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Air Freshener (Febreze) Safety

My husband insists on spraying Febreze in the baby's room when their are odors. Think it's safe?

What can I do next?

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Nope! Not safefor babies, children, pets, adults, etc. If you want odor control get some baking soda and open a window. :)

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The Environmental Working Group -- www.ewg.org -- has a great website with lots of information. I'd recommend checking there. Typically, anything with fragrance can be problematic, so I'd guess you'd be better off not using it.

Hi S.,
I have no information on whether Febreze is safe other than that the NIH gives it a health rating of 1, which means slight health risk (where 0 is no risk and 4 is severe risk), but why introduce unnecessary chemicals into your baby's environment? Personally, I find the smell of Febreze to be far worse than any smell a baby can produce. It gives me a horrible headache, and I am not usually sensitive to fragrance. Instead, why don't you and your husband problem solve around the actual source of the smells. Are there better ways to contain dirty diapers? If your baby spits up, do you have the right tools to clean up effectively? My son had bad reflux and spat up a ton. I bought a bunch of cloth diapers and my husband and I almost always had one on our shoulders. Also, our son always wore a bib for at least a half-hour after eating (not when lying down, though). There are also quick change solutions for the crib if need be. I hope you can convince your husband to stop using that horrible stuff. Baking soda neutralizes odors as well as anything, enzyme cleaners (products for pet accidents usually use enzymes) that are odor free naturally break down accidents, and steam cleaners do a great job of removing stains and smells from carpets, rugs, and furniture.

S. we use a Glade Plug-Ins air freshener in our son Lucas' room. It has the fan so we can adjust the setting from 1 - 5. His diaper pail is supposed to be good at keeping odors in, but sometimes it's just not strong enough ;) We've been doing that for a long time and haven't noticed anything but positive effects (it's more pleasant to be in a room that has a subtle, nice smell if at all, rather than a smelly room). Our son doesn't mind a bit.


I wouldn't let that stuff in my house.... I would definitely try to convince him not to spray it in the baby's room. I am sure you can find some literature that has found some of the ingredients to be harmful.

you guys are all idiots... just about everything you use on your baby,,, shampoo lotion, wipes ect.. ect.. dreft laundry detergent says keep away from children.. it is a blanket liability warning written by lawyers.. it means do not let your baby play with a bottle of frebreze or anything else..you can spray it on the carpet and then let him on it after it dries.. thats like saying your baby cant crawl on the kitchen floor after you wash it with mop an glow... idiots.... all you do it fill the internet with negative paranoia... our grandmothers used to clean everything with ammonia and bleach and lie and we all survived.....

I wouldn't. That is what leads to many health problems with our kids these days. All the toxins in it. If it says, hazardous and keep away from children, then I wouldn't use it. Open a window or look into finding a more greener product to use if it's really that bad. When my son has a poopy diaper, I just put the trash can outside of his room in the hallway and try to dump it right away. Is that too hard for your husband to do??

Nope! Not safefor babies, children, pets, adults, etc. If you want odor control get some baking soda and open a window. :)

I wouldn't do it. One of my mom's best friend's friend (I know it sounds like an urban legend already, but it's not), had a terrible experience with febreeze. I can't remember the exact details, but I know that the son was of college age and used it in his doorroom, and I think he ended up having a seizure or something extremeley terrible like that. I can't remember if he passed away or not, but the doctors did trace it back to an ingredient in Febreeze. It sounds like the responses you've gotten here are overwhelmingly negative, but if your husband needs more convincing I can find the original mail I have about this friend of a friend. Good luck!

NO WAY! Your asking for your kid to have asthma or allergies! Tell your husband to open the window.

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