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Advise on Safe Products to Clean Hands That Are Always in Mouth

My 4 month old has taken to chewing on his fingers and hands a lot. It might be teething or just a soothing thing, so the act doesn't bother me. I do want to just make sure his hands are kept reasonably clean, since they end up in his mouth so much. I try wiping them with a damp washcloth, but that really isn't convenient when out and about. Are there any products out there, like wipes or purell stuff, that are safe to use knowing that after used on the hands will probably end up in the mouth within seconds? Any tips would be great!

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Avoid anything "anti-bacterial" as the residue should not be ingested and they contribute to the problems with super bugs. I never worried about keeping my son's hands terribly clean and he doesn't ever get sick.

Hi N.,
I don't worry to much about it. I use all chemical free products in my home and it gives me some peace of mind. If you would like information on these products email me. You can just order products or you can earn an income at the same time. I LOVE the products and know my home is a safe place for my family. I am not trying to get you into something. I just want to let other moms know about these great products. Have a great day.


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Dear N.,

I cannot recommend enough Elsie's Original wipes. They are 100% natural and biodegradable. I have used them for over a year and all of my friends are now addicted to them as well. You can order them online www.elsiesoriginal.com where you will find a list of online providers or they are sold at Cherry's Pharmacy in the city on E. 66th Street.

They are alcohol-free, paraben free, chemical free and sulfate free. A wonderful, natural, safe option for your little one.

A small note about Clean Well...I too really liked Clean Well until I realized they use sulfates. It is not natural like the packaging makes it out to be. Very, very disappointing.

Best of luck to you!

I absolutely LOVE the wipes I use... they are NON-TOXIC, bleach free, biodegradable... made by a Swedish mom... the company is called Nature Babycare... they make fantastic daipers too... even the packaging is biodegradable.
They are available at diapers.com.
But, also, unless he has been touching stuff on the street or subway, i wouldn't worry to much about wiping his hands all the time.
Once he is crawling, you won't be able to wipes his hands everytime he touches something.

Get those select a size smaller paper towels and just tear off a bunch of them, wet them with plain water and put them in a ziplock bag to take with you. That way he is not eating any of the chemicals in the wipes. For home I keep a spray bottle of water on the changing table that I use for particularly messy diaper changes or for spraying down my son's face, body, etc when he is dirty.

I use the wet ones antibacterial wipes. Sometimes if I know the thumb is going into his mouth I'l dry his hands off with a tissue...or my shirt if nothing else is around. Sometimes i use a regular baby wipe after the wet ones. Even just using a baby wipe alone is better than nothing.

whatever you do DO NOT use the purell hand sanitizer, this has such a high content of alcohol that it can give your little one blood alcohol poisoning that can be fatal. personally i keep baby wipes on hand almost all of the time.

good luck

Hi, N., is he your first baby? I was like that too with my first and then I lightened up with my second and more so with my third. Then I wonder why and it's because the first one survived through all things I tried to protect him from and you realized all the energy you spent trying to protect when you know it's hard to keep them protected from every single thing. Anyways, I truly understand (and I am into homeopathic and natural things) and here are things I have done and still do even for my third baby who is 10 mos. If they're teething, soothe their gums by giving them Teething Tablets or Teething Gel and you can get them at Wal-Mart and Hannaford, probably cheaper at Wal-Mart, but I don't know about where you live. Second, don't put those hand sanitizers on him. First of all, they have alcohol in them and (a) a friend of mine told me about a little girl on the news. Someone put it on her hands and she put her hands in her mouth and literally got drunk; (b)they'll dry his hands out...adults should not use them either, but babies depend on us to care for them because they are defenseless. I have this that is call Invisible Gloves and it has aloe vera and vitamin E in it and it'll help you keep germs off up to 4 hours. I put them on my boys and they are fine. I used them and they are the only thing to keep my hands soft...no other lotion does that. If you're interested, let me know. I'll help you so you can feel at peace about the safety of your baby. Congrats to you and your precious Gift from Lord Jesus!

DO NOT use purell on his hands. There is alcohol in that product and can cause alcohol poisoning. Here check this out:


There really isn't anything that I would use on his hands other then water to wash them. Especially with them in his mouth.

Well you could always put a couple of wet wash cloths in a plastic ziploc bag,

At 4 months I personally wouldn't use any thing harsh,
a wipe would do fine.

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