Baby Making a Gurgling Sound with Throat.

Updated on February 02, 2009
K.H. asks from Gig Harbor, WA
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My good friends infant has major gurgling sound coming from throat, and has a cough for over a month..she has used humidifier for over a month and it hasn't really helped..dr is (family dr) not pediatritian and is not much help...biaby is 29 inches months old and 26lbs. she is over this why she is coughing..please if anyone can fill me in..this is McKenzies best girlfriend...thank you.

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answers from Yakima on

They should take her to an ear, nose and throat doctor. My friend's 4 year old always had breathing problems and it took years to figure out what was wrong (tonsils and one other glad near the ear). The ear, nose and throat doctor knew right away what was wrong and how to fix it. It's best to get it checked by a specialist as early as possible to avoid any avoidable health and/or associated behavioral problems.

Good luck!

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answers from Richland on

Get the baby to a DR.

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answers from Seattle on

It doesn't sound like she's necessarily overweight... You don't say how old she is either. About the family practice doc; this is the type of doc we see and we get the same and better information from her as friends of mine get from pediatricians. Many of my friends take the advice from our doc. It seems over the top to have a cough for over a month for no reason. She needs to see a doc... If her current one says it's nothing then she needs to take her baby to another doc. It could just be a cold, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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answers from Portland on

How old? My almost 8-month-old does the same thing, though not nearly as bad as he used to. It has been caused from many things- post nasal drip, teething drool, etc. However, the thing that made it the very worst was acid reflux. Does your friend's baby reflux a lot? My son is on medication for this now, and the gurlging has almost totally disappeared. His reflux was pretty bad, it's worth asking your friend about. Hope this helps.

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answers from Seattle on

It doesn't really sound like the baby is overweight, and even if she is, I don't think that would cause a cough.
If it were me, I'd get a second opinion if she's really concerned. Although, it is really common for a cough from a plain old cold to last weeks in infants (even in adults-I've had them last 6 weeks!).
GL to your friend-I hope her baby is feeling better soon!

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answers from Seattle on

A family dr is just as competent and qualified as a pediatrician to care for a baby... a family doc has a broader practice, seeing all the members of the family. So don't dis her care providers. Now, maybe your friend needs to take her baby back to the dr for a check-up. Many try to wait things out because they can't afford the office call and don't want to spend money they don't have. You say the baby is '29 inches months old', you mush have mistyped. Again, she needs to go see her doctor and have things checked out. There is no diagnosis possible over the net. The baby needs to be examined by her physician. They have her complete medical records, they can do an exam,checking for a variety of things. As McKenzie's best friend, offer to drive or if she has other kids, watch them while she and the baby go to the dr's office. I wish them well.

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