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Baby Detergent

At what point are you supposed to switch from the baby detergent to the regular stuff the rest of the family uses. My daughter is 14 months old and I JUST now ran out of all the baby detergent people gave me at showers. Her skin doesn't seem to be to sensitive, but I've never tried regular detergent on her things.

What can I do next?

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since it will be the first time of her clothes being in regular detergant I would try the dye and fregrance free tide or something like that! that whay its gentler on her skin!

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It's really totally up to you. If your child doesn't have sensitive skin, then she should be fine. I think by age two I was using the regular detergent. By then, I had already switched from Dreft to the baby version of Purex. And since we use Purex, it was a smooth switch. Detergent's like Tide were too strong for two of my kids. Also, the Kirkland brand at Costco comes dye free and it's great too!

Hope this helps!

since it will be the first time of her clothes being in regular detergant I would try the dye and fregrance free tide or something like that! that whay its gentler on her skin!

Try CHEER FREE white container w/ green lid. Cheeper than Dreft etc... similar Target always has the BIg one (100oz.)on special for 8.99

Try All free and clear. It doesn't have any purfumes or dyes, so it's easier on the skin. Both my boys have/had ecema (sp?) and I never had any problem with this detergent. Also, double rinse your clothes, that helps also. At 14 months it should be fine to integrate her clothes into the rest of the family's.

I switched to regular when I ran out of Dreft at about 8 months...she had no problems with it. I just use a regular detergent without a lot of added perfumes (like Jasmine Ocean breeze blah blah blah scented) ..I don't put fabric softner in her loads either.

We got off of Dreft at around 18 months.

We use Tide or All Free and Clear for our wash.

I am moving back to Dreft for all our laundry detergent. i really like the smell of Dreft!

I don't have to worry about switching over. I use laundry products that are safe for everyone. No harsh chemicals or cancer causing toxins, no fumes. Great for allergies too. They work great on stains too! In fact everything that is in my house is chemical/toxin/fume free. So I have no worries about anyone or anything. :o)

Good luck!


We have never used baby detergent. Instead we have always used a fragrance and dye free detergent. The scent of the Dreft always seemed a a bit too much for us.....

I only used the baby detergent for the first couple of months after my son was born. We never had any problems (except when I used Oxy-Clean in the wash- wouldn't recommend using that) with Tide.

I did baby detergent for first year and then "weaned" him to regular detergent (half Dreft half regular...then gradually full regular detergent)

I don't recommend weaning him off the baby detergent if you're trying to introduce new foods. IF he does get a rash or have a reaction, you won't be able to tell if it's from the new food or from the detergent.

Good luck and smiles to you.

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