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Petting Zoo for 1-Year-old?

I'd like to bring my one-year-old to the petting barn at the Minnesota Zoo. I think he'd love seeing, and touching the animals and we can talk about the animals and their sounds. But, I've heard of kids getting stuff like E.colli from petting zoos. We'll definitely be washing our hands a lot; but at one-year-old their hands are ALWAYS in their mouths. I'm not a real germaphobe, but some of these bugs can be deadly. Is it safe to bring young children to a petting zoo?

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My daughter almost died from e coli, so I would not take any chances. I am against petting zoos for this very reason.

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My daughter almost died from e coli, so I would not take any chances. I am against petting zoos for this very reason.

I would educate yourself as to what farm animals can have e-coli etc. before you go. Just bring sanitize wipes so after your child touches on an animal wipe right away. Does the MN zoo allow you to touch a lot of animals? I don't think they do. We saw the baby animals last weekend and we could touch the sheep, pigs, and cows head. Just bring anti bacterial wipes etc. with.

please no antibacterial wipes or anything antibacterial, it helps create bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, really dangerous for the environment and our future health. alcohol based sanitizer is best, it's what is used in hospitals and is quite effective. I would definately use that when dealing with petting zoos. I'm am in no way a germ-aphobe but i would suggest it with farm animals.

I think you're safe as long as you go to the bathroom and wash your son's hands. I'd wipe right away with baby wipes and then use soap and water when you can get to the bathroom (in the white house at the farm, bottom level). None of my five kids nor my daycare kids have ever gotten sick from it and we go a lot!

Bring along baby wipes and wipe your babies hands with them. They have washing stations there, but using the wipes in between animals will keep germs down. I have 3 children and one on the way and we are at the zoo serveral times a year and have never been ill from petting animals. Simply washing hands is all you need. Also, dont let your baby have a bottle, sippy cup, or snack while in the petting zoo.

i would wait until he is a little older to take to a petting zoo. wait until he understands the concept of washing his hands better. i would say at least 2. it wont be fun if you need to watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesnt touch his eyes, nose or mouth while you are in the petting zoo part.

I took my daughter there last summer and I have no idea what was going on but we couldn't touch or pet any of the animals which was weird. I don't know if it was just the time of day or what but the year before we got to pet them.

If they still allow petting it's fine as long as your really good about hand washing. It's no different than having a Iguana or Lizzard or other types of pets in one's home.

I took my daughter when she was just a year. She loved it, I just kept a little bottle of purell in her diaper bag and after she touched an animal I used it on her hands. She is 3, still loves animals and hasn't gotten sick (knock on wood). Go and have fun!

We've been to the MN Zoo petting barn twice now. Once when my son was just past 1 and again at 20 months. He always has his hands in his mouth, so I watch him like crazy. He loves the animals so it is SO worth it. I try to immediately wipe with baby wipes and then when he's all done clean him well by washing with soap and water or Purell. You are safest with the Purell.

The zoo would not have the petting zoo if there was a huge danger. They have sinks and recommend you wash your hands when done. I am a germaphobic, so if I did this you can too! Watching them closely and cleaning up right away is a simple price to see such joy on their faces.

Have fun!

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