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Baby Rolling Eyes

My five months old daughter yesterday evening (when she was falling asleep) I saw her rolling her eyes on the right and then up, in the same time turning her head on the right side. It seemed that she was very tired and she was trying to fall asleep, but she has never done this before, so it scared me a lot. I've been watching her all day today, and I think she did one time again, also when she was falling asleep (not so sure anymore, coz I am so worried so I watch every movement she makes...). She has her nose running the last few days and it seems she is teething too. I don't know if it has something to do with her eyes... Otherwise no other movements like jerky hand or anything else, it is only her eyes rolling together with her head turning on the side (one side only) and then little bit up.
Does anyone have already seen something like this? Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks a lot!

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If you only see it when she's falling asleep then its normal. It can happen when the eye muscles relax. My daughter does that and sometimes sleeps with her eyes slightly open. That's spooky too!

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If you only see it when she's falling asleep then its normal. It can happen when the eye muscles relax. My daughter does that and sometimes sleeps with her eyes slightly open. That's spooky too!

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my daughter does it and both my boys did too. When their eyes move while they are sleeping it is called R.E.M. sleep or something like that. Its Rapid Eye Movement. They are just exhausted and when dreaming their eyes move around. Its not a big deal and nothing to be worried about. I'm surprised she just started. My daughter is only 7 weeks and has done it for awhile. Both my boys were doing it really young too.

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Hee hee. I remember I freaked out when I saw my daughter do this too. It looks strange, and when you are a new mother, everything seems to worry you. I ended up picking her up and taking her to sleep with me. But I look back and realize that was just her falling asleep. She's 8 now and still does it a little - she stares into space with her eyes open. As she starts to fall asleep her eyes kind of move around. It still looks weird but I know not to disturb her because she's on the verge of sleep. She is perfectly healthy, very smart and very active. No worries! Enjoy your daughter! I miss that age.

I would talk to your pediatrician about maybe seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist. Could be an eye muscle issue.

It is normal to roll the eyes when you're going into REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). Don't worry about it. A seizure would look much different and she's be convulsing. If she doesn't seem to be sick in any other way, then just relax and know this is part of her sleep cycle.

Don't worry too much SS. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of the muscles relaxing and that your daughter is pretty much asleep but her eyes are not yet closed. I'd seen this many times with my kids.

The runny nose is probably a partner to the teething.

Babies are pretty hardy souls. Just remember what she went through being born! Be well, D.

This sounds like me... haha... My now 16 1/2 month old did this too, and I also freaked out about it.... seemed very odd to me. But happy to tell you it was nothing, and she is totally fine (just wild, lol)..
Good Luck :)

She could be having small seizures, or it could very well be that she has started a new "thing". When someone is having a seizure it's dones't always involve jerking movements. Sometimes the eyes is the only way to tell if someones is having a seizure. I would definantly take her to the dr. It never hurts to make sure everything is ok. Best of luck

Hello hey listen it looks freaky but at 5 months old there eye muscles are still not strong enoughly formed for them to control there eyes. I don't think its a worry but if your real concern call our pediatrician won't hurt. the nose running is probably teeth or also could be with this crazy weather a cold coming on. I would let it takes it corse if she has messier and more diapers that are messy with runny nose it is most likely teeth.

this is ur first child SS?I remember when I had my first one I was so scared about everything :) so for that i even ask a doctor!and don't freaked out because is normal!they are doing that when they are sooo tired or when they are in light asleep,its supposed to stop by one year old.
good luck :)

The next time she does what is worrying you as much as you describe you should see your doctor with her. You need some close friends with young children or babies to share worries with to help you to relax. If you don't feel your doctor listens....find another one. A first baby does stir alot of fears that you don't notice with the second one. Watching every move usually just adds to fears rather than helping to decide if a doctor visit is necessary.

If it's only when she is falling asleep, that's probably normal. If you are concerned that it's happening at other times, consult your pediatrician. My son has a similar issue - when he looks up and to the side, whichever eye is pointing toward his nose drifts or "rolls" a little - this is called Browns Syndrome. If your doctor suspects it, you will be sent to a pediatric opthamologist.

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