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Allergy Relief for Kids

My little guy, 4, seems to have hay fever, although this year it seems to be the worst (for me too!) I have not taken him to the doctor for it yet, since I am trying over the counter medicine first. I wanted to see if any moms have come across an over the counter medicine that works well, or even a prescription. We have tried Claritin, and it does not seem to have the results I had been hoping for. Any suggestions?

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My son at the age of 2 was diagnosed with asthma and allergies. He had a continuous cough and congestion in his nose. After several rounds of steroids and months of hearing him cough all night I took him to my chiropractor, Dr McKim (crystal lake), and after a few adjustments everything started to loosen up for him. The cough went away and after each treatment everything in his nose would flow out and then almost completely stop running. A year later we have not had one night where I listen to him cough all night and no stetoids because I bring him to see Dr. McKim before his allergy symptoms get too bad and an adjustment clears it right up.
I don't think it works this well for all children but I'm glad I gave it a try and able to manage withno drugs in his system.
For the adults suffering from allergies, I recently ended a cycle of allergies leading to sinus infections by using a Neti pot.

My son, 3yrs, suffers from seasonal allergies in the spring too. Mostly tree pollen right now and it has been bad this year. We recently went back to the doctor looking for a better alternative with few side effects. He told me to up the dosage of Zyrtec to 1tsp and use Zaditor antihystimine eye drops (both OTC) and he also prescribed a nasal spray Verimyst that has a very low dose of steroids compared to others. This has helped quite a bit! Good Luck...we go to Associated Allergists of Barrington

My 5 year old son has allergies as well and Claritin does not work for him either. Try over the counter Zyrtec. It comes in liquid or chewable, no reditabs like Claritin has, but my son has had pretty good results with Zyrtec.

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Hi, E.. I see you have a lot of responses, and I have read them all, looking for answers for my son, as well. When he was 6, I took him to an allergist in Crystal Lake, and left with 9 prescriptions. I have no doubt that she would've been happy to keep me purchasing those prescriptions for the rest of his life. There were drug reps in and out of the office the whole time we were there doing the allergy tests. I have found no relief for him yet, with either Claritin or Zyrtec and these were both prescribed. I recently went back to Zyrtec, OTC and nothing happened. It just does nothing for him. I am O.K. with that because I hate the thought of having to give him something, like Singulair and others, for the rest of his life. I've recently heard of another Doc in Crystal Lake that creates allergy shots in his office and teaches the parent how to administer so that you do not have to travel there every week. My son is 9 now, so this may work better for us. I have heard many testimonies of kids who are completely different kids after having been treated by him and an aquaintance of mine says her daughter is completely off of shots or anything else after two years. I am serioiusly considering this for my son because I hate seeing him miserable from April to November. If you would like the doc's name, let me know.

We never had much luck w/ perscription & I am leary of Zyrtec, but OTC children's benadryl works great for my kids.

Also, consider food sensitivities, as the symptom are very similar. Cut out dairy (can take up to 3 weeks) & see if that helps. Wheat can be a culprit to Consider a chiropractic consulation - as an adult a few adjustments & one acupuncture treatment cured a sinus infection that steriods & antiboitics did not touch. I was skeptical at first, but two days & I felt like a new person. Good luck. Happy Mother's Day.

The test my pediatrician told me was to try Benadryl. Make sure it is plain Benadryl and not one of the mixed ones. If this relieves the symptoms, it's allergies. You can keep taking it, but often makes kids (adults too) sleepy, if not goofy. Then the OTC variety is called for. They do not work as well as Benadryl he said, and do take some time to work/build up in the system. He recommended Claratin and Zyrtec. One other natural option is to find a local honey maker/bee farmer. I'm trying to find one myself for similar reasons.

My 3-year old has allergies and we've found Zyrtec works really well.

Hi E.,
Alright, this may be a little "out there" for you, but I've been taking my 3 yr. old son to see Dr. Heather Wisniewski at Restorative Health Care in Glen Ellyn. She practices allergy elimination (a series of non-invasive treatments that help eliminate the allergic reactions you experience from food and environmental allergens). If you're interested in learning more, check out her website: www.restorativehealthcare.com
I'm not sure where you live, but I'm pretty sure there are also other doctors who practice this technique.
Take care!

My son is on Nasonex. It is a prescription, but it seems to be working for him. He was prescribed Claritin as a back up in case. I've seen a lot of people recommending Zyrtec. My nephews are both on that and tolerate it well. However, it isn't well tolerated by everyone. My son was on it for 3 days and was a different child until that medicine was out of his system. He had meltdowns, got hysterical and had all kinds of sleep disturbances. It was awful. Hence the Nasonex. I don't know how sensitive your child is to medicines, but I just thought I'd mention it as a caution. Good luck to the both of you!

I see you're from Crystal Lake...go to Preeti Vemuri at Mercy in C.L. She's fantastic, especially with kids! I finally took my son to an allergist for the first time last fall. (he just turned 13 and has had allergies for years) It really is necessary to find out what your son is allergic to and the scratch test is completely painless. I found out mine is allergic to cats, dust mites, grass, weeds and ragweed! Over the years we have tried Zyrtec, (didn't work) D'Allergy Jr., (worked pretty well for a while) and now he's on Singulair daily with D'Allergy only as needed. He's been doing pretty well, but we'll see what the next month brings! Once you know what he's allergic to you can make environmental changes if necessary. We bought mattress and pillow covers to protect from dust mites and it made a huge difference. I hate seeing him suffer all the time, but at least now we know what we're up against and can try to take measures to make life a little more comfortable for him. Good luck!

Hi E.-
With both my kids (1 & 5) I have had fairly good luck with Children's benadryl-the liquid, not chewable. Claritin never worked for my 5yr old so that's when I tried benadryl & it seemed to get better after 2 days.
Good luck!

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