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Couples Baby Shower Games

I'm in charge of "games" for a family, couples baby shower. The mom to be has already had her friends throw her a huge shower, so this one is just for our famly, 4 couples, and our kids, and we are gearing it more towards the dad to be. What kind of games can we have the guys play. Once I had a diaper changing contest, and the plastic baby dolls had pudding and cereal chunks in their diapers, it was hilarious. But none of us have any old plastic baby dolls so may not be able to play that one. Word scramble is too boring. Any ideas? Help! It's this weekend!

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The first game I thought of was, as the guest arrive hand them a roll of toilet paper and request the remove as much paper as the would like from the roll. Do not answer questions just have them take as much as they want. After all guest have arrived have the mom to be stand up in the middle of the guest and have each one take their section of paper and wrap it around her middle. The one whos section is closest to the Mom's actual belly size wins.

The second is to dump a bag of rice into a bowl and dump in a container of different size safty pins and blind fold each contestant. Give them 60 seconds to pick out as many saftey pins as possible. It is amazing how much the pins feel like rice even the larger ones.

I went to a couples baby shower and one of the games was to see who could drink a bottle the fastest - the Mom or the Dad. Another game at that shower was for everyone to guess the baby food. All of the jars had the labels removed and had numbers on the tops. Each person got a piece of paper and wrote down the numbers and their guess. I have also played bingo where the items on the card were baby items like rattle, bib, bottle, pacifier, diapers, wipes, etc instead of numbers.

You could play "baby pictionary". Come up with some baby words and have a white board or chalk board to draw them out.

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I recall one couples shower where the couples had a blown-up balloon & had to walk from point 1 to point b w/the balloon between the bellies. NO HANDS!!! If the balloon falls they go back to point a & start all over. 1st one to point b wins!!!

The diaper changes don't have to be w/plastic dolls. You can use stuffed animals ( just don't stuff the diaper ). And have them blind folded. The wives can also verbally guide them.

Another one is fill 4oz. baby bottles w/a liquid (alcohol or non), & the 1st couple to suck the bottles dry wins!!!

Good luck & have fun!!!!!!

I like the baby animal game, you get animals and you have to match up what a baby one is called. There are some easy ones like frog and tadpole, but who knew that a baby swan was a cygnet? Ok, I did, but it is a really fun game. Look online for a pre-made copy. The other one that is really funny is famous people and their kids' names. I was terrible at that one, but it is kind of fun...Frank Zappa and his daughter Moon for example. Babyfood tasting is fun. Put a little of each babyfood in a dixie cup or on a tiny Baskin Robins spoon and have the guests taste and guess the kind of food...it is harder than you think, especially the meats! Also the melted candybar diaper game is fun and gross. Take brand name candybars and put them in a diaper. Stick each in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until they melt. You can squish them a bit to show the insides and then guests can smell and look to see if they can identify the candy. Another game I recently played was the name game. You get points for NOT having the same name as the other players. You go through the alphabet and give a name for each letter. You can give unisex names or if the guest knows the baby's sex, boy or girl names. There is also the toilet paper or string game. Guests look at the expectant mother and have to guess her circumference. They pull off toilet paper or cut strings as long as they think is necessary to go around her belly. That is funny with the guys! Another is a baby-bottle drinking contest. Fill the bottles with water or juice and see who can drain it the fastest. Anyway, hope there are some good ideas for you. Good Luck and have fun.

This one is FUNNY have all the dads compete in blind folded diaper changing, but use dolss, and cloth diapers with the pins. The expetant couple gets to keep the cloth diaperts for burp clothes. Can be hilariuos if the moms get in the way and quietly move things around one them. ie.. after they are blind folded turn the doll around...
another one is the clothes pin game but the dads can not say a "dad " word like..tool or bbq or some other word that your dads use A LOT

Blindfolded baby feed - We played this game at my baby shower. What you do is pair up 2 people and blind fold each of them.Have them get down on the floor on all 4's. Give one of them a jar of baby food and a baby spoon. Have that person stick the handle of the spoon in their mouth. Then have them try to feed the other person while they are both blind folded. The group that finish's first wins oh and they have to make it in there mouth!!! This game is really funny and you want to make sure that you take pictures of this!!!

Couple Facts - The second game was also original. I came up with a list of facts about the couple having the baby that people who are close to them should know. In some cases I put a twist on the fact to make if false. Some examples include, the nickname of xxx (father-to-be) is..., the mother-to-be currently drives a Toyota Scion, and the mother-to-be use to compete in gymnastics. At the end of the list of checkboxes, I included two extra credit points (two points each), whereas the check boxes that are selected and should be were worth 1 point each. The two extra point questions were fill in the blank: The mother-to-be most often spends her free time

Diaper Game - Divide into teams of two ( couples)and have one person construct a diaper out of toilet paper on their team mate. After a few minutes have the mother to be decide which diaper is the best or at least most interesting and that team wins a prize.

Multi-tasking Dad ~ This game is especially fun for co-ed parties. Have two people hold up a clothes line. Give the "victim" (male participant) a baby doll to hold, a telephone to talk on, and a basket full of clothes to hang with clothes pins. The timer begins whenever the dad receives a phone call (someone can call him from a cellphone). He must then proceed to have a conversation, hold the baby and hang out the clothes-all at the same time! The man to hang all clothes the quickest wins. This is hilarious and the men get a taste of what a multi-tasking Mom does all day.

hope these get you started.
good luck and have fun.

You could try a white elephant game. Where you have some gifts wrapped and in the middle. Things that are pretty cheep as you can go over board and spend a lot on this game (like, bottle brushes, pacifiers etc). Anyway go around like you are playing white elephant and steel of people etc. And then at the end just dump it all in to a box and give it to the couple you are throwing the shower for.
My parents-in-law did this for us when we bought our house we did a white elephant and it was things like kitchen gadgets and stuff. We were having so much fun we didn't even realise it was all for us till they dumped it all in the box and gave it all to us.

Have fun.

I just recently went to a couples shower and it was so much fun! Now we did something similar to the idea you mentioned, but it was separated into 3 different games.

1. We did have the baby changing contest, except it was more like regular baby dolls, and each couple had to be on their knees and have their inner arms round one another. For ex. the man could only use his left arm/hand (while his right arm was wrapped around his wife's shoulders) and the woman could only use her right arm (while her left one was around her hubby's waist). and together they had to dress a baby (shirt, socks, diaper, pants). It was soooo funny.

2. Next we had the diaper guessing game. It was several different diapers with various chocolates inside (ex. recess peanut butter, crunch, 3 musketeers, and hershey's with almonds). But the chocolate was melted and mixed real good (which makes it look GROSS like TRUE baby bowels). This way each couple has to smell it, look real close at it, touch it, but NO TASTING! SO FUNNY!

3. Last we had different types of baby food jars and past around having every couple decide on what flavor it was. Pick hard ones!

Another fun one is where both partners are blind folded (each couple goes separately so all can enjoy watching) and had to feed a nasty flavor to their spouse. The one able to finish the most within a certain time period (30 sec) wins. Have a video camera ready and make sure to have bibs for the mess!

Another suggestion is a game just for the guys. I recommend starting off or ending up with this one, either to loosen up tension or ending with it since by this time the guys are very competitive. Fill up bottles with Apple Juice and have them see who can drink it the fastest. Just watch out for the cheaters who may open it, or bite the nipple!

Good luck!


I just gave my friends baby shower two weeks ago. We had 4 games.

1- Collect the clothespins for not saying "Baby" from begin of the party till after they open their presents. Whoever has more clothespin are the winner

2. Using toliet papers to guess how big is the mommy to be's tummy. From belly button and around her to belly button.. Do not let them measure around and near her. Let them guess.

3. Guys only- Bottle contests.. Any drinks. The winner is whoevery drink all at first.

4. Couple change diaper timer- Couple have to hug each other in one arms and they can use one of their arms to change diaper on doll. The faster is the winner.

We used all the prizes from a dollor store.. Awesome stuffs for an dollar! Good luck

I heard of one, but have not tried it. You will need diapers and chocolate bars. You need to melt the chocolate bars in the diapers, and your guest have to guess what chocolate bar it was before it melted.

The first game I thought of was, as the guest arrive hand them a roll of toilet paper and request the remove as much paper as the would like from the roll. Do not answer questions just have them take as much as they want. After all guest have arrived have the mom to be stand up in the middle of the guest and have each one take their section of paper and wrap it around her middle. The one whos section is closest to the Mom's actual belly size wins.

The second is to dump a bag of rice into a bowl and dump in a container of different size safty pins and blind fold each contestant. Give them 60 seconds to pick out as many saftey pins as possible. It is amazing how much the pins feel like rice even the larger ones.

You can have the couples get in groups and find lots of magazines let them cut out what the baby will look like by looking at the parents. It is funny. make sure that they cut out not a full baby picture. Lots of laughs. Then let the parents to be pick out the baby that might be theres.

Also hang a line from one room to another. Have couples pair up again and have them hold a baby doll life size one and a cell phone on their ear and hang clothes. The couple that hangs the most items wins. Lots of laughs. The baby can't fall down or they automatically lose.

You can have the men dress up baby dolls with baby clothes on a timer. Make sure use diaper. socks etc...cap

You can also have the women pick out items into a basket and have the men look at them ;and try to memorize what is on it and they have to write what they rememebr they see. Good luck.

i threw my husband an all male baby shower before we had our son and one of the games we played is where you take baby bottles the tall ones(the real cheap ones) and fill them up with something for them to drink---they have to try to drink(suck) thru the nipple to finish it and whoever finished first was the winner. We did big red in theres because of the fizz trying to drink it fast and it left their tongues red. It was funny to watch them and it was something our 12 yr. old was able to participate in......

you could do a quiz for the guests to play or however you want to do it. It could be questions about the couple having the baby and facts about their relationship, or about their baby planning like - baby name, nursery theme, etc. i've seen people play these types of games at showers before.

Here are 2 ideas. Fill up some water balloons and have the men put on a nursing bra. Then put a hole with a needle and have the men try to fill up a cup with the water in 30sec. We found that if you but tape on the spot where your going to hole the ballon wont pop. Also the other game we had was we filled baby bottles with about 6oz of beer and who ever drank the most in 30secs or a minute (which ever time limit you want) won.

Here's a game that has some gross factor to it: TGet a baby disposable diaper and four different baby foods such as peas, carrots, prunes, corn, etc. You want four different types of single vegetables or fruits. Put a little of each on the diaper. Pass it around and each guest writes down which ones they think they are in the diaper. The one who guesses correctly wins! This game is really fun with a lot of laughs. Another one that is simple is to pass out clothes pins to each guest and tell them they cannot say the word "baby". If one guest says "baby" then the first guest who heard it gets that guest's clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins wins. A third one that I have heard of but not played is with a hard boiled egg (use an uncooked egg if you don't mind getting messy). One partner holds the egg under their chin and has to pass it to their partner without hands to their partner's chin.

You might try the dollar stores for the plastic baby dolls. For the guys have you thought about blind folding them and having them guess the flavor of baby food?

Have you ever done Baby Concentration? This is fun for both men and women. It's just a basic matching game, but the prizes are related to the matches. I do mine on a big foam posterboard and use clipart pictures and words to make it more fun and colorful (usually at least 10 possible matches, about index-card sized on the posterboard). Here's some examples of what I put on mine, but you can scan the candy (and other)aisles for other ideas. Just think of baby terms and see if you can find items to coordinate with them as a prize for getting the match. This game has been a hit at every shower I've thrown. Here's some I've done in the past.

Newborn baby: SweetTarts, Sugar Babies, or Bit of Honey

9 Months: Miracle Gro!

Epidural: Laffy Taffy

Conception: Skor Bar

Breast-Feeding: Milky Way

Nurses: Three Musketeers

Obgyn: Butterfinger

Husband/Father-to-Be: Big Hunk

Umbilical Cord: Slim Jim or licorice rope

Naming the Baby: Whatchamacalit

Hemmoroids: Hot Tamales

Midnight Feedings: Hershey's special dark

Contractions/Labor Pains: Whoppers

We had the guys diaper each other...it was funny.....then we had them drink beer from a baby bottle (sounds a little trashy, but all of these guy had grown up together and it was funny watching them drink beer froma bottle wearing cloth diapers.

have fun!

I personally hate the games they play at most baby showers. I wouldn't even let them play games at mine. I went to a shower about a year ago however and the woman having the shower had two really hilarious games that I highly recommend. One was a two person blindfolded baby food feeding contest. The one doing the feeding was blindfolded, and the one being fed was not. Definitly need bibs for them. There were about five or six teams and people laughed so hard, well you know...
For the other game, they took disposable diapers and melted small chocolate bars in them. They numbers the diapers and then passed them around for people to write down which chocolate bar was in them, ie. Nestle crunch, Butter fingers, Baby Ruth, etc. The person who got the most right won a little door prize. It was hilarious to watch people digging through and smelling what looked like poo filled diapers to determine what was in them.

Play pin the diaper on the baby!!!!! I went to my printmaster program on my computer and found a baby, I made it as big as i could and it took 6 sheets of paper, 3 on one side-3 on the other side, to make it big enough. then i found a diaper in my printmaster and got it to the right size to fit the baby and made copies of it and put 2 sided tape on it and let them go at it with a blind fold on. it was really fun and funny. Hope it is a great shower. L. S.

I have been to a shower where they put candy bars in diapers and melted them in the microwave. The object of the game was to see how many "poops" you could identify. Get at least one obscure one so there will be a tiebreaker by default.

If the dad has any habit that is unique to him (clearing throat, saying "Oh yeah", etc) you could give everyone a baby pin. If at any time anyone does this action/says the word/phrase they have to give up their pin to the person that notices. The one with the most pins wins.

The "prizes" could be wrapped gifts they can give the dad-to-be. Suggestions are baby books geared for dads, an "I love daddy' shirt/bib/outfit for the baby, etc.

Hope this helps.

Have couples dress in clothes that will fit over their own for a fast trip to hospital. Timed game

At my baby shower they had passed out a bag full of clothes pins to all the guests and they put them "everywhere" all over the mom to be. The dad to be is then blindfolded and spun around a few times and is given 15 seconds to try and take as many off the mom to be. It was fun

Another one is to get a variety (3-4) of baby foods (in the jars) and put a tablespoon or two in idividual diapers. The guests then have to smell the "dirty diapers" and try and guess that the food is. The pictures of people smelling the diapers are really funny.

Baby Pictionary is always fun. We did this at both my daughters baby showers and it's a blast. We used words like - cesarean, umbilical cord, breast feeding, etc. You get the idea. The stranger the better because they are harder to draw. We used a large flip chart hanging on the wall so everyone could see and divided into teams. You can make up your own rules and try to think of some really hard words.

Also, we play a match game. I actually took a large posterboard and drew about a 4x5 table on it. You can go bigger if you want. Then in each square I wrote a clue and also put that same clue in one other square. I cut individual pieces of construction paper to cover each square and taped it to the square at the top and put the number 1-20 on the front of each piece of construction paper starting at the upper left corner and finishing at the bottom right. The object is to go around the room one at a time. Each person calls out two numbers that are on the board. You lift the piece of construction paper up on those two numbers to reveal what is underneath. If the clues match, you get a prize. The fun part of this is the prizes. They are candy bars. Think of clues having to do with the mom and dad that relate to the names of candy bars. EX: M&M's (Moms Name), 3 Muskateers (Moms Name, Dad's Name, Babies Name), Butterfingers (Mom's Doctors Name), Whoppers (Contractions), Lifesavers (Grandparents names), etc. You get the idea. This game was the biggest hit and the more words you can add to the game the better it is. Once the match was made - I took the constructions paper off that square so the number would not get called again.

Hopefully I haven't confused you! Have Fun!

You may find this completely inappropriate but I'll throw it out there anyway. We had a couples shower for friends and this was a hit with the guys. Like some of the other posters, we had the men race to finish drinking from a baby bottle but it was filled with beer rather than juice. I found the guys felt punished by all of the games we played but everyone was cheering and screaming during this game. It was a riot.

Hi N.,

I was at a shower recently where they had:

Onesies with fabric markers. Each party attendee created their own art masterpiece that could be worn by the baby.

Melted candy bars in diapers. Prior to the party they made sure you couldn't see the candy in its natural form. Then, they remelted them in the microwave a few minutes before passing them around. We had to smell each diaper and guess/write down which candy was in each diaper -- reeses, hersheys, almond joy, o'henry, crackle, tootsie roll, etc.


Get some chocolate candies, like twiks, hersheys, etc,
melt into diaper , 1 2 3 4 and have them guess what is the name of the chocolate candy
without tasting of course, it looks a little gross but fun.

some with peanuts,


I hosted a similar shower for my sister-in-law (couples/family) and we played two games. First, we played a matching/memory game with cards that had words about baby or labor - such as contraction, umbilical cord, twins, dad, etc. Whenever anyone made a "match" after turning over the cards they got candy associated with that word (like whoppers for contractions or Big Hunk for dad). I have the whole list of words and corresponding candy if you're interested. The guys in our family really enjoyed it since there was candy and it's a really funny game. Plus pretty much everyone gets a prize and the kids could play too. The other game we played was a madlib that I got online about the mother and father-to-be when she goes into labor. You just have everyone pick out words and then insert into the story - it's hilarious. Hope these ideas help!

For my sister's couples baby shower this weekend, we are going to set up a stroller obstacle course and make the guys race the stroller (with a plastic doll in them) through the obstacle course. They will have to put the baby in the stroller and at the end, they will have to put the baby and the car seat in the car. The person who makes it through the course the fastest with the least casualties to the baby wins. We are also going to have everyone blow up balloons and put them in their shirts and race down the end of the yard to a chair and put on a pair of shoes and tie them without popping their balloon.

Hope you have fun!

Well - this idea is sorta gross - but also very funny. i went to a shower a few months ago where various candy bars were partially melted on diapers (it looks like the real thing - but smells better haha) and passed around for guests to smell and examine - and then guess which candy bar was on which diaper.

We did the same thing with jars of baby food with the labels removed. its a lot harder than you think!

i am a 53 yr old working mom and grandmother

You could always melt candy bars in diapers (looks like poop) and have the men sniff and try and figure out what candy bar it is! It's kind of gross but SO funny at the same time!!!!

There is one game we played where two people hold a long rope with clothes pins attached to it. You must remove them with only one hand and the other must remain behind your back. With each pin you remove you must name a baby item. You continue until you drop a pin or you repeat an item. The one who removes the most win.
Another easy one is to guess the measurement around the mother to be's waist by cutting a piece of string at the length they think the measurement is. Take the string and put it around her waist and cut off the extra. Whoever has the shortest string at the end wins. If the string doesn't go around the waist, that person is out of the game.

Grab some diapers and put a dirfferent chocolate candy bar in each one. Number the diapers so you can keep track. Each person needs to peek in the diaper to guess what kind of candy bar is inside. Thought your family would love this game since you already had a diaper changing contest. Enjoy!

I had a couples baby shower and we blind folded the guys. Then we passed around several baby food jars and had them taste and have to name the baby food. (Every one gets a clean plastic spoon each time, of course!) Also you could do baby pictionary. Divide up in teams and put up 2 large papers. Each team will have someone draw for their side and both teams are drawing the same baby item. First team to guess gets a point. Once guessed, 2 new drawers come up. Play until 10 points are given. Winning team gets a prize. (Ring sucker are cute....they look like pacifiers.)

Tasting the baby food, and trying guess what it is was fun at my brother and sister-in-laws baby shower party. Good luck!

It sounds gross but it is halarious.....you take some size 1 or premie diaper and melt a different candy bar in each hand them out and through smell looks and taste they have to figure out what kind of candy bar it is!

Hi N., you can try:

Price is Right - buy baby items (Presents for honorees). Hand out papers that has the items and the prices, players have to match the items up with prices. The player with the most correct wins.

Name that baby food - buy some baby food jars and have the players guess what it is....

Multi-tasking parent - have a clothesline (can be held by two people), a basket of baby clothes, a cordless phone and a baby doll (can be a stuffed animal), players are timed (90 seconds or so) they have to hold baby, talk on phone, and hang up clothes - the player with the most items hung wins.

Have fun!

Hi N.,

I went to a couples baby shower where they had all the guys blindfolded and fed them baby food to see if they could figure out what they were eating. The winner was the one who got the most right answers. It was pretty funny. Manybe you could do something like that.

we had a small family party for one of my baby showers and my cousins did 2 games that were really funny. one was the candy bars in the diapers - it makes for great photos! another is to buy several jars of baby food and remove the labels -- label the jars #1,2,3, etc. have each guest smell (or taste) what's in the jar and write down their answers.

I attended a couples baby shower where the mothers fed the fathers baby food. He was blindfolded and they had to guess what it was.
they also had a game where it was a race. The dads competed against each other by who was the fastest to eat a jar of baby food and drink a small bottle of milk.
There is also a game where you melt candy bars, pour the melted candy into a diaper and you have to guess what the brand of candy bar it was in each diaper. it looks like the real thinkg. The hardest one was Crunch cookies and cream. there was also a dark chocoalte one on there. It was a sight watching everyone sniff diapers to guess.
i hope you can use some of these and have fun.

I saw a cute one once. The dad had to wear a blind fold and try all the jars of baby food. When he got a gross one, they gave him water in a baby bottle to rinse it down. I the dad I saw got something so gross that he pulled the top off the bottle and guzzled, it was pretty funny. But you can use the yummy fruits and yucky veggies.


I just had a couples baby shower this past weekend we played drinking out of babys bottle we put punch in them who ever drink 2 oz would win .we also played the sock game where you try to put the socks in pairs for 30 seconds we had a great time .We played eating the babys food game where one eats a vegetable the other person eats the dessert they had fun doing that one.

Good luck

Buy small items about 10 that you will use for the baby and place them in a bag. Have the Daddy to be remove them one at a time and tell what there use is. Somethings i have put in the bag before is a medicine cup attached to a pacifier, the thing to clear the nose with (sorry I can't think of the name right now.) some of the safety lock items. Just have fun picking things out.

We had three guys "volunteer" to race to see who could drink juice (or whatever) out of a baby bottle the fastest. If you want to stack the deck, give two of the players "fast flow" nipples, and the dad-to-be (or other) a "slow flow" nipple. Then donate the bottles to the new mom. It was hillarious. Make sure they get a prize!

A quick game could be Matching Socks...Have a variety of sizes from infants to adults in a basket. Dump the basket just before you start timing (1 min) and which ever couple matches and folds the most socks wins!!

Make the guys drink soda (or juice if you want to be nice) out of baby bottles (no biting the nipples). The first one with an empty bottle wins!

Melt candy bars (in the microwave) into a diaper and make them search through the diaper for pacifiers, diaper pins, etc...

Put different baby foods into diaper and make everyone guess what's in them based on sight and smell.

Blindfold mom and dad-to-be and have diaper changing races on baby dolls!

Hope this helps!!! Good luck!

At my baby shower it was a his and hers. One of the games was to get the guys to drink apple juice out of a bottle. It was hilarious! One of the guys even "cheated" and bit the end off the nipple and spilled down the front of his shirt. He said that it was hard!

I didn't have a couples shower but one game that we had at mine would work well, I think. We did a "How Well Do You Know Mommy and Daddy?" quiz, where Daddy and I were asked 10 questions that ranged from super-obvious questions/answers to some that the guests would really have to think about. Keep it multiple choice so that the people who don't really know the couple could at least take a stab at answering. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a prize. There should also be a tie-breaker question prepared, just in case.

Hope that helps!

Here are some suggestion from my shower:

Get volunteers to participate (before you tell them what for). Blindfold pairs of couples and then tell them they are gonna feed each other baby food by spoon.

Have a bottle drinking contest!

Had my husband and I blindfolded and had us spoon cotton balls from one bowl to the next.

Or you can do the same, but have them find safety pins in the middle of a bowl of cotton balls.

Another idea is give everyone a clothes pin when they arrive. They cannot say a chosen word such as baby, etc. If someone hears them say the word, that person steals the pin. Whoever collects the most pins by the end of the shower wins. (They wear them on their clothes during the game)

Hope this has helped a little!

Have fun!

you could go buy some cheap dipers and fill them with differant thing and have each guest look and smell each one and take there guess at what is in each one and who ever gets the most right gets a door prize you will be the one with all the answers writen down so you will not be able to pericipate but it is halarious to see what people say hint dont use any thing that will make your house smell bad like half cooked egg but you might try differant dressings, melted chocolate, bbq sauce, relish,refried beans, pudding,and any other things that are not too yucky good luck and remember have fun

Baby Pictionary. You draw things that pertain to a new baby. My niece threw a baby shower for her sisterinlaw and she made her own cards and had those that attended to draw the word on a dry earse easel. It was alot of fun. All drawings were clean nothing preverted so the kids that attended could play.
Such words she used was hospital, baby bottle, baby powder, pacifer, etc.... You get the picture.
Hope this helps.

I went to a couples baby shower and one of the games was to see who could drink a bottle the fastest - the Mom or the Dad. Another game at that shower was for everyone to guess the baby food. All of the jars had the labels removed and had numbers on the tops. Each person got a piece of paper and wrote down the numbers and their guess. I have also played bingo where the items on the card were baby items like rattle, bib, bottle, pacifier, diapers, wipes, etc instead of numbers.

Here is something that worked really well at my baby shower, and it was my hubby, his dad and his best friend. It was hilarious, but make sure they keep the pocketknives in their pockets!
You buy cheap baby bottles at the $ store, fill them with juice or something they will enjoy drinking, and them make them drink from the bottles as fast as they can! DON'T let them cheat by cutting the nipple opening with a pocketknife!!!

You could play "baby pictionary". Come up with some baby words and have a white board or chalk board to draw them out.

The last baby shower I went to there was a very interesting game. They took about 6-8 diapers and smushed a candy bar into each one. Then the diapers are numbered and passed around. Each guest smells the diaper and tries to guess what candy bar it is. Of course they look like dirty diapers so it's definitely pretty interesting.

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