everyone who showed has called and said they had a great time, as did I. We played some fun games and justed enjoyed visiting. Thank you all for your great incouragement to play the games they were a hit. Baby pictionary and Fill in the nuresy rythmes were the best games at the party. again thak you.

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My husband's aunt gave me my baby shower & she came up with a Diaper Raffle. She told everyone to bring a package of diapers (any size) or wipes, the more packages the more entries. Then she gave away a nice Bath & Body gift basket. It was great for me & the baby because I had a bunch of different sizes & types of diapers to try!

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One really different one that I did for mine was I put on the invitation for everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves. You can call them since it's close. I bought a huge poster board and drew flowes and such on it. When the guests arrived, my sister put them on the poster board with double sided tape and silly saying stickers captions coming out of their mouths (be careful not to put stickers on the photos...some of mine stuck to their photos) and then she numbered them.

We put the poster board where everyone could see it and had them guess which guest matched which baby. It made for conversation and mingling of families...which I needed at mine.

Also, a fun one is to have ten diapers with melted and mashed candy bars. They get to smell the diaper and guess what candy bar it is. I like it better than the baby food one.

For thank you cards, have each person self address a blank thank you card envelope and drop it into a bowl. Draw a name and give a prize. Now you don't have to address your thank you cards later and you have a complete record of who came so you dont' miss anyone.

I also did a timer while I opened gifts. My sister would set a timer to go off every few minutes (depending on the amount of gifts you have to space it out and how long it takes to open them)...the timer would go off and whoever's gift I was opening got a gift too. I did a lottery ticket taped to a raspberry chocolate truffle from See's Candy Story. Makes gift time fun for them.

My friend bought cheapy bibs and markers and everyone drew on them during the party. Some came out very cute.

Nursery Rhyme game is fun too.

Diaper Doo (Materials-small pieces of white material that can be folded into small diaper lapels, safety pins, one brown crayon). As guests arrive, pin a small diaper to each on their lapel. Tell them they will be told later what it's about. At the end of the party ask everyone to remove their diaper and open them up. One person should have a "special surprise" inside. They win a prize.

Have fun!!!

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My husband's aunt gave me my baby shower & she came up with a Diaper Raffle. She told everyone to bring a package of diapers (any size) or wipes, the more packages the more entries. Then she gave away a nice Bath & Body gift basket. It was great for me & the baby because I had a bunch of different sizes & types of diapers to try!

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I just threw a baby shower last sat and it was a blast! I would still play games and have fun! Here are some good sites! I will include the "Diaper Cake" One also; it makes a nice centerpiece, and a GREAT gift for the mom! Good Luck!!

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awww, you've gotta play the games! another poster mentioned the diapers with the melted candybars...total fun! some really look like poop! the other game my friends/family always seem to play is taking jars of baby food, taking the labels off and having everyone guess which is which. don't get the mixed ones that no one will guess but you know peas, green beans, corn, carrots, sweet potato, banana, applesauce, pear etc.

i once went to a coed shower where the guys had a baby food eating contest. i think they called it "baby fear factor." they each got three jars of baby food and then had to drink 8 oz. of formula. it was fun watching grown men having trouble getting that stuff down!

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I'd say just take it easy and do whatever seems easy and fun for yourself. I don't think you are obligated to play games, but if you still want to, go for it. I think its all about the mother's sanity in the early months. :-) Congratulations.

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HI A.,
my shower was a blast ( totaly untraditional but a blast) We had all the guys come over and kept them busy in the back yard with a massive BBQ and all the kids. We made it more of a social lunch event with all are close friends and family at the end we opend all the gifts and had cake!( guys were still out side happy and full) it turned out great and no body knew my husband had planed it becuse he didn't want to miss his babys shower but couldn't take all the estrogen

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Hi A., Congrats! I just joined and you obviously can't play the "measure the tummy" game :) My favorite one is the memory game (with the baby items), although I have a harder time now that I'm older(my twins are 25). Have fun! -V.

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A., How is your baby? How early was your baby born? I had the same thing happen to me twice. Both of my kids were early and in the ICN. We still played the games it's was still a great time. If you didn't send out baby annoucments yet have them guess the babies birth weight and height. Also do like a baby bingo and have them write what gifts you might have gotten and as you receive the iteam they mark the board. I had a hard decission of to bring or not to bring the baby and now I know I should have left her with someone as she got very sick. Even after I told people to not hold her I would find people picking her up when I left to the restroom or touching her alot. I hope this helps.

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Hi, A.. I have some ideas on games. Because the baby is already here, instead of playing measure your belly have them guess the length of the baby (from head to toe or any part). make a questioner about the baby, how much did he weigh, how was in the deliver room, how many hours were you in labor, etc. Pull out some of the babies blankets and or close and time every one folding them. This way you get some work done, tooo. hahaha. Hope this helps. Have a great time.

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Congratulations! Enjoy your baby shower in your recliner with your feet up and a big glass of water. Some people brag about how thy can dance, run and jump just after having a baby. This is very foolish. Many people have damaged their bodies and even died doing these kind of activities and those who did them and look great have another thing coming for menopause. A general rule of thump is take it easy for two months after birth. If you start spotting it's usually a sign that you've overdone it and may prolong your healing time. This doesn't mean say in bed, but to avoid exerting to much energy. Build your immune system back up and take good care of your body, your going to need it for a long time.

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Hi A.,
I think it's still ok to play the baby shower games. No one said there's a rule against playing games anymore, bc everyone still likes them regardless. So I say have some fun and play those games! And congrats on your little bundle of joy!

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Hi A., first congradulations! join the fun why not thats what the shower is all about getting with your family and friends and to have fun. I think the only game you won't get to participate in would be measuring the tummy.hehe but i say go for it. enjoy your little one ~L.~

Oh of course A.,
That is the fun of a shower the games :) I had a shower for my son when he was 6 wks old, Plus everyone got to hold him. Will be great for you to socialize too. Have fun!

I just went to one and they had their baby too... we played a game with 8 diapers and 8 different melted candybars.. we had to guess what candybars they were.. I think it was awesome to have the baby there!! :) good luck..

I say you should still play the games. Why not? You just can't do anything where the guests have to guess the gender of the baby. Everyone usually likes them and they are a must for a baby shower.

Congrats on the new little one.

Well, if you knew me you'd laugh. I love the games. Whoever is not holding the baby needs to participate. :) I guess it would depend on the games and such. It is always fun to just get together too. I guess it is up to you and what kind of friends you have. :)


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