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Allergy Eyes

Hi, Moms! I'm hoping you can give me some peace of mind. My 8 yr old daughter woke up Sunday morning with her right eye mattered shut. The eye itself was very red and swollen. The doctor at Urgent Care told me she had conjunctivitis/pink eye and put her on some eye drops. Well, the drops have NOT helped at all. I took her to her pediatrician today and was told the symptoms were all caused by allergies and prescribed an over-the-counter drop. Her eyes are both extremely red and are producing a green colored pus...it's awful. We have only lived in Charlotte for about a year and have NEVER had this problem in the past. Have any of you experienced this with your kids? If so, how long does it take to clear up? She is becoming self conscious of the way she looks. Thank you.

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Thank you all for your wonderful advice. We ended up taking our daughter to Urgent Care again last night because her eyes seemed to be getting worse...full of green pus that kept being replaced as soon as we wiped it out. (very gross) She was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection in both eyes and put on yet a third eye drop called Vigamox. As of this evening, the pus cleared up but her eyes are still very red. I think we may be on the right track now. I do, however, plan on contacting an allergist to see what she may be allergic to down here.

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K., I have 3 sons all who have suffered with this exact thing. It was allergies for all my boys. It is aggravating to see them have to deal with this, however what worked for us was some allergy medicine like zyrtec, until allergy season was over. The all was well once again. I hope you can get some relief for her soon. D.

That happened to me my eyes were red swollen and had pus coming out of them. The doctors told me it was pink eye. They gave me antibiotic eye drops and it took a week before they seemed to work. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get rid of. So maybe the first diagnosis was correct and you just needed to give it more time.

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Hi K.,

I have not had this problem with my daughter but I have had it with myself. It has happened when my sinuses got really bad and I had a sinus infection. Your daughter may need to be on an anti biotic and a decongestant to clear it up. that is what my doctor always did for me. Good luck!

I had the exact same problem a few weeks ago! It wasn't resolved until I went to see the eye dr., who informed me it was very likely that I was allergic to the eye drops that urgent care had prescribed for me! He gave me a prescription for some different eye drops, and it cleared it up within a day. Good luck. I know it was very embarrassing for me as well.

my daughter has been dubbed the "allergy queen" at the ripe ol' age of 2 by the asthma and allergy specialist here in Western NC... she too has allergy eyes and the Dr. prescribed her an eye drop called "patanol" and nose drops "nasonex" along with singulair and zyrtec... she tkes the zyrtec and singulair everyday, no matter what... but only take the eye and nose stuff when she starts with the "allergy eyes" and it clears the stuff right up... no goopy eyes in the morning... the stuff is wonderful. I would suggest asking for a referal to an allergist and then finding out what exactly she is allergic to, also.

one last thing.. pink eye is a virus, and needs to run its course... no drops are going to make it go away, maybe relieve some of the itchyness but it will not cure it any quiker. visine will work just as well as prescription drops, for pink eye that is! (the eye doc told my husband that when he had pink eye last year)

That happened to me my eyes were red swollen and had pus coming out of them. The doctors told me it was pink eye. They gave me antibiotic eye drops and it took a week before they seemed to work. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get rid of. So maybe the first diagnosis was correct and you just needed to give it more time.

Hi K.,

I just went through this about 3 weeks ago with m y 11 year old son. After going to the dr and went through everything, he had allergies. I did that and it did not work. Then his eye was matted and the dr said it was due to allergies also. I took my son off the claratin and gave him the bendadryl for children, the liquid one, and it cleared him up and he takes the bendadryl when needed for his allergies. Try the Bendadryl first. I would say it is a eye cold. An eye cold is cause from allergies also. If your daughter is on any allergies medicine, ask a dr first before using the benadryl. I had to wait 2 days to get the claratin out of his system before giving him the other. I hope this help for you.

I work in a daycare and it seems that if there is green gunk coming from the eye it is in fact pink eye. It does take a while to clear up. If it were allergies the drainage would be clear. I myself had pink eye not to long ago and it took a week or so to clear it up. You can also research pink eye on the web. That is where I get most of my information. Good luck

Hi K.,
My little girl had pink eye a few monthes ago, and once we used the drops we saw a difference within 24 hours. So, if the drops you got didn't work, then I'd say it's probably not that.
I can offer you some advice on the allergies though. Both my brother and I had eye alergies at some point when we were younger. (my brother more severe than mine) Our eyes sometimes would swell so much that they looked like donuts. I don't know what meds your Dr. gave you, but I remember taking Benadryl myself, and using cold compresses for the swelling. I don't remember however green puss. I know that my eyes wattered like a faucet, and were maybe a little gunky, but it was never so bad that they matted shut. Ours would usually clear up within the day, but that didn't mean that it didn't come bck as soon as we went outside again.
You may want to try an air filter inside the house, I know that mine really helps (it's costly, but worth it)Also, maybe give her some sun glasses to help protect her eyes outside. And make sure to wash hr hands and face when she comes inside. Hope that helps!

I got pink eye about a month ago, all the same symptoms. The doctor I talked to at Urgent Care said that I had a sinus infection, that eye ducts drain into the sinuses, and because I hadn't gotten treatment for the sinus infection that it had backed up into my eye duct. She gave me an antibiotic to take orally and the antibiotic eye drops. My eye was better in about two days and it was VERY bad, swollen, red and oozing a lot of green stuff. You could ask about the oral antibotic and also, they have an eye ointment you could request. It's kind of gross to have a gel in your eye BUT the benefit of that ointment is that it really soothes your eye if it feels itchy. FYI - if she has allergies (I do) and she doesn't finish her antibiotics it could come back (mine did!). It must be that time of year!

Hi K.,

The pollen around here is relentless! When the infection is not too bad, you can try slightly warmed milk and apply with a clean cotten ball. The acidophilus in the milk is often enough to start clearing things up. If the infection is worse, however, you may indeed need a prescription. I was prescribed drops that did not help at all. The doctor then gave me the exact same medication (same name, same strength) in ointment form that started clearing my eyes immediately! (Go figure.) Please remember that pinkeye is *highly* contagious and so your daughter should always wash her hands before and after touching her eyes, change her pillow case often, wash carefully so as not to re-infect one eye by wiping a washcloth over the other and transferring the infection, etc. It's a big pain, but will clear up soon. Keep makeup, lotions, etc away from the eyes until they are better. The prescription is regimented, but the milk can be applied as often as you like and helps to cool and stop the itching too. Good luck!

Sounds like allergies to me if the pink eye drops didn't work. you can see the pollen (yellow/green dust all over everything) and it is a whopper of a year for it. i never had allergies till I moved here at all. Our two year old suffers. None of the drops she was ever given worked either,,and it was AWFUL trying to get them in her eyes. I think they didnt work cause she just cried them out from the deal we had to go through to get them in her eyes. She takes a liquid called DALLERGY. It is WONDERFUL. No more goopy eyes. It is a hystimine blocker, a muscus breaker upper, and one other thing that escapes me at the moment,,,pardon me,,i am due to have our son in 4 weeks and have mush brain. :-) At any rate, ask your dr about a liquid that is a hystimine blocker. Zyrtec is another. You can try over the counter Claratin D,,,but it has to have the D on it to work. Personally, the claratin D and Zyrtec made my sophie all dopey,,,but for other kids I know, they have worked great. Any of them take a few days to 2 weeks to work to their total extent, so you have to be patient and let them work. I feel for your little one...and you for that matter,,it is not easy as Mom to watch them suffer with allergies, or any way at at all. Best of luck to ya.

Hi K.. I have 5 kids of my own and have lived in Charlotte for almost 10 years. I also happen to be a nurse. It sounds like your poor little girl is miserable. I'm so sorry. I would advise you to be the mother lion here and demand she be seen again by the doctor. I don't know which part of town you live in, but within the Presbyterian sytem is the most wonderful doctor I've ever known. Her name is Dr. Ophelia Garmon-Brown and she can usually be found between the Urgent Care in Matthews or the Urgent Care at 1900 Randolph Rd. She will not look at anything green oozzing out of a child and not do something about it. I've not seen her for a while since I had to stop working so call around to make sure I'm correct about her location. She's the best. If you see her, be sure to bring all medications you were told to give your daughter and let her know how miserably they have failed. Keep tackling this until you get results and always remember that the doctor works for YOU- not the other way around.

Yuck! This happened to me all the time when I was a kid, but only during allergy season! :( It was not fun. My mother always used a warm cloth to soak my eyes until they cleared up! Fall and spring allergies! So good luck! However the problem did end in childhood.

Hey K.!
All 3 of my girls have horrible allergies and have all dealt with this. Have you conisdered taking her to an allergist? As horrible as the thought of Allergy testing and shots is, it has made a HUGE difference in our home and just quality of life for our middle daughter. For now, until you make a decision you can use over the counter allergy meds to help. Right now the pollen is so bad here that we are having to do benedryl at night and a non drowsy (zyrtec) in the morning before school. Were Military and never had these problems before moving to SC, so now its just a matter of finding what works for each of our daughters individually! By the way we use Dr Atkinson (allergist) he has a great staff!! Hope this helps


I had the same problem a few years ago. Once I was properly diagnosed it took about a few days to clear up compeltely but I started feeling better very quickly. You may want to try giving her some otc allergy medicine. ALso a warm wash cloth on her eyes should help her feel better. Good luck!

It is definitely pink eye. If the med the doctor gave you does not help - try Simalison's drops for conjuctivitis/pink eye - their stuff always works great. You can generally get it at Wal-Mart, drugstores or Whole Foods.

Poor thing.. also make sure you put a warm compress on her eyes.. as warm as she can take it.. this should help with the swelling and the help to clean the "junk" off of her eyes. Sorry to say that here in the south, alleregies are bad!! Hope she gets better soon..

S. in Roanoke,VA

i was allergic to feather pillows and had horrible swelling. try to find the source of the allergy and try another med if needed. keep in close contact with your doc.

K., I have 3 sons all who have suffered with this exact thing. It was allergies for all my boys. It is aggravating to see them have to deal with this, however what worked for us was some allergy medicine like zyrtec, until allergy season was over. The all was well once again. I hope you can get some relief for her soon. D.

My kids have never had "pink eye" yet, but I have and I do know that it has to run its course (its a virus) and may take from a week to two weeks to clear. The eye drops are really just to help keep the eye from feeling and getting more irritated and may help the cold thats forming from the eye lessen or stop completely, but the eye will still be red. I can imagine how your daughter feels about how her eye looks. When I had "pink eye" I wore sunglasses. Maybe she would like to try that just until it clears up. Hope this helps :)

P.S. If what your daughter has is really just an allergy, over the counter Benadryl will help that and it wouldn't take but a day or so to clear.

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