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Art Projects to Do to Introduce a New Sibling's Coming Arrival

I would like some arts and crafts activities I can do with my 3 yr old grandson to make him aware of his newborn sibling due to arrive soon. Perhaps things I can make with him for the new baby.

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Huge THANKS to all who contributed ideas for me......I hope I have time to do every single one of them as they are all so creative and sound like so much fun for me too!....
I am going out this week to get all my supplies...onesies, tee shirts, blocks, everything everyone suggested.......I cannot wait to start!

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When my son was getting a sister and we made big brother and little sister shirts for them with his handprints. very cute

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You can make T shirts with hand prints, and then ADD the babys hands afterwards.

Also Wall decoration of hand prints, Animals whatever for the baby's room made by big brother

A welcome home sign for mommy

Big brother BIBS and T shirts
Little brother shirts and bibs

Last I would simply act excited about the arrival of the baby
and act like the baby is a gift you are giving him.

prepare a list of things Big bro can do to help care for the baby--- Like getting diapers, wipes, socks, bottles, toys

put them in an area that makes it easier for him to reach.
Ask him to put dirty diapers in the garbage during changings.

He is the little helper now, He can do quite alot, things the baby can't do.

Hope this helps


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Hi V.,
When I was pregnant with my second baby I made a book for my older son to explain what was happening, who he was going to stay with when I went into the hospital, what was going to happen when we got home, what big brother's were expected to do...I made little drawings to go along with the story. You could try this and let your grandson color in the pictures or something like that. Hope this helps!

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When my son was getting a sister and we made big brother and little sister shirts for them with his handprints. very cute

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i wrote a letter to the baby from my older child, introducing her to the family. really more of a keepsake for me about my older child at the time, but it served your purpose as well. for example, i said "our mommy is really cool because" and she answered. "my favorite thing to do with dad is," etc. very cute answers too! have fun!

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Congrats on your soon-to-come grandchild! I know it's not really an arts and crafts project but we took my step-son to Build a Bear to make a stuffed animal for himself and then one for his soon-to-come little brother. When he held the heart, he made a wish for his little brother and gave him a blessing. He really loved it.


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Hello V.,
Here's an idea for you that I got from a friend, my a t-shirt with your grandson that reads "I am the big brother" and he can wear it to the hospital when he meets his new sibling for the first time. You could also make a t-shirt for the baby using a onsies.

Here is an idea that I did with my now 10 year old when we were expecting her sister, she colored a picture for me to take to the hospital with me that I put on the end of the bassinet for the baby to look at!

You amy also want to check with your local hospital to see if they offer any type of sibling class for your grandson to attend before the baby arrives. They talk to the kids about the new baby and the when I took my oldest to she got to tour the hospital where I was going to be. They also read a book about the new baby if I remember correctly.

Children are so wonderful but you already know that because you are a gramma!!!
Good luck and enjoy!

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Foam comes in everycolor under the sun and also in peal and stick pieces. Have him make a picture with that or take a picture of him, you, his parents and other members of the family including pets. You can have digital pictures made almost anywhere (I use WalMart) that are cheap. Then put them on foam board (it's more ridgid and can now be found in dollar stores). Glue them on and then have him decorate around them with the foam stickers, glitter glue or whatever your comfortable with. Then use ribbon to make a hanger and hand it in the babies new room or near the babies bed. It will be a treasure of a awesome 3yo and something for baby to look at. Don't forget to put his name, age and date it was made. Everyone will someday look back on it and wonder how old he was. (Hint: it is best to not hang it in the direct sun light if you want to keep it long term!) Have fun and let it be his project, supervise but don't do it for him!!! Congrats on a new baby in the family and enjoy!!! A.

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When my daughter was 2, I had her draw a very special picture for her new baby sister. In the bottom corner, I wrote out what it was a picture of. Then, I framed the picture in a nice frame. When the baby was born, she gave the new baby the gift. In return, the baby "gave" her a gift, too. We also had birthday cupcakes and sang happy birthday to the new baby. My 2 year old loved it!

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